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Brexit, Corbyn, and Crisis

In this video from the recent national conference of the Marxist Student Federation, Ian Hodson (president of the bakers' union) and Rob Sewell (editor of Socialist Appeal) discuss the turbulent political situation in Britain and the misery facing workers under capitalism. Ian Hodson highlights the devastating impact of Tory austerity on working class communities, and emphasises how Brexit has divided workers and acted as a distraction from the cuts. Ian also notes the enthusiasm that Corbyn...


Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution

In this video from the 2018 Revolution Festival, Alan Woods (editor of In Defence of Marxism) discusses the events of the English Civil War - England's revolution. The civil war in the 17th century saw the forces of Parliament battling against the monarchy of Charles I, fighting for power over England. In essence, this was a revolutionary struggle for domination by the rising bourgeois class of merchants and bankers - an attempt to usurp the old feudal institutions of the monarchy. Pivotal...


Freedom and slavery: the birth of capitalism

In this talk from the 2018 Revolution Festival, Josh Holroyd discusses the origins of the capitalist system, the violent and contradictory revolution it carried out across the world, and the implications these hold for the fight against capitalism today. As Josh explains, the society in which we live is often presented as something eternal; a natural expression of human nature and common sense. But the reality could not be further from the truth. Capitalism - a system based on competition...


Hands off Venezuela! Oppose the imperialist coup!

Jorge Martin of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign discusses the ongoing attempted coup, which is being aggressively pushed by US imperialism. Washington has stepped up it's efforts this week to oust the democratically elected government of Venezuela. They are now going for broke in an attempt to remove President Maduro. As Jorge explains, whatever one's views of the Maduro government, this is an illegitimate and undemocratic attempt at regime change by Trump and his reactionary allies. It is...


The revolutionary ideas of Rosa Luxemburg

On 15th January 1919, Rosa Luxemburg - one of the main leaders of the German Revolution - was brutally murdered by reactionary state forces, depriving the working class of one of its greatest fighters. To commemorate Luxemburg's life, we republish here a video from an IMT school in London in 2014, where Marie Frederiksen (editor of the Danish Marxist newspaper Revolution) discusses the real revolutionary history, ideas, and traditions of Rosa Luxemburg, drawing out the valuable lessons we...


Dialectics: from Hegel to Marx

In this talk from the 2018 Revolution Festival, Hamid Alizadeh (editor of looks at the ideas of Georg Hegel, the German thinker who resurrected the philosophy of dialectics. Dialectics, as Hamid outlines, is a philosophy that explains change, motion, and development. In this respect, Hegel's ideas provided a profound leap from the mechanical and rigid outlook of those who preceded him. Hegel's dialectics were the basis for the revolutionary philosophy of Marxism -...


Alan Woods: Macron - stripped of his liberal halo

Alan Woods, editor of In Defence of Marxism, discusses the magnificent gilets jaunes movement in France, which has exploded out of nowhere to land a blow against the ruling class. Ever since his election as president in May 2017, Emmanuel Macron has been held up as a poster boy for liberalism by the European establishment. Liberals everywhere proclaimed that Macron's electoral victory represented a turning of the tide for the centre ground against the encroachment of populism and extremism....


Alan Woods: Brexit - "Those who the gods wish to destroy, they first make them mad"

Alan Woods, editor of In Defence of Marxism, discusses the historic political crisis taking place in Britain, as the Tory Prime Minister's fate hangs in the balance. As Alan notes, the UK was once considered one of the most stable countries in the world. But now it is a source of enormous instability for world capitalism. And the crisis is not confined to Britain. May, Macron, and Merkel are all facing huge difficulties at home, as the broken status quo collapses around them. Only the call...


From barter to Bitcoin: what is money?

Money, the Bible says, is the "root of all evil". Under capitalism, it dominates over us, acting - in the words of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists - like a "chain of gold". But money has evolved and changed throughout history: from the early use of precious metals, to the modern day network of cash, credit, and cryptocurrencies. And the more complex the money system becomes, the more removed and mysterious it seems. In this talk, Adam Booth - author of Understanding Marx's Capital -...


Permanent revolution in Latin America

In this talk from the recent Revolution Festival, Jorge Martin discusses a new book co-authored by himself and John Roberts, which explores the application of Leon Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution to the experiences of Latin America. Trotsky's theory explained how the capitalists in the colonial countries could not play a progressive role, but would instead be a barrier in the fight for agrarian reform, parliamentary democracy, and national independence. In their new book, John...


The Suffragettes and the fight for equality: a century of struggle

In February 1918, the UK Representation of the People Act was brought in, giving the right to vote to women with property over the age of 30. In November of the same year, women in the UK were allowed to stand for parliament for the first time. In December, women voted for the first time in a British general election. Ten years later, women gained electoral equality with men, as the franchise was extended to all women over the age of 21. These achievements came on the back of a militant...


How did Bolsonaro win the Brazilian elections?

Jorge Martin, editor of América Socialista and writer for In Defence of Marxism, discusses the results of Sunday's presidential elections in Brazil, where the far-right candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, won with 55% of the vote. As Jorge explains, Bolsonaro is an extremely reactionary politician, who will go on the offensive against the working class and the oppressed. But his election does not represent a rise of fascism in Brazil. Rather, it reflects the hatred towards the establishment and the...


Alan Woods: Saudi monsters and their imperialist friends

Alan Woods - editor of In Defence of Marxism - discusses the barbaric crimes of the monstrous Saudi regime in the wake of their recent murder of a critical journalist. This rotten regime is responsible for exporting wars, oppression, exploitation, and terrorism across the world. In Yemen, for example, they are carrying out daily atrocities, bombing and starving the population into submission - all with the help of the British and American governments. The labour movement must expose the...


Catalonia: a year of turbulence and struggle

In a special podcast episode of IMTV, Arturo Rodriguez - activist from Lucha de Clases and editor of the Catalan paper Revolucio - discusses the dramatic events that have taken place in Catalonia and the rest of Spain over the past 12 months. The movement for independence has erupted onto the scene in Catalonia, but has been temporarily been beaten back as a result of political repression and a lack of revolutionary leadership. Nevertheless, the mood across Spain is now one of polarisation...


What the Trump is going on in the USA?

In this special podcast episode of IMTV, we interview Antonio Balmer and Tom Trottier of Socialist Revolution, the US section of the International Marxist Tendency. Antonio and Tom explain the factors that have led to the election of Donald Trump in the USA, as well as describing the explosive political situation in Washington that now exists as a result. Above all, the American comrades discuss how to fight Trump: not through the Democrats, but through the creation of a mass socialist...


IMTV #6: From abortion rights to feminist strikes

In the latest episode of IMTV radio, activists from Socialist Appeal discusses the fight for women's liberation: from the struggles of the Suffragettes 100 years ago, to the #MeToo movement today. The last year has seen a massive explosion of struggle for women's rights. The Harvey Weinstein case cast a light on the issue of sexual harassment and exploitation in the workplace. The landslide vote to repeal the 8th Amendment in Ireland struck an enormous blow against the conservative bastion...


IMTV #5: Students and workers - unite and fight

In the latest episode of IMTV - the International Marxist Television channel, hosted by Socialist Appeal - our guests looks back over a busy year for activists on UK campuses. Earlier this year we saw the largest ever strike by academic staff in the UCU, who took action over cuts to pensions. Their struggle was widely supported by students, who came out in large numbers on picket lines and protests across the country. But despite this wave of militancy, the UCU strike ended up with a...


IMTV #4: Grenfell, one year on - still no justice

On 14th June 2017, disaster struck as the Grenfell tower in west London was engulfed in flames. 72 people died in the fire, according to official reports. But the real number could be even higher. One year on, and the inquiry into the Grenfell fire is underway. Revelations are coming to light indicating that a whole range of guilty figures are complicit in this murder: from the Tory council and Tenant Management Organisation, to the cladding manufacturer and architects. In this latest...


IMTV #3: Israel and Palestine - a Marxist perspective

In the third episode of IMTV - the International Marxist Television channel, hosted by Socialist Appeal - Francesco Merli provides a Marxist analysis of the situation in Israel and Palestine. On 14th May 1948, the state of Israel was officially founded. It was accompanied by a mass, forceful eviction of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, who were forced to flee from their own lands. This exodus is known amongst Palestinians as the "Nakba" 70 years later, large demonstrations have taken...


IMTV #2: Venezuela - between imperialist aggression and economic crisis

In the second episode of IMTV, Jorge Martin of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign joins host Josh Holroyd to discuss the political situation, ahead of presidential elections on 20th May. As Jorge explains, Venezuela is being bombarded from all sides by imperialist intervention and the impacts of the world crisis of capitalism. But the current leadership of Maduro and co. are not offering a way forward. The Bolivarian revolution needs a new leadership, forged from the mass movement of workers...