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Biden Wants A Revolution. OJ Still Out of Control. NM Governor Lacks Self Awareness. China Harvests Organs

Joe Biden says he wants a revolution. AOC says we have concentration camps. The left has gone utterly nuts. OJ tweets out threats already. Told you he would. Ilham Omar is silent on terror recruits in her congressional district. Campus Reform has some good news about students. A Broadway play about the Clintons closes down early. Who saw that coming? The Clintons are back in the news over emails. The gift that never stops. Kyle Kushov’s apology is about more than his ugly, racist text...


Biden & Taxes. Impeachment Perspective. The Mob Gets Another Scalp.

Michael goes through the history of Democrats and tax increases. Nancy Pelosi is against impeachment, but it might not be for the reason you think. And the mob gets another scalp for something said. Be careful what you say. The mob may come for you.


Humanitarian Border Crisis. Marxists Are Out Of the Closet. Chocolate Starfish (Not What You Think!). AOC & Bernie. Plastic Straws Again.

Michael talks about how Marxists are like cockroaches. They don’t like their ideology being caught in the light. There is a true humanitarian crisis at the border and we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Michael comes across a phrase about “chocolate starfish” he’s never heard before​ and is grossed out by it. Why does the Pope want a carbon tax? Plastic straws on Father’s Day.


It’s FRIDAY! Hollywood in Toto & The View. If Google is a Private Company, Why Isn’t a Bake Shop?

Michael and Christian laugh about The View and Biden’s plan to cure cancer. And Michael wants you to think about this….if Google, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter are private companies and can de-platform personalities because they are “private” companies, why can’t a bake shop or a sweatshirt​ shop also discriminate? Think about that for a minute.


Interview with Michael Brown

You've likely heard bits and pieces of Michael's story if you've been a long time listener, but today Michael's Executive Producer, Steve Reiter, unpacks the stories that make Michael who he is. Chances are you'll learn something new about Michael that you've never heard before.


What Is Courage? H.R. 1 & Free Speech. Sex Starved Congressmen? Cookie Dough & The CDC

Michael heard Susan Eisenhower talk about courage on D-Day 2019, and it caused him to really think about what courage means in American society. H.R. 1, the Democrats first bill, is anything but courageous - it is a threat to free speech. Kamala Harris promises to prosecute Donald Trump. Isn’t that a form of projection? Marcia Fudge calls Trump supporters stupid and dumb. A congresswoman from California says her Republican colleagues are sex-starved men. But polls show otherwise! The CDC...


Congressional Pay Proposal Has Michael Infuriated. Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout? Plastic Straws in Canada. Soros & Local Political Races

Michael is furious over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez statements on a need for a congressional pay raise. All you beer lovers can now get Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. It’s nutty. Jim Acosta of CNN is trying to sell books. George Soros donates to local races, reinforcing Michael’s belief about how important local races are. Justin Trudeau bans plastic straws but says businesses will have to reclaim them. How does that work? Sophie Lewis admits abortion is killing. Michael uses her statement to...


Climate Change, LED Bulbs, Ilham Omar & Economic Illiteracy, Who Lost The Apollo Telemetry Data?

Michael is furious about LED lights in Detroit, because they show how stupid we are when it comes to climate change. Apparently we can’t return to the Moon because NASA has lost the Apollo telemetry data. And, Ilham Omar shows how socialism morphs into communism because everything is a “human right.”


A Weekend of Jury Decisions

The Keystone Pipeline is approved by the 9th Circuit. Oberlin College learns siding with social justice warriors is costly. A communist is elected to the Denver City Council. And, a taxpayer relief shot in which Michael asks what you would have had the cops do.


It’s FRIDAY! Another Hollywood in Toto. Colorado Gun Sales Numbers Down. Antifa Tries To Chain People In A Room

Colorado is on pace for the fewest gun sales in five years. An Antifa thug tries to chain some college Republicans in a ballroom. Christian Toto is back with more Hollywood in Toto, and Whoopi Goldberg uses “gootchie” on air


Michael Commemoratives the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944

No politics today. Michael commemorates the 75th anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944, and what that day meant for freedom and liberty. George Orwell’s 1984 provides a description of how tyranny, if allowed to expand and grow, infects men’s souls like a metastatic cancer, destroying individual liberty and freedom. We should not let those who fought for freedom in World War II die in vain.


Top 50 Bed Bug Ridden Cities! Who Cares About Lists? Chicago Violence. FBI Corruption. Minneapolis Multiculturalism

Grossed out by bed bugs? Then check this list. Michael gets booted off a list. Who cares? The FBI is becoming corrupt. Somalis​ in Minneapolis are destroying the city. Tiananmen Square anniversary and “tank man.” Could you be a tank man? A taxpayer relief shot. And, get ready for a podcast-listener online get together.


Letters From A World War II Vet. Typhus Fever in Los Angeles. Mueller Report Selectively Edits Voicemail.

Michael reads a couple of letters from a World War II vet he received in the mail. An LA cop contracts typhus fever. How gullible are LA taxpayers? The Mueller report selectively edits a voicemail recording. What else is phony about the report? Rats infest Los Angeles. Eric Swalwell wants to confiscate all semi-automatic weapons. Yeah, that’s not going to work out too well. Family Dollar is going to sell alcohol! WooHoo! Elton John is a globalist. That’s too bad. Antarctica weather stations...


CA Democrat Convention Boos Candidates. Trump Didn’t Call Markle Nasty. VA Beach Shooting. Obama Lies About Guns.

Candidates are booed at the California Democrat Convention. This doesn’t bode well for them in 2020. Adam Schiff backtracks on impeachment. Trump is falsely accused of calling Meghan Markle “nasty.” Michael’s thoughts on the Virginia Beach shooting. Obama lies about guns. Cook County murder suspects put on house arrest. No jail? Nuts! Virtue signaling on Georgia abortion law is out of control. Lawnmowers must be banned (according to nut jobs). Elizabeth Warren is confronted by the Breakfast...


It’s FRIDAY! Time for Hollywood in Toto. A Georgia Congressional Candidate Ticks Off the Left.

Michael and Christian Toto talk about “FBI Lovebirds” and how the left is shutting down art it doesn’t like. Michael is enamored with a Georgia congressional candidate who as a former Marine, has ticked off his opponents.


Robert Mueller’s Press Conference, Japanese Knife Attacks, Fat Politics.

Robert Mueller’s press conference upends the very basics of American jurisprudence - that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Michael analyzes the knife attack in Japan and asks why the media doesn’t have the same reaction it has to gun violence. Fat shaming and fat victimhood is a new form of identity politics. A poll in Germany shows the effects of political correctness on free speech.


The Statue of Liberty is NOT About Immigration, Arrested For Yoga In Iran.

Michael gives a history lesson on the Statue of Liberty. It is about the abolition of slavery, not immigration. The EU elections cause​ some politicians to decry free speech. Yoga gets you arrested in Iran. Bernie Sanders is such a devout communist it even scares some New York journalists. Private citizens - patriots - build a mile of private border wall in New Mexico. Gender dysphoria is now a right, not a disease, proving there are no guardrails on our culture. A new history textbook...


Michael Catches Up On The News After A Long Weekend

NASA wants to go to the moon, but maybe for the​ wrong reason? Don’t get angry, women! Men increasingly don’t want to be alone with female coworkers. Thanks #MeToo. Congressman Al Green wants Donald Trump impeached - for being a bigot or something. It’s very Orwellian. Comey and Lynch start the finger pointing after the Attorney General is given broad powers to declassify documents related to the Russian investigation. Grab some popcorn! Spring storms break out and ABC News thinks its the...


It’s FRIDAY! Hollywood in Toto, Nancy Pelosi Accuses Trump of a Coverup, Here’s The Real Story Behind That.

Michael and Christian Toto talk about the intersection of Hollywood and politics. Christian gets trolled by the hundreds after Meghan McCain retweets one of his stories. Nancy Pelosi accuses President Trump of a coverup just before a meeting on infrastructure. Michael explains what’s really going on inside the Capitol​, behind the scenes, and what those machinations mean for our country. And, it’s Memorial Day weekend. Michael reminds us what this somber holiday means to the United States.


Michael Battles Twerps on Twitter, Bill of Rights, Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago & Media Corruption.

Michael battles a troll on Twitter. He knows better than to engage the trolls but can’t help himself. And, hear a description of how social media is hurting American society. Can we really live in liberty and freedom, or is it time to abolish the Bill of Rights and have the government protect us from everything dangerous, scary or offensive? Climate change headlines from days past don’t age well. A few classic Taxpayer Relief Shots. Nevada adopts the National Popular Vote Compact which is...