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Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd

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A podcast about ideas. Former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, and Sony Award-winning radio host Geoff Lloyd talk to smart thinkers from around the world.

A podcast about ideas. Former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, and Sony Award-winning radio host Geoff Lloyd talk to smart thinkers from around the world.
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A podcast about ideas. Former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, and Sony Award-winning radio host Geoff Lloyd talk to smart thinkers from around the world.






47. IDEAS FOR THE ANTHROPOCENE: humankind respecting the Earth

Hello! We took a trip to Latitude festival. While there Professor Simon Lewis joined us on stage to talk about the book he's co-authored called The Human Planet: How We Created the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene is the new planetary age we're in which sees Earth being fundamentally altered by human activity. He tells us what we need to do now. AND Comedian Jen Brister joins us to pitch ending period poverty and introducing emoting classes for boys and we hear ideas from our audience.


46. WON’T YOU TAKE ME TO FUNKY TOWN: power and prosperity in towns

Hello! We took a trip to Hebden Bridge, awarded 5th best place to live in the world, to find out how towns and villages can thrive. Lisa Nandy MP and Beth Paramor both know a thing or two about what powers places to success, and what can be done to help those which aren't. AND Comedian Debs Gatenby is all about the empathy. She pitches national service in retail, catering or concessions, enforced work playtime and OAP run call centre's.


45. BLOCKCHAIN PARTY: Can it be a force for good?

Hello! We're getting technical in this episode, we're finding out why many are claiming blockchain to be the technology which could free us from monopolies and grant us better democracy. Samer Hassan, researcher at Harvard University and UCM in Madrid, and Alice Casey, Head of New Operating Models, Nesta, join us and get us up to speed with what blockchain is all about and whether the hype is true AND Comedian Vikki Stone groups the noisy neighbours together, shares ownership of tools...



Join us at the Edinburgh Fringe next Saturday and Sunday (4th/5th August) - we're recording live episodes at the Pleasance Grand, the epicentre of the biggest arts festival in the world. Tickets here: Or check our social media: See you


Episode 44. THE ONLY WAY IS ETHICS: Businesses with a social purpose

Hello! This week we're talking Social Enterprise, the companies whose primary reason for existing is not profit but social or environmental purpose. Karen Lynch, CEO of Belu (formerly of Barclays) and Peter Holbrook, CEO of Social Enterprise UK, join us to tell us why social enterprise works for business and society and how we can have more of them in the Geoffocracy. AND Comedian and Author Jo Burke advocates for smiley passports, fancy dress, and enforced speakerphone for anyone...


Episode 43. LEARNING FOR LIFE: what should a national education service do?

This week we’re talking education and what the big vision should be at our live show at The Politics Festival. We’re joined by Melissa Benn, author of forthcoming book Life Lessons: The Case For A National Education Service and Holly Rigby, a teacher in inner London, who make the case for a broad, lifelong education. Plus comedian Aisling Bea on what we can learn from Love Island, why we need to go into group therapy with strangers and why we all need a social media ‘minder’.


Episode 42. TECH FOR GOOD

Hello! This week we're back to technology, but looking at how it can benefit humanity. Through open platforms and open data, handing the power back to the population can allow some very positive outcomes. We speak to Greta Byrum, Francesca Bria and Adam Greenfield to find out how it's working around the world and what we could try here. AND Comedian Cariad Lloyd brings us her (and her husband's) ideas of providing some empathy to those not backing ending period poverty, traffic lights of...


Episode 41. SMOOTH CO-OPERATORS: the power of co-ops to transform society

Hello! This episode, like the companies we're talking about, is owned by everyone who works for it. Cooperative ownership allows the workers to own a stake in the businesses they're working for, allowing them more autonomy and reward for its successes and the understanding and responsibility to help when it's failing. Our guests Joe Guinan from the Democracy Collaborative and Ander Etxeberria from Mondragon Corporation share examples of where this has worked, for the workers, the community...


Episode 40. SILICON VALLEY SERFS: protecting kids from tech overload

Hello! This week we've looked up from our phones to look down at the generation of children addicted to theirs. In the wild west of the internet, children aren't as safe as you may hope and it's not just from adult content. Our guests this week Baroness Beeban Kidron, founder of 5Rights Foundation, and Dr Richard Graham, a Consultant Adolescent Psychiatrist, explain why treating children as adults on their technology is such a worry and what we can do about it. AND Comedian John Robins...



We're recording a live episode at Kings Place, London this Sunday (24th June) as part of the Politics Festival. We'll be talking ideas with guests including author Melissa Benn, and we'll be joined by top comedian, Aisling Bea. BOOK TICKETS HERE:


Episode 39. ENDING JOBS FOR THE BOYS: overcoming the workplace gender divide

Hello! This week we discuss the issue of "boys jobs" and "girls jobs" and how men being under-represented in care roles and women being under-represented in the sciences is a self-fulfilling prophecy taught from an early age. We're joined by scientist Nia John, Carole Easton of the Young Women’s Trust and Australian gender equality supremo Libby Lyons to discuss the proactive ways we can achieve workplace equality and stop the "leaky pipe" of lost talent. AND Broadcaster Lauren Laverne...


Episode 38. UNIVERSAL BASIC SERVICES: Shaping the 21st century welfare state

Hello! Could providing more services free at the point of access (like the NHS and education) relieve need and tackle inequality? Our guests Henrietta Moore and Jonathan Portes think so and we hear from academic Oded Cats on how one idea — free local transport — has worked elsewhere. AND Comedian Stuart Goldsmith wants to paint the town pink, artist salaries, Japanese plane boarding and mental health lessons in school


Episode 37. RETHINKING ECONOMIC SUCCESS: beyond the growth obsession

Hello. We started our Festival tour at ‘How The Light Gets In’ at Hay-on-Wye, joined by Doughnut Economics author Kate Raworth. Listen to a fascinating discussion about how we think about economic success, going beyond economic growth to the environment, care, fairness and everything else that matters! AND Comedian Rachel Parris wants legislation for women's toilets, some Internet downtime, jigsaws, and a buddy system for grown-ups.


Episode 36. THE GENERATION GAME: Turning round the fortunes of young people

Hello! This week we went on an outing to speak to Lord David Willetts about the Resolution Foundation's new report into how to tackle the crisis in wealth, housing and life chances facing the younger generation and how to build political support for these ideas. AND Comedian sisters Flo & Joan recommend a service industry national service, school band for everyone and deanonymising social media.


Episode 34. WHAT SHOULD WE DO ABOUT MEAT: Reasons to be Vegan?

Hello. This week we are talking about over-consumption of meat which is bad for climate change, animal welfare and our health. Our guests Clare Oxborrow, Sam Calvert and Illtud Dunsford tell us what needs to change plus pioneering farmer x on whether lab-grown meat is an answer. AND Comedian Steve Bugeja brings his ideas including normal life politicians, BA in Crime and quantitative easing for the people


Episode 33. UNIVERSITIES CHALLENGED: Reversing market tyranny in higher education

Hello. We’re on the road again—this time in Sheffield at the Festival of Debate. We’re asking what’s to be done about our universities? Our guests Jo Grady, Joshua Forstenzer and Mark Leach want to rescue the public purpose of Universities from the tyranny of the market’s high fees, casualised staff, distorted assessments of research and teaching, and frustrated students. Plus we're joined by comedian Rob Rouse, and our announcer - voice of Reasons to be Cheerful, Gayle Lofthouse.


Episode 32. ENDING THE BLAME GAME: The case for no-fault divorce

Hello! Sometimes a relationship doesn't work (no, this isn't about Ed and Geoff) and divorce is the only option, but current rules mean that blame has to be thrown around to make it happen, even if that is the last thing the couple (or their children) need. Ayesha Vardags, Nigel Shepherd and Chris Sherwood join us to discuss the case for "no-fault" divorce AND Comedian Catherine Bohart wants some clarification on the word "partner", free toilets and nationalised dogs



Hello! An extra treat this week for you all. Do pirates deserve to be remembered as fondly as the Levellers? We spoke to Sam Conniff Allende about his new book Be More Pirate, which reexamines the myths and legends around pirates and how we can apply the pirate principles of breaking and rewriting the rules to the modern world. From cooperatives to equal marriage, storytelling to insurance, the truth is quite surprising.


Episode 31. CHANGING THE CLIMATE: How do we tackle the global warming challenge?

Hello! This week we look at the most urgent political challenge of all: climate change. Our all-star cast of guests tells us where we are, what the challenge looks like from the one of the most extraordinary parts of our planet, the Arctic, and how we convince people to act with a vision of a better world.With Christiana Figueres, the architect of the historic Paris 2015 agreement,. Kim Holmen, head of the Norwegian Polar Institute, Joss Garman, long-time climate activist and thinker and...


Episode 30. THERE GOES THE NEIGHBOURHOOD: what do we do about gentrification?

Hello! We've been on an adventure again, this time to see the wonderful city of Bristol. With a live audience, we talked about Gentrification and how NOT to price out the locals from their neighbourhoods as a place becomes "cool", "edgy" and "vibrant". Is there more that can be done? Our guests Chris Chalkley, Cllr Paul Smith, Professor Antonia Layard and Delroy Hibbert share their expertise. AND Musician Gavin Osborn thinks an adult curfew, personal trolleys and comfytecture would make...