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110718 TDR Radio Show Podcast

So the voters have spoken, but what does it mean? 2008 Libertarian VP Nominee Way Allyn Root joins us to explain the 2018 mid-term elections.


110618 TDR Radio Show Podcast

Election night. Michael has a few thoughts as the last minutes of the 2018 mid-term election cycle comes to a close.


110518 TDR Radio Show Podcast

On the eve of the 2018 midterm elections Elizabeth has a message about family, safety and security. We listen to the Trump political commercial that the major networks BANNED and tried to find the "racist" message... and then compared it to the very, very racist statement from George Soros. Bottom line, get out and vote!


110218 TDR Radio Show Podcast

Friday night... lots of stories you might have missed, including an update on the associates of the Boston Marathon Bombers. We also look at Andrew Gillum's Tallahassee. Instead of a city filled with history and football, Tallahassee is now known as a city of greed and corruption. As the show ended, a news flash that there had a mass shooting in where else, Tallahassee.


110118 TDR Radio Show Podcast



103018 TDR Podcast - Guest: Herb Titus

What started out as an interview about who is eligible to serve as president of the United States, grew into a MUCH bigger question about citizenship itself... and who really IS a citizen. A BIG important topic in light of the Executive Order signed today that bans "birthright citizenship"


103018 TDR Radio Show Podcast

So with the stroke of a pen today, President Trump eliminated "birthright citizenship" and the left is howling mad. We dug into the archives and found an interview Elizabeth conducted back in 2014 or 2015... talking about citizenship. The interview with Herb Titus will be posted individually. Download it, post it and share it! Elizabeth's contention is that the president has a bigger goal in mind... he knows there will be a challenge, and that will send this to SCOTUS! Congress will be...


102918 TDR Radio Show

While the MSM has been focused on two big stories, there are a lot of things that seemingly have fallen between the cracks of the sidewalk. This entire show is dedicated to stories you might have missed.


102618 TDR Radio Show Podcast

A very frustrating news day... we try to sort through the mess.


102518 TDR Radio Show Podcast

An expert on bomb-making gives us nine reasons why the story we're being told about these devices is bogus. We also look at Megyn Kelly's departure from NBC News....the BIG question is is Joyy Behar next for an instance that took place back in the early 70s where she actually painted herself to look like an African American woman for Halloween. At the end of the show, we listened to audio from a guy who says these devices were made by someone on the far, far left who wanted to send a clear...


102318 TDR Radio Show Podcast

Is it immigration or an invasion? We look at the thousands of people slowly making their way toward the American Border. We shared an interview from The Dougherty Report archives about an ISIS camp just eight miles inside the Mexican border. This is troubling when we hear about who might be embedded in the 2018 Caravan. If you have any questions about the Constitutional Amendments, we took Michael's ballot and explored which ones to support and which ones to say no to.


101818 TDR Radio Show Podcast

Diamond and Silk pay a visit to the Dougherty Report to talk about their new movie "Dummycrats" and their plan for a website where there will be no censorship. Nancy Pelosi got a taste of what Maxine Waters has urged people to do to conservatives, and a progressive professor wants protesters to stick their fingers in the food of conservatives. Is there no civility? Oh that's right, Hillary said there will be no civility until Democrats win the House and or the Senate. YIKES!


101718 TDR Radio Show Podcast

"Step right up get your cash, and then get in line for the Caravan To America!" Did George Soros really hand out money to induce people to join the Caravan? We also looked at the hideous TV ratings for the Connors, the proposed dismissal of Mark Zuckerberg, and how Verizon Wireless has let down all those folks in the panhandle of Florida.


101518 TDR Radio Show Podcast

"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." Sen Elizabeth Warren thinks she's a hot Indian princess based upon these bogus DNA test results, So we looked at our own DNA test results and found some interesting numbers when compared to the Senator from Massachusetts. We also talked about voter fraud and changes are coming to your pharmacy.



Post-hurricane Michael coverage and a discussion about how the Panhandle area feels about US. Senator Bill Nelson. We also discussed some interesting news regarding the shooting at Las Vegas one year ago, and we look at the creepy patent Walmart just received that puts a weird device inside a shopping cart handle that sends a signal back to the Mothership.


101118 Dougherty Report

October 11th will go down as the day the LIBS lost it. A "kick" isn't a kick, a "mob" isn't a mob and CNN's Lemon LOL as a black man is attacked.


100918 Dougherty Report



100818 Dougherty Report



100518 Dougherty Report



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