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LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.

LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.
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London, United Kingdom


LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.




The Arch Bishop…

Iain and Jacqui are reunited to discuss the fallout from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech to the TUC conference and Iain recalls the occasion when he called Justin Welby a ‘c’ bomb. They preview the LibDem conference and speculate on Uncle Vince’s successor. They discuss the interview given by the two Russian Salisbury suspects and speculate on whether Salisbury is actually a mecca for gay weekends. Iain relates his hospital experience and Jacqui hankers after a VW Beetle. Smut Quota:...


Liam & Iain Go Boristastic

Iain Dale is joined by Liam Halligan for this week’s podcast. They spend a lot of effort trying to get to the root of Boris Johnson’s leadership plans and speculate on who is rivals might be. They discuss latest developments in Salisbury, the Swedish election result and various moves in the world of radio. And Iain tries to persuade you to subscribe to his new ‘Cross Question’ and ‘Iain Dale Book Club’ podcasts. Iain and Liam would like to apologise for the pure filth in this episode. Normal...


Iain Reveals All

Iain reveals all the details of his change of show on LBC. He teases Jacqui about how many times she had it away with her bodyguard as Home Secretary – apparently the answer is a disappointing zero. They also discuss the latest woes for Jeremy Corbyn and whether other Labour MPs might follow Frank Field’s lead.


Jacqui’s Revelations

Iain and Jacqui discuss Jeremy Corbyn’s plans for the media and his latest descent into anti-semitic controversy, Jacqui reveals she nearly stood down from Parliament and her memory of Alex Salmond after the Glasgow terror attack, and Iain says that Emmanuel Macron has something of the ‘Tommy two ways’ about him. They bid adieu to Ian Collins from LBC and congratulate Iain’s former PA Grant Tucker on his new position as Media & Entertainment Editor of The Sunday Times. And they ask, are ‘big...


Terror, or was it?

Iain and Jacqui discuss the fallout from the alleged terror attack outside Parliament, they pull apart Iain’s week in Spain and answer some pretty direct questions, including will Iain still have a radio show when he returns from his week in Norfolk. A nation’s breath is baited.


Oh Boris…

Jacqui and Iain tear into Boris in the way only they can, Jacqui reveals her maternal inadequacies, they discuss what to do if you discover your child’s a racist, and LBC’s political editor Theo Usherwood puts in a surprise guest appearance. Jacqui pushes Iain again on you know what, but you’ll have to listen to find out if she’s successful.


The Art of Getting Selected

Iain and Jacqui discuss what it’s like to be on the parliamentary candidate circuit and the art of getting selected. Jeremy Corbyn’s latest anti-semitism travails are pored over, as well as a possible change in the organ donation laws. They ponder Theresa May’s meeting with Emmanuel Macron, and wonder what’s going wrong on a certain BBC network. Smut Quota: Almost non existent. They promise to do better next week


Mamma Mia, Here They Go Again

Iain and Jacqui question Sajid Javid’s decision to extradite two Daesh murderers with no guarantee they won’t b put on Death Row, they fall out over a so-called ‘People’s Vote’ and Iain explains how he felt when Sean Spicer terminated an interview. They agree babies should be banned for having their ears pierced and reveal a mutal hatred of body piercings and tattoos. Smut Quota: Low.


Topless Iain & Rampant Rabbits

Iain and Jacqui lay into Tory chief whip Julian Smith, the BBC over Cliff Richard and Jeremy Corbyn over anti-semitism. Jacqui rips into the government over the latest crime figures and they discuss which books taught the most about sex as teenagers. Not for the faint-hearted. Smut quota: High.


Boris Who?

Iain and Jacqui discuss the week’s Brexit resignations and analyse Boris Johnson’s lack of a future. They look bac on Donald Trump’s UK visit, discuss how difficult they find it to write articles, and Iain’s little contretemps with Newsnight’s Evan Harris. Smut quota: Medium.


Brexity Trumpery

Iain and Jacqui look at the pros and cons (only cons in Iain’s case) of the agreement Theresa May struck with her Cabinet at Chequers. Things don’t get much better when they move on to preview Donald Trump’s visit to the UK this week. Jacqui has a particularly bad case of the potty mouths this week do the Smut Quota is disgustingly high. At various points you might want to avert your ears. Meanwhile Iain goes all Eurovisiony and the two of them enjoy some football banter.


Iain’s Brexit Depression

Iain and Jacqui run the runes over the Cabinet’s Chequers sleepover and Iain reveals he’s more depressed about Brexit than ever. They discuss possible Tory leadership contenders, the NHS at 70 and the Intelligence & Security Committee report on rendition. They then give their World Cup tips and Iain says something nice about Russia, which has to be a first. And they answer lots of your questions. Smut quota: Medium.


Live at the Politics Festival

Iain and Jacqui perform live at the Kings Place Politics Festival in central London. They cover the latest in Trumpland, Brexit, the NHS and whether Question Time should be axed altogether. They take questions from the audience too.


Theresa Plays Sister Bountiful to the NHS

Back from her holidays, Jacqui Smith wastes little time in laying into the Prime Minister for promising £600 a week for the NHS, money which Iain says if Jeremy Corbyn had promised, she’d have been wholly supporting. They talk about the latest Brexit chaos and the summit in Singapore. Jacqui waxes lyrical about her love of ‘dicks’ – spotted ones and otherwise, and they discuss ‘Upskirting’. They also discuss the World Cup so far and answer your questions. It’s a packed episode, and the smut...


Clout and Jeremy Thorpe

Iain and Jacqui review the BBC drama about Jeremy Thorpe, they discuss a new book by CNN’s Max Foster about the importance of Clout and they preview the World Cup. They also answer a voluminous amount of your questions. And Jacqui increases the smut quotient this week by a factor of ten. Iain is appalled. Obvs.


The Madness of A C Grayling

Iain and Jacqui discuss Donald Trump’s latest antics on steel tariffs and speculate about whether the on-off-on summit with Kim Jong Un will take place. They talk about the art of political interviewing and question Richard Madeley’s tactics in cutting off Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson. They ask why Brexit continues to drive some people mad, and Iain has some strong words about Professor A C Grayling. They discuss why the trend seems to be for some countries to appoint very good looking...


Ireland, Abortion & the Trump Flip-Flop-Flip

Iain gets a bit ‘totes emosh’ about the Irish abortion referendum, while Jacqui takes Donald Trump to task for his decision to cancel the North Korean summit. They discuss what it’s like for a Home Secretary to address the Police Federation conference and assess Sajid Javid’s performance this week. They also ask why Oxford is failing to attract more BAME and disadvantaged students. And we find out what Jacqui’s ‘sex noise’ sounds like. Gulp.


Special Live Edition from the Bath Festival

Iain & Jacqui take the podcast on the road, and talk to the people of Bath about the Royal Wedding, the future of the Speaker of the House of Commons and Carillion. Jacqui reveals more about her time as Home Secretary including the time she was bollocked by Gordon Brown. She even does a Gordon Brown impression. A bad one. And they answer lots of questions from the Bath audience.


Tessa Jowell Tribute

An extra podcast in which Iain and Jacqui pay tribute to their friend Baroness Tessa Jowell, whose death was announced today.


Iran, Brexit & Eurovision

Iain and Jacqui discuss Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuke deal, and its effect on peace in the Middle East, but don’t worry, they revert to a spirited discussion on Brexit and why Heidi Alexander has resigned from the Commons. Iain tests Jacqui’s Eurovision knowledge (it isn’t vast…) and they discuss next week’s live episode of the podcast at the Bath Literary Festival.