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ABC News' award-winning news magazine program, taking you beyond the headlines of today's stories and trends.

ABC News' award-winning news magazine program, taking you beyond the headlines of today's stories and trends.


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ABC News (US)


ABC News' award-winning news magazine program, taking you beyond the headlines of today's stories and trends.




A community shattered, what it was like on the ground in Buffalo

What is was like on the ground following the Buffalo mass shooting; What is 'replacement theory' and why it concerns law enforcement; Breaking the stigma around mental health and black women; An inside look at Freeform's, we're new 4-part docuseries "The Deep End;" And its not just the Queen's jubilee England is celebrating this year, celebrating 60 years since a musical revolution. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


As the US reaches 1 million COVID deaths, remembering those we lost

As the US reaches 1 million covid deaths, hear from one of the widows of the million lost; How is Planned Parenthood in Illinois planning in being one of the only midwestern states to allow abortions? We asked them; Why it is a worry time for parents of young kids; Saying goodbye to the iPod; And, A day for the dog moms out there. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The abortion leak and the reaction to it

The stunning leak of a draft opinion from the Supreme Court on abortion; What is mean's for one Southern state's last facility; And what it mean's for the court itself; Tuesday was a great day for Former President Trump with primaries in Ohio and Indiana; Separating fact from fiction with what Elon Musk can change at Twitter; Why do so many women fall in love with violent men behind bars -- and how do violent men exploit the vulnerabilities of those women for their own means? And, if you...


Back at the epicenter, 30 years after the LA Riots

We take you back to the epicenter of the LA Riots to see what has changed and what hasn't three decades later; The creator of 'The Wire' is back in Baltimore with a new show 'We own this city' looking at the true story of a corrupt police unit; With Holocaust Remembrance Day on Thursday we hear from a 95 year old survivor; Rhinos are on the edge of extinction, conservationists have found a new way to save them from poaching; And World Password day is coming up, how strong are yours? Learn...


For the Love of Trees: Earth Day 2022

Trees are growing differently, what that means for our planet, and what we can do to help; Climate change slams a small city called Durban in South Africa, an inside look at how they're coping with major flooding; The Biden Administration opens up oil drilling on federal land, how activists are reacting; An all electric vehicle road trip's benefits - financially and for the environment; Immunocompromised people are speaking out after feeling left out of the conversation when it comes to...


Terror Strikes New York City

Inside the manhunt and investigation into the alleged New York City subway shooter; As abortion laws become tighter across the country, a look at how women are still getting them; Behind the scene's at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Clashes in Jerusalem ahead of the holiday weekend; A first look at the New York Auto Show; And, a "Survivor' returns to the Boston Marathon for the first time since 2013. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Has Russia committed war crimes in Ukraine?

Ukrainians continue to arrive at the US-Mexico border in Tijauna after fleeing the war in their home country. Many of them are young families who are hoping to start a new life in the US. ABC’s Alex Stone traveled to Tijuana this week and reports on what he saw. Throughout the week the terms war crimes, genocide, or crimes against humanity have been used to describe what has been happening in Ukraine, but what do those actually mean? We ask expert. After a contentious MLB offseason marked by...


From Ukraine to Poland and Mexico, fleeing the war

The producer of the Oscar's speaks out following Will Smith's slap of Chris Rock; Health officials approved a second booster shot for American's 50 and older, is it needed? We ask an expert; Ukrainians continue to flee the war getting as far away as the US-Mexico border; An ugly history revealed of Indian boarding schools; And backlash in the UK over Prince Andrew's inclusion at a memorial service for Prince Phillip. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Tracking down Stan the T-Rex

President Biden traveled to Europe this week as the war in Ukraine surpasses one month; How will this all end? Our terrorism analyst gives his take; Oscar weekend is here, who will win best picture? Inflation is so bad, it's even showing up at flea markets; And how one reporter tracked down the most famous fossil in the war. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Polish women going out of their way for Ukrainian mothers

Polish women leaving empty strollers for their Ukrainian counterparts; A heartbreaking story of one mother's escape from Kyiv; A new academy for those looking to change jobs; And, what is it about college basketball Cinderella's that we love so much? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Women of Ukraine

The vast majority of the over two million people who have fled Ukraine have been women and children many of them have been sending their stories of escape to the organization 'More To Her Story', We have their stories; What is it like on the ground in Poland during the refugee crisis? We speak to our correspondent there; ABC's hit podcast 'The Dropout' is now a hit Hulu series, We catch up with cast and the ABC's Chief Business Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, who hosted the podcast; And if you...


"Mommy, will daddy carry a machine gun?"

A full episode on the war in Ukraine. We have stories of refugees and what its been like for Matt Gutman to cover the crisis, how the sanctions are affecting everyday Russians and how you're being fed misinformation from both sides when it comes to social media. Plus, Aaron Katersky is on the ground as Russian forces advance.


Russia Invades Ukraine

We are on the ground in Lviv as Russian forces invade Ukraine, we hear from refugee's in Southern Poland, learn why Russian President Vladimir Putin thought he needed to invade, and what the economic toll in American could be. All of it coming as President Biden prepares for his first State of the Union.


On the edge of war in Ukraine

We get the White House Perspective on where things might go in Eastern Europe, and answers the question a lot of Americans have been asking: why does this matter? The Bob Saget story took another turn this week, with the family filing suit to keep everything remaining in the investigation sealed. Why? And, we bring you the story of the New Hampshire 6th graders who built a six-foot boat, put it in the Atlantic Ocean, and last month found out that it had landed on an island off the coast of...


Embedded with Homeland Security ahead of Super Bowl

We take you to the air, on the water, and all around SoFi stadium getting the story on what security officials are doing to keep the Super Bowl safe from threats; An ABC News Investigation finds housing segregation is still prevalent 50 years after the Fair Housing Act; We break down the Oscar nominations; And is social audio that next big hit on dating apps?


Michigan's unique experiment to end gerrymandering

Childhood vaccines are on the way and for some parents it can't come soon enough; Celebrating Black History Month with a story 55 years in the making; Michigan's unique experiment to end gerrymandering; And the killing of the head of ISIS.


Inside Buckhead's fight to divorce from Atlanta

A conversation with ABC's Steve Osunsami about Atlanta suburb Buckhead's move to try and divorce itself from Atlanta; Our Rome correspondent Megan Williams reports on the revelation this week that retired Pope Benedict actually was in the room when abusive priests were being discussed back when he was the Archbishop of Munich; And Connecticut State Senator Will Haskell from the state's 26th District has written a new book called "100,000 First Bosses," in reference to the 100,000...


Legal setbacks for former President Trump

Two years after the first coronavirus case in the United States, a new medical study finds the leading cause of death isn't COVID-19; Former President Donald Trump suffered legal setbacks this week; And, What does a video game acquisition have to do with the Metaverse?


Remembering America's Dad Bob Saget

China is gearing up for the Olympics, but Omicron is knocking on the door of Beijing; It was a rough week in Washington for President Biden; Is 2022 the year of the electric truck?; And remembering the life of Bob Saget.


Going remote, COVID forcing changes again

The start of the year feels like the start of 2021 with COVID forcing changes across the country: one year since January 6th, what was it like covering the day? A new limited docuseries by ABC News take a look at Mamie Till-Mobley's fight for justice; And 'Dry January' doesn't have to be boring