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Episode 129: Horses, Inmates, Recover Together; States Battle Over Minimum Wage

This week on NEXT: we take a look at minimum wages around our region. Plus, why renewable energy credits are dropping in value in Vermont. And, how states around New England could make the switch to 100% renewable energy. Finally, we go to the region's largest horse rescue that is saving the lives of both horses and humans, and we visit a crane sitting above Boston. It's NEXT.


Episode 128: The Molasses Flood That Changed Boston Forever; States Battle Over Business With Mega Subsidy Deals

This week on NEXT: we discuss how the government shutdown is effecting individuals in New England, including through a growing backlog of cases at Boston's immigration court. Plus, we learn about how states around our region use subsidies to lure businesses. And, on the hundredth anniversary of the “Great Boston Molasses Flood,” we hear about how the event shaped the relationship between business and government. Finally, we explore the best New England food of the past year from Yankee...


Episode 127: Stories From 2018 That Defined New England, And A Look Ahead to 2020

This week on NEXT: we discuss the role that New England politicians will play in the 2020 presidential election. Plus, we look back at an important year in Maine politics. Finally, we discuss some of the stories that made us smile in 2018. It's NEXT.


Episode 126: Doctors, New Parents Work To Prevent C-Sections; Building A Better Life Jacket For Lobstermen

This week on NEXT: we go inside a delivery to hear a new project in action. Plus, we learn about a research team that's working to build a better lifejacket. And, we discuss the shipping industry and the history of pirates in our region. Finally, a New England town celebrates it's rich literary history. It's NEXT.


Episode 125: Teaching A School To Be Trauma Informed; Advocates Work To Keep The Heat On For Low-Income Gas Customers

This week on NEXT: we hear from a family in Rhode Island struggling to pay the bills to keep the power on. We also discuss an offshore wind auction that broke records. And, we'll travel to Tijuana, where migrants who are waiting to apply for asylum are getting legal advice from students and teachers from Boston. Plus, we visit a "trauma-informed" school in western Massachusetts. Finally, we find an unusual way to harvest Christmas trees. It's NEXT.


Episode 124: What A Student’s Deportation Reveals About School Police And Gangs; Iranian Families Reunite At The Canadian Border

This week on NEXT: we learn about how an argument in an East Boston high school set off a series of events that led to a young man's deportation. Plus, Iranian students living in the United States who are separated from their families due to the travel ban find a place to reunite along the U.S.-Canada Border. And we speak with Vermont Congressman Peter Welch about legislation he has co-sponsored that would reduce the zone that U.S. Customs and Border Protection are able to set up checkpoints...


Episode 123: Meth Use Compounding Opioid Crisis; Counting The Trees That Store The Carbon

This week on NEXT: we explore the high drug overdose death rates in our region and why methamphetamine is a rising threat. Plus, we learn about why the Northeast is warming faster than other areas of the United States, and how trees, and individuals could help reduce our carbon footprint. And we look at a close race for Secretary of State in New Hampshire. Finally, we discuss President George H.W. Bush's ties to New England. It's NEXT.


Episode 122: Lining Up For Legal Pot; The Real Cost Of Electricity

This week on NEXT: we discuss the opening of recreational marijuana shops in Massachusetts, and the start of legalized sports betting in Rhode Island. Plus, we take a look at electricity prices around New England and reflect on our aging gas infrastructure. And, how an invasive species might play a role in curbing the effects of climate change. Finally, we explore what we can learn from the call of a bat, and consider the history of 'Sheep Fever' in New England. It's NEXT.


Episode 121: Poetry Explores Indigenous Life; Hit Podcasts Examine Unsolved Crimes

This week on NEXT: we learn about the cultural significance of the ash tree for the Penobscot Nation in Maine, and how an invasive beetle is threatening ash trees around our region. Plus, a poetry playlist at a local museum aims to help visitors understand what it means to be indigenous today. We also listen back on conversations about some of our favorite regional podcasts. And, we visit people with unusual jobs around our region, including bridge tenders in Connecticut, CBD entrepreneurs...


Episode 120: How Fishing Regulations Hurt Fishermen; The Life And Death Of A Football Star

This week on NEXT: we discuss the experience of immigrating to our region. First we speak with a man who fled violence in his home country of Nicaragua. Then we explore the growing backlog at the immigration court in Boston. We also learn about the life and death of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, and how his brain is helping scientists discover the long-term effects of head injuries. Plus, we learn about the measures that regulate the fishing industry, and how this makes it...


Episode 119: Historic Firsts In Politics; Investigating Racism In One Of The Whitest States In The Nation

This week on NEXT: we discuss election results from around the region. Plus, we explore incarceration rates of African-Americans in Vermont. Finally, we learn about the history of pirates in colonial New England. And we hear the story behind an unusual Craigslist ad. It’s NEXT.


Episode 118: How Refugees, And A Soccer Team, Changed A Town; A “Greener” Way To Grow Weed

This week we listen to stories from our archive that explore new conservation efforts taking place around New England, including the effort to reduce the amount of energy needed to grow marijuana, and a forest that serves as a home for wildlife and helps store carbon to meet energy goals set thousands of miles away. Plus, we hear from two young men about what it is like growing up black in a mostly white town. We also discuss how a soccer team united a divided town. Finally, we learn about...


Episode 117: “Dawnland” Explores Reconciliation With Native People; Younger Politicians Try To Break Into “Old” State Houses

This week on NEXT: as the election approaches, we explore what questions will be on ballots around the region. And, we hear from young candidates who are trying to make it into New Hampshire's State House. Plus, we discuss a new documentary that tells the story of the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission, created to investigate the state’s history of separating Wabanaki children from their families. As the weather cools, we go outside to hear about rising...


Episode 116: Gang Prevention Efforts Stretch From El Salvador To Boston; Climate Change Questions For Candidates

This week on NEXT: we learn about two organizations that are working thousands of miles apart to keep young people out of gangs. Plus, a youth leadership academy in Hartford, Connecticut, is focusing efforts on reducing gun violence. Did you hear the election is coming up? We explore how gubernatorial candidates from around the region are discussing energy and the environment. Then we head north to Canada to hear from dairy farmers about their reaction to the new trade pact. Finally, we take...


Episode 115: What We Can Learn From Kansas About Wind Power; “Autumnwatch” Puts New England on Display

This week on NEXT: we hear from a Connecticut family that is coping with psychological distress following their mother's deportation. And, we visit a museum that has created a poetry playlist to help visitors understand what it means to be indigenous today. Plus, we discuss what New England can learn from Kansas about wind energy. We also preview the live, three-part PBS/BBC special, Autumnwatch New England, that highlights the changing season in our region. Finally, have you noticed how...


Episode 114: Aquaculture’s Next Wave; “Bear Brook” Investigates New Hampshire Murder Mystery

This week on NEXT: as General Electric replaces its CEO, we discuss what the move means for the company. And, we explore businesses from around New England, including the next wave for the fishing industry. We also travel to a hospital where we learn about a program that is working to reduce the rate of C-Sections. Plus, we look at how Medicaid expansion contributes to changing the rate of uninsured populations in rural areas and small towns. And, a new podcast explores a murder in New...


Episode 113: Exploring And Patrolling The Border; “Last Seen” Examines Famous Boston Art Heist

This week on NEXT: after explosions in the Merrimack Valley, residents, and local businesses, deal with life without gas. We check-in on recovery efforts and reflect on how New England’s aging infrastructure effects gas lines throughout the region. Plus, we remember the Hurricane of 1938. And we travel along the Northern Border to learn about life in the country’s "Northland." Finally, a new podcast explores the largest unsolved art heist in history: the theft of thirteen pieces of art from...


Episode 112: Connecticut River Dams Provide Power, Possibilities; Rising Seas Threaten Shoreline

This week we listen back to stories from our archive that explore energy and the environment. First, we travel along the region's largest river and hear how a re-licensing process offers a rare opportunity for re-imagining its future. We dive into the plans for a microgrid on a small island off of Maine that could serve as a model for future electricity grids around the country. Plus, we speak with author Elizabeth Rush about preserving language as our climate changes. We also visit an...


Episode 111

This week on NEXT: we hear from Salvadorans who are in the region on Temporary Protected Status, but might soon be forced to leave the country. And we visit the detention center where deported Salvadorans are welcomed back into El Salvador. Plus, a unique program teaches students how to play squash, and helps them gain admission to competitive schools. We also listen to the first episode of VPR's new podcast, "Jolted," which explores a school shooting that didn't happen, and the...


Episode 110

This week on NEXT: a year after a racially-charged, violent incident in New Hampshire, we hear from two young men about their experience growing up black in a town that's mostly white. Plus, we sit in on a new play that discusses race, with the hope of making its audience uncomfortable. We also hear about an unexpected victory in the Massachusetts state primaries, and check-in on the Massachusetts and Rhode Island legislative sessions. And, as the fire season continues in the West, we hear...