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Episode 165 – Morrison is testing the waters of religious privilege

Scott Morrison has tested his religious agenda on Sky News, The 7:30 Report, 2GB and The New York Times. We should all be worried. 3:17 Morrison on Sky News So a school should be able to sack a teacher for immoral un-Christian behaviour but a Board or a professional partnership should not be able to sack a member for Christian bigotry. …Read more ›


Episode 164 – The crazy left attacks Bandt but supports Serena

The Left has no moral compass. It attacked Adam Bandt for admiring his hot wife but supported the disgraceful behaviour of Serena Williams. 3:08 His hot wife gets Adam Bandt into hot water Here are some of the comments: Katred Stave – …Read more ›


Episode 163 – The Demise of the Nation State

Money shuffling by multi-nationals has left sovereign states powerless. 2:38 The Fist appeared on The Bullshit Filter 6:13 Apparently, we are not allowed to poke fun at the religious belief of our Prime Minister 10:11 Gay conversion therapy is on the nose 14:30 Reason Party meeting – …Read more ›


Episode 162 – Who is Scott Morrison?

Everything you need to know about our new Prime Minister. We review our predictions from episode 54 Scott Morrison is the fifth prime minister in five years. Leadership changes in summary The Liberal Party seems to be falling for “Balmain basket weavers” syndrome. …Read more ›


Episode 161 – The Liberal Party Suffers The Final Solution

1:00 Turnbull Vs Dutton. The conservative religious nutters can’t stand having a progressive in charge of their “Conservative” Party. Welcome to the future of the Liberal Party as it lurches into a Tea Party abyss of conservative ideology. 10:00 A study shows that endorsement of free-market economics predicted rejection of climate science 12:24 Is Dutton in breach of S.44? …Read more ›


Episode 160 – Aboriginal Culture Must Take Some Blame

We gird our loins and question high rates of sexual harassment in Universities and then put on our asbestos suits and argue that Aboriginal culture must take some blame for the sorry state of Aboriginal people. 1:02 Sexual assault in our Universities. …Read more ›


Episode 159 – Freedom of Speech and Alex Jones

The Iron Fist provides 3 simple rules for Freedom of Speech conundrums. 2:21 Right Wing Tony – If you ignore tax, we agreed on a lot. Listener feedback was mixed. 8:52 Swedish Police confirmed to Fox News the man whose deportation Ms Ersson prevented had received a prison sentence in Sweden for assault. …Read more ›


Episode 158A – Better Audio Version – The Return of Right Wing Tony

Right Wing Tony reflects on the by-election results and we discuss the issues of the week including Lauren Southern, Donor Sperm, protesting in a plane, Nine buying Fairfax, an Angry Buddhist and a Government Relations Officer who criticised the government on her private twitter feed and was sacked by Cricket Australia. …Read more ›


Episode 158 – The Return of Right Wing Tony

Right Wing Tony reflects on the by-election results and we discuss the issues of the week including Lauren Southern, Donor Sperm, protesting in a plane, Nine buying Fairfax, an Angry Buddhist and a Government Relations Officer who criticised the government on her private twitter feed and was sacked by Cricket Australia. …Read more ›


Episode 157 – A Bunch of Losers Debunk Some Myths

To change minds, offer an alternative instead of a vacuum. 2:10 The Unions want to indoctrinate children 9:25 Bill of Rights clarification. I’m not trying to con people. 15:35 Identity Politics – …Read more ›


Episode 156 – Reason, Rights, Catholics and Angry Virgins

The only podcast which combines Constitutional Law, Sex Dolls, Gun Control, Selfish Catholics, Angry Consecrated Virgins, State of Origin and Branch Stacking into a compelling 90-minute discussion. 2:01 Robin Bristow discusses the Reason Party and a petition 9:15 Robin Bristow defends the benefits of a Bill of Rights. …Read more ›


Episode 155 – The Double Standards of Christian Crybabies

Senator Dan Tehan is the latest Christian Crybaby to lament over a false picture of declining Christian power and James Paterson abandons his free speech principles to appease Mormon powerbrokers in the Victorian Liberal Party. 2:06 Reason meeting at a Grill’d restaurant in Brisbane 6:30 We need to copy Christian dominionists and effect a rationalist takeover of the Liberal Party. …Read more ›


Episode 154 – Senate Prayers, Paedophilic Employees and Danish Assimilation

Why Suncorp should have hired a paedophile plus Senate prayers and incredible new assimilation laws in Denmark. 2:10 Greens move to scrap ‘archaic’ Lord’s prayer in Senate sittings 7:38 According to Lyle Shelton, The Greens attack on Lord’s Prayer is an act of cultural vandalism 12:20 You can make a submission here 12:30 Follow the NSL campaign 12:48 Speaking of submissions – …Read more ›


Episode 153 – Death, Taxes and Deep Throat

Our very own Deep Throat joins us to discuss Assisted Dying, Average Incomes, Discrimination, The United Nations, Mother Theresa and Private Health Insurance. 3:10 Dying with Dignity in Qld 16:05 The Hippocratic Oath 19:40 The Courier Mail has a strange idea of average jobs and what does the average Aussie earn and who benefits from the tax cuts? …Read more ›


Episode 152 – Confessions, Christians and Treadmills

Catholic Priests consider themselves above the law and Christians continue their takeover of the Liberal Party. 1:15 The Fist bags soccer 4:50 Trump and child concentration camps. 19:53 Meredith should thank us for improved fitness levels 20:40 Sniff Off to the rescue 28:32 Church to uphold the sanctity of confession but the Greens want the Catholic Church taxed if it ignores the law. …Read more ›


Episode 151 – Science will undermine Liberal Humanism

Science has undermined religion and is about to do the same to Liberal Humanism. If your version of Humanism prioritises individual freedom of choice but science reveals that freedom of choice is a myth, then it might be time to choose a different branch of Humanism. …Read more ›


Episode 150 – An interview with Meredith Doig

Episode 150 features an interview with Meredith Doig. We started with a brief overview of Meredith’s career and then had a discussion about The Rationalists and what they do and their objectives. Questions for Meredith included: Has there been an increased focus on opposing religious privilege in the last few years as opposed to debunking pseudoscience? …Read more ›


Episode 149 – The N Word, Pirates and The Noble Savage

We discuss the N word, the surprisingly civilised nature of pirate society, the dangers posed by robots and we and examine the interaction between discrimination and culture. Topics: 1:06 The number of Canberrans choosing to end their lives with voluntary euthanasia could grow to 65 a year in the next decade if assisted dying is legalised, …Read more ›


Episode 148 – English Weddings and English Signs

We discuss the test case against School Chaplains and The Fist identifies a possible problem. We give you a different take on the Royal Wedding ceremony and Hugh and The 12th Man gang up against The Fist over English signs and banning books that incite violence. …Read more ›


Episode 147 – Was Karl Marx Right?

We continue on from episode 146 with a discussion on courtroom attire, migration numbers in Europe and the prescience of Karl Marx. Yanis Varoufakis: Marx predicted our present crisis – and points the way out …Read more ›