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I'm a pro-trump news podcast.

I'm a pro-trump news podcast.
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I'm a pro-trump news podcast.








Muslim extremist child murderer free on bail. Episode 57

ESPN forgets people own cellphones. April Ryan tells Omarosa to keep her name out of her mouth! Former CIA director Brennan gets his clearance revoked. Saudi millionaire Ehsan Abdulaziz gets away with rape in the UK. Roberto Hernandez-Cuarenta, 57, of Zebulon, was convicted on two counts of illegal voting in North Carolina. CNN tries to dox jurors in the Manafort case being sequestered this weekend. Rand Paul floats immunity for Julian Assange as senators seek answers in Russia probe. Unite...


Muslim terrorist camp in New Mexico. Episode 56.

Brian Sebring, 44, of Tampa, Florida, was arrested for shooting Alex Stephens, 46, also of Tampa, in the thigh and buttocks after their online disagreement. The shooter is a registered democrat upset over internet memes. Is this the real meme war? It's a good thing Brian is a bad shot. On August 2, the Trump administration issued a proposed rule allowing the sale of short-term, limited-duration health insurance plans, also known as short-term plans. The new rule extends the renewal period...


Trump continues to win. Episode 55

Donald Trump just can't stop winning. From his accolades in North Korea to him and Putin trolling the media. Did you see that baby Trump ballon? What a joke! Mueller also indicts another 12 Russians after the first 12 didn't work out so well.


Gun, Thugs and Weed. Episode 54

Another shooting, but the media doesnt care about this one. It happened at Youtube HQ in San Bruno, CA. A Persian woman of jewish decent wearing a headscarf shot 3 people with an handgun. Also, the government is just legitimized organized crime and marijuana could help end the opioid epidemic.


Is North Korea ran by the CIA? Episode 53

Today I have Ethan Korb from the Liberty Ally podcast on for a 2nd time. We are both learning together how to co-podcast and have a great back and forth informative conversation I think you all will enjoy. We cover a variety of topics, from Jeff Sessions and the Clintons in Haiti to a Qanon theory that the CIA secretly have been ruling North Korea as a MK Ultra experiment since the Korean War. But don't worry, that's not the crazy thing that is said, it goes deeper down the rabbit hole....


Ethan Korb from Liberty Ally, Episode 52

Today my guest was Ethan Korb from the Liberty Ally Podcast, We discussed too many things to list, but most importantly we got to know each other. Through this two hour episode, you will get to know Ethan and I much better, and our opinions on liberty, justice, and Trump. It's a great episode folks, don't miss it, and go check out Ethan.


The Uranium One Scandal, Episode 51

President Putin spent over 10 billion dollars increasing their uranium supply by 600 percent. How much of that money went directly in Hillary Clinton's pocket? She approved the purchase of Uranium One bu Rosatom, a Russian government owned company, giving 20 percent of our Uranium Supply to Russia.


Fake News CNN and the Gun Control Debate. Episode 50

CNN denies giving scripted questions to a student at a town hall who then refused to participate after CNN wanted him to ask their question instead of his own. President Trump wants to end gun free zones and give teachers firearms in the classroom.


Parkland, Russian Trolls, and Palestine. Episode 49

Today we discuss the Parkland Florida shooting, The results of the Russian collusion investigation and a little bit on Palestine.


The FISA Memo – Make America Great Again Episode 48

This is the official FISA Memo, declassified by President Trump, read aloud by me.


The Russian Collusion Narrative, Episode 46

In this episode we discuss Fusion-GPS, the Steele Dossier, and how the Obama administration used Hillary's oppo research as evidence to gain a FISA warrant for the surveillance of Donald Trump and his associates.


Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Episode 45

Is this episode we go over what is in the final Tax Cuts and Jobs act, and how it will effect your pocketbook.


Saudi Arabia and the Las Vegas Connection. Episode 44

I discuss Saudi Arabia and the connection between it and the Las Vegas shooting.


Alwaleed bin Talal AKA “Dopey Prince” gets Arrested. Episode 43

Thats right, the "Dopey Prince" that has for far to long used his money to corrupt our political system is now under arrest. Three words, lock her up. If he can go to jail, so can she. He was the largest Saudi investor in the USA. He paid for Barack Obama's college, and presidential campaign. He chose his cabinet. He has promoted Wahhabism Islam for 20 years. He is somewhat responsible for terrorism as we know it. Also, Donna Brazile grows a pair, and Dems screw up bigly with their racist...


Stephen Paddock, what an asshole. Episode 42

Is this episode we explore what an immense prick this Stephen Paddock guy is. Kills a bunch of people an dies before even telling us why. Is he a patsy? Is this a false flag? Was he Antifa? One things for sure, he was an asshole.


Death Threats, Seth Rich and Jeff Sessions. Episode 41

On this podcast I discuss recent death threats I have received as a result of my last podcast concerning Seth Rich, and another 49 people who mysteriously died surrounding the Clintons. Sorry for the 3 week delay, I needed to wait for my concealed carry permit to get approved before I felt like taking the chance of another podcast. In other news, Jeff Sessions tells the liberals to fuck off, and Bill Clinton is still a rapist. MAGA bitch.

His name was Seth Rich, Episode 40

His name was Seth Rich. "I have an enormous interest in public service and working towards making the world a better place," He was a college graduate with a degree in Political Science focusing on Public Policy and History. He had just scored his dream job with Clinton’s national campaign team. He had also just sent 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments between Democratic National Committee leaders, spanning from January 2015 through late May 2016, to Gavin MacFadyen, director of...


Comey, you’re fired! Episode 39

Former president Obama, the Clintons, Susan Rice, and many others are assuredly not having a good week. James Comey was the guy keeping them from being investigated further. In the case of Hillary Clinton, its not even a question of wrong doing, it was a question of intent. Unfortunately for her, intent doesn't matter to anyone except Comey. He has already stated in front of congress that she did commit crimes, just that she didn't intend to. He used the same reasoning for not convicting...


Antifa’s first kill, RIP Harrison Brown. Episode 37

It’s May 1st 2017. Obama still has not commented on his illegal wiretapping of President Trump, Susan Rice has still not been questioned about her involvement, and Bill Clinton is still a rapist. This is the Make America Great Again Podcast. Brittany Venti, a conservative journalist/internet troll, was arrested today for getting beaten with sticks by antifa. Good job NYPD. I get it, they were trying to resolve the situation and prevent further violence. They went about it the wrong way...


Assad and the Arab Spring, Episode 34

On April 13th, 2017, the U.S. military dropped a massive 21,000-pound bomb on ISIS tunnels in eastern Afghanistan called the Mother of all bombs or moab. It cost 16 million dollars to make, and 300 million to develop. It has a 1 mile blast radius, and broke windows hundred of miles away. It was the first time we have used a bomb this large in combat since WW2. Trump has checked off another campaign promise to “Bomb the shit out of ISIS”. The ISIS cave network we bombed was built by Osama...