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The Bill Show surveys both political stories and political satire from the US election scene. Commentary from a progressive point of view with a unique ex-pat prespective.

The Bill Show surveys both political stories and political satire from the US election scene. Commentary from a progressive point of view with a unique ex-pat prespective.
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The Bill Show surveys both political stories and political satire from the US election scene. Commentary from a progressive point of view with a unique ex-pat prespective.






Bill Show #226: "Impeach The Motherf*cker"

That's our view. We sit back and laugh as the media wets itself of a fact that everyone has known for a year. Trump's a traitor. Now he's gone to the mattresses, hold up in the White House with a ton of fast food and no one but the voices in his head for company. To prove his virility he's shut down the United States of America, he's also trying to distract from the judgement from Hell coming his way. He's dangerous. We discuss. After a great win in the mid terms the Democrats are doing it...


Bill Show #225: Sh*t...Donny's Home Alone

Kelley is leaving. Mattis is leaving. You remember all those guys that could "hold Trump back" from being crazy? They're all gone. Donny's Home Alone and we're all in peril...because he's insane. Trump also signs over Syria to Putin, following orders and screwing over our allies. GOP members privately say they are really scared for America, but too cowardly to stand up for it. We also look at the corrupt Republican Party and discuss a Senate Leadership taking big bucks from the Russians. We...


Bill Show #224: It's Treason.

Yes folks...the newest filings in the Michael Cohen's court documents more or less tells us...Mueller is going after Trump for Treason. We look at the implications. This is also just the beginning of the shitstorm that is coming. We look at the three days of fond hyperbole for the Bush family. Then we wretch. We also discuss. Randy surveys the cost of health care and reminds all of our listeners REGISTER FOR OBAMACARE BY DECEMBER 15th. @ Do it now. We also look at the coming...


The Bill Show Lounge with David Cotter

Its another late night at The Bill Show Lounge. Joining us tonight for a drink is Australian actor, comedy writer and musician David Cotter fresh from his Melbourne tour. Pull up a chair and join us!


Bill Show #223: Dark Days For Roger Stone.

Things are shaking for the Mueller investigation as he starts to connect GOP operative (and Al Franken Rat-F#cker) Roger Stone with Julian Assange and the Russians. Could these be dark days for Old Roger? We also look at Donald Trump's reaction to Saudi Arabia chopping up a Washington Post columnist. Hint: He's not all that bothered by it. We also ask the musical question...what do the Saudis have on Donny? Randy tells us the story of the stupidest Born Again Christian to ever ride a fishing...


Special: The Bill Show Lounge.

Yes...drop by. It's after hours at The Bill Show Studios. Drinks are BYO...but the 20 minute update on Donny's meltdown is free. Pull up a chair...


Bill Show #222: A Sea Of Blue.

ELECTION SPECIAL!!! Rejoice friends and neighbours!!!!!! It was GREAT BIG WAVE no matter what drivel you're hearing. Live on tape on election night, Randy and Bill go over the changing political landscape after the Midterms. You smell that? That's the smell of Congressional Investigation....coming soon...


Bill Show #221: Save America...Vote Blue.

We're back. In the last four weeks the President has stirred the lethal stew of violence to a rolling boil. Nazis are killing Jews. 11 citizens executed by a killer reacting to Trump's anti immigration rhetoric. Attempted assassination of 11 Democratic Leaders including an ex-President. Thousands of armed US troops sent to defend America from sick unarmed men, women and young children 1,000 miles away. Trump fans are shooting people in the streets. Madness. Why? Trump and the GOP are scared...


Bill Show #220: Playing The Victim

Yes we're late!! Sorry folks. We take a look at the Brett Kavenaugh hearings and bathe in the hypocricy as the GOP frames a man accused of sexual assault as the victim. Oh...and he should be on the Supreme Court for life. We look at the checkered political past of Brett Kavenaugh when he quested to destroy Bill Clinton with no mercy. We enjoy the karma. We salute a real American hero..Christine Blasey Ford. We have a classic Randy's Rant from last year. Finally we enjoy the method acting of...


Bill Show #219: Man The Lifeboats!!!

The poo is hitting the fan. The exits are starting to open and the GOP are building lifeboats. The lie they are peddling is that the problem is Trump...not the rotted, malignant, national tumor that is the modern Republican Party. Enter the anonymous op-ed in the NY Times from the "resistance" in the White House. We also take a look at the next Stephen King thriller by Bob Woodward telling us that our President is a venal dim witted fruitcake. Randy faces off with Fox over the evils of...


Bill Show #218: Donald J Trump...Super Genius.

The worm has turned. Karma has visited the Cheeto Benito with a vengence. Trump's lawyer, accountant and media fixer are all talking and the shitstorm we predicted two weeks ago, has turned to a hurricane. We discuss. David Pecker has a safe. The Pecker has a safe. We discuss. Donny behaves like stupid Tony Soporano and admits campaign finance felony on Fox and Friends. Randy has clips from the last two weeks including hints on how to understand people abroad. We end with a guy named "Hank"...


Bill Show #217: "Why Trump Is NOT Nixon."

As the walls close in, Trump and the GOP come to the conclusion that their only option is chaos. Devin Nunes is recorded confessing that the GOP will do anything to stay in power...including obstruct Justice. The Russian cyberattacks have started. A full scale assault on selected districts and candidates has already started. Taking into consideration that Trump is mentally ill, how far is he and the GOP prepared to go to stay in power? If you think he'll jet off to San Clemente and write his...


Bill Show #216: Donny's Gathering Sh*t Storm

Like a wounded inarticulate beast from a B grade horror movie, Trump is being fired at by all sides and is reeling. Both his lawyer and accountant are talking and the wiff of treason can be smelt from here to Geneva. With the confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice in the wind...the shit is about to get real. We discuss. We talk about how Americans interact with other cultures. We play some great tracks from the month. Finally we hear from the great Driftglass and Blue Gal, leaders of...


Bill Show #215: The Fix Is In...

Donny's shopping for a Supreme Court Judge. Enter Brett Kavanaugh, GOP hustler on the make in 90's (the guy who wrote the Kenneth Star report on Clinton), a GOP douch in the 2000's (counting hanging chads in Florida) and a guy that wrote that a President should never be prosecuted while in office. The fix is in. The Right To Choose...Gone. Gay Rights ...Under Threat. A Traitor allowed to stay in office. This is a f#cking Stephen King novel. We discuss. Randy spends some time with the...


Bill Show #214: F*ck Civility..

Justice Kennedy, the swing vote on the Supreme Court is leaving town (to retire to a gated community somewhere), giving America's Monster King the chance to eliminate legal rights for women, civil rights and gay rights. Meanwhile the thug in chief has decided that to start kidnapping immigrant children and throwing them into internment camps. We discuss child abuse and its role in American Policy. We review a new poll that shows a sizable percentage of Americans don't blame Trump...or favour...


Bill Show #213: The Dark Side.

Another two weeks. New information from the Cambridge Analytica Investigation shows that the base data used by the company indeed DID come from Russian Intelligence. Evidently the research from St. Petersberg University was a study on a study of toxic personality traits on Facebook. They said one goals of the project was to ascertain the mental wellbeing of the respondents and, as appropriate, offer free counseling. (Or manipulate and weaponise crazy know...The Dark Side). We...


Bill Show #212: Roseanne Tweets (...1400 people die in Puerto Rico).

We live in a strange time. A deranged stand up comedian does something on social media and the entire news media ignores the death of 1400 Americans. We discuss. Melania has been taken by aliens. We discuss. Pedophiles are running for Congress in the US. We discuss. Randy opens the lid on legal teen marriage in the USA as we check out a recent BBC report. We also include another tin foil hat.


Bill Show #211: Killing The Wave.

Well, Trump is busy tossing lit matches into gasoline in North Korea and Iran. The case for removing a complete lunatic from control of nukes would seem to undeniable. However the DCCC is busy doing their best to piss off their base and are unable to decide what they actually stand for.We look at the new Reuters poll, showing the Democrats losing mellenials at an alarming rate before the midterm elections. We discuss the Australian reaction to Hillary's visit downunder. Randy talks about the...


Bill Show #210: Moron Heaven

The Cheeto Benito got on Fox and babbled like a mental patient for a half an hour. Thank God he has nukes, right? We listen to the GOP snowflakes get all upset over Michelle Wolf's jokes at the Correspondent's Dinner. We look back at Morning Joe's attempt to deny any responsibility for Trump. They know that we have tapes, right? Paul Ryan dismisses the House Chaplain a Christian. Ben Carson raises the rent on the poor and disabled...just like Jesus would do. Randy gives his...


Bill Show #209: End Game.

That was the week that was. Comey dumps a bomb on the White House. New York DA raids Trump's own Ray Donavan's office (Micheal Cohen) and produces a treasure trove of stuff and the Cheeto Benito goes off his nut. The "Access Hollywood" tapes again hit the press and Stormy Daniels sues Donny. Then Donny bombs another country. Wag the Dog anyone? Paul (Nazi Doby Gillis) Ryan decides to cash in his chips and leave the casino. GOP congressmen are meeting reporters in Safeways to bitch about...