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JS OnPolitics, 9/21/17

The long-overdue budget process is finally wrapping up, but Governor Walker is already undoing some significant additions to the bill. Also, new questions are emerging over the Foxconn deal. Do the Legislature's attorneys think Walker and GOP lawmakers went too far? We also run recent Foxconn statements through the PolitiFact Truth-o-Meter. Plus we look at an upcoming story on the costs of renting in Milwaukee. All that plus winners and losers and your questions.


JS OnPolitics, 9/14/17

The deal for the massive Foxconn plant is set for its final legislative approval today … what comes next for the $3 billion deal? The state budget is close as well. We’ll look at what issues remain and what may draw Scott Walker’s veto pen. Also, we’ll talk about what’s at stake when a Milwaukee Common Council committee discusses a report from the DOJ on the Milwaukee Police Department. Meanwhile, the Republican race for the US Senate started to come into focus this week. So did the...


JS OnPolitics, 9/7/17

Donald Trump breaks with his party to side with the Democrats in a plan to fund the government. We take a look at Trump's week and Ryan's full plate as Congress comes back into session. Also, after apparently being shut out of a White House job, Sheriff Clarke moves on to a Trump Super PAC.Plus, Foxconn moves ahead. The Legislature's budget-writing committee gave its blessing this week; now it's on to the state budget.


JS OnPolitics, 8/31/17

Paul Ryan's long, hot summer. We chat with Craig about how Ryan has tried to focus on the GOP agenda, including tax reform, but kept getting distracted by Trump's dramas. We're closer to a state budget. Patrick Marley on the latest on the state budget talks in Madison and Foxconn. The Department of Justice slams MPS. Ashley Luthern on a draft DOJ report that says trust is damaged between the community and its police department. All that plus winners and losers and your viewer questions.


JS OnPolitics, 8/17/17

In this episode, Foxconn: What's next? Madison reporter Jason Stein fills us in on the latest. Also, Politifact reporter Tom Kertscher tells us how politicians have fared on the Truth-O-Meter with Foxconn. Washington Bureau chief Craig Gilbert discusses Trump’s handling of Charlottesville and how GOP reacted to it. Raquel Rutledge gives us an update on her investigation on tainted alcohol at Mexican resorts. All that plus winners and losers and your questions.


JS OnPolitics, 8/10/17

In this episode, Washington Bureau Chief Craig Gilbert gives an update on the recent President Trump approval ratings (Hint: They're low.) He also talks about Trump's decision to appoint Milwaukee attorney Michael Brennan to the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. Also, the 2018 race for Tammy Baldwin's seat is already underway. We look at who is hoping to take her on. State taxpayers would need about 25 years to recoup the nearly $3 billion in proposed payments to bring Foxconn...


JS OnPolitics, 8/3/17

In this episode, the Wisconsin legislature is about to debate a massive deal try to lure Foxconn to the state. Madison reporter Jason Stein has the latest. Also, Washington Bureau Chief Craig Gilbert talks about the departure of Reince Priebus, why he’s gone and what he might do now. Locally, we discuss the civil rights marches that happened in Milwaukee 50 years ago.


JS OnPolitics, 7/27/17

In this episode, Foxconn wants to build a massive plant in Wisconsin … and taxpayers are being asked for massive incentives to bring it here. We’ll take a look at what the announcement means from an economic and political perspective. Meanwhile, in Washington, Republican have been tied up in knots over what to do about Obamacare … we’ll untangle it for you. We’ll also update you where the state budget stands in Madison , and take a look at Police Chief Edward Flynn and his battles with...


JS OnPolitics, 7/20/17

In this episode, Wisconsin still doesn't have a budget and Republicans who control the state Capitol still can't agree on a plan. Patrick Marley provides an update from Madison. Also, some aldermen are pushing to hire outside counsel in an effort to force the Milwaukee Police Department to release a draft of a DOJ report. It's just the latest criticism facing Milwaukee's police chief. Ashley Luthern has the latest. Plus, Democrats are starting to line up to take on Gov. Walker. Daniel Bice...


JS On Politics 7/13/17

We explore the impact of the latest revelations about Donald Trump Jr.'s emails on Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan. Also, the Milwaukee Common Council tries to take control of the MPD chief; Ashley Luthern and Mary Spicuzza explore what this means. Plus Jason Stein on the latest maneuvering on how to pay for Wisconsin's roads and other state budget matters. All that plus winners and losers and your viewer questions.


JS On Politics, 6/29/17

The latest from Washington AKA Can't Republicans get along? Craig Gilbert gives an update on the health care overhaul debate plus the findings of a new Marquette Law School poll. Also, the budget in Madison - or lack thereof. It looks like they'll be blowing the budget deadline. We also take a look at efforts to improve public safety in Milwaukee heading into the summer. Plus winners and losers and your viewer questions.


JS On Politics, 6/22/17

Washington Bureau Chief Craig Gilbert gives the latest on the Senate Republicans’ Obamacare healthcare replacement. Craig will also have a preview of the midterm elections. We’ll also have a discussion with James Causey about the Dominique Heaggan-Brown verdict and Madison reporter Patrick Marley on the redistricting case and an update on the state budget. All that plus winners and losers and your questions.


JS On Politics, 6/15/17

We talk to Madison reporter Patrick Marley about the breaking news that Justice Gableman will not run for re-election. Also, the move for a constitutional convention. We hear from Washington Bureau Chief Craig Gilbert who has spoken with Republicans who were on the scene of the shooting of a Louisiana congressman on Wednesday; we'll also discuss the possibility of a Wisconsin redistricting case being taken up soon by the U.S. Supreme Court. We also look at last weekend's shooting of a...


JS On Politics, 6/8/17

Dan Bice and Bill Glauber on today’s Comey testimony. Also, the latest on budget updates from Madison. We’ll check some recent statements from politicians on the PolitiFact Truth-o-meter and sit down with James Causey who talks about on his latest story featuring interviews with Milwaukee 3rd graders as part of his “What happened to us? series. Plus our winners and losers and your viewer questions.


JS On Politics, 6/1/17

With Donald Trump dissing the Germans and demanding more of the EU, will the Europeans, as Germany Chancellor noted, decide that they have to rely more on themselves? Plus, a preview of this weekend's state Democratic convention. Also, the city closes the book on a divisive chapter with a $2.3 million settlement with the family of Dontre Hamilton. All of that plus our winners and losers of week and your questions.


JS On Politics, 5/25/17

In this episode, Craig Gilbert on the story that won't end for President Trump. Is there still a job for Sheriff Clarke? Dan Bice and Mary Spicuzza on the drama surrounding Sheriff Clarke's job offer in D.C. We also look back on the thoughtful discussion on immigration Monday night in Waukesha. Plus the latest on the State budget update wth Patrick Marley. All that plus winners & losers and your viewer questions.


JS OnPolitics, 5/18/17

In this episode, Washington Bureau Chief Craig Gilbert fills us in on the latest from Washington. From Madison, hard work begins on the budget, and Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. accepts a position with homeland security, what does that mean for him and for the people of Milwaukee county. All that plus winners & losers and your viewer questions.


JS OnPolitics, 5/11/17

It has been another rocky week in Washington. We’ll take a look at the latest on Donald Trump and James Comey. In Madison, there’s another new plan for paying for roads. Hacked records show where the Bradley Foundation is spending its money. And the city this week moved to avoid two court dates All of that, plus winners and losers and viewer questions.


JS OnPolitics, 5/4/17

An update on the latest Republican move to overhaul health care, news from Madison about lawmakers efforts to agree on a plan to fix Wisconsin's roads. We'll also talk about 'What Happened to Us?' an amazing project by columnist James Causey and he investigation into a death at the Milwaukee County Jail.


JS On Politics, 4/27/17

The milk trade dispute with Canada is heating up. Reporter Jason Stein will fill us in on the latest. We also discuss politics of the milk debate, what Gov. Walker & Wisconsin officials have said about it. Reporter Jacob Carpenter gives an update of the investigation into the jail death of Terrill Thomas. All that plus our weekly winners and losers and your questions.