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If you know who NeNe Leaks is, but not Nancy Pelosi, then this is the podcast for you! Join Bravo stars, Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumb) as they talk about the week in politics, like they are talking about reality tv. The podcast with lots of feelings, lots of facts, and zero f*cks. New episodes out every Tuesday!

If you know who NeNe Leaks is, but not Nancy Pelosi, then this is the podcast for you! Join Bravo stars, Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumb) as they talk about the week in politics, like they are talking about reality tv. The podcast with lots of feelings, lots of facts, and zero f*cks. New episodes out every Tuesday!


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If you know who NeNe Leaks is, but not Nancy Pelosi, then this is the podcast for you! Join Bravo stars, Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumb) as they talk about the week in politics, like they are talking about reality tv. The podcast with lots of feelings, lots of facts, and zero f*cks. New episodes out every Tuesday!




The Inauguration Game

After months of waiting, the historic inauguration of JoJo & KiKi is finally here. And yes, Julie & Brandy are overwhelmed with emotions, and it shows. From Jennifer Lopez performing at the inauguration, to the Boogaloo Boys appropriating the classic 80’s movie, Breakin’ 2, for their violent agenda - this episode is a hot mess of highs & lows. Keep your cocktails full and your expectations low, because even though it’s a huge week for Kamala Harris and Democrats at large, it’s also Brandy’s...


Transition Sedition with Brad Loekle

It’s the first show of FOREVER 21, and what in the actual FU*K? Flying high on the Georgia senate win, the girls thought nothing could ruin the sweet, sweet, taste of victory. But less than 24 hours later, white chrunchwrap supremacists descended on the Capitol, and looted all the hope and joy from 2021 (and AOC's shoes). So the girls spent the week drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and eating cheese. And by the grace of 3 negative covid tests, they were joined for one incredible night of (face...


Jonny McGovern Wants Revenge

It’s the last week of 2020, and there’s no one that Julie & Brandy would rather celebrate with than their sistie/bestie, Jonny McGovern. Jonny is a tastemaker, content creator, and LGBTQ trailblazer of the highest order. He’s one of the most prolific performers in gay pop culture, influencing everything from television to music to podcasts (including this one). The girls are super excited to have him on the last episode of 2020, because even though everyone is Corona-broke, and Republicans...


Hacky Holidays with Drew Droege & Tom DeTrinis

This week, America celebrated Christmas by unwrapping a special gift from Russia: a six-month hack of the entire government! China probably chipped in, but they are letting Russia take all the credit, since China had already given the huge gift of the global pandemic. The news is terrible, and Julie & Brandy hate the holidays, but the podcast must go on, so they call on two of the funniest sh*t-talkers in the game, Drew Droege & Tom DeTrinis, to help them chop it all up. It’s been a sh*tty...


The Cabinet & The Climate, with Bill McKibben

This week, Joe Biden was officially declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, and (as expected) it was completely anti-climactic. Bored by the news, and depressed by reality, Julie & Brandy did their best to get excited about Joe Biden’s newest Cabinet nominations, before getting depressed again in Climate Change Schewww with Bill McKibben. Much like life, this episode is a study in contradictions, because even though Biden won, and our future is bright… global warming is real,...


Talking Sh*t with Lady Bunny

California is back in quarantine for the THIRD TIME, and Julie &.Brandy are all Corona’d out. It feels like the world is in covid-limbo, waiting for something (anything?) to happen. Meanwhile, America is in Senate-limbo, waiting for the Georgia election to happen on January 5th. It’s a strange time to be alive, and all the girls want to do is talk sh*t about it. So they call on one of the best sh*t-talkers in the business, Lady Bunny, to help them make sense of it all. Corona sucks, and life...


Talking Sh*t with Emma Willmann & Matteo Lane

It’s the 4 year anniversary of Dumb Gay Politics, and Julie & Brandy celebrate by talking sh*t with Emma Willmann & Matteo Lane! After two consecutive weeks with straight, male, Republican guests, the girls needed a gay, liberal palette cleanser, and they get a double dose this week. Turn up the volume, and get ready to smile, because even though this episode is a day late and a dollar short, Emma & Matteo are delightful af....


The Thanksgiving Episode with Michael Steele

It’s the 2020 Thanksgiving Episode of Dumb Gay Politics, and there’s a lot to be thankful for! Don Jr caught Corona, Joe Biden made history with his cabinet nominations, and Julie & Brandy tricked the former head of the Republican party, Michael Steele, into coming on the podcast! The girls did them (and they think the interview is good), but beware! If you’re looking for a hard-hitting (Maddow-esque) conversation, this ain’t it. They tried as hard as they could, but (like Scaramucci),...


Reading Republicans with Rick Wilson

It’s been over a week since Joe Biden & Kamala Harris officially won the 2020 Presidential Election, but Trump has yet to concede. His pathological rejection of reality would be funny, if it wasn’t so completely NOT funny. The buzzkill is real, so Julie & Brandy enlist the help of professional shade-thrower & Lincoln Project co-founder, Rick Wilson, to lift their spirits by reading republicans. And it worked! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there is no one doing it better than Rick Wilson and the...


Presidents JoJo & KiKi!

It’s official! It took 4 days, but the results are finally here: and Joe Biden & Kamala Harris are the new Presidents of the United States of America! Hopefully. Like everyone else, Julie & Brandy are cautiously optimistic about what is to come in 2021, but democrats need to win more than just the White House if America is going to experience any real change in the next four years. So, the girls call on their good friend/favorite teacher, Mr. Beat, to answer all their burning questions about...


Nightmare on Election Street

What is there to say, really? The 2020 Presidential Election is finally here, and Julie & Brandy are full-on f*cking horrified. The girls (as well as, half of America) have been waiting for four years to prove that Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 was a fluke, but, turns out sweetie? It wasn’t a fluke. Americans showed up to the polls to vote in record numbers, and (unfortunately), they weren’t just democrats. The country is divided, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Like...


The 2020 DGP Voting Special

The 2020 Presidential election is exactly one week away, and everyone is stressed the f*ck out! Desperate for something to do (besides drinking and drugs), Julie & Brandy decided to join the masses and vote early. As a podcast segment, their voting-journey was boring and mostly pointless. But as a civic duty? It doesn’t get any more legendary than: * voting early * at the Hollywood Bowl * for the first black female Vice President * during a pandemic.* After that, the girls do Professor Allan...


CORNY: (adjective) old-fashioned, trite, lacking in nuance, and very basic.

Despite the fact that it’s been less than a month since Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, and despite the fact that it’s less than a month until the Presidential election; This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee started the confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who is Trump’s nominee to replace The Gader on the Supreme Court. Amy Coney Barrett is an extremely religious and conservative judge who does not believe in gay marriage, a woman’s right to choose,...


The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate Episode

The election is stressing out every single person in America, and Julie and Brandy are no exception. Looking for any excuse to drink and do drugs, the girls extended their “stress-bender” to include last week’s Vice Presidential Debate. Packed with ZERO revelations, and little (to no) tolerance, this episode is nothing to write home about. BUT. Kamala Harris is a living-legend, the debate itself was history-in-the-making, and Mike Pence is a fake b*tch who is about to lose his job- so it's a...


Ding Dong! The Douche got Corona.

This week, Donald Trump announced he has Corona Virus, so there’s only one thing for Julie & Brandy to do: celebrate! First, they make fun of him for being a big, fat douche who deserves Corona along with all the other diahrrea-toilet Republicans that he infected at his stupid Supreme Court Nomination Ceremony, and then they get WAPS talking about Kamala Harris eating up Mike Pence at the Debate THIS WEDNESDAY. After that, Melania stops by for a moment to talk about what it’s like having...


Hot for Teacher with Mr. Beat

This week, Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron announced that the 3 police officers involved in the (wrongful and unlawful) death of (unarmed, civilian) Breonna Taylor, would NOT be charged for her murder. Upon hearing the news, Julie & Brandy wondered: why does Nick Cannon get fired from a tv show for saying stupid sh*t on his podcast, but cops don’t get fired for MURDERING black people? To find out the answer to that question (and more), the girls enlist the help of a legendary...


Viva La Gader!

American icon & legendary, Supreme Court Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsberg died on Friday, so (of course) Julie & Brandy spent all weekend in their drug den, getting drunk. To complicate things even further- Julie has a very random & very time-consuming job (that she’s doing while hung-over), which means she has no time to prepare for the podcast. So, this episode is basically: (a very unstable) Brandy, teaching (a very exhausted) Julie about all the (very incredible) things that Ruth Bader...


The Left is on Fire

What is there to say, really? The left side of America is on fire, literally and figuratively. The Presidential election is 50 days away, and anyone who is still considering voting for Donald Trump at this point, needs to have their head examined. And anyone who is still clinging to the Repugnican party is (in actuality) clinging to their white supremacy, and it’s time for them to close their f*cking legs....


WAP the Vote with Lea Black

Even though every holiday is ruined by the ‘Rona, and half of America is unemployed (including Julie and Brandy), Labor Day didn’t get cancelled this year. Stuck with nowhere to go, and nothing to do, the girls called on their most glamorous friend, Lea Black, to serve up the party feels, and she did not disappoint. What started out as just another boring episode about voting in-person, ended up featuring an unforgettable kiki with a legendary Miami Housewife....


The 2020 Repugnican National Convention

After a lot of drinking and doing drugs, Julie & Brandy finally finished their 2020 Repugnican National Convention Special. Sure to disgust most of their 14 listeners, the girls pulled speeches from (who they considered) the most repugnant speakers from the vile, four-day, Covid-contageous extravaganza. In the interest of time, they tried to keep their commentary short and let the clips speak for themselves, but (per usz) that didn’t really pan out. Trigger warning: this episode is very...