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Mirsad Hadzikadic’s Quest For Change And the Presidency In His Native Land Of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The Voices of the Platform for Progress Movement

Lana Beciragic was 24 years old when she joined Mirsad Hadzikadic’s presidential campaign in June of 2018. She had studied law as an undergraduate in college and continues to work on her master’s degree in economy and marketing management, with the goal of one day becoming an event planner or event manager coordinator. She held numerous titles throughout the campaign, serving as an office manager, an executive assistant, and finally a campaign coordinator. I had an opportunity to speak with...


Small Steps But Necessary Steps in the Growth of the Platform for Progress Movement

Mirsad Hadzikadic is not shy when it comes to talking about the growth of the Platform for Progress Movement. A learning process in some cases, as he describes it, as the Movement strives to bring democracy to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mirsad and I spoke during his recent visit to Charlotte about the issues, some seemingly small on the surface, but ones that must be addressed to guide the birth of the Movement and democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The Foundation for the Building Blocks for Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina Comes Together

In May of 2018, Mirsad Hadzikadic’s mission during his presidential campaign, was to share his vision of hope and change for his native country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. His dream was that his fellow countrymen would grasp ahold of that vision and they would realize that together they could make it a reality. Some eight months later that message has begun to germinate, as the building blocks for democracy are being laid one at a time, to form the much needed foundation for success moving...


The Founding Assembly for the Platform for Progress Movement is Held

Mirsad Hadzikadic and his team selected Sunday, November 25, 2018, Statehood Day in Bosnia as Herzegovina, as the day to hold the founding assembly for the Platform for Progress Movement. A historic day for the country and for the movement itself, as it served as the stage to officially announce publicly, the formation of the Platform for Progress Movement and to allow members to elect representatives to the eleven member presidential board, a supervisory board and to approve or disapprove...


The Complexities of Forming a Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the very least, it is a daunting task for Mirsad Hadzikadic and his team as the Platform for Progress Movement lays the groundwork for democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every decision must be reviewed and analyzed over and over again so as to determine what is the correct course moving forward, knowing that a wrong decision could have a detrimental impact on what has already been achieved in just a few short months. The formal announcement of the Platform for Progress Moment will be...


Post-Election Musings and the Challenges Ahead for the Platform for Progress Movement

Though Mirsad Hadzikadic’s message of hope and change for Bosnia and Herzegovina during the recent presidential election was embraced by many, as reflected by his unprecedented results on October 7, there remains a prevailing sense of uncertainty across the country. Some reports have gone as far as to paint a picture of doom and gloom. I had an opportunity to speak with Mirsad in his University of North Carolina at Charlotte office, while back in the states for a brief visit. We talked about...


Plans for the Official Announcement of the Platform for Progress Movement Continue

Statehood Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a national holiday celebrated on November 25 of each year. It was on this day in 1943 that the Anti-Fascist Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ZAVNOBiH) adopted a resolution declaring Bosnia and Herzegovina an equal community of Serbs, Muslims and Croats. The resolution was adopted when Yugoslavia was occupied and divided between Germany, Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria. Mirsad Hadzikadic and his Platform For Progress team felt it appropriate on this...


The Building Blocks of Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

For Mirsad Hadzikadic and his campaign team the future is now. With the formation of the Platform for Progress moment in place, all eyes are focused on preparations for the Constitutional Assembly and all of the intricate details that entails. His campaign is also finalizing preparations for the official announcement of the movement, November 25, Statehood Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mirsad and I spoke of this very exciting and yet challenging time as they continue to plant the seeds of...


Who Will Be the Best Candidates for the 2020 Local Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The Platform for Progress movement has been established. An all encompassing platform has been written. Who then, moving forward, will be the candidates who have passionately embraced the vision of hope and change for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which Mirsad Hadzikadic brought to the forefront during the recent presidential election? I spoke with Mirsad about this arduous but at the same time exciting process; the vetting and identifying those best qualified to represent the movement in the 2020...


The Seeds of Change Are Being Planted by Mirsad Hadzikadic and his Platform for Progress Team

In less than a month following Mirsad Hadzikadic’s historic and unprecedented results in the October 7, 2018 Bosnian presidential election, the work has already begun as his team looks ahead to the the local elections in 2020 and of course the next presidential election in 2022. With the party, or movement, as Mirsad prefers to call it already established, and an all encompassing platform written, it is now time to take these newly formed ideas of transformation for Bosnia and Herzegovina...


The Post Election Buzz about Mirsad Hadzikadic’s Presidential Campaign Has Reached a Feverish Pitch in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

In May of 2018 Mirsad was a virtual unknown in the political spectrum in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here was a man with a vision of change and hope for his homeland, running as an independent candidate for president, just starting to assemble a team around him, and a campaign that was totally underfunded. However the winds of change have blown his direction over the past few months as Mirsad is a relatively unknown no longer. A historic and unprecedented showing in the October 7 presidential...


For Mirsad Hadzikadic Winning Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You are the Next President of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The electorate of Bosnia and Herzegovina has spoken, and no Mirsad Hadzikadic was not elected to be the next Bosniak representative on the three member presidential council. Of the six candidates who were running, Mirsad, an independent, finished fourth behind the well established and well funded candidates of various national parties. In Sarajevo though he finished a strong third, out polling one of the heavily favored candidates from a national party. When all of the absentee ballots are...

Election Day In Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mirsad Hadzikadic Now Awaits the Results of His Bid to be President

It was another beautiful sunny Fall morning in Sarajevo. As I walked through Old Sarajevo en route to the heart of the city, I couldn’t help but observe more closely the melting pot of people, the storied histories, old and new, of the structures lining the walkway and the surrounding mountains with all of their beauty in the morning sun. A time for reflection of what a historic day this might be for the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I met Mirsad and his wife Mirzeta at our traditional...

One Last Appearance on National TV For Mirsad Hadzikadic Before the Voting Begins on Election Day

All of the strategizing, grueling hours, sleepless nights and countless town hall meetings and rallies across Bosnia and Herzegovina have come to an end. It is now up to the electorate to determine if they believe in Mirsad’s message of change and that together can they can be the catalyst of a new Bosnia and Herzegovina. They will determine if Mirsad should be the next Bosniak representative on the Bosnian and Herzegovinian presidential council. On this Saturday morning, the day before the...

Election Day is Just One Day Away For Mirsad Hadzikadic in His Bid To Become President of Bosnia and Herzegovina

It’s a cool crisp morning here in Sarajevo as the light fog that had gripped the city in the early morning hours slowly burns away as the sun greets this part of the world on its daily journey. The presidential election is just one day away. Today, October 6, is considered a quiet day, as no official campaigning is allowed by any of the candidates. However that does not keep them from being seen in public. Mirsad will take advantage of that opportunity hoping to get out and about around the...

The Rallies and Town Hall Meetings Are Now Over In Mirsad Hadzikadic’s Bid to Be President of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The final rally for Mirsad and his presidential campaign took place on Thursday, October 4, in the small city of Zenica, some 40 miles to the north of Sarajevo. The venue was the Bosnian National Theatre located in the heart of Zenica, the fourth largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A crowd of over 200 who either already knew about MIrsad and wanted to show their support or others still looking for additional answers, listened intently to his message of change and his vision of hope for...

Mirsad Hadzikadic Captivates an Audience of Hundreds at His Presidential Campaign Rally in Sarajevo

I arrived at the Bosnian Cultural Center, located in the heart of Sarajevo’s Old Town, about 30 minutes before MIrsad’s first and only rally of the campaign in Sarajevo. What a lovely setting in this old historic structure located in the site of what was originally the Great Sephardic Temple, Sarajevo’s largest synagogue. The grand auditorium opens it’s arms to you as you walk through the doors. A sparse crowd dotted the some 800 seats. However that would all change. While chatting with...

MIrsad Hadzikadic and His Campaign Team Continue Their Grueling Pace as the Presidential Election is Less Than a Week Away

Winding down is not a phrase familiar to or accepted by Mirsad’s campaign as the election on October 7 is now under a week away. The remaining days are filled with media interviews both in Bosnia and via Skype in the US, face-offs or debates and rallies. Tonight, October 3, he will hold a rally here in Sarajevo, the capital and largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The rest of the week is then consumed with another rally in Zenica, and yet another nationally televised debate on Friday,...


The Eighty Seconds Heard Round Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mirsad Hadzikadic Walks Out of a Recent Televised Presidential Debate

As my plane slowly made it’s decent into Sarajevo I was awestruck by the beauty of the surrounding mountains. The haze and late day rays of sun embraced the sprawling peaks and their vast meadows, casting a mesmerizing image of a set of mighty waves in the ocean making their way to shore as the mountain tops peaked in and out of the blanket of haze that had settled in for the day. Sarajevo and those off us on the plane, were the lucky benefactors of natures paintbrush on this day. Throughout...

A Growing Sense That the Message of Change is Being Embraced as the Presidential Campaign Of Mirsad Hadzikadic Enters the Final Week

The presidential election in Bosnia and Herzegovina is now just days away, not weeks. A campaign in which Mirsad Hadzikadic has reached out to an electorate with his vision of change for his native land, one he hopes they will embrace and understand that together it can happen. We spoke about his recent stops at rallies across the country to the brief encounters at street side cafes. And it is becoming more obvious that his message is striking a chord especially among the young.