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Issues. Politics. Schmolitics. Dan Gordon digs into what's going on in, why it matters, and what you can do about it.

Issues. Politics. Schmolitics. Dan Gordon digs into what's going on in, why it matters, and what you can do about it.
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Issues. Politics. Schmolitics. Dan Gordon digs into what's going on in, why it matters, and what you can do about it.




#063 Voter Guide to The Props for the California General Election Nov 6th, 2018

#063 Voter Guide to The Props for the California General Election Nov 6th, 2018


#062 Voter Guide to The Races for the California General Election Nov 6th, 2018

#062 Voter Guide to The Races for the California General Election Nov 6th, 2018


#061 Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Political Intolerance w/Yoga Therapist Jillian Szafranski

Feels kinda like we're heading for a civil war, doesn't it? Have you heard someone say "Kavanaugh is evil," or "Trump is soulless"? There's a real danger in dehumanizing the other side. How do we hold people we disagree with accountable and create an environment where we can talk and heal? We have a chat with yoga therapist and storyteller Jillian Szafranski (Instagram @yogi.jillian). Oh yeah! If you like what you’re hearing, give us a rating on Apple Podcasts. It helps other people find...


#060 Did California Democrats NOT Save Net Neutrality??

Today we’re talking about net neutrality in California Senator Scott Wiener and Senator Kevin de Leon, the authors of Senate bills 822 and 460, respectively. This story is still developing. Why did SB 822 fail to pass a committee with the original language in an 8 to 0 vote? And what does this say about the future of net neutrality, corporate influence, and California Democrats’ ability to save net neutrality. Thank You: Senator Scott Wiener, Senator Kevin de Leon, and their staffs,...



#059 Our California Primary Voter Guide It's here!! The Schmolitics California Primary Voter Guide for June 5, 2018!!!!!! Carlos has been busy making TV shows but he wants to be an informed voter on the primary election day. Dan shares his research and insight. They go through the entire ballot together, who to vote for, and why. -- -- -- You can look up your district here: And find your polling place here:...


#058 Trump in LA and The Progressive Every Candidate w/Dotty Nygard

Dan mixes it up with a South African Trump supporter outside the hotel where Donald Trump is staying, Conor Lamb’s mass appeal, and an interview with Dotty Nygard, the candidate who epitomizes what progressives are all about. Dotty Nygard is a registered nurse, a former city council member for Riverbank, and a is running for US Congress in the hotly contested California’s District 10. Well, she was. Before she was a candidate. Now, she’s an idea. Dotty and Dan talk about the DCCC putting...


#057 Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin

Today’s Special Guest: Controller for the City of Los Angeles Ron Galperin! The realities and challenges of public banking, how to get your ideas for the city on the fast track, and why changing out fax machines for computers is a perfect model for how government works...and doesn’t. Links! LA City Controller Ron Galperin Transparency: Where’s Your Money Going?? Send LA Your Audit Ideas! Public Bank LA Ground Game LA Big thank you to LA City Controller Ron Galperin and his wonderful...


#056 Dan and His Mom at the California Democratic Party State Convention

This is what it’s like to be in the epicenter of California politics. Today’s episode is from the 2018 California Democratic Party State Convention in San Diego with Dan and his mom. The state convention is where politics and activism converge. Dan Gordon talks with candidates seeking his endorsement about single-payer healthcare, hears from delegates in the endorsement process, and sees firsthand how our democracy works at the party level. Guests: Delaine Eastin Candidate for Governor of...


#055 Convention Party Weekend!!!!

Sophomore Dan Gordon and newbie Chris Roth get a crash course from delegate veteran Carrie Scoville on what to expect, what’s at stake, and how the California Democratic Party Convention effects all Americans. Also, Dan’s convention roommate is back! Hi, mom. And special sage wisdom from progressive sage Dr. Robert M. Nelson. Wanna see exclusive videos and photos and updates from Dan’s experience at the convention? Like Schmolitics on Facebook! -- Links!! California Democratic Party -...


#054 The Endorsement of Endorsements w/Pat Harris, Candidate for US Senate

Dan Gordon here. Hi! Pat Harris is a proud progressive running for US Senate. He is one of the candidates I'm considering to endorse at this weekend's California Democratic Party State Convention in San Diego. Among a crowded field and with a fraction of Feinstein's big money, how does Harris stay competitive? And, what is his message? Hint: It's something Rep. Keith Ellison and Senator Bernie Sanders talk about. A lot. How's it working for Pat? Plus, we talk criminal justice reform,...


#053 How Russian Hackers Can Use Your Ballot to Change Elections w/Ruben Major, Candidate for CA Sec. of State

We take a dive into election security with Ruben Major for California’s Secretary of State. This is how Russian hackers are trying to stop your vote from being counted and how they can use provisional ballots to change an election outcome. Also discussed: the homeless voting, what are California Voting Centers, and what Russian hackers did and plan to do again. — Looking for a quick and easy way to love and support us at Schmolitics? Do a quick rating/review/subscribe on Apple Podcasts!...


#052 Parkland, Congress, and Represent.Us w/Sean McMorris

Guest: Sean McMoriss, Represent San Gabriel Valley Chapter, Represent.Us How do we take our democracy back? The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has left at least 17 people dead. Students and adults are among the victims. Congress’ gridlock goes beyond gun control. Other reforms with broad support by American voters don't go anywhere, like big money in politics. And it's because of big money influence on politicians that most Americans have little...


#051 A Blue Wave in Blue California? w/Ankur Patel, Candidate for State Assembly

We need Democrats to run for office. But if a Democrat is running in a blue state, does it matter? Sure, all elections matter, but does this one actually matter? Does it?? A Democrat held this seat before. (He resigned suddenly #MeToo.) And so a Democrat is very likely going to win this seat again. PLUS it’s for the California State Assembly (lower house in the state legislature), where Democrats already have a supermajority. This is Blue California!! Why does this election in District 45...


#050 The Most Contested Seat w/Andy Thorburn, Candidate for US Congress

Andy Thorburn is a Democrat running for US Congress in Dem's top seat to flip in California. The historically Republican district in Orange County has blue tendencies. Democrats plan to take back the House and this district is crucial. Dan Gordon talks with Andy Thorburn about why he's optimistic, supporting DACA, and fixing our broken healthcare system. Links!!! Andy Thorburn for CongressLATimes: Ed Royce and Dems Future in California's 39th District Support us supporting you....


#049: Tax Reform, Lobbyists, and

Episode 49 Why did this tax reform bill happen? What do lobbyists do? And how does want to fix the problem? The tax reform bill making its way through the house and senate is filled with policies that benefit the rich — like formalizing the ability to write off personal jet expenses while students may have to pay income tax on their scholarships. A lot of the legislation in it is because of lobbyists. What do lobbyists do, exactly? Lobbyists petition the government on behalf...


#048: LA City Councilman David E. Ryu

Episode 48 We’re back!!! Where have we been?? Like for real. Where?! We explain. We interview Los Angeles City Councilman for District 4, David E. Ryu, who was elected to his first term in the summer of 2015. The 4th District is at the center of Los Angeles. The unusually shaped district reaches from Koreatown and Mid-Wilshire through Miracle Mile, the Fairfax District, north through much of Hollywood, Los Feliz and Griffith Park, and Silver Lake, and north through the Hollywood Hills,...


#047: Naturally, Natural Gas is Unnatural

Interview with The Sierra Club's Evan Gillespie (@ecgill). Evan Gillespie is the Western Deputy Director for Beyond Coal (@BeyondCoal), a Sierra Club campaign that aims to move our economy toward a clean energy future by stopping new coal-fired plants and phasing out existing plants. Evan also runs The Sierra Club's My Generation Campaign (@MyGenerationSC), a campaign focusing on clean air, clean energy, and climate justice. @schmoliticsshow


#046: Remembering The LA Riots. 25 Years Later

What started off as the opportunity to follow a Congressional candidate on the trail turned into something completely different. Over the course of an entire day at multiple locations, we learned more about the "Civil Unrest" than we ever thought we could. With speeches from prominent Korean and African Americans, as well as interviews with elected officials, there was a glimmer of hope that we walked away with. And we want to share it with you. Our hope is to bring this knowledge to those...


#045: Sacra-Blue! The Fight to Lead the CA Democratic Party

Remember the DNC Chair race between Keith Ellison and Tom Perez? It's happening again in California. And Dan gets to vote. Who are the candidates and why does it matter?


#044: Coffee with Congressional Candidate Robert Lee Ahn

Running against The Establishment. Union Endorsements. Special Interests. We talk with Robert Lee Ahn, one of two candidates in the runoff election for US Congress in Los Angeles' district 34.