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NEXT Episode 163: The History Of The GOP And Climate; Growing A Better Lunch

The man known as Dr. Seuss grew up in New England...drawing inspiration from the local zoo and his German roots. This week on NEXT, from the New England News Collaborative, tall tales from Springfield’s famous son. And how another famous family, the Sununus, shaped the climate debate. In this episode, we're tracing the history of the GOP and climate. We’ll also look at what kids are—and aren’t—eating for lunch at school in Boston.


NEXT Episode 162: Tackling Race Through Dialogue; Hunting for Old Growth Forests

A dialogue project brings together people from Massachusetts, South Carolina and Kentucky to talk about race and racism. In this episode of NEXT, we’ll learn how the conversation is going between these very different parts of our country. We’ll visit a school that is working to help kids deal with hardship, and we’ll also go looking for the oldest trees. Plus Norman Rockwell’s doubts...and the man who helped him through them.


NEXT Episode 161: Hemp Hangups; Living With Lyme

Hemp is big business - farmers are growing it…stores are selling its extract, CBD, and some people are even smoking it. But big expectations for the crop are being tempered by regulatory concerns. We’ll consider the region’s market for hemp, as well as our love-hate relationship with deer. Plus, we’ll go inside the body to understand the little bacteria that causes the big problem called Lyme Disease. And, we’ll soak in those last few days of summer on the boardwalk...with the King of Old...


Episode 160: On The Campaign Trail in New Hampshire; Seals In Cape Cod

This week on NEXT: They’re cute. Kids love ‘em, sharks really love ‘, what’s the real deal with seals? We’ll wade into the controversy over seals on Cape Cod. And, as the massive Vineyard Wind project faces new delays, we’ll look at how countries with 20 years of offshore wind experience made it happen. Plus, the gypsy moth population is down in our region - which is good news for the trees. But the damage is lasting - and now the focus is making hiking trails safe It's NEXT!


NEXT Episode 159: New England’s Unusual Holy Sites; Harvard’s Voices From History

This week on NEXT: How a dam removal in Maine changed the way rivers are restored. Plus, we’ll visit a unique library at Harvard University, and learn about the fascinating history of an interstate school district in our region. Finally, we’ll visit two unusual holy sites. It’s NEXT.


NEXT Episode 158: Life on Parole; Revisiting MGM Springfield One Year Later

This week on NEXT: When you get released from prison on parole, it’s a chance to start fresh - turn to a new chapter. But when all you get is bus fare - and there’s no support system, no job, and you’re far from anywhere...what do you do? We’ll explore what life’s like on parole. We’ll also look at what’s causing small-town politics to boil over in one town.


NEXT Episode 157: Fishermen Raise Wind Power Safety Concerns; New England's Industrial History Preserved

This week on NEXT: Gun violence throughout our region, including police shootings. How wind farms will impact fishing in the U.S. And how to reuse old factory buildings that contain cultural importance in New England. It’s NEXT!


Episode 156: The Confusing Tangle of Immigration Law; Hunting for Old Growth Forests

Immigration officials have traditionally honored state pardons when considering who they can deport, but that’s stopped in one state. We’ll look at legal challenges to the detention of immigrants. And, we’ll meet a family coping with a year spent apart. We’ll also go looking for the oldest trees. Plus Norman Rockwell’s doubts, and the man who helped him through them.


Episode 155: Rising Seas And A Re-imagined Provincetown; Restorative Ocean Farming

This week on NEXT: As sea levels rise, an architecture class imagines a new future for Provincetown, Massachusetts. We'll also hear from a family that is taking the climate into account with each decision. Plus, we'll talk with a commercial fisherman turned restorative ocean farmer. And we'll listen to a group that's bringing new life to historic sea chanties. Finally, the loggers of the northern forest who are working the old fashioned way. It's NEXT.


Episode 154: New England's Unusual Holy Sites; Harvard's Voices From History

This week on NEXT: How a dam removal in Maine changed the way rivers are restored. Plus, we’ll visit a unique library at Harvard University, and learn about the fascinating history of an interstate school district in our region. Finally, we’ll visit two unusual holy sites. It’s NEXT.


Episode 153: Racing Through The Forest; Food Justice For Farmworkers

This week on NEXT: Why Vermont's farmworkers are facing food insecurity. Plus, how our bicycle infrastructure was created, and a new trend in bike racing in Vermont. We'll also learn about a skateboarding competition in Western Massachusetts. Finally, we'll hear a personal story of addiction and recovery. It's NEXT.


Episode 152: Dr. Seuss’ New England Roots; Polluted Rivers, Rebounding Mills

This week on NEXT: We discuss the future of natural gas in our region. And, how Springfield-born Theodor Geisel became Dr. Seuss. We’ll also hear from young environmental activists. Plus, we’ll take a tour down the Quinnipiac River. And, if the walls could talk, what would they say? A new book explores how objects in an abandoned mill building could tell the story of a town. Finally, we’ll meet a troubadour who’s touring our region. It’s NEXT.


Episode 151: Bad News For Bees; Combating Opioids

This week on NEXT: We'll travel with a van that's providing addiction services on the streets of Boston. Plus, how EMTs are helping collect overdose data in Connecticut. We'll also discuss the choices that parents of deaf children face about how to teach their children to communicate. And, we'll learn about how the health of bees affects our food supply. We'll also go fishing on the Connecticut River. Finally, we'll hear from former workers at prominent music venues in Western...


Episode 150: Restorative Ocean Farming; Logging By Hand

This week on NEXT: We’ll hear about how housing policies have created segregated towns across New England. Plus, we’ll talk to a commercial fisherman turned ocean farmer about the future of the fishing industry. And a group in Maine is bringing new life to historic sea chanties. Finally, we’ll learn about the loggers in the Northern forests of Vermont who are still logging by hand. It’s NEXT.


Episode 149: The Next Water Contamination Crisis; High-Octane Birding In Massachusetts

This week on NEXT: We’ll hear about how PFAS chemicals got into the milk supply at one Maine farm. Plus, a look at waste laws around New England. We’ll also learn about how efforts to save one local butterfly ended up helping another. And, a 24-hour birding competition in Massachusetts. Finally, we’ll talk to citizen scientists in Vermont. It’s NEXT.


Episode 148: Making Amends On The Mohawk Trail; Border Stops Far From The Border

This week on NEXT: We’ll take a look at police body cameras around the region. Plus, a border stop far from the border. As Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, MA goes to close, we discuss the decommissioning process. Plus, we reflect on the history of the plant. And, how the Mohawk Trail got its name, and who has been left out. It’s NEXT.


Episode 147: Sir Babygirl's Rural Roots; A Lobster War On The Border

This week on NEXT: We look at Rhode Island’s 911 system, and Emergency Medical Services in Vermont. We’ll learn about a lobster war on the U.S.-Canada border. And, we’ll discuss a rural pop star’s New England roots. We’ll also visit the New England Accordion Museum. It’s NEXT.


Episode 146: Rising Seas And A Re-imagined Provincetown; Purdue Pharma's Political Power

This week on NEXT: How the Sackler family has impacted Massachusetts politics, and why their role in a ski resort is causing controversy in a small town in Vermont. And a new program helps Vermont seniors outside of nursing homes. Plus, an architecture course imagines a future for Provincetown, Massachusetts as rising sea levels threaten the town. We'll also discuss why breweries have become a destination for candidates campaigning in New Hampshire. And we'll go to a gravel bike race in...


Episode 145: Nuclear Plant's Impact On Hometown; New Menu For School Lunch

This week on NEXT: The city of Providence, Rhode Island is thinking about selling its water to make up for its large pension liability, but is it the city's to sell? Plus, new lobster traps could help protect endangered North Atlantic Right Whales from entanglements. And, as the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station is set to close later this month, we look at the environmental and economic effects the plant has had on its hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Finally, we'll hear from an...


Episode 144: Housing In New England

This week on NEXT: We're tackling housing in New England, from gentrification in the region's urban areas, to housing crunches in the rural ones. Plus, we'll talk about homelessness in Maine, and why a disproportionate number of the LGBTQ community experience homelessness. It's NEXT.