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Join Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) as they dissect this week's political news. The podcast with lots of feelings, but no actual facts. New episodes every Tuesday!

Join Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) as they dissect this week's political news. The podcast with lots of feelings, but no actual facts. New episodes every Tuesday!
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Join Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) as they dissect this week's political news. The podcast with lots of feelings, but no actual facts. New episodes every Tuesday!




A Bromantic Encounter with Tom Arnold

Dreams came true for Julie & Brandy when they got the opportunity to interview comedy legend, Tom Arnold. He's made it his mission to expose Donald Trump and he tells the girls all about his misadventures along the way. From brawling with Mark Burnett (in self-defense) to exposing a pedophile, Tom Arnold's tireless quest for justice is not only hilarious, it's inspiring. If you're not already a fan, you will be after this interview. There's a reason he's the undisputed king of the bromance....


Shut Down Sh*t Show

It's the first, official Dumb Gay Politics of 2019 and Julie & Brandy are serving it. They start off with the sh*tstorm of the government shut down, before heading over to Democracy Street to celebrate the brand new, democrat-ruled House of Representatives and the newly anointed Speaker of the House, Nanc Pelos. After that, Brandy reclaims her time and rambles unpoetically about her most-favoritest person ever (other than Obama), Elizabeth Warren. It's only the second week of...


Goodbye 2018

It's the first day of 2019, and Julie & Brandy are hung over from an overdose of crystals, rituals, & intentions. They tell the story of receiving a box of healing crystals from a mystery listener, and spending New Years Eve cleansing their energy and manifesting prosperity. After that, they say goodbye to 2018 by revisiting their two favorite interviews of the year: Sarah Silverman & Anthony Scaramucci. Half-new and half-recycled, this episode is a lot like New Years Eve: pretty...


Merry Christmakkuh/Happy Hannumas!

It's that time of year again, and Julie and Brandy are their usual scroogey selves. They spend a half hour thanking the frans who sent pics for the drug den bulletin board, and reveling in general holiday f*ckery. After that, Julie takes Brandy to (recycled) Christmas and Hanukkah Scheww. In a perfect world, it's supposed to be educational fun for the whole family, but like the holidays, it's just a clusterf*ck. ***** Dumb Gay Politics with Julie & Brandy ******...


Live in Seattle with Senator Marko Liias!

After many weeks of deliberation, consternation, and threats of cancelling, Julie & Brandy finally did their live podcast taping in Seattle! They fought through microphone snafus and 12 weeks of sobriety to deliver a reimagined version of the opening song, a poorly prepared sh*tstorm, and a pretty awesome interview with a pretty awesome Washington State Senator. Throw in a gay producer's feelings, and a moment with Melania and you've get one hell of a random show, but stick around to the...


Fake News

There wasn't much "real news" this week, so Julie and Brandy did what they do best: celebrated themselves (via cards from their 14 listeners). After a solid half hour of self-appreciation, the girls finally get around to the speculation sh*tstorm of the Michael Cohen court filings. After that, they chop up some more fake news and more speculation over who will replace White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, when he steps down at the end of the year. Listen at your own risk: this is an hour...


DGP 2 Year Anniversary Episode!!

It's the two year anniversary of Dumb Gay Politics and Julie & Brandy are giving it to you just like they did on the very first episode on December 6, 2016: sober, dumb, and gay. It's been a long road to nowhere, and the girls start out by thanking their 14 listeners for sticking with them on this Trumpian journey. After that, they chop up the sh*tstorm of the G20 summit and give George HW Bush the oh-Bitch-uary that he deserves. And even a So There's That starring Canadian Prime Minister,...


Someone Farted on Meet the Press

It's the Monday after Thanksgiving and Julie & Brandy's gratitude is at an all time high, and that's because: SOMEONE FARTED ON MEET THE PRESS. They don't know who was responsible for the fart that keeps on giving, but that doesn't take away from their utter enjoyment of it. After doing a deep dive on the the flatulence history of Meet the Press, Judge Julie stops by to school the 14 listeners on the deity of gender equality: Ruth Bader Ginsburg. After that, some gay feelings from Julie's...


It's not Thanksgiving without RAGE

It's Thanksgiving, so Julie & Brandy start off the episode by being veeeerrrrry thankful to all the listeners who sent them gift boxes and cards this week. After that, they regurgitate Thanksgiving Scheww from last year's episode. Why? Because no matter how many times they are told the history of Thanksgiving, they still don't remember it. Despite the recycled segment, the girls are filled with gratitude, sobriety and rage as they list off the biggest Turkeys of 2018. Just like Thanksgiving...


Saint Haddy

This episode is dedicated in loving memory to: Haddy Lynn Hadaway Born 7/31/18 Died 8/25/18 Haddy's time on earth was short, but she lives on in our hearts. Her life left an indelible imprint on us, and we will take her with us wherever we go. Forever. Thank you Haddy. *********** Dumb Gay Politics with Julie & Brandy www.patreon.com/dumbgaypolitics www.julieandbrandy.com Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Dumb Gay Election Day

Everyone in America has been preparing for this day for the last two years, and Julie & Brandy are no exception And though it's finally Election Day, there won't be any news until the votes are counted. So the girls do what all the best journalists do on Election Day before the results come in: they yell at people to go vote! But don't worry, it's not just that. In between badgering their 14 listeners to vote democrat, they play clips, speeches, and crazy campaign ads from some of the most...


Cleaning Out the Litter Box

It's the day before Halloween, so Julie & Brandy celebrate by telling scary, true stories! After thanking their 14 listeners for all the Balltober gifts, the girls tell a spine-chilling tale about some very unhinged Facebook creatures. After that, the horrors continue in the eye of the sh*tstorm, which is a saga about a psychopath who mailed homemade bombs to powerful democrats. Then, the fear is real, as the girls discuss the upcoming midterm elections and the horrifying prospect of...


Lying Down with La Voix

Julie & Brandy pre-recorded this lazy delight from a cruise ship off the coast of Mexico. But no matter how far away from America they sail, it's never too far to talk about the sh*tstorm of Russian trolls on Facebook. But it's not all Facebook shade, they also go Off Limits with international drag sensation, LA Voix, and then answer a gay question from one of their 14 listeners. You'll want to listen to this one lying down, because that's the way the girls recorded it. *********** Dumb...


The View Scheww with Danny Pellegrino

Julie and Brandy are still celebrating Ball-Tober, and the ball snacks haven’t stopped coming! The girls thank all the generous listeners for sending them treats, before announcing their new (and improved) Patreon goal. The excitement doesn’t stop there, because Elizabeth Warren announced that she would consider running for president and the girls LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS. After that, Danny Pellegrino stops by to take take the girls to View Scheww, which Julie follows up with a very lazy So...


All Aboard the Supreme Gang-Rape Train

Another week, another Trump-induced, American nightmare. Accused gang-rapist & devout Christian, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court on Friday, thanks to Republican Senator Susan Collins. After Julie & Brandy rip Senator Collins (and her home state of Maine) a new a$$hole, they move on to the latest member of Trump's cabinet to bite the dust: UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley. After that, First Lady Melania Trump stops by to explain her bizarre fashion choices on her trip to Africa,...


Brett Kavanugh + Beer = 2gether 4ever

It's all Kavanaugh, all day, on today's episode. Julie & Brandy are deep in their anger feelings, and nothing hits their rage spot quite like Trump's racist nominee for the Supreme Court, alleged gang-rapist, Brett Kavanaugh. The girls recap last week's dramatic congressional hearing, before catching everyone up to speed on the FBI investigation and the Republican senators who are still undecided. Even Julie's 'So There's That' is perfectly Kavanaugh-wful. *********** Dumb Gay Politics...


Kavanaughty By Nature

This week, Julie & Brandy are punchy from their sober feelings, and Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh's alleged gang-bang past isn't helping to calm them down. They rage in defense of all the drunk young girls who have ever been taken advantage of by privileged, horny, white boys, before turning their attention to the tragedy of Cynthia Nixon's pummeling in the democratic primary for New York Governor. After that, they turn the douchecapades of Tiger Woods into an inspirational story...


Manafort & the Machine

It was a slow week in politics, so (per usz) Julie & Brandy phoned this one in. They start out with the story of Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort agreeing to cooperate with the Special Council investigation in return for a plea deal. After that, the girls talk about Hurricane Florence & the News Machine, and then Judge Julie makes an appearance in order to sentence the world's worst Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh (spoiler alert: she finds him guilty of...


Load Star

There's a lot of anonymous, gay drama coming out of the White House this week, and Julie and Brandy are here to break it all down. Between the New York Times op-ed and Bob Woodward's new book, there's no shortage of anonymous sources lining up to talk sh*t on Trump. All that, plus the douchebag that's about to end up on the Supreme Court and it's shaping up to be a pretty, crappy week for America. *********** Dumb Gay Politics with Julie &...


Brett, Beto, & a Buttload of Gifts

Pretending to celebrate Labor Day with absolutely zero enthusiasm, Julie & Brandy slog their way through this week's podcast. First, they talk about Trump's stinky pick for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh and then head over to Primary Street to break down the most culturally relevant races coming up in November's Midterm elections. The girls gave it a solid try, but even all of the generous Patreon gifts they received this week, weren't enough to save this episode. *********** Dumb Gay...