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NFL in Trouble: Roger Goodell Leading a League Poised for Major Changes

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has issued his annual "State of the League" prior to Super Bowl LI and was taken apart on the myriad of serious issues facing this game. From his lackluster reasoning in avoiding a New England Patriots home game, to what can only be seen as waning interest from fans, pending lawsuits, OTC medication abuse by the Atlanta Falcons, concussions coverups and much more, Goodell is exposed as anything but a leader and a League heading for some major change in the...


Making "The Johnny Manziel Clown Show" an Educational Must for Athletes Everywhere

Nothing Johnny Manziel does or says anymore will surprise anyone. Following his latest juvenile stunt tweeting President Donald Trump, it's obvious he's no closer to being back in the NFL than a used jockstrap. However, his continuing clown show could be the perfect teaching aid for parents of young athletes and the players themselves. Host Ed Berliner is joined by noted sports psychologist Dr. Andrew Jacobs for a trip inside the mind of Manziel. Bring a safety helmet, because this ride will...


Legendary Voices: Reunited with the Celebrated Master of Sports Talk, Chet Coppock

Once upon a time, Host Ed Berliner had a chance to work with one of the great sportstalk voices of All-Time at a cable network called "NewSport", which was in itself a legendary place to entertain the masses. Let's reminisce about the network that to this day remains something special and talk Chicago sports, the disaster that is the Bears, why fans are so angry and recall "The Great Anchor Desk Rain Storm" with the legendary Chet Coppock.


Legendary Sports Voices: Jiggs McDonald Puts 50 Seasons Into Talking the NHL Today

Jiggs McDonald is now in his 50th season calling NHL games and remains one of the truly great signature play-by-play voices in this and any sport. Join Host Ed Berliner, who grew up as a fan of the NY Islanders listening to McDonald's distinctive pipes, as they talk some memories but mostly focus on his take on the NHL today and one significant thing the League could be doing to grow the sport with every game. Drop the biscuit and let's get to this special episode of "The Fastest Show in...


CFB Playoff: Insulting Greed Driving Call for More Teams & Why Players Must Be Paid

College Football does NOT need expanded playoffs, and the only reason for it is NCAA greed, greedy TV networks, and a misguided desire to make it more like the NFL. Host Ed Berliner is joined by attorney and former player agent Joe Casale expose not only whey the current format works, but why the players MUST one day unionize and seek their share of a multi-million dollar payout.


Kaepernick Case: Do We Want Socially-Active Athletes OR Would We Prefer They Just Shut Up & Play?

Colin Kaepernick's actions and comments about Fidel Castro have left us with really only one question: Do we as sports fans want our athletes to be socially conscious in seeking to change the world or even one person at a time, OR would we prefer they just shut their mouths, stay out of intelligent conversations and just play the damn game??? Join Host Ed Berliner and sportsradio talker Dan Jacobs from "The Final Verdict" at Mile High Sports Radio in Denver as they dare to pose questions and...


Why are Sports Fans So Angry? Start With Insulting Radio & TV "Analysts"

Why are so many sports fans so damned angry so often? Plenty of good reasons, but let's start with the so-called sports experts, analysts and commentators on sports talk radio and places such as ESPN and FOX who believe it's their job to piss you off and get you screaming. And you better believe it's all about ratings. Join Host Ed Berliner and veteran NFL columnist Russell Baxter as they spit out a truth plenty of their peers will be angry at but need to hear. So do the fans.


America will Never be Able to Separate Sports & Politics

Events of the past few years and especially the past few months point to an inescapable conclusion: We will never again be able to separate sports from politics. We need to understand our games are now forever intertwined with political causes. Is is really that cut and dried? Join Host Ed Berliner as "The Fastest Show In Sports" welcomes veteran reporter Viv Bernstein in for a revealing and controversial conversation.