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A City Council Case Study: The Development of New Westminster, BC

City Councils may be the easiest to manipulate, more than state, regional or national governing bodies. Why is that? In this podcast we examine a particular case in point. 70,000 nice Canadian folks in the town of New Westminster, British Columbia and their city council who took in the majority of their campaign financing from land and building developers as well as unions and other parties who benefit from such development. Well - don't be surprised when you learn that New Westminster's...


Donald Trump Redefines The Term: A Lying Politician

Donald Trump has lied over 3,000 times in less than 18 months. Why should you care? We all know politicians lie, and some lie more than others. But Trump has redefined what it means to be a "Politician who lies". At over 7 lies a day, Trump is a threat to both our political dialogue and democracy itself. In this episode, Paul W. Slusher exposes so of the lies, but more importantly discusses why this is so dangerous to our world. Clips from various news sources included and yes, you will...


Guns Part II: You are being lied to and it is killing you

Did you know that a convicted killer can buy a gun legally in the United States? Did you know that the N.R.A. is lying to you about the 2nd Amendment? Did you know that the 2nd Amendment was initially created to protect "Slave Patrols" in the slave-owning south? In this powerful podcast, host Paul W. Slusher exposes the lies about gun control in the United States. From Donald Trump to Ted Nugent have misled the American public about the history of the Constitution and why guns are still...


Guns Part I - Gun Control, Registration & More!

If you thought you knew about guns and gun control in the world, think again. This episode of "Earth We Can Do This" focuses on guns, gun control, mass killings and how best to deal with guns and gun homicides. Do guns kill people or do people kill people? Why is the U.S. so different from the rest of the western Industrialized world? All these answers (and more) are all here for you. Host Paul W. Slusher, like always, cuts through the noise and focuses on facts, information and logical...


How Positive Thinking Changes Your Life and Where Does 'The Secret' Get It Wrong?

Positive thinking and 'The Secret' seem to present a great concept, but does it work? It can, but not in the exact way you might think. It can start with how you think and what you choose to remember. Do you really remember your past? Did you know that how you remember your past is most likely not even accurate? Your reconstruction of your personal history has a lot to do with how you think. Positive thinking is great, but there are actual strategies that work that can change your life....


Suicide In Our World: We Can Do Better Every Single Day!

Suicide is one of the top ten killers in our world, and yet it is the most preventable. In this episode, Paul tells several profound personal stories about suicide and tells you all about certain famous people who have attempted suicide in the past (and survived to become huge successes). Paul also shares shocking statistics, and gives you life-saving advice on how YOU can help anyone who might be considering suicide. We can do this people - we can prevent suicide in our own lives and in...


Prisons: Are We Reforming Prisoners or Creating Just More Violence?

In this, the first podcast of Earth We Can Do This, Paul discusses prisons and how they are doing far more damage than previously thought. Facts matter and Paul presents a ton of statistics and information, but more than that - Paul presents a way forward. How are we going to reform our prisons? What is needed to ensure that most prisoners and offenders move forward as productive and loving citizens? Earth, we can do this. We can make prisons more intelligent and more effective. Check it out!