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Hear Sibelius' Rousing 'Finlandia' — Symbolizing The Finnish Spirit — At Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is celebrating its 75th anniversary with special events throughout the season. Next week, Thomas Søndergård returns to Atlanta to conduct music by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. Violinist Blake Pouliot will make his debut with the ASO, performing the "Violin Concerto." Sibelius' sixth and seventh symphonies are also on the program. And listeners can expect to hear his most famous piece: a tone poem called "Finlandia."


One Georgia Couple Says That Marriage Is About Love, Even When It's Arranged

For one couple living in Alpharetta, Valentine's Day roughly coincides with their wedding anniversary — and a marriage arranged by their parents. Some might hear a story of arranged marriage and assume that love plays a secondary role, but Anitha and Subbu would disagree. The couple agreed to pull back the curtain on their union and share what their contemporary arranged marriage looks like for On Second Thought .


OST Full Show: Love Stories In Oakland, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, And 'Joy Of Cooking'

Visiting a cemetery on Valentine’s Day may seem like an unconventional way to share your love with your sweetheart. But with over 70,000 residents at Oakland Cemetery, there are a lot of love tales to unearth — which are the subject of a walking tour this weekend . Education Manager Marcy Breffle shared some of the most heartwarming love tales. For one Indian couple living in Alpharetta, Valentine’s Day roughly coincides with the anniversary of their wedding — a marriage arranged by their...


Oakland Cemetery Digs Up Love Stories To Share For Valentine's Day Weekend Walking Tours

One place where love is truly eternal: a cemetery. And this Valentine’s Day weekend, the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta is hosting walking tours for people who want to dig up some love stories from the past. And with over 70,000 residents in this landmark cemetery, there is a plethora of romantic historical tales. One famous resident at Oakland Cemetery is Margaret Mitchell, the writer of Gone with the Wind. Mitchell’s love life had its own twists and turns. In fact, for fans of her literature,...


New Edition Of 'Joy Of Cooking' Carries On A Family Legacy — While Reflecting Modern America

Maybe it's your aunt's gooey chocolate chip cookines, your dad's special wing sauce, or your grandmother's post-Thanksgiving turkey tetrazzini — family recipes often get handed down from generation to generation like cherished heirlooms. One family has been updating (and sharing) its recipe book for nearly 90 years. Ever since Irma Rombauer first published Joy of Cooking in 1931, it has become the most popular cookbook in America, and a staple of home kitchens.


20th Anniversay Of Atlanta Jewish Film Festival Showcases Diverse Perspectives On Jewish Culture

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival began on Feb. 10 and runs through Feb. 27. Now in its 20th year, it’s the largest film festival in not just Atlanta, but all of Georgia. In 2015, it attracted more moviegoers than any other Jewish film festival in the world, with over 38,000 attendees. Jason Evans is an Atlanta-based film critic and the co-chair of the Film Evaluation Committee for the festival. He joined On Second Thought to talk through some of his favorite films at this year’s event, as...


'Always In Season' Film Examines Long-Lasting Effects Of Racial Terrorism

Racial terrorism was shockingly common in the years between Reconstruction and the civil rights movement. Researchers count some 4,400 African-Americans brutally killed in those years. The film Always in Season explores that historical context, while following the investigation of a young black man’s death in 2014.


'Heart/Beat' Brings City Rhythms To Atlanta Ballet

"Heart/Beat: Gospel, Brubeck and Rhythms of the City" is currently running at the Atlanta Ballet until Feb. 15. The performance is in three movements. The first, "Elemental Brubeck," is choreographed by Lar Lubovitch, to music by Dave Brubeck. Then, "Tuplet" is the jazz-inflected bustle of the city, with choreography by Alexander Ekman.


Oscars So Male: Actor And Activist Naomi McDougall Jones On The Challenges Women In Hollywood Face

The Oscars nominations were announced this year with no women nominated for Best Director, the hashtag #OscarsSoMale began trending online. In the past 92 years, only five women have ever been nominated in the category. For some, this outrage is nothing new. In a TED Talk that went viral , Atlanta-based actress, writer and producer Naomi McDougall Jones proposed that nothing short of a revolution would break the predominantly male hold on power in the film industry.


The Other Viral Threat: Misinformation About Coronavirus Spreads On Social Media

The spread of a deadly new coronavirus is being closely followed by global health officials and the public, with over 31,000 confirmed cases worldwide , over 600 deaths , and 12 cases in the United States so far. But along with headlines of quarantines, canceled flights and travel bans comes another threat: misinformation going viral.


OST Full Show: Coronavirus Misconceptions, Oscars So Male, Jerry Mitchell's Cold Cases

With news of the new coronavirus circulating around the world, there’s also been another viral threat: misinformation. TIME reporter Jasmine Aguilera and Dr. Marybeth Sexton, an assistant professor at the Division for Infectious Diseases at Emory University, discuss the rumors and misconceptions behind this new health epidemic.


'Race Against Time': Journalist Jerry Mitchell Brings Justice To Unsolved Civil Rights Era Cases

On June 12, 1963, President John Kennedy delivered his report to the American people on civil rights. Hours after his nationally televised speech, NAACP field secretary Medgar Evers was shot in the driveway of his Jackson, Mississippi home. He was pronounced dead an hour later. Accused killer Byron De La Beckwith was twice tried by all-white juries, which deadlocked. Nearly 30 years later, a reporter for Jackson's Clarion-Ledger newspaper unearthed documents and holes in the defense that led...


Celebrity, Conquest And Civil War: Steve Inskeep's 'Imperfect Union' Tells A Forgotten American Tale

Millions of NPR listeners trust Steve Inskeep to help them make sense of the news. The Morning Edition anchor manages to sound simultaneously knowledgeable about the facts and curious about the human side of stories — attributes of an incisive interviewer and author. Inskeep’s third book, Imperfect Union: How Jessie and John Frémont Mapped the West, Invented Celebrity, and Helped Cause the Civil War , follows an ambitious couple through some decisive events in American history. On Second...


As Georgia Considers New Hate Crimes Bill, Examining The Implications and Challenges Behind The Law

Georgia is one of four states without a hate crime law. In 2000, state legislators passed a law forbidding acts targeting victims due to "bias or prejudice," but the state Supreme Court struck it down four years later for being too vague. Repeated efforts to bring a new hate crime law since have failed. Last year, a bill brought by Chuck Efstration, a Republican Representative from Dacula, passed in the Georgia House. It's now up for debate in the state Senate.


OST Full Show: Hate Crimes, Steve Inskeep's Book, 'Old School Love'

Georgia is one of four states that does not have a law specifying penalties for hate crimes. Last year, State Representative Chuck Efstration, a Republican from Dacula, introduced a new hate crimes bill. It passed in the Georgia House last March and, in 2020, it is up for debate in the state’s Senate. We spoke with a reporter from ProPublica, Rachel Glickhouse, who worked on the publication’s “Documenting Hate” series, to learn more about how these laws work and what this bill, if passed,...


Joseph 'Rev Run' And Justine Simmons Bring Perspective On 'Old School Love' To Atlanta's SCADshow

Marriage can be tricky. That’s why Joseph “Rev Run” and Justine Simmons wrote a book about their successful union. The story begins in New York, where the couple met. That was at a Long Island roller skate rink in 1982. Joseph Simmons was then known as DJ Run — of the famed “new school” rap group, Run D.M.C.


One Man's Mission To Protect 'The Dog America Loves To Hate'

Pit bulls have long been stigmatized by stories of aggressive behavior, locking jaws and poor temperament around children. Some cities and counties in Georgia ban pit bulls from being off-leash in dog parks, and national statistics show that dogs labelled as pit bulls in shelters spend three times longer there compared to other dogs — and are also the most likely to be euthanized. For the last decade, Jason Flatt has made it his mission to save as many of these dogs as he could. He is...


Amid 3 North Georgia Arrests, The State Of White Supremacy In The U.S.

Last week, federal agents arrested seven suspected members of the white supremacist group “The Base.” Among the suspects, three men from North Georgia — Dacula, Dalton and Silver Creek — were allegedly planning to kill a Bartow County couple and preparing for a race war. The arrests expose a new front in violent extremism. Law enforcement is adapting to new domestic terrorist methods, and they consider small clusters of cells united by a larger group or ideology to be an expanding threat.


'La Choloteca' Celebrates The Diversity Within Atlanta's Burgeoning Latinx Community

La Choloteca is not just any dance party. What began as a simple idea between friends in late 2016 has grown into a monthly gathering spot for Georgia's Latinx community. The "party with a mission" aims to create a safe and inclusive space for all identities who want to jam out to Latin tracks. It takes place monthly.


OST Full Show: Pitbulls, White Supremacy, Playist Refresh, Choloteca

Pitbulls: they’re the dog that “America loves to hate,” and Jason Flatt is devoted to saving them. We learn how tragedy and depression transformed Flatt, and how a puppy saved his life. Now, he spends his time saving the most neglected — and least wanted — dogs that come across his foundation, Friends to the Forlorn.