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QAnon Anonymous is a weekly podcast (and support group) featuring Jake Q and Julian Q — writers & comedians who discuss, examine, fight about & recover from the Qanon conspiracy theory. Don't take it from us, though. We might be Deep State agents.

QAnon Anonymous is a weekly podcast (and support group) featuring Jake Q and Julian Q — writers & comedians who discuss, examine, fight about & recover from the Qanon conspiracy theory. Don't take it from us, though. We might be Deep State agents.
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QAnon Anonymous is a weekly podcast (and support group) featuring Jake Q and Julian Q — writers & comedians who discuss, examine, fight about & recover from the Qanon conspiracy theory. Don't take it from us, though. We might be Deep State agents.






Premium Episode 24: Televangelism (Sample)

A dive into Televangelism as a whole, with plenty of lively characters. Pat Robertson of course. But also Father Coughlin (who suffers from late stage fascism), noble knight of reason Fulton Sheen, and the absolute monster Jim Bakker. Then Jake goes to hell — in the body of Bill Weise. Go to and subscribe for 5 bucks a month to get the full episode + all the previous ones + a new one every week. Thanks for supporting us!


Episode 41: TPUSA, Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens (feat Jared Holt)

Turning Point USA (or TPUSA) is a totally cool and normal "grassroots movement" funded by right-wing millionaires and billionaires to change campus culture across America. Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens are probably the two most visible figures associated with the organization. Jared Holt (Right Wing Watch, Shitpost Podcast) joins us to explore the history of TPUSA and laugh about adults wearing diapers in public to own the libs. Follow Jared Holt & his podcast: //...


Premium Episode 23: Dinesh D'Souza (Sample)

Dinesh D'Souza, intellectual fraud, documentary filmmaker, adulterer, artificial christmas tree shill — Travis does a number on this poor, beleaguered man. Then Jake has brought a partial script of the new Dinesh D'Souza joint. Woah, epic. Get the full episode: (subscribing for 5 dollars a months gets you access to all the previous premium episodes + a new one every week)


Episode 40: Alex Jones & QAnon Peace Talks (with Knowledge Fight)

Much awaited collab with Knowledge Fight — who cover Alex Jones & Infowars. We met them at the negotiation table as the delegation representing QAnon... and attempted to broker a lasting peace between Alex & Q. Things went terribly. Go check out our friends at Knowledge Fight! Support us on patreon & get a second episode every week:


Premium Episode 22: The QAnon Comic Book (Sample)

Our most ambitious radio play yet — an adaptation of the first proper QAnon comic book. Thank you Westbrook for the original soundtrack. The play is followed by a discussion of the comic. — for 5 bucks a month get access to all premium episodes + a new one every week. Thank you!


Episode 39: Conspiracies & The Left feat Matt Christman of Chapo Trap House

Matt Christman joins us to discuss the relationship between conspiracy theories and political movements on the left. We also try to answer the question: is QAnon a far-right extremist movement? Travis has read J.M. Berger's "Extremism" and attempts to apply its principles to QAnon. Gay frogs, Operation Midnight Climax and Jake's allergies — we give them all equal attention in this flat media landscape. We refuse corporate advertising. Support our show for 5 dollars...


Premium Episode 21: Borderline Militia Personality (Sample)

The LARP is strong with this one. Militias are already a form of live action roleplaying, but their members also want to be country music singers, anti-child-trafficking warriors, and just straight up law enforcement. This week we take a bit of a deep dive into a couple of specific militias that have made the news recently. In the process, we touch on the ICE detention centers the they're sending asylum seekers to. Finally we make some predictions for the future, and go through the long list...


Episode 38: Seth Rich, Julian Assange & Russiagate

The murder of Seth Rich, the QAnon perspective, the right wing frenzy in the aftermath, the fall of Julian Assange, Russiagate without much collusion and the 200-year old story of William Morgan — the Seth Rich of his era — and his conflict with the Freemasons under Andrew Jackson. Support the podcast for five bucks a month and get a premium episode every week:


Premium Episode 20: The 12 Labors of Gorkules feat Travis View as the Chorus (Sample)

Poor Travis must bear witness to the 12 labors of Gorkules. The mythical figure of Sebastian Gorka wields only one weapon: his mind. This powerful organ is expressed through Sebastian Gorka's book "Why We Fight: Defeating America's Enemies - With No Apologies". Playing the chorus in this greek drama is the biggest fan of the hero's unique journey: Travis. Godspeed! Get access to all premium episodes now by supporting us for 5 bucks a month!


Episode 37: Alien Disclosure feat Bakoon

AAAAAAALIENS! The story of Phil Schneider, the lifelong struggle of Stephen Greer MD, and the friendship between Bakoon and Jim Marrs. It turns out Alien disclosure and UFOlogy are really just about the humans you meet along the way. Bakoon's Twitter: Support us & get access to premium episodes:


Premium Episode 19: What Happened by Hillary Clinton feat the Ghost of Jake Rockatansky (Sample)

Jake is forced to read "What Happened" by Hillary Clinton because we reached that patreon milestone a little while back. Travis opens by exploring the QAnon claims about HRC, before we descend into madness. This is a proper struggle session, a true sweat lodge for the mind. Get the full episode (and 18 others): You'll also be supporting our young & growing podcast! Thank you.


Episode 36: Elite Satanic Parties feat Sophie Weiner

The rich and powerful gather in darkness to perform unknown rituals — from Bohemian Grove to the Vatican, it seems the symbols are everywhere, if we would just read the writing on the wall. Sophie Weiner of Splinter News joins us to discuss taking a summer job at the grove, a place Alex Jones once infiltrated with a cameraman. Plus Jake brings us on a Sean Connery adventure — led by his friend and Bohemian Club member Clint Eastwood. Support the show & get premium episodes:...


Premium Episode 18: Listener Stories (Sample)

A neighbor putting up worrying handmade signs — mostly addressing "jews" — and accusing people in her community of murdering her horse. A man losing his sister to anti-vaxxers. A chef and caterer whose employee goes QAnon. A full-blown cult centered around a guy named Julius. A close family friend who descends into Sharia fever, racism, and anti-semitism. Listeners did not disappoint with this collection of tragic, weird and sometimes funny stories. Subscribe & get...


Episode 35: YouTube feat. Charlie Warzel

Charlie Warzel of The New York Times joins us to discuss the development of the algorithms behind YouTube and the online radicalization issue tech has been instrumental in creating. We follow this by an exploration the company's bizarre history with Julian. Next up, a surprise pitch from Travis for something he is calling "QTube". Finally Jake has brought a "choose your own adventure" story that sees the boys venturing onto YouTube themselves... and it does not go well. Charlie's Twitter:...


Bonus Episode 1: Karen Geier Presents - Madeleine McCann, the Podesta brothers & Pizzagate

The high profile dissapearance of 6 year old Madeleine McCann. The Podesta brothers. Pizzagate. How do these connect? Karen Geier takes over the podcast for our first Bonus Episode! Enjoy. Karen's twitter: Support the podcast and get premium episodes:


Premium Episode 17: Liberal QAnon (Louise Mensch, Bill Palmer, Seth Abramson) Sample

The grifters who ascended in the wake of the 2016 election and rode Russiagate to disgrace and — sadly — financial gain. Louise Mensch — queen of "putinbot" and russiagate accusations. Bill Palmer, chronicler of Donald Trump's breakfast farts. And Seth Abramson, fan of long tweet threads that only the dumbest would buy. Jake finally gets in touch with us, and it looks like he's in Quite The Pickle. Might even have something to do with Abramson and his basement room. Sign up at:...


Episode 34: Conspiracymongers in Government feat Anna Merlan

American politics and discourse have become increasingly interwoven with conspiracy theories. Anna Merlan (author of "Republic of Lies") joins us this week to discuss the shift, and how the 2016 election and Russiagate played into it. Support us and get Premium Episodes: Anna Merlan's twitter: Anna's book "Republic of Lies":


Premium Episode 16: Talking Shop feat Mike Rothschild (Sample)

Where is QAnon heading? What does researching it do to your brain? We invite Mike Rothschild on the podcast — one of the original QAnon researchers and writers — and talk shop like bosses. Mike's stuff: / Support the podcast & get premium episodes:


Episode 33: QAnon VS the Mob

Spaghetti. QAnon. The story of Anthony Comello and John "Franky Boy" Cali. Did the mob kill JFK? Plus Jake finds a partial script of the Godfather reboot. Offer you can't refuse, etc. Support the show and get all premium episodes: Follow us on twitter:


Premium Episode 15: QAnon Book Club (Guide to the Great Awakening) Sample

This week we chose three chapters from the infamous, Amazon-chart-topping book entitled QAnon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening. It was written by WWG1WGA, which is just a motley crew of QAnon influencers. There really is no way to describe how outlandish the authors’ various claims are. You’ll just have to listen. Get out your popcorn, but don’t butter up the pages. It’s the QAA Book Club. Subscribe now for $5 a month and get all our premium episodes: