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Episode 31. Everyone's A Little Bit...Advantaged?: Exploring Privilege & Spotify’s R. Kelly Problem

So...we need to talk about privilege, both as a concept and as a rhetorical tool. Privilege is a framing device that's been embraced by liberals to surface the various advantages and disadvantages bestowed upon individuals because of their identities. Unlike some folks on the right, Joe and Brie can agree that privilege exists. (Also, news flash: The Earth is round.) But has the term privilege outlasted its strategic utility? Rather than revealing various power structures and...


Episode 30. Return of the SWOTI! Brie's Mooney Mooves, Peace in Korea, and the Lies of Joy-Ann Reid

After an unexpectedly long hiatus, Joe and Brie are back to catch you up on who's wrong on the internet. First, they dish about what's new in their lives: Joe struggles with how he'll manage to take thirst-trap selfies with a broken phone. And in almost as gripping news, Brie dishes on her new job at The Intercept. How does she feel about leaving the law behind? And will our favorite leftist co-host be censoring herself now that she's an editor at The Intercept? (Nope.) Then, after a brief...


Episode 29. Michael Brooks, Fish Sex, Me Too, Farrakhan, & The West Virginia Teachers Strike

The illustrious Michael Jamal Brooks of the Michael Brooks Show joins us for the entire episode, and it's a real treat! We chat about his run in with "Tiger Mom's" progeny, the new Rachel Dolezal Netflix special, and the Oscars, before drilling down on The Shape of Water and the ethics of casting able-bodied actors to play characters with disabilities. (Brie also questions the public's acceptence of woman/fish bestialtiy #fishsex). We also debate Kobe Bryant's acceptance of an Oscar in the...


Episode 28. Should We Be Better?: Parsing the Morality of Material Consumption & Black Panther

This episode is late but great! First, Joe and Brie take on the hottest Black Panther take, which asks whether the film is actually anti-revolutionary because it associates global black liberation with a murderous villain. (It's a no from Brie). If you want to miss spoilers, pause when they start talking about Black Panther and skip to 26:36. The pair is then joined by founder and editor of Current Affairs magazine, Nathan Robinson, to discuss two of his recent articles which asks what...


Episode 27. "Do You Like Brazilian Music?": Quincy Jones, Immigration, & Twitter Tiffs

Joe and Brie do a deep dive into the GREATEST INTERVIEW ON EARTH! Last week, New York Mag interviewed Quincy Jones and uncovered stunning revelations about Marlon Brando's sexual relationship with Richard Pryor, and Pryor's public courtship of people across the gender spectrum! Brie and Joe talk about the cocaine on Pam Grier's cervix, Ivanka Trump's legs, & why Brie is an alternative Dope Queen. Then the pair welcome immigration lawyer Stephen Robbins to talk about what a progressive...


Episode 26. Should Aziz Pay? Should Monique Get Paid?

What exactly did Aziz Ansari do wrong on his now infamous date? Joe and Brie make sense of this divisive issue by breaking down all the factors which militate in favor of Aziz, as well as those for which he was properly called out. Next, they discuss whether comedian Monique is being undervalued, as she claims, for a prospective Netflix special. Is she being lowballed, and if so, can she properly attribute that to her gender and/or race? Joe and Brie then devolve into some hilarious...


Episode 25. After #MeToo: The Questions Folks are Scared to Ask and Answer

Weeeeee're back!!! And we're jumping right into the fray with a no-holds barred episode about the #metoo movement and sexual assault. Does acknowledging the impact rape culture require us to reconsider culpability for bad acts which happened in the past under different ethical standards? #georgetakei Why is it controversial to acknowledge that all sexual assaults aren't equally bad? And does failing to distinguish between them open up a slippery slope where crime and punishment may not...


Episode 24. A Hillbilly & A Black Republican Walk Into A Bar: Race, & Talking Across the Aisle

What do a "hillbilly," a black Republican, and a Bangladeshi-American centrist have in common? They all spoke to us for this PACKED season finale! We interview two POC Republicans and one liberal Appalachian about how to talk to Republicans: what's really motivating them, and how does race affect their politics? Are POC Republicans able to help us learn how to reach across the aisle? Are they able to bring added empathy to the question of how to address Republican racial issues? The...


Free Speech For Me, You, & White Supremacists Too

Free speech is for me, you, and Nazis too, and with good reason. In this week's episode, we tackle the liberal backlash against free speech in the wake of Charlottesville and James Damore (the Google Memo guy). We take down the NYT article suggesting that the ACLU needs to rethink it's approach and discuss how failing to protect the free speech rights of the worst among us establishes bad precedent for us all. We also ask how and whether we should modify race language to better communicate...


So . . . Now Seems Like a Good Time to Talk About Confederate

The Game of Throne producers are coming out with a new show called Confederate, about what would have happened if the south had won the Civil War. In the context of the current political climate, in which violence has erupted between aggressive white nationalists and peaceful counter protestors over a statue of Robert E. Lee, is this show appropriate? Is Black Twitter right to try to shut the project down? #noconfederate. Should we be happy that two talented show runners are turning their...


Episode 21. The Truth About Healthcare: How We Got It & What To Do If It Goes Away

Joe & Brie catch up on life developments, including Joe's impending switch to a long distance relationship, before going into a deep dive on healthcare. Specifically, they unpack the unique history of healthcare in the United States to better understand how we ended up with our broken employer-based model, and discuss the role of race in shaping our current system. The pair welcome healthcare expert Rachael Wolfgang to outline coping mechanisms to employ if the ACA is repealed. Finally,...


Episode 20. How to Define a Crime?: Hate Crimes, Free Speech, & the Bachelor in Paradise

How do you define a hate crime in the absence of an explicit racial epithet? And why do hate crime laws matter? Joe and Brie discuss the murder of Nabra Hassanen, a teenage Muslim girl from Virginia, and unpack the psychic and cultural benefits of laws that specifically recognize the humanity of those whose lives matter less in the eyes of the criminal justice system and the public more broadly. Next, (at 34:35), they use the recent sexual assault allegations on Bachelorette spinoff...


Episode 18. Party in the USA!: Miley Cyrus, Cultural Appropriation, and Ten-Year Reunions

We need to talk about something important: Brie and Joe's upcoming ten-year college reunion. The SWOTI hosts discuss what we're looking forward to, what we're dreading, and the deep satisfaction of baring one's midriff to bypass some of those awkward reunion interactions. Next, we turn to Miley Cyrus and the ire she's drawn from the Internet due to her recent comments about hip hop: her complicated relationship with the genre and the parts of it she views as misogynistic. Is this outrage...


Episode 17 - When White Things Happen To Black People: On Shea Moisture & Jesse Williams

Joe and Brie are back, and they're talking about the controversial Shea Moisture advertisement which raised heckles when it excluded the black women who comprise the product's user base. What obligation does a black owned, black targeted hair product company have to acknowledge its base in its ads? Are black products "allowed" to expand to a more diverse audience? Does abandoning the company for a white-owned one teach it the desired lesson? Then, Brie & Joe discuss "woke bae" Jesse...


Episode 13. Heil to the Chief? The First Seven Days of Trump's America

We hope you're ready, because season two of SWOTI is finally here! This week, we talk about the end times, so to speak: Trump's first seven days in office. Did we hate watch the inauguration? (Of course we did.) What did we think of the Women's March? Is social protest a way to win elections or to win wars? And is it *ever* all right to punch a Nazi? We wrap things up with a couple glads and mads: the Oscars and some other Hollywood foolishness. So pull up a chair and join the conversation...


Episode 12. The Maddest and Gladdest of 2016!!!!

Join us for the last episode of the season! In this one, Joe and Brie do "a year in review": what were the best "you glads" and "you mads" of 2016? They each offer up their favorites ranging from media (BoJack Horseman and The Real Housewives of NY get a shout out) to music (the Knowles sisters feature heavily) to politics (Brie's over the democratic party and alternative media gets a big thumbs up). They even dabble in a little relationship advice. Let them know what stuck with you this...


Episode 11. A Racial Bechdel Test: Everyone's a Little Bit Racist, Even Tilda Swinton . . . and Brie

First there was Batman v. Superman; now we have Margaret Cho v. Tilda Swinton. Was Margaret right in calling Tilda out for treating her like a "house Asian"? Is Tilda as woke as she thinks she is? Joe and Brie examine the receipts and find ourselves firmly on Team Cho. We discuss Hollywood's continued whitewashing of Asian roles, why gender diversity isn't more important that racial diversity, and also why, in the end, we might throw Tilda a bone. Next, we chat about a "Racial Bechdel...


Episode 10. Call me "Racist": Why Language Matters in Trump’s America & No "Glads"

We wrap up our debrief of Brie's interview with a Trump supporter by diving into the topic of race. Namely, what’s the best way to talk about race and racism with conservatives? How do we challenge those around us without alienating them? Has race become the third rail of politics in Trump’s America? Brie and Joe butt heads about whether we should be out here shaming racists. We end with the shortest “U Glad” segment ever—we had to dig deep. Like cashews deep.


Episode 9. Straight from the Elephant's mouth: A discussion with a Trump voter

Finally, our long-awaited interview with a Trump supporter is here! Join Brie as she talks politics with someone outside her "bubble." Why did this person choose to vote for Donald Trump? What is one conservative's perspective on race in America and the Obama presidency? Let's just say someone is very, very wrong on the internet. Joe and Brie then debrief the conversation and talk about the challenge of talking to individuals who disagree with your values, and how asking for the receipts...


Episode 8. Color Me Thankful: A SWOTI Glads-giving Extravaganza!

Join us around the table to talk turkey! It's Thanksgiving, and we're giving a voyeuristic peak into our families' respective traditions from Korean bonchon to Luther Vandross and wine. We're also reflecting on what we're thankful for and how we're feeling two weeks after this momentous election. Stick around until the end, when we give you a taste of Brie's authentic Thanksgiving playlist!