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MIami FBI Shootout of 1986, Part 1 - Cold-blooded killers

On a spring sunny morning in Miami, a quiet neighborhood becomes the scene of one of the bloodiest shootouts in FBI history when special agents and dangerous robbers exchange more than 100 rounds of gunfire between them over five minutes. Just before the shootout, special agent Ben Grogan calls into dispatch. It would be the last time anyone would ever hear his voice.


Life and Death of XXXTentacion, Part 3 – Family Feud

The half-sister of Broward rapper XXXTentacion says she believes the rapper's murder on June 18, 2018 was set up by someone close to him. Meanwhile, his mother works to maintain his legacy with a raffle that includes a visit to his crypt.


Life and Death of XXXTentacion, Part 2 – The Good and the Bad

It’s been only weeks since rapper XXXTentacion was murdered outside a motorsports store. On the porch of his $1.4 million house, there’s a makeshift memorial. A big, gold X, and a small rock with a "?" painted on it. On Episode 2, The Florida Files looks at the good and bad of XXXTentacion. Plus, more of the interview with the rapper’s father, Dwayne Onfroy, who provides a window into the Broward rapper’s past.


Life and Death of XXXTentacion, Part 1 – Pioneer of a New Sound for Generation Z

Not many people in the mainstream had heard of the Broward County rapper known as XXXTentacion before the news of his death broke on June 18, 2018. But at music festivals and in the underground rap scene, Jahseh Onfroy was a music pioneer of a new sound for Generation Z. On a Monday afternoon, a drive in his BMW I-8 sports car to a motorcycle shop with $50,000 in cash in his favorite Louis Vuitton crossbag would end up with the 20 year old murdered in broad daylight in an armed robbery. The...


Florida Files - The Life & Death of XXXTentacion - Episode 1

On a Monday afternoon, Jahseh Onfroy, the rapper known as XXXTentacion, withdrew $50,000 in cash, all in $100 bills, and drove his BMW I-8 sports coupe with a friend to check out motorcycles. After leaving the store, he's ambushed, shot and killed. The Florida Files goes step by step into what happened leading up to the death of the 20-year-old . And takes a look back at X's early years.


Disappearance of Adam Walsh, Part 5 – John Walsh Speaks Out In The Fiery Finale

Today, John Walsh is certain that Ottis Toole abducted and murdered his son. So when Hollywood, Fla., Police Chief Chad Wagner announced that the case was closed in 2008, Walsh says it ended almost three decades of misery for his family. John Walsh talks in a frank and fiery interview with The Florida Files about the hurdles in trying to get justice for his son. Still, there are others that doggedly try to prove that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was responsible for Adam Walsh's death.


Disappearance of Adam Walsh, Part 4 – A Mother Wants Justice

Ten years after Adam's disappearance, another witness comes forth to say what he saw that day at the Sears store in the Hollywood Mall. Meanwhile, things are changing at the Hollywood PD. But as time ticks on, Revé Walsh has had enough. A mother wants justice.


Disappearance of Adam Walsh, Part 3 – Searching For Adam's Killer

Police track down leads and question alleged witnesses about who might have taken the six year old Hollywood, Fla., boy from a local mall and murdered him. Then, a drifter from Jacksonville, Fla., makes a stunning confession. But, there are holes in his story.


Disappearance of Adam Walsh, Part 2 – Two Weeks of Hell

For two weeks in 1981, a Florida community comes together to help police and the frantic parents of a six year old attempt to locate a boy who seems to have vanished into thin air from a Sears store in a local mall. Then, a gruesome discovery in a canal more than 120 miles from where Adam Walsh disappeared changes one family's life, and alerts parents everywhere to the reality of stranger danger. Who would do such a thing and why?


Disappearance of Adam Walsh, Part 1 – A Day at the Mall Changes Everything

On a typical summer day in Hollywood, Florida, a mother and her six-year-old son stop at a neighborhood mall. It's 1981. He wants to stop and play an Atari game on display in a Sears store, she goes down another aisle to look at lamps. When she returns minutes later, her son is gone. It's only the beginning of a nightmare for parents John and Revé Walsh, one that would drag on for 27 years.


Introducing The Florida Files, Season 1 – The Disappearance of Adam Walsh

Get ready to dive in to the Florida Files as we look back at the disappearance of Adam Walsh in a case that shook South Florida and the country.