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Ep.#145: California's Homeless Crisis - Explaining Insanity

This week Kira flies solo and explains just how desperate the homeless crisis in California has become. How did things get to be so bad? Kira describes the insanity that is California crime legislation and how it has thrown everything in the state into chaos. Also- the Squad gets banned from their field trip to Israel and how Rashida Tlaib skillfully snatched victimhood from victory. Follow @RealKiraDavis @AprilDGregory Facebook Keep up with all...


Ep.#144: Loonies to the Left of Me, Reality TV Snowflakes to the Right

This week the Smart Girls talk about the never-ending gun control debate, the insane and dangerous rage of the Left, and reality tv stars on dating shows who think don't understand why their one-night-stand didn't lead to a committed relationship. Follow the Girls on Twitter @OfficialSGP @RealKiraDavis @AprilDGregory Follow Kira's new solo podcast 'Just Listen To Yourself', available on iTunes, Spotify and iHeart Radio...


Ep.#143: Hold On...Kira's A Registered Democrat?

This week Kira and April break down the two nights of Dem debates. Who were the winners? Who were the losers? Who surprised us most? Also- why did Kira register as a Democrat? Kira comes clean about why she changed her party designation


Ep.#142: They Did the Mash...the Muuuuuueller Mash!

Kira flies solo this week to break down the Mueller hearings and the end results. What was going on with Mueller? What exactly is the strategy for Democrats with the hearings and moving forward? Kira also talks about the pitfalls of hero worship in general and specifically how the desperation to defeat Trump drives the media to embrace certain public figures who have not earned that trust, often ending in embarrassment. Thanks so much to our sponsors this week at Ritual Vitamins. Go to...


When MAGA Hats Attack: A Tragic Tale of Friendship Lost

Kira and April discuss the sad, sad tale of the grown adult who demanded his old friend choose between her MAGA hat and their friendship. This tragic story of red hats and whiny diaper babies holds a lesson for every American. Thanks so much to our sponsors at Use code SMARTGIRL for twenty dollars off your order Follow the Smart Girls @RealKiraDavis @AprilDGregory @OfficialSGP Follow Kira on Facebook Join the conversation on the Smart Girl...


Ep.#140: Soccer Queens and American Dreams

April takes the helm of the podcast this week as Kira is on an enjoyable vacation. Joining April to cohost is author Ericka Andersen host of the Worth Your Time Podcast. April and Ericka start with a riveting discussion of the first round of democratic debates. Next up players of the US Women’s National Team refusing a White House visit should they win the World Cup. And finally, they cover a heated topic in Alabama of a women being charged with manslaughter of her unborn baby after someone...


Ep.#139: He's Running! Trump 2020 Officially Begins

April and Kira break down Trump's official campaign kickoff speech from Florida. Was it Trump at his Trumpiest or is there more Trumptastic Trumpiness yet to come? The Smart Girls discuss the ins and outs of his hour long speech and if there are any Democrats so far poised for the presidential challenge. Plus - #MAGA vs. #KAG Thanks to our sponsors at Sleepnumber this week! Follow the Smart Girls @RealKiraDavis @AprilDGregory @OfficialSGP And join us on Facebook to keep the discussion going...


Ep#138: Gwyneth Paltrow Is Better At Marriage Than You Are

April and Kira do some quick hit topics including Justin Bieber's weird challenge to Tom Cruise, feel-good news and North Korea thoughts. Also, the ladies try to explain Gwyneth Paltrow's marriage philosophy - something called...polarity? Celebrities ... they're not like us! We're thrilled to welcome our newest sponsors at! Use promo code SMARTGIRL for $20 off your first order. Follow the Girls @OfficialSGP @RealKiraDavis @AprilDGregory


Ep.#137: D-Day Special w/Jennifer Van Laar

Redstate Deputy Managing Editor joins the podcast to honor her late grandfather and share some of his D-day letters to his new bride. Los Angeles actually rejects a tax for once in their recent special election. Are California citizens reaching a breaking point? April rages against the milk machine...why she thinks our dairy habits are a problem. Thanks to our sponsors at Lightstream. Feature on Jennifer's grandfather in Euronews...


Ep.#136: Brexit Blues and Quick Hit News

APOLOGIES! Last week's episode had some technical difficulties and we mistakenly posted an older episode. We are uploading #136 again, for your listening pleasure. Sorry for the inconvenience. Is the world waking up? Kira and April talk EU elections and the current wave of anti-progressive voting across the west. Why are people suddenly rejecting progressive policies they've traditionally voted for? Also, is Pete Buttegieg actually a robot? The Smart Girls review the mounting evidence that...


Ep.#136: Brexit Blues and Quick Hit News

Is the world waking up? Kira and April talk EU elections and the current wave of anti-progressive voting across the west. Why are people suddenly rejecting progressive policies they've traditionally voted for? Also, is Pete Buttegieg actually a robot? The Smart Girls review the mounting evidence that he is indeed some type of AI. Is The World Waking Up? by Kira Davis Follow the ladies @OfficialSGP @RealKiraDavis...


Ep.#135: Free Britney, Jail the Bridezillas

Britney Spears has been battling severe mental health issues after spending her entire life in the public eye. Is the price of fame worth the cost? The girls talk discuss Brit Brit and what they hope for her moving forward...unironically. Also - Bridezilla tales...stories of women who have gone too far when it comes to their bridal parties. Big shout out to capitalism and this week's sponsors Betabrand and Sleepnumber. Follow the Smart Girls @OfficialSGP @RealKiraDavis @AprilDGregory


Bonus Episode: Kira Davis Talks...Alabama, Abortion Law and Who Deserves to Live

On this bonus episode Kira gives her thoughts on the new abortion law in Alabama and the ensuing social media firestorm. Thanks to our sponsors at Follow SGP @officialSGP @RealKiraDavis @AprilDGregory


Ep.#134 Are Celebrities Allowed To Publicly Complain About Their Lives?

'Fresh Off the Boat' star Constance Wu is under fire after complaining about her show being renewed - something that seems like a good thing. Are people like her allowed to air their career grievances publicly or should they keep their complaints about their charmed lives to themselves? And who is the latest exciting new addition to the Democrat 2020 field? It could (probably not) be a game changer! Special thanks to our sponsor this week Follow us @OfficialSGP @RealKiraDavis...


Ep.#133: How Do We Solve the School Shooting Crisis?

Statistically speaking school shootings are still pretty rare, but that doesn't make them any less tragic or frightening. Are we seeing a trend? Why or why not? How do we make school feel safe? April and Kira bat around some thoughts. Also - Met Gala, Royal Baby talk and quick hits of the day. Follow the Smart Girls @OfficialSGP @RealKiraDavis @AprilDGregory Special thanks to this week's sponsor LIghtstream


Ep.#132 Chicken and Burkinis: The 'How To America' Episode

This week the Smart Girls give a quick primer on how to America in case some people are confused by the recent revelations that Pete Buttegieg doesn't know how to eat fried chicken and Sports Illustrated thinks burkinis = female empowerment. And don't miss our special bonus episode to hear Kira talk about the recent Facebook bans and Washington Post's classification of Louis Farrakhan as a "right-wing" extremist....


Bonus Episode: Kira Rants About Facebook, Farrakhan and Free Speech

In this special bonus episode Kira takes to the mic to give her take on the Facebook ban of Alex Jones and other "extremist" personalities and the Washington Post's bizarre and confounding description of Nation of Islam nutjob Louis Farrakhan as a member of the right. Subscribe on iTunes or at to here full episodes of the Smart Girl Politics podcast. @officialSGP @RealKiraDavis @AprilDGregory Follow Kira on Facebook (until she gets banned)


Ep.#131: Biden's In...And You Won't Believe Who Might Be Endorsing Him

Thanks to our sponsors this week - Betabrand and Honeybook. Biden is running and it looks like he's got some "interesting" endorsements forthcoming. You do NOT want to miss this bombshell...bring popcorn! Also, why exactly would Bernie say the Boston Bomber deserves a vote? The ladies shed some light. And stay until the end to enjoy some thought-provoking quick hit stories and celebrity gossip of the week! Follow the Smart Girls @officialSGP @RealKiraDavis @AprilDGregory


Ep.#130: The Problem With Pete

Thanks to sponsors for supporting excellence in podcasting this week at the Smart Girl Podcast. This week: The problem with Pete - why his issues as mayor may end up sinking him. Is the media reporting on his record because they're actually journalisiming for once or are they just trying to get all the negatives out of the way first? And does anyone even remember Beto anymore? Chick flix and first world problems at Netflix. Meaningless celebrity gossip. Follow Kira and April...


Ep.#129: Pence Derangement Syndrome

Thanks to our sponsors this week - Robinhood and Lightstream. This week April and Kira talk Candace Owens and the Senate Circus and also the inexplicable obsession with Mike Pence and his non-existent public views on LGBT issues. April talks about her personal experience with the Pence's. And in a more sober discussion, the ladies talk about why subprime loans are an important part of the lending market and how California is working to kill them. Plus: Celebrity news of the week! Subscribe...