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Multiverse Tonight covers all the news about the geeky stuff you love. DC, Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars and much much more. This show has you covered with all the news that matters.

Multiverse Tonight covers all the news about the geeky stuff you love. DC, Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars and much much more. This show has you covered with all the news that matters.
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Multiverse Tonight covers all the news about the geeky stuff you love. DC, Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars and much much more. This show has you covered with all the news that matters.




Kevin Smith talks a lot, Ande Parks talks a little

Not to be outdone by Star Trek Las Vegas, the TCA dropped a lot of info on this season's shows including info on BatWoman, the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover and Arrow. Plus The Joker is praised, Stan Lee gets a street, Kevin Smith talks Snyder Cut, Disney Plus tells us what it's bringing,Garfield has sold out and we remember Ernie Colon and we have a moment of time with Ande Parks at Smallville Con.


Star Trek on Summer Vacation.

Star Trek takes it's yearly trip to Las Vegas and we have news about Discovery, Picard, The Lower Decks and Star Trek Online. Star Wars has a new cookbook from a theme park attraction far, far away and Wil Wheaton sues for money, Stephen King adds to The Stand and we remember Barbara March.


The Award for Best Comic News, Please?

In this comics edition of Multiverse Tonight, Stan Lee gets a cartoon series, Marvel announces the next wave of Marvel movies and tv shows, Mechad Brooks flies away from Supergirl, The Eisner Awards are given out and The Boys are ready for round two!


The Orville Moves Picard to the Lower Decks

In this sci-fi edition of Multiverse Tonight, We look at all the news from SDCC, including all the Star Trek Picard news, Mark Hamill gets the Icon award, The Orville fills out a change of address card and who was nominated for the Emmys and Saturn Awards. Plus we remember Jeremy Kemp and Rutger Hauer


HBO Max, Marvel and Axe and Interviews

In this comics edition of Multiverse Tonight, HBO Max is announced, The Batman Experience comes to SDCC, we remember Mad Magazine and Eddie Jones, Marvel and Axe gives us Smelly Heroes, why getting upset over mermaid casting is stupid and Thomas interviews guys from upcoming Kansas Comicons.


What Does Picard Call His Dog?

In this sci-fi edition of Multiverse Tonight, Picard has a dog, but his names not BINGO, Science is looking for the Mirror Universe, Sith Troopers, The Galaxy's Edge isn't as full as you think, Lord of the Rings gets a new MMO, and we Remember Rip Torn. All that and an interview with Author T.M. Hunter!


The Sandman Cometh, The Vertigo Goeth Away

In this comics edition of Multiverse Tonight, DC wants children to read a book, DC shutters three of its imprints, Neil Gaiman's Sandman finds a home at Netflix, Zendaya discusses The Snap, JJ Abrams and son write some Spider-man, Hello Kitty movie finds a writer, Remember Myst? Someone does., The Dark Crystal series adds to it's cast and we remember ALF star Max Wright and much much more.


Hello Young Trekkies, Wherever You Are.

In this sci-fi edition of Multiverse Tonight, Alex Kurtzman talks about his plans for Treks future and the need for a new generation of fans, Michael Chabon gets promoted at the Picard show, we remember Peter Allen Fields, two actors declare that they are not in the next Star Wars trilogy, Thieving at the Galaxy's Edge, LeBron James gets excited about the start of his new project and Paul Rudd asks Who You Gonna Call.


Comics, Comics and more

Welcome to the comic book edition of Multiverse Tonight. Thomas has news from DC Comics including Warner Bros skipping Hall H,Could Plastic Man come to the silver screen, DCTV shows cancelled, A bust down under. Marvel News including a Marvel for the ears, and a Runaways villian and general comics news including MTV Award winners, The fate of The Tick, Fast and Furious's new star, The Good Place must end and news from...


A Sci-Fi Dawn

Thomas introduces the new Sci-Fi Edition of Multiverse Tonight and talks about Star Wars news regarding Younglings, Admiral Ackbar, Star Trek news remembering Keith Birdsong and Anton Yelchin and general scifi news looking at a new Dune TV series, Ghostbusters 3 and the weekend box office report.


One Year Later

Thomas celebrates one year podcasting with some announcements about the future of the show and a giveaway. Meanwhile, The Galaxy's Edge has opened, a tank gets an odd paint job, Chris Hemsworth keeps busy, There's a new The Batman, Rotten Tomatoes recalibrates and we say congrats to a happy Orville couple.


The Orville and What's Next

Thomas takes a look at the fate of The Orville, new shows coming in the fall, what it would take to get the Russo Brothers back to Marvel Studios, The Mandalorian, Netflix expands a partnership with Dark Horse and we remember Jim Fowler and more on this edition!


After The Endgame, What's Next?

Thomas saw Avengers: Endgame (no spoilers), so what's next? We have news about Brie Larson, The Suicide Squad, Star Wars Day, Star Trek expansions, The Santa Clarita Diet and Movies based on cartoons. Plus we say farewell to Peter Mayhew.


Kevin Dilmore and a Coke at the Galaxy's Edge

Thomas has an armload of Star Wars news from Star Wars Celebration, as well as news about The Fantastic Four, Sean Gunn, Anson Mount, TV, Movies and a special interview with author Kevin Dilmore!


Dayton Ward Survived The Snap

Thomas is back from Planet Comicon with an interview with Author Dayton Ward. Plus news about who did and didn't survive Thanos' snap, a PSA from Leonard Nimoy's widow, Stan Lee's final cameo, The latest on the Swamp Thing show, Pet Semetary, and we say goodbye to Tania Mallet and Maury Laws!


Reboot It Till You Love It

On the way to Planet Comicon, Thomas finds news about Ezra Miller's attempt at a Flash script, Captain Marvel's box office sucess, James Gunn's triumphant return, a return of an old Star Trek uniform piece, The Galaxy's Edge app is described, A spider with a Star Wars connection, Two unusual reboots, Dune starts and much much more!


We Have Not Been Bought By Disney...Yet.

Disney sets the date for it's merger with Fox, The Galaxy's Edge just became more clear, more details about the Picard show, Captain Marvel has a good weekend, Arrow's End, Speilberg has a beef with Netflix, Alex Trebek has an announcement and we say good bye to Katherine Helmond and Luke Perry


Spider-Ham Eats World

Thomas has find out what Spider-Ham's hot dog is from, also news from DC on new comics, France approves lightsaber duels, Star Trek on Nickelodeon, The Oscars and the Razzies and we say goodbye to Morgan Woodward and Beverley Owen


Kevin Smith's Duck Season

Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Smith Season!Thomas has a couple of news items for Kevin Smith fans, James Gunn takes on The Suicide Squad and The Annie's are announced. Plus we say goodbye to actor Carmen Argenziano.


Where's my Award For Reading This?

Thomas is up to his eyeballs in award news, plus he checks out more Star Trek Discovery news, the hatchet man is hard at work at DC Comics and George Perez announces retirement.