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Great Conversations Over A Drink.

Great Conversations Over A Drink.


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Great Conversations Over A Drink.






Catching COVID19. A first hand account.

Our friend Alex Clancy contracted COVID19 and he was willing to share his experience with the virus on The Brewmance podcast. Thankfully, he’s recovered. He missed a couple of weeks of work and tells us this virus is no joke. Alex is a sports talk show host and producer on Fox Sports 910 Phoenix. Mike […]


We Need A Re-Do On America’s 244th Birthday. Thanks COVID.

The Brewmance is back ahead of a very different July 4th. In 2020, on our nation’s 244th birthday we are being encouraged not to celebrate. Nope. There is a virus going around. So let’s grab a San Tan Brewing Vault Series Ludicrous IPA and discuss. We touch on COVID19. We touch on how we are […]


Beer With A Guitarist You Have To Hear.

Meet Kal. He’s the guitarist in The Color 8 Band. During the week, Mike Russell and Rob Hunter work with Kal. Outside of work Kal shreds with The Color 8. Visit their website above, find them on Facebook here, on Instagram here and check out their music on Spotify here. They are based in Phoenix […]


COVID Proves Conversation Is Dying. Time To Revive It.

What happened to conversation? Did social media destroy it? Did politics? COVID19? The Brewmance wanted to restore conversation over a beer and figure out why we are where we are in 2020; yelling at each other on social media in all caps. Mike Russell and Rob Hunter grab Firestone Walker’s FlyJack Hazy IPA and enjoy […]


Is Boba Fett A Good Guy…Or A Bad Guy?

We here at The Brewmance fully admit we are Star Wars nerds. One day we were discussing the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? He’s works with the Empire. He captures Han and gives him to Jabba the Hut. But, Boba has a backstory. Mike has his opinion. […]

How To Reopen? Saddle Mountain’s Laura Hansen Talks Tough Decisions.

Arizona’s businesses are starting to open up. And this is posing some challenges for business owners. The owner of Saddle Mountain Brewery, Laura Hansen, joins The Brewmance to talk about how they are moving forward. When we say moving forward we mean trying to figure out a way forward during these unprecedented times. Laura is […]


When Will You Be Ready To Go Out in Public? (COVID19)

Let’s grab a beer and talk about when we will get back to ‘normal.’ In two months or less tour entire way of life has changed. So, what will it take for us to get back to normal. Everyone’s answers seems a little different. Times are different. Division is thriving, leaving many of us feeling […]


COVID19: The Time Of Self-Righteousness.

Everyone has an opinion about COVID19. What to do? To stay home or not? To reopen parts of the economy. We here at The Brewmance are no different. We have our opinions too. Some of them regarding the coronavirus we share on this very podcast. However, because we have these conversations over a beer, we […]


Are There Better Ways To Stop The Spread Of COVID19?

We here at the Brewmance figure there are three ways for governments to attempt to stop the spread of COVID19. One, is what we will call the American way. Governments have shut down businesses were shut down. Millions have been furloughed or lost their jobs. Most non-essential workers are working from home. We won’t know […]


Coronavirus quarantine have you stressed? De-stressing Tips from the AZ Stress Doc.

45 States across the US have some type of stay-at-home order, including Arizona where we are based. This is causing all kinds of stress. There are work from home stresses and job loss stresses. We are facing an uncertain economy and all of a sudden spending 24 hours per day with our families. Yes, that […]


Coronavirus Proves Political Ideologies Are Out The Window.

Coronavirus has everything flipped upside down. We are being told to stay at home, avoid crowds, stay 6 feet away from each other and all kinds of other things. It’s not just how we are interacting that has changed. Our political ideologies have as well. Mike Russell & Rob Hunter, as The Brewmance, weigh in […]


We Don’t Recognize This America (Coronavirus)

As the coronavirus spreads so does fear. But, which one is worse for us. Mike Russell and Rob Hunter debate this on The Brewmance podcast. Thankfully, we have a Mother Road Perpetual Joy American Lager to sip on during this discussion. Perpetual Joy is a tap room only beer. How far should the US Government […]


Coronavirus and the selling of panic.

As the coronavirus spreads across the world there is a growing panic, or at least that’s the impression. The media perpetuates panic, eager for an outbreak. Governments perpetuate it as well as there seems to be points to gain by talking about viruses. Then we get the most generic advice from politicians and those in […]


Social Media Is Digital Herpes.

What’s your Digital Legacy? This is what you post online. Are you thoughtful about what you post? Are you a troll? LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is about to be drafted. He posted some really, really dumb things a few years ago. In this, there’s an opportunity. What are you teaching your kids about posting on […]


Celebs, Please Stop Oversharing. And All You Wanted To Know About Canning Craft Beer.

Canning is a major part of craft beer. It’s expensive. It’s time consuming. And because of those factors many craft brewers don’t do it. Until they call Mobile West Canning. On this episode of The Brewmance podcast Mike Russell and Rob Hunter talk with Mobile West Canning owner, Matt Woempner and his crew. Mason is […]


Prohibition Still Sucks. Why Is Bud Light Seltzer So Expensive? The Brewmance On The Radio.

Mike Russell and Rob Hunter talk about it on The Brewmance On The Radio (catch it live Saturday nights at 6P in Phoenix on 550 KFYI…or by streaming KFYI on the iHeartRadio App). Also, would you drink a beer from a drug lord’s daughter? Mexico might get the chance. There are a couple of other […]


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Could Rule The World.

Let’s talk tech. Mike Russell and Rob Hunter disagree. Rob is worried the tech companies could use all the information we give them against us, especially if the government gains access to the information. Mike thinks there is a middle ground here. On this episode of The Brewmance podcast we talk about the potential downsides […]


White Claw Comes To The Valley. Four Peaks Gilt Lifter. The Brewmance On The Radio.

It’s Mike Russell’s nightmare: White Claw will be brewed right here in the Valley of the sun. He can’t believe it but he again tries to convince Rob Hunter the hard seltzer rise is only a fad. Each week The Brewmance grabs a craft beer for The Brewmance On The Radio to discuss beer culture […]


RIP Kobe Bryant And The Media Loves Death Porn.

The death of Kobe Bryant was tragic and felt around the country. There was a dark side to it though. His death showcased TV media, social media and websites obsession with death porn. What do we mean by death porn? Racing to release the story before his family knows, showing the burning wreckage of the […]


Dry January: The Rise Of Non-Alcoholic Beers and 2020 Craft Beer Predictions. The Brewmance On The Radio.

As dry January is coming to a close, The Brewmance has noticed an increased amount of media coverage of non-alcoholic beers. Is this the new 2020 trend? Mike Russell and Rob Hunter weigh in on this and other 2020 craft beer predictions. Also, we catch you up on Arizona beer news. There’s a lot to […]