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Public Affairs and Jewish Values with Rabbi Yaakov Menken






The ERA Frankenstein Monster

In this podcast I discuss House Democrats' effort to resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment nearly 38 years after its timely death. Articles referenced begin with CBS News on the House vote and a Washington Post article from 1981 on the expiration of the ERA. See also the DOJ's guidance on the expiration of the ERA, and the outrageous outrage from the left at Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for having the audacity to put the law first, and her own ERA advocacy second. It is clear that the ERA would force...


Requiem for a Partisan Impeachment

In this episode I dive into the partisan impeachment — and offer three reasons, all found in basic ethics and American jurisprudence, why it should never have happened. Two previous articles are referenced herein, both at the Daily Wire: Supporting The President Is The Moral Choice The Impeachment That Threatens America


Episode #1: The New Podcast

This week I've launched a new podcast, called "Moral Heritage." My goal is to share my thoughts on today's issues from a perspective sourced in Jewish values. In this episode I give a brief introduction, and then talk about the new Peace Plan. I refer to: Robert Malley and Aaron David Miller's The Real Goal of Trump’s Middle East Plan Jonathan Tobin's Time for the architects of Middle East failures to be quiet Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer's The Deal of the Century: A non-starter? Rabbi Steven...