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S5 Ep. 6: Homeless in Seattle, Pt. 6

Today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast looks at question that has affected many throughout Seattle: how should the city deal with tents and encampments in public spaces? This question is important to our community’s homeless residents hanging on to their last few possessions and to the business leaders and residents who encounter unsanctioned encampments on their commutes, near their homes, and in their parks. Today’s episode features Dae Shik Kim Hawkins Jr., an activist and organizer of...


S5 Ep. 5: Homeless in Seattle w/ CM O'Brien

Today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast features one of the most candid interviews about life on the streets. Timothy opens up about how he found himself homeless, why he chooses to live in Seattle and what life is like on the streets. He gives a surprising answer to how society is failing the homeless and makes a simple request of listeners. Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien also appears in the episode. He shares where he believes the city can improve in how it deals with its...


S5 Ep. 4: Homeless in Seattle pt. 4 w/ Teresa Mosqueda

Today’s episode of Seattle brings you behind the scenes of City Hall in an interview with Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda. Councilmember Mosqueda shares her thinking about the controversial “head tax” and what she learned from how the process of enacting then repealing the tax unfolded. She also shares her vision for how the city could improve its response to the homelessness crisis. The episode also features an interview with a UW professor who experienced homelessness herself...