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Episode 6 - The Art of Code Switching - Part 1

In Episode 6, the Peeps check in with each other and discuss Valentine’s day (or lack thereof for some of us); finding time to workout and the necessary motivation to do so; the NFL protest: is it over in wake of Colin Kaepernick’s and Eric Reid’s settlement of their grievances; and finally the main topic of Code Switching in the Black Community...


Episode 5 - Blackface, Stranger in my House, FYRE, & FOMO - Oh My!

On this Episode, the Peeps at Peeps Creek: The Double Entendre Podcast discuss the fiasco with Governor Northam (his "it wasn't me" syndrome), having your lover in the same house as your spouse who is suffering from Alzheimers (referencing the B. Smith article), the infamous cheese sandwiches at the FYRE Festival (or lack thereof), FOMO and the game of follow/unfollow on social media. So Listen, Rate, and Subscribe. I mean your boy had a 103 degree temperature, and still managed to weather...


Episode 4 - Whose Success Is It Anyway?

On today’s episode, the Peeps discuss the Government Shutdown, Republican Steve King’s comments in a recent New York Times’ article, and his awkward (and not so smart) attempt to walk back the comments, and then we delve into discussing Whose Success is it anyway? We discuss how we define our level of success and get personal about some of our own fears, experiences, and views on how we attempt to become successful individuals… It is a good thought-provoking conversation, and we really look...


Episode 3 - The Peeps on Relationships (Part 2)

Happy New Year! It is 2019, and the Peeps are Back with a New Episode. That’s right, what better way to bless you this New Year than to release a new episode. :-) In this Episode, the Peeps welcome you into the New Year (although you will hear them say New Years — blame it on the adult beverages), and they pick up from the previous episode — primarily focusing in this episode on communication and dating under the microscope of social media. So sit back, grab your coffee (or adult beverage),...


Episode 2 - the Peeps on Relationships (Part 1)

Hola people! First and foremost, Merry Christmas! We here at Peeps Creek want to ensure that each of you have a wonderful and enjoyable holiday. To that end, we want to bless you with our voices on this here awesome holiday!!! In this episode, the Peeps discuss the fundamentals of a relationship. This starts from that good ole letter from back in the day that was simple — yet straight to the point: do you like me, yes or no? We then venture into the 1-5 bedrock principles that must be...

Episode 1: The Peeps on Politics

Our introductory podcast episode where we put our stamp on politics in a manner that only we know how to do. Come on in and take a listen!!!