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Mirsad Hadzikadic’s Quest For Change And the Presidency In His Native Land Of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Observations From the Homefront Part 1: Thoughts From Family Members About Mirsad Hadzikadic’s Presidential Bid

Mirzeta and Mirsad will celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary in December of 2018. They have two grown children and two grandchildren who all reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. To say the two of them have been through a lot over the years probably doesn’t adequately describe the inseparable bond they have shared. A bond that is a true anchor for Mirsad as he navigates this new chapter in their lives, running for president of Bosnia and Herzegovina in his quest for change in his native...


Counting the Votes: Bosnian Presidential Candidate Mirsad Hadzikadic Discusses the Process and in His Words the “Rampant Corruption.”

Mirsad learned this week that representatives from his campaign along with those of the other candidates will have a presence at select voting locations across Bosnia and Herzegovina on election day on October 7. Their roles will be to oversee the voting process and the counting of the votes at the select locations. On the surface it would appear this would be encouraging news for his campaign. But as Mirsad pointed out to me political corruption runs rampant in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to...


Mirsad Hadzikadic’s Presidential Campaign Takes Him to Sarajevo for a Town Hall Meeting

Sarajevo is the largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina so Mirsad was very pleased when the opportunity arose recently to hold a town hall meeting there, his first in Sarajevo. The setting was the historic Museum of Literature and Performing Arts in the heart of the city. It is located in an old family house that was built in the middle of the 19th century, and is considered a cultural-historical monument, which is now owned by the state. The interior and exterior designs of the home,...


Mirsad Hadzikadic: Musings from the Campaign Trail in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The pace has quickened for Mirsad as the presidential election in Bosnia and Herzegovina is only two months away. There really is no such thing as a typical day other than they are long. Depending on what part of the country Mirsad is canvassing and the towns or cities he might be visiting, the days can start at seven or eight in the morning and not end until well into the wee hours the following morning, leaving little time for sleep before hitting the campaign trail once again. These...


Reflections of Mirsad Hadzikadic After He Participates in the March of Peace

Mirsad knew the three days of the March were going to be physically and emotionally demanding; a true test of his fortitude and strength. Mirsad participated in the March of Peace, which has been held every year since 2005 in memory of the victims of the Srebrenica genocide that occurred during the Bosnian War. On July 11th, 1995, Serbian troops overran Srebrenica’s safe zone, which had been established by the UN and occupied by over 450 Dutch UN peacekeepers. Despite these numbers, the...


Mirsad Hadzikadic Carrying the Message of Change on the Campaign Trail in Bosnia And Herzegovina

From the very beginning Mirsad has talked about his want to invoke change in his native land as he runs for president of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Change he feels that is imperative in order for the country to move forward and not back to the ways of the past. He carries this message and the inner drive to instill hope in the electorate that they, not just him, can and must be the catalyst of that change as he canvasses the country. We spoke about his vision and how his message is being...


Mirsad Hadzikadic: Preparing for the Campaign

For Mirsad the reality of what he was about to embark upon truly took hold as is set foot in Bosnia and Herzegovina in May. The thoughts of family that he had left behind in the U.S., why he had decided to run, why he was there and what he wanted to accomplish, and waking each morning knowing this trip would be like none other that he experienced before in his homeland would never leave. However the “mechanics” as he likes to describe it of what he was about to embark upon immediately set...


Mirsad Hadzikadic Facing and Accepting the Challenges of Running for President of Bosnia and Herzegovina

For Mirsad the inherent realities associated with running for president of Bosnia and Herzegovina come with no surprises for him. They include the inevitable dangers faced when running for an office of this magnitude. Dangers that he has personally accepted and will not let deter him from his ultimate goal of bringing change to his native land and becoming the next president.


Mirsad Hadzikadic’s Quest For Change And the Presidency In His Native Land Of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The decision to run for president of Bosnia and Herzegovina did not come easily for Mirsad. After consulting with many, which included family, friends and associates in the United States and well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, the overall consensus was that it could not be done. But never one to be deterred, he still decided to run for office. This meant leaving a wife of nearly 42 years along with two grown children and grandchildren behind in Charlotte, North Carolina as well as his many...