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Casual chats with Northeast Wisconsin's newsmakers


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Casual chats with Northeast Wisconsin's newsmakers








Power 2 Change: Aaron Bailey

Aaron Bailey made the news earlier this summer, when he became the first Black councilperson in city of Manitowoc history. He has a passion for social justice, and wants to provide young people with activities and guidance in his community. Bailey admits it’s been an interesting transition to political leadership, and an adjustment to life in the public eye. In this episode, Aaron Bailey tells us why he almost didn’t apply for the position and why the issue of representation made the...


Power 2 Change: Tracey Robertson

Our conversation continues with the Power 2 Change series, speaking with Tracey Robertson of Oshkosh. After moving here with her daughter in 2011, they experience racism in a different way. It led Tracey to create community conversations about race, and shortly after, a grassroots non-profit called FIT Oshkosh, that worked in education and social justice. While the group dissolved earlier this year, Tracey Robertson continues facilitating change through independent consulting. In this...


Power 2 Change: Robin Tinnon

We continue our Power 2 Change series with Robin Tinnon. Tinnon is the Executive Director of We All Rise-African American Resource Center, a local non-profit dedicated to connecting families with resources, education and support. Tinnon has been a part of the Green Bay community since elementary school. Shew was born to a teenage mother in Chicago, who wanted a better life for her children. Tinnon explains why it’s important to have intention to make a more cohesive community.


Power 2 Change: Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.

We are continuing our Power 2 Change series with our conversation with Dr. Eddie Moore, Junior. Moore is the founder of The Privilege Institute in Green Bay, which teaches people to recognize their own privilege and teaches them about diversity, power, and racism. Moore has his own unique story, with struggles that he believes made him stronger for race work. He’s very honest about the path that almost led him astray, and the mission that he believes is his true calling.


Power2 Change: Robyn Davis

WBAY-TV2 wants to advance the conversation about race in Northeast Wisconsin. Community members are sharing their stories about racism; how it looks and how it feels. This is the Power 2 Change. As CEO of the Brown County United Way, Robyn Davis appeared on this podcast last year when we talked about her work in the non-profit sector. In this episode, Robyn Davis is talking about data; to advance the work of diversity, equity and inclusion.


Power 2 Change: Alexandra Ritchie

We are continuing this Power 2 Change conversation with Alexandra Ritchie. She works in the admissions office at UW-Green Bay. She recently wrote a letter to colleagues about the ways higher education can impact students and achieve equity. Ritchie also discusses personal choices she's making, because of her experience with racism.


Power 2 Change: Pastors Charles and Stacy Butler

As a news organization we cover stories on racism and social justice—as a community leader WBAY-TV wants to provide information, education and a forum for people to talk about the issues. We are continuing our Power 2 changes series with this conversation with Pastor Charles Butler, along with his wife, Pastor Stacy Butler, who joins us for this interview. They talk about the roles that faith leaders can have in healing racial issues.


Power 2 Change: Renita Robinson

Renita Robinson is a self-described ‘change agent’ who is serving as CEO of the Greater Green Bay YWCA. For the last three decades, Robinson has worked as a teacher, in social work, written grants, and served as a leader for non-profit providers. At the same time, she was raising two sons and found herself with deep concerns for their safety and for their futures. Hear how Renita Robinson is leading the conversation about race in this Power 2 Change episode.


Power 2 Change: Harry Sydney

Harry Sydney is the founder of My Brother's Keeper, a non-profit male mentoring program, which began in 2003. He teaches men about living with integrity and respect. Sydney is also a former NFL player and coach, who played his final season with the Green Bay Packers in 1992 before returning as a running backs coach. Sydney speaks candidly for Power 2 Change about his first memories of racism, and how he believes the conversation about race can begin.


Kate Hogan: Focus on Community Service

Kate Hogan is a community member who believes in giving back. She was born and raised in the Green Bay area and graduated from St. Norbert College. Her parents raised their six children with service as just part of everyday life, a commitment that Kate continues today. In this episode, we talk about Hogan’s tenure with the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay including serving as president for the last two years. She shares some of the unique programs that are carrying out the mission of the...


Understanding our Economy during a Pandemic

“Unprecedented.” You’ve heard that word multiple times over the last several weeks; when it comes to the coronavirus, unemployment, the economy and the shutdown of business and schools. We are in uncharted territory, and "unprecedented" seems to be the best way to describe it. On this episode, we are looking into the potential economic fallout of COVID-19 and what opportunities are also coming from it. Our guest is Marc Schaffer, associate professor and the director of the Center for...


Action 2 Sports: Post-Draft Evaluation

Sports Director Chris Roth takes over the podcast this week, with special guest Rob Demovsky from and a WBAY Cover 2 contributor. Hear their takes on the Packers draft picks, the schedule, and opinions on what the NFL season could look like, because of COVID-19.


Renee Natzke: On Love, Life and becoming Jackstrong

Renee and Jason Natzke and their daughter Ella, lost their son and brother Jack to an unknown illness in 2015. He was five years old. Jack became ill very suddenly and died after several days in intensive care. In the years since, Renee has talked publicly about faith, healing and the circle of grief. This is our powerful and raw discussion about Renee Natzke’s journey since Jack’s death and becoming ‘Jackstrong.’


Golden House: Providing New Outreach

When the 'Safer at Home' order took effect in Wisconsin in March, it was a change for all of us. Organizations and groups supporting others in our community had to pivot the way they provide services. That was especially true for Golden House located in Green Bay—which provides help and services for people affected by domestic abuse. In this episode we talk with executive director Tonya Dedering about ways they are reaching out.


Coronavirus: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

There are many issues going on surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. People are worried about their health, about their families and about their jobs. Many of us are trying to work from home, while at the same time, helping their children with eLearning for school. In this episode of our Get 2 the Point podcast, we are talking about ways to navigate through all of this with Lisa Tutskey, a licensed marriage and family therapist with Prevea Health.


WBAY News: A New Normal

COVID-19 has affected everyone’s lives. Work, school and socializing have given way to social distancing, work at home and online learning. When it comes news gathering, we have the responsibility to report the newest factual information from this quickly changing landscape. We are doing it utilizing technology and new strategies which allow our employees to follow health instructions, while also getting the latest information to you. In this episode, hear from several WBAY employees who...


David Frerking talks about ‘What Really Matters’

David Frerking of Appleton is a new author, and you might recognize the story he is telling. His son Jacob, a young man with autism, was granted a wish to become a law enforcement officer through the Make-A-Wish foundation. Jacob was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, law enforcement officers from across the Fox Valley embraced Jacob and made him part of their community. Hear more about Jacob Frerking’s journey through his father’s eyes in this episode of Get 2 the Point podcast.


Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary: Finding Forever Homes

Amanda Reitz had a dream, to start an animal sanctuary to give pets the best possible chance at finding a forever home. But at the time she was still in college and people weren’t quite sold on the idea, including her own family initially. By 2006, Amanda had her parents involved transforming family property in Marion for a spacious sanctuary for animals. A couple years later, brother Marcus Reitz joined on with HEA full-time and they raised funds for a new adoption center in Ashwaubenon....


Tim Hanna: What next for Appleton Mayor

On April 7, voters in the city of Appleton will elect a new mayor, the first new one in 24 years. When the mayor-elect is sworn in on April 21, current mayor Tim Hanna will find himself out of that job. Our Get 2 the Point podcast conversation with Mayor Hanna continues this week, as Hanna looks back at his career in government.


Tim Hanna--Appleton's Mayor looks back

This April, the city of Appleton will have its first new mayor in 24 years. Tim Hanna made the decision to not seek re-election. After a long career in government, Mayor Hanna has a lot of stories to tell. Hanna details the failed basketball tryout that got him interested in government, his time on the city council when he asked a question and got an answer that left him stumped, to the 1996 mayoral election that ended up before the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. Hear much more on these...