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Join Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) as they dissect this week's political news. The podcast with lots of feelings, but no actual facts. New episodes every Tuesday!

Join Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) as they dissect this week's political news. The podcast with lots of feelings, but no actual facts. New episodes every Tuesday!
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Join Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) as they dissect this week's political news. The podcast with lots of feelings, but no actual facts. New episodes every Tuesday!




Cri-Me-A River

Despite a record-breaking heatwave in Los Angeles, which caused a 48 hour power-outage in the drug-den/podcast studio, Julie & Brandy strapped it on & sucked it up to deliver this episode for their 14 listeners. While sweating through their clothes, the girls break down Trump's upcoming meeting with Putin, before analyzing the recent resignation of environmental terrorist, Scott Pruitt. After that, they attempt to understand the burgeoning U.S. trade war with China, but the extreme heat...


Scooping the Steele Dossier with Roy Black

After 16 months of talking about the infamous Trump/Russia Dossier, Julie and Brandy scoop the one and only interview with the lead attorney on the case, Roy Black. But, don't hold your breath on a Peabody Nomination just yet. What starts as the height of journalistic achievement, quickly devolves into standard, Dumb Gay Politics fare: crass, idiotic questions and more background noise than a World Cup game in Mexico City.


Mike Huckabee is a Douche

The immigration sh*tstorm is dominating the news, but so Julie & Brandy had to dig deep to find other crap to fill show. Luckily for them, Mike Huckabee is a huge douche. He's been douching around all over Twitter this week and the girl cover it all with gusto. After that, Melania stops by to explain why she wore that infamous jacket, and the answer might surprise you. But probably not.


Immigration Scheww

It was a hell of a week to be an American. The culture war is in full swing, so Julie & Brandy deal with the tension the only way they know how - drinking! They recap the historic North Korean summit, tell u about something very tragic that you might not know about, and they take a moment to celebrate Sarah Huckabee Sanders. But the coup de grass is when they ride their tiny bicicleta to Immigration Scheww! Original 14 & Patreon fran Greg Guarino, Jr is their professor for the day and he...


Blame Canada

It's one week post-Mooch, and the girls are completely phoning this one in. They start off with Trump's fight with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, before giving a quick update on the Trump/Russia/Mueller indictments. After that, they spend a wonderful Moment with Melania and then have an important meeting in the Ladies Room about Kim Kardashian!! Buckle up, and get ready for a bumpy, yet underwhelming ride!


The Mooch is a Menche with Anthony Scaramucci

It's a milestone episode for Dumb Gay Politics because Julie & Brandy get to talk to someone who has ACTUALLY worked in the ACTUAL White House. Former Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci calls in to talk about how Trump & Mike Pence don't suck, and about how Steve Bannon definitely does (his own d*ck). Try and listen with an open mind, because for a guy as successful and busy as The Mooch, agreeing to do a crappy podcast like this, must mean he's a real menche.


Close Your Legs to Married Men, Kim Jong Un

Fresh off a two week break that wasn't really a break at all, Julie & Brandy dive right in with President Trump and his on-again/off-again meeting with North Korea. They lighten things up with a (much needed) visit to the Ladies Room, and a verdict from Judge Julie, before breaking down the latest drama with Trump & the NFL. It's an episode filled with things that no one knew they needed to care about, so listen at your own risk. This sh*t barely makes sense, and is sure to piss you off,...


Conspiracies are Evergreen with Ronnie Karam

Since Julie is out of town dancing for dollas (again), this episode was recorded a week early. With a little help from their good friend Ronnie Karam, the girls do a shallow, crappy dive on conspiracies. Like cutting into an undercooked ham, this episode seems fine at the beginning, but it's a hot mess from the middle on.


Damn Gina!

It's Tuesday, and President Trump pulled out of the Iran deal just in time for Julie & Brandy criticize him for it! After that, they break down this month's crucial primary elections, and then discuss Trump's nominee to head the CIA, Gina Haspell. Things lighten up considerably when Melania stops by to talk about her new campaign and explain what the f*ck "Be Best" means. The girls tried to "be best" at podcasting this week's politics, but when it was all said and done, they were probably...


Make America Kanye Again

Julie and. Brandy start off the show by celebrating the gift that keeps on lying: Rudy Giuliani. The party continues as they dissect the highlights of Trump's speech at the NRA convention. If gun enthusiasts and liars aren't your thing, stick around for Kanye West and his "free thoughts" about opioids and slavery. If time is money, then Yeezy's free thinking is expensive AF.


99 Problems, but Bill Cosby ain't one.

It was a drama-filled week in the high school cafeteria of American politics, and Julie & Brandy couldn't wait to dive right in. They start with the backlash against comedian Michelle Wolfe who hosted the White House Correspondents dinner, before moving on to skewer the apology cops trolling Joy Reid on twitter. They finish the episode by celebrating the official end to Bill Cosby's raping days. Times up B*TCH.


Comey Don't Play That

This week, Julie is on a homo-tour of the east coast, so the girls recorded this evergreen delight a few days early. Being that old news is no news, they decided that this week's episode was the perfect time to introduce their new segment, "Anne read a book in 2 days." Brandy's friend Anne took the girls to "Fire and Fury Scheww" back January, but now she"s got her very own segment and she did not disappoint! This time around, she focused her speed-reading talents on the new James Comes...


NA-Huh NA-Huh NACHO! with Jonny McGovern

This week, Julie & Brandy come full circle when they interview their podcast mentor & bestie/sistie Jonny McGovern. They kiki with the Hey Qween host for most of the show, but first they break down the sh*tstorm of Trumps's lawyer Michael Cohen, Ivanka, Don Jr, and "The end stage of the Trump Presidency." Afterward, their heroism is caught on tape when they stop (save) Julie's dog Nacho from eating a full candy bar. It was scary, but it was worth it though because it gave them a new work...


Syrian Sh*tstorms & FBI Raids

Julie & Brandy left their hearts (and livers) at Miami Pride, so they are hanging on by a very thin thread . A phantom thread, if you will. First, they break down the atrocities happening in Syria before reveling in the recent FBI raid on Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen. After that, they celebrate Sarah F#ckabee Sanders and spend a Moment with Melania at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Keep your expectations low and your patience high, because this crap is pretty convoluted.


The Politics of Consent with Erin Tillman

This week, Julie & Brandy are overwhelmed by the big picture. They barely even have time to discuss the Roseanne reboot, before they have to break down Trump firing the secretary of Veteran's Affairs & replacing him with his personal physician. After that they suffer through tragic stories of Laura Ingraham's homophobic history before going to 'Consent Scheww' with their professor for the day, Erin Tillman aka the Dating Advice Girl. Buckle up, because this is one hell of a random-ass...


Gay Cruising with Miss Richfield 1981

Fresh off a gay cruise, the girls are hung over and depressed about Trump's new National Security Advisor, John Bolton. But their moods pick up when they get the opportunity to go 'off limits' with the world famous drag queen, Miss Richfield 1981 (aka Russ King). They finish off by celebrating America's thirstiest teenagers and the important work they're doing to influence gun legislation.


Putin is the new Hitler

Julie & Brandy are drunk on a Caribbean Cruise, but the podcast must go on (as they say). This week, the girls break down President Trump firing the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and also 900 other people. With the threat of Russia looming, and Vladimir Putin getting closer and closer to dismantling the entire US government, Julie imagines a world where Mike Pence is the President. After that, they talk about the tragic (but largely unknown) Russian cyberattack on American nuclear...


Colonel Sarah F*ckabee Sanders

Julie & Brandy sobered up (slightly) for this episode, but turns out, they are more annoying when they aren't drunk. Mimosas take the edge off as they talk about Trump's impending meeting with Kim Jong Un, and the new trade regulations on steel and aluminum. Things pick up when Sarah Huckabee Sanders stops by to break down Trump's latest speech, but other than that, get ready for another average episode.


Jared Kushner's middle name is Corey

Another week, another drunk podcast, but that doesn't stop Julie & Brandy from talking about all the crazy sh*t that went on in the news this week. Between Jared Kushner's shady loans, Hope Hicks getting the boot, and the new information coming out about the infamous dossier, there's no way the girls could stay sober for this one. It'll be tough, but try to listen all the way to the end, because Melania stops by for an extra long visit and spills some special tea about Jared.


Emma Gonzalez for President

It was a sad, sad week, so Julie & Brandy are nursing an emotional (and an actual) hangover. First they talk about the Florida school shooting and the students who are emerging as the nation's most influential lobbyists. Then, they break down the indictment that charged 13 Russians for meddling in the 2016 election. All that, plus a message about the 2nd Amendment from Julie's brainiac brother. Don't let the description fool ya, this episode is really not that good.