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LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.

LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.
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London, United Kingdom


LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.




Squeezing Zits

Iain and Jacqui look at Theresa May’s week, look forward to the European elections, ask if Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party can succeed and both express their wish to see the back of Julian Assange. Iain teaches Jacqui about the Amritsar massacre and Jacqui offers to squeeze Iain’s zits… except he has perfect skin. Smut quota: Low to middling.


Live at PodcastLive

Iain and Jacqui do a special live podcast in front of an audience at PodcastLive at The Light, opposite Euston Station. Around 250 people listened to them discussing the latest Brexit development, the Sultan of Brunei as well as answering lots of questions. And the audience contained a special guest, whose presence ensured a limited smut quota. And, no it wasn’t HM The Queen.


Boulton’s ‘Bollocks’

It’s another Brexit-tastic edition of the podcast in which Jacqui and Iain look back at the week’s momentous events in which the PM announced she would quit and parliament remained gridlocked. They discuss the possible deselection of Dominic Grieve and Iain’s encounter with Adam Boulton’s ‘bollocks’ on Sky News, the coming Tory leadership contest, while Iain reveals he is tempted to return to the political fray. Jacqui, less so. And they have some brilliant questions from listeners to answer...


Rocking the Caravan

Iain and Jacqui take you through the astonishing developments on Brexit this week, discuss Jacqui’s love for caravanning, and whether caravan sites are centres for debauchery and swinging. Iain reveals a secret love for the Dutch language and they debate whether Birmingham schools are right to ban teaching about gay relationships. Smut Quotient: Low to medium


Jacqui’s Runny Yolk

Iain and Jacqui discuss the terror attack in New Zealand and what we should learn from it in Britain. They look back on the last week of Brexit shenanigans and speculate what this week has in store, as well as predict who the next leader of the Liberal Democrats might be. Jacqui’s excited about her new car and tells a story from her time as Chief Whip when she told Diane Abbott to, well, go forth. Jacqui explains why she thinks Iain played a blinder on ‘Any Questions’. Iain is naturally too...


Bonus: Jacqui’s Brexit Vibrations

Given that so much has happened this week on the Brexit front, Iain and Jacqui give you their view on where things might be heading, but as susual they stray off into the world of Bloody Sunday and the Inquiry into Historic Child Sexual Abuse. Normal service will be resumed on Sunday.


Blairites for Tom Watson!

Iain and Jacqui look into their crystal balls and try (and fail) to work out how Theresa May will get her Brexit deal through Parliament. They ponder on solutions to the knife crime epidemic and look at the continuing rows over antisemitism and Islamophobia in the two main political parties. They discuss the Michael Jackson documentary and whether Sajid Javid is any way to blame for the death of Shamima Begun’s baby. The Will Self/Mark Francis stare-out gets a mention and Iain puts Jacqui on...


Come And Have A Go

In a packed new episode Jacqui and Iain look at all the latest Brexit controversies, a bad week for Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn. They mull over how Liam Fox’s department could spend £100k on a podcast and ask if MPs should be paid more than £79k. They answer lots of listener questions and you can have the benefit of finding what is their favourite cheese. Smut quotient: Low, apart from one appalling aberration from Jacqui.


The Caroline Flint Threesome

Jacqui and Iain are joind by Caroline’s ‘bessie’ mate Caroline Flint from Doncaster, where Jacqui is spending the weekend. They discuss this week’s defections and Jacqui reveals for the same time what would tip her over the edge. Caroline and Iain reminisce about their time together at university, but they also fit in the odd word about Brexit and Shamima Begum. Smut Quota: Medium to low.


Kleenex 4 Brexit?

Iain and Jacqui discuss whether Jihadi bride Shamima Begum should be readmitted to Britain, ask if Theresa May knows what her Brexit strategy is and question whether middle class kids should have taken the day off school to take part in climate change protests. They discuss the recent passing of Lady Falkender and whether Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson was right to take China to task. They answer lots of questions including whether either of them have been offered a peerage, who could...


Naked Interviews

Iain and Jacqui discuss the week’s Brexit developments and both come to the conclusion that a deal will eventually be cobbled together. They wonder whether Italy & France are about to go to war, discuss LBC’s latest audience figures, “Failing Grayling”, the parliamentary antics of Sir Christopher Chope and reveal whether they have ever been interviewed naked. Smut quota: Medium


Applying the Gel

Iain and Jacqui review a week in which fewer people appear to have committed news. They speculate on the chances of Theresa May persuading Brussels to reopen the Brexit deal, as well as review the situation in Venezuela. Iain expresses his bemusement at where men are expected to apply a new contraceptive gel, and they both reveal their ‘running through a wheatfield’ moments – one rather naughtier than the other. Smut quota: Off the scale.


Ladygarden Edition

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith try to work out just what the hell is going on in the world of Brexit and find more common ground than they expected. They discuss Iain’s media whorish tendencies and Jacqui explains the delights of Malvern and the importance of trimming her bush. They analyse the latest developments in Trumpland and wonder what the appeal of Davos is. They finish up by discussing Holocaust Memorial Day and answering zillions of your listener questions, which include one asking what...


Nothing Has Changed

Iain and Jacqui review the week in Brexit (natch), discussing the Meaningful vote and the Vote of No Confidence ask as where does the country go from here? They assess Michael Gove’s leadership chances, whether Dominic Grieve is launching a constitutional coup and whether cross party talks can succeed. They talk about Iain’s appearance on this week’s ‘Fortunately’ podcast and Jacqui’s love of Wassailing. Whatever that is. Smut quota: High towards the end.


Meaningful Vote Edition

Jacqui and Iain preview what could be one of the most momentous weeks in British politics, analyse the abuse experienced by Anna Soubry & Owen Jones, as well as cast their eye over Fiona Bruce’s debut on Question Time. They debate the merits of the Speaker’s decision to overturn parliamentary convention and apologise for the lack of innuendo in this week’s podcast.


Happy New Year?

Iain and Jacqui wonder if it’s going to be a very happy new for Theresa May, and speculate about how she will get her Brexit plans through Parliament. They talk about The Saj and The Jez and how their leadership campaigns are progressing as well as the latest goings on with Donald Trump. They answer your questions with a little bot of help from #MoreDan


Review of 2018

Iain and Jacqui look back on a year which saw Theresa May survive, Donald Trump amaze and Emmanuel Macron disappoint. They analyse the highs and lows of the year and pick some of the most memorable moments. Any smut comes right at the end. Happy New Year from all involved with the For the Many podcast!


Awards of 2018

Jacqui and Iain hand out more than 50 awards to the deserving and undeserving of 2018. They’re just like Santa. So who gets the ‘WTF Moment of the Year Award’? Or ‘Worst Minister of the Year’. Or ‘Best Male Politician to Dress Up As a Woman’ Award. OK, we made that one up. What better way to celebrate Christmas than listen to the two people who truly believe that giving is better than receiving. Matron!


Christmas Confidence

Iain and Jacqui analyse Theresa May’s worst week ever, they have a stooshie about food banks, Iain talks about mental health and this episode sees the return of Dan #MoreDan. He dispenses his unique version of Christmas cheer to Jacqui…


Brexit & 36 Mince Pies

Iain Dale look forward to the Brexit vote on Tuesday and speculate about what might happen afterwards. They also discuss who the next Tory leader might be, the demise of UKIP and the French riots. Jacqui extolls the virtues of roundabouts in Redditch and tell us about seeing the Buzzcocks live in 1977, while Iain reveals he once ate 36 mince pies in one day. And lots more!