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A podcast about ideas. Former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, and Sony Award-winning radio host Geoff Lloyd talk to smart thinkers from around the world.

A podcast about ideas. Former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, and Sony Award-winning radio host Geoff Lloyd talk to smart thinkers from around the world.
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A podcast about ideas. Former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, and Sony Award-winning radio host Geoff Lloyd talk to smart thinkers from around the world.






Episode 35. LAW AND DISORDER: fixing the justice crisis

Hello. There is a quiet crisis in our justice system: barristers striking, courts creaking, defendants being denied a fair hearing and victims being callously disregarded. It's high time to talk about what has caused it and what we do to fix it? We have best-selling (anonymous) author, The Secret Barrister, and Penelope Gibbs from Transform Justice to give answers. AND Comedian Alfie Brown joins us, advocating for Philosopy and slower motorways


Episode 34. WHAT SHOULD WE DO ABOUT MEAT: Reasons to be Vegan?

Hello. This week we are talking about over-consumption of meat which is bad for climate change, animal welfare and our health. Our guests Clare Oxborrow, Sam Calvert and Illtud Dunsford tell us what needs to change plus pioneering farmer x on whether lab-grown meat is an answer. AND Comedian Steve Bugeja brings his ideas including normal life politicians, BA in Crime and quantitative easing for the people


Episode 33. UNIVERSITIES CHALLENGED: Reversing market tyranny in higher education

Hello. We’re on the road again—this time in Sheffield at the Festival of Debate. We’re asking what’s to be done about our universities? Our guests Jo Grady, Joshua Forstenzer and Mark Leach want to rescue the public purpose of Universities from the tyranny of the market’s high fees, casualised staff, distorted assessments of research and teaching, and frustrated students. Plus we're joined by comedian Rob Rouse, and our announcer - voice of Reasons to be Cheerful, Gayle Lofthouse.


Episode 32. ENDING THE BLAME GAME: The case for no-fault divorce

Hello! Sometimes a relationship doesn't work (no, this isn't about Ed and Geoff) and divorce is the only option, but current rules mean that blame has to be thrown around to make it happen, even if that is the last thing the couple (or their children) need. Ayesha Vardags, Nigel Shepherd and Chris Sherwood join us to discuss the case for "no-fault" divorce AND Comedian Catherine Bohart wants some clarification on the word "partner", free toilets and nationalised dogs



Hello! An extra treat this week for you all. Do pirates deserve to be remembered as fondly as the Levellers? We spoke to Sam Conniff Allende about his new book Be More Pirate, which reexamines the myths and legends around pirates and how we can apply the pirate principles of breaking and rewriting the rules to the modern world. From cooperatives to equal marriage, storytelling to insurance, the truth is quite surprising.


Episode 31. CHANGING THE CLIMATE: How do we tackle the global warming challenge?

Hello! This week we look at the most urgent political challenge of all: climate change. Our all-star cast of guests tells us where we are, what the challenge looks like from the one of the most extraordinary parts of our planet, the Arctic, and how we convince people to act with a vision of a better world.With Christiana Figueres, the architect of the historic Paris 2015 agreement,. Kim Holmen, head of the Norwegian Polar Institute, Joss Garman, long-time climate activist and thinker and...


Episode 30. THERE GOES THE NEIGHBOURHOOD: what do we do about gentrification?

Hello! We've been on an adventure again, this time to see the wonderful city of Bristol. With a live audience, we talked about Gentrification and how NOT to price out the locals from their neighbourhoods as a place becomes "cool", "edgy" and "vibrant". Is there more that can be done? Our guests Chris Chalkley, Cllr Paul Smith, Professor Antonia Layard and Delroy Hibbert share their expertise. AND Musician Gavin Osborn thinks an adult curfew, personal trolleys and comfytecture would make...


Episode 29. TAKING IT TO THE STREETS: Community regeneration lessons from Granby, Preston and beyond *Live Liverpool show*

Hello! We're on the road again and this time we've come to Liverpool. On this episode, you'll hear inspiring stories from Theresa MacDermott, Cllr Matthew Brown and Neil McInroy (CLES) about the way people can regenerate and transform their communities and build local businesses and wealth. AND Comedian Tez Ilyas wants slides, a promotion to Doctor and to disprove flat-earthers. CONTACT...



TICKETS: FRIDAY 13th APRIL: Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd bring their hit podcast, Reasons to be Cheerful to the Anson Rooms, Bristol for a special live episode. Expect optimism, ideas, special guests, and stories of Ed's failed interactions with inanimate objects (and Geoff's interactions with animate ones.)


Episode 28. FACING DOWN FACEBOOK: how to tackle "surveillance capitalism"

Hello! Our technology is watching us. We know that now. But what does it all mean? And is there a way to stop companies collecting and selling our data without our knowledge? Our guests Shoshana Zuboff, Aral Balkan and Mat Lawrence join us to explain why we should be concerned and what can be done. AND Comedian Jamali Maddix wants a shorter work day, kids banned from pubs and greater access to all the channels for all. CONTACT...


Episode 27. MIND THE (WEALTH) GAP: a social wealth fund for Britain

Hello! For richer, for poorer... the vast inequality of wealth in Britain won't get any better on its own. So, here's an idea... A sovereign or social wealth fund. Other countries have successfully saved the money made from natural resources, invested wisely, and been able to put the resources to productive use, even providing their citizens with a regular share of the income. We're joined by Carys Roberts and Angela Cummines to tell us how it could work here. AND What can we learn from...


Episode 26. HOUSING FIRST: Tackling Britain’s homelessness crisis

Hello. So many people are, rightly, deeply troubled by the rise in homelessness. People are living on the streets, or with friends and family, or in bed and breakfast accommodation. But there is something that can be done. Juha Kaakinen tells us how ‘Housing First’ has worked in Finland, plus Matthew Downie from Crisis, and Rebecca Evans AM. AND Comedian Helen Keen brings space trips, coach trips, and unsocial media CONTACT...


Episode 25. STAIRWAY TO (TAX) HAVEN: cleaning up Britain's dirty money

Hello! What links some of the highest cost house prices, criminals and islands thousands of miles away? Dirty money and tax havens. We speak to Luke Harding, Tom Burgis and Naomi Hirst about the damage being done and how the UK can stop being a home for laundered money. AND Comedian Pippa Evans talks to a witch on a bus, shares sandwiches and takes a peek at what you're listening to. CONTACT US


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