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S6 Ep. 11: Finding Community Among Filmmakers and Film lovers

Vivian Hua, Executive Director of the Northwest Film Forum, shares the work she is doing to build community in the dynamic city of Seattle. She shares insights for other arts & culture leaders and previous some exciting events available to filmmakers and film lovers alike.


S6 Ep 10: Building Community in the CD and Phinneywood

Jeff Shulman continues his look at finding community in a dynamic city. In today’s episode, UW football Hall of Famer Greg Lewis shares his community work at the Meredith Mathews YMCA, where he serves as executive director. Lewis was the first Doak Walker Award winner for the nation’s top running back in college football and was an important piece of the Rose Bowl winning Husky team. Lewis shares why he has chosen to lead a non-profit and the initiatives he hopes will foster a sense of...


S6 Ep 9: Community for Young Professionals

Seattle has an abundance of professional opportunities. Today’s episode shares stories from communities being formed to facilitate connections among professionals who are willing to support and help one another. With an increasing number of innovative products being developed in Seattle, there are opportunities for Foster graduates and others to lead the development of products as product managers. Lewis Lin, author of Be the Greatest Product Manager Ever, describes the community he has...


S6 Ep8: Empowering Youth and Underserved Communities

State Representative Eric Pettigrew and Orlando Morales of 5th Avenue Theatre discuss their efforts to nurture community, empower youth, and empower underserved communities to play a role in building a shared future. The interviews give insight that businesses and non-profits can utilize as they seek to give back and cultivate relationships with previously underserved communities.


S6 Ep. 7: Building Homes and Building Community

Laura Elfline shares how a community of home builders is coming together to share information about sustainable building practices. Elfline, co-owner of Mighty House Construction and Mighty Energy Solutions, discusses her work with the NW EcoBuilding Guild. The interview some lessons about how to bring together a community and the benefits of doing so. Elfline also offers some interesting facts about the environmental impact of materials in building homes. Wool as insulation and cork for...


S6 Ep6: Finding Community in Emergency Preparation and Dance

Today’s episode may be the first Seattle Growth Podcast episode that can save your life. Cindi Barker talks about the Seattle Emergency Hubs. She’s not only bringing Seattleites together, she is preparing them for when disaster strikes. In this interview, you will learn the surprising amount of time you should be prepared to survive in case of an emergency and how you can find the people who can help you through such an event. The episode then gives an inside look at Seattle’s dance...


S6 Ep5: Comedian Shane Mauss and Author Thomas Kohnstamm on Finding Community

Today’s episode features an interview with a nationally touring comedian who has appeared on Late Night TV many times and had his own special on Comedy Central. Shane Mauss was in town for his Stand Up Science show and sat down for an interview in which he offers an outsider’s impressions of Seattle. He shares his views on how the business of comedy has changed over the years and offers advice on how someone can find a sense of community in a city that is changing so rapidly. The episode...


S6 Ep4: Finding Community through Entertainment

Today’s episode features John Barr, founder of NHLtoSeattle. Barr shares the story of how his love of hockey evolved from a hobby newsletter to an expansive online community on Facebook and Twitter, to a rich Seattle community that brings people together to watch hockey and advocate for Seattle to join the ranks of NHL cities. Barr discusses what motivates him to pour his effort into the community and how he felt seeing Seattle realize his dream of being awarded an NHL franchise. Today’s...


S6 Ep3: Finding Community in Public Spaces

Season 6 of Seattle Growth Podcast focuses on finding community in a dynamic city. Each episode spotlights some of the interesting people in Seattle who are building community and bringing people together. You will hear from leaders in tech, comedy, music, art, dance, and emergency preparation. Today’s episode features Nathan Vass, an artist, filmmaker, photographer, and author by day, and a Metro bus driver by night, where his community-building work has been showcased on NPR, The Seattle...


S6 Ep2: Finding Community w/ Women in Product and Artist Home

Continue the exploration of finding community in a dynamic city. Today’s episode features Farah Abdallah, a lead product manager at eBay who co-founded Seattle’s chapter of Women in Product. Abdallah shares how she collaborated with Claire Fang of Facebook to bring together hundreds of women in Seattle who are building products for some of the world’s most innovative companies. The episode also features Kevin Sur, founder of Artist Home. Sur discusses why and how he created a collaborative...


S6Ep1: Finding Community in a Dynamic City

How do you find community in a dynamic city? Season 6 of Seattle Growth podcast brings different perspectives together. Whether you are looking for a community that is right for you or hoping to build one, you will learn from the voices of this season. Today's episode includes Red Russak and Brett Greene whose New Tech Seattle was the fastest growing meetup group in history. The episode also features Jane Richlovsky, a talented artist and accidental real estate developer who is finding...


S5 Ep10: Homeless in Seattle Season Finale

Hear the voices of season 5 describe how they became homeless and how it feels to be homeless. Elected officials, business leaders, academics, and unsheltered residents describe the challenges in addressing homelessness and share opinions on solutions. Casey Trupin of the Raikes Foundation shares how Pearl Jam got involved in the crisis and how the successful Home Shows came together.


S5 Ep. 9: Music, Homelessness, and Poverty Myths

Today’s episode and connects the topic of the previous season, which focused on the past, present and future of Seattle music, with the topic of this season, which is focused on homelessness. The episode features an interview with Anthony Briscoe whose Seattle-based band, Down North, is on the cusp of a breakout. Brisco opens up about his struggle with poverty and his experience being homeless in our region. The episode also features an interview with noted author and UW professor Scott...


S5 Ep. 8: Homeless in Seattle, pt 8

As every one of us faces challenges of varying degrees of scale, today’s episode features an inspiring story about how one man can make a world of difference. Dale Hoff offers lessons not only for those seeking improvement in the homelessness crisis, but those seeking to influence change at any level. Today also features an in-depth interview with a person who has had a significant impact on the economic growth of this city, Craig Kinzer. In today’s episode, Kinzer previews a big idea that...


S5 Ep.7: Homeless in Seattle, Pt. 7

Today’s episode focuses on the business response to a crisis affecting everyone in Seattle: homelessness. The episode features Jon Scholes, President and CEO of the Downtown Seattle Association, and Mike Slade, former CEO of Starwave and founding partner at Second Avenue Partners.


S5 Ep. 6: Homeless in Seattle, Pt. 6

Today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast looks at question that has affected many throughout Seattle: how should the city deal with tents and encampments in public spaces? This question is important to our community’s homeless residents hanging on to their last few possessions and to the business leaders and residents who encounter unsanctioned encampments on their commutes, near their homes, and in their parks. Today’s episode features Dae Shik Kim Hawkins Jr., an activist and organizer of...


S5 Ep. 5: Homeless in Seattle w/ CM O'Brien

Today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast features one of the most candid interviews about life on the streets. Timothy opens up about how he found himself homeless, why he chooses to live in Seattle and what life is like on the streets. He gives a surprising answer to how society is failing the homeless and makes a simple request of listeners. Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien also appears in the episode. He shares where he believes the city can improve in how it deals with its...


S5 Ep. 4: Homeless in Seattle pt. 4 w/ Teresa Mosqueda

Today’s episode of Seattle brings you behind the scenes of City Hall in an interview with Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda. Councilmember Mosqueda shares her thinking about the controversial “head tax” and what she learned from how the process of enacting then repealing the tax unfolded. She also shares her vision for how the city could improve its response to the homelessness crisis. The episode also features an interview with a UW professor who experienced homelessness herself...


S5 Ep. 3: Homeless in Seattle, pt 3

Today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast continues with a focus on one of Seattle’s most pressing issues, homelessness. Each episode in the season brings voices from a variety of perspectives. Combined the episodes will help listeners understand homelessness from multiple angles, become better informed citizens, and feel empowered to take even small steps toward addressing the challenge. The episode features an interview with former Washington State Attorney General and 2012 Republican...


S5 Ep. 2: Homeless in Seattle, pt. 2

Today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast continues with a focus on one of Seattle’s most pressing issues, homelessness. Each episode in the season brings voices from a variety of perspectives. Combined the episodes will help listeners understand homelessness from multiple angles, become better informed citizens, and feel empowered to take even small steps toward addressing the challenge. In this episode, Jeff Shulman sat down with a father of two children who was given a new lease on life...