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Ep. 90: Happily Never After?

Kira is back from England with tales to tell about the buildup to the Royal Wedding, and things get heated when the ladies disagree about Meghan Markle. Also, is it ever okay to throw water on another person because of political differences? And the NFL seems to have come up with a solution to their kneeling problem – or have they? Be sure to listen and find out how you can win the special souvenir Kira brought back from England!


Ep. 89: Leaving Cloud 9

While Kira stalks the Royal Wedding in Merry Old England, April and Teri welcome guest host Ericka Andersen, author of the upcoming book “Leaving Cloud 9: The True Story of a Life Resurrected from the Ashes of Poverty, Trauma, and Mental Illness.” Ericka talks about the real-life inspiration for her book, why she had to tell the story, and the role faith plays in rising above life circumstances.


Ep. 88: All Trump Does is Win, Win, Win

On this week’s episode, Kira embraces her inner “Trump Humper” to explain how much winning Trump has done lately, Teri gloats over the glorious downfall of New York AG Eric Schneiderman (AKA, The Enemy of Freedom), and April gives the lowdown on Tuesday’s primary in her home state of Indiana. Also, the ladies lust over Melania’s coat collection … and guess where Kira will be during the upcoming Royal Wedding?


Ep. 87: What Really Happened at RedState?

On this week’s episode, Kira and Teri discuss last week’s firings at RedState, and Kira, who was not among those fired, addresses the rumor that the goal was to get rid of NeverTrumpers. Also, is Kanye the key to unifying the country?


Ep. 86: Kanye Feel the Love?

On tap this week: The Kanye/Trump bromance, the heartbreaking case of little Alfie Evans, and the latest on President Bush. Sponsor: Dagne Dover


Ep. 85: Get Woke, Go Broke?

Ep. 85: Get Woke, Go Broke? On this week’s episode, Kira, April and Teri are talking about the left’s reaction to the death of Barbara Bush, why Tammy Duckworth bringing her newborn onto the Senate floor isn’t necessarily a good thing, Starbucks being bad a business, and the damage done by parents who let their children “choose” their gender. Also, Kira gives an impromptu review of A Quiet Place.


Ep. #84: You Dropped a Bomb on Me

Kira is joined by her fellow RedState writers, Brad Slager and Andrea Ruth, for a special episode of the Smart Girl podcast. Topics include the ramifications of bombing Syria, the horrible foreign policy legacy of Obama, and the awesomeness of Chick-fil-a. Also, Brad gives listeners his take on The Rock’s new movie, Rampage.


Ep. 83: Forced to the Fringes?

Kira, April and Teri are all back together this week, having a good laugh over the Left being forced to live by their own rules, lamenting the tiresome double standards that led to Kevin Williamson being fired by The Atlantic, and wondering if GOP candidates should jump on the Trump train this election season.


Ep. 82: Where are David Hogg’s Parents?

RedState writer Brad Slager sits in for Kira this week, and he joins Teri and April to discuss why a misinformed and rude teenager is being promoted as the new face of the American left, why Hollywood is so tone deaf and what the success of the “Roseanne” reboot says about America.


Ep. 81: Where Does the Gun Debate Go From Here?

Smart Girls April and Kira soldier on without Teri for one week. They talk about fake introverts, places they don't want to hear politics and how Elisha Krauss of the DailyWire is the nicest person on earth. Also, will the gun outrage subside or have we crossed the point of no return? Sponsor: Away Travel


Ep. 79: President for Life

Teri, Kira, and April are tackling the tough questions this week. Are the Norks giving up their nukes? Will Trump be president for life? Do people actually regret voting for Trump? Does Joe “Roaming Hands” Biden stand a chance in 2020? Why is the left shaming Pamela Geller’s daughters? And don’t miss Kira’s rant about her home state of California! Sponsors: FabFitFun, quip


Ep. 77: Guns Aren’t Going Anywhere, So Here’s What Needs to Happen

Kira, April and Teri tackle the tough issues surrounding the school shooting in Parkland, discussing why we didn’t used to have such violent acts on school campuses and what needs to happen to put a stop to them (hint: it doesn’t involve fewer guns). Also, Omarosa disses Mike Pence’s Christianity, the media weirdly makes Kim Jong Un’s sister a thing, and the Olympics are in full swing. Sponsors: quip; Away Travel


Ep. 76: Everybody Hates Tom Brady

On this week’s show, the ladies are talking about the newly released memo and why Americans really don’t care about it. Also, a dad tries to mete out justice to Larry Nassar, one college professor says those who practice yoga are racist (and perhaps even satanic?), a frank discussion of post-partum depression, and the awful Tom Brady heads to the Super Bowl … again. Sponsors: Beachbody on DEMAND, Rent the Runway


Ep. 74: Aziz Ansari … Meet Mike Pence

Kira, April and Teri are talking escape rooms, lessons Aziz Ansari might learn from Mike Pence and the false premise of the #MeToo movement. April reviews “I, Tonya” and the ladies geek out over the upcoming Winter Olympics. Sponsors: Away Travel; Casper


Ep. 73: Surviving Winter and the Looming Threat of President Oprah

Teri and April are talking President Oprah, whether or not celebrity culture has overtaken politics, Breitbart.com doing damage to Andrew’s legacy, taking steps to embrace winter, and why people are paying big bucks for raw water. Sponsor: Rent the Runway


Ep. 72: Bannon’s Been a Bad Boy

It’s 2018!! For their first podcast of the new year, the ladies are discussing the hell of New Year’s Eve in Times Square, how damn cold it is outside, how awful this weekend’s Golden Globes are likely to be, and the importance of facial yoga. Also, Kira explains Steve Bannon and Teri suggests a Smart Girl fitness challenge – who’s in? Sponsors: quip, Beachbody


Ep. 71: The Girls are Back in Town

Kira, April and Teri are back together for an end-of-year episode! They work their way out of the post-Christmas/pre-New Year's fog to discuss some stories from 2017 that didn’t get the coverage they deserved, including the #MeToo movement (but not in the way you might think!). Also, Kira explains Kwanzaa and the ladies celebrate surviving a year of Trump. Sponsors: RXBAR, Simple Contacts


Ep. 70: Mom Guilt and Keto Diets

Teri and Kira tackle the tough questions on this week’s show: If all candidates are freaky, is any candidate freaky? How were the ladies able to record after the repeal of net neutrality? Can anyone really handle a keto diet? Is there ever a stage of life that doesn’t include Mom Guilt? Is Kira going to love the new Star Wars movie? And why do Californians drive so close to wildfires? Sponsor: HelloFresh


Ep. 69: The Best and Worst Movies of 2017

A Best/Worst list and Star Wars: The Last Jedi hasn’t even come out yet? Yep. Movie reviewer Christian Toto fills us in on the movies that worth seeing this year and those that weren’t worth the money. Sponsor: AwayTravel


Edit #24: It’s All Downhill From Here

Stories for you today: Skier Lindsey Vonn says she doesn’t want to represent Donald Trump at the Winter Olympics; [which may be irrelevant because…] Nikki Haley isn’t so sure that the US will be at the Winter Olympics; and new research shows that the human race has peaked. Question of the Day: Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?


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