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“There’s No Job Better Than Another… Every Job Is Worthwhile.”

No one has the right to look down his/her nose upon someone because of his/her job title or the type of work that he/she does. Every job is critical. There is no such thing as an unimportant job. Something to think about.......Sanitation workers do not strike in the winter.


Sometimes We Just Have To Laugh At Our Hell

Sometimes no matter how bad a situation may seem, we just need to be able to laugh at it and keep moving. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves and our situations to sometimes keep from actually crying. Laughter is indeed good medicine.


If You Are Not Learning Based On Where We Are In The Evolution Of Time, Education, And Technology, Then You Do Not Want To Learn

There has never been a better time in our history to learn about anything that might interest you. No other time in our history has it been better to be a lifelong learner; to learn for the love of learning.


Reading Recommendations from Marc Medley

In addition to the Marc Medley Show, I host a weekly radio talk show where I interview authors from around the world. The name of the show is THE READING CIRCLE WITH MARC MEDLEY. It is heard live each Saturday beginning at 6 a.m. ET on and FM radio WP88.7 FM. So since I host a show about reading, I thought I would offer some book or reading recommendations.


Adults Do Something Now That You Loved To Do When You Were A Child

Is there something you absolutely loved to do as a child? Are there things since you became an adult that you stopped doing that you loved to do as a child? If so, this is the episode for you. Take a listen to learn why you need to pick back up some of the things you loved as a child and start doing them again.


There's No Way I'm Going To Let April 4th Pass

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A man who is to me what Gandhi was to him. As Dr. King studied Gandhi, I've studied Dr. King. Given my love for what Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for there is no way that I am going to allow today, April 4, 2018 to pass without saying something on The Marc Medley Show.


Reframing Profitability and The March For Our Lives Demonstrations

I thought the efforts of our youth during the March For Our Lives demonstrations were awesome! Sadly, while some things may change as a result of the awakening, a lot will not because too much money is being made on the sale and manufacture of guns. The gun industry is no different from the pharmaceutical, food, insurance, and oil industries when it comes to money and profit. One could argue that the same could even be said of education. The very industries and systems that one would think...


Why I Am Vehemently Opposed To Teachers Being Armed With Guns; An Educator's Perspective

In this episode, I provide examples for you the listener as to why arming teachers with guns is an extremely bad idea.


We Could Put A Dent In All Of This Gun Violence If We Really Wanted To

We can put an end to all of this gun violence if we really wanted to. The fact of the matter is, there is too much money being made for it to end. We cannot have it both ways. We cannot want gun violence to end while at the same time supporting and purchasing guns of any kind including toy guns.


Real Talk: Parents, We Have Created and Enabled This Monster Called Defiant Children

Every day I experience defiant children (and adults for that matter), and in this episode, ​I share some of my theories as to why we are where we are.


MLK's Birthday, Be Grateful and the "S--- Hole Countries

This episode of The Marc Medley Show is about how Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday is actually a "Day On" and not a day off, a continuation from my last episode about being grateful and the latest commentary from the president.


Be Grateful For What You Have

This episode is another one to remind us to be grateful for what we have because it could always be worst. Check out this YouTube video.


No Complaints, We're Neighbors and Fire and Fury

In this episode of the Marc Medley Show, I give my commentary on the challenge that I gave for us not to complain for the first seven-days of 2018; my experience in the latest snowstorm; and read some excerpts from the newly released book Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff.


Happy 2018 And Join Me On The First 7 Days Of 2018 No Complaint Challenge

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Wow! We've crossed over into another new year. It seems that we were just saying this when 2017 was coming in and now we are saying it for the entrance of 2018. Today's episode throws out a challenge to each of us to start the year [the first 7 days] without complaining or being negative. Let's see who is willing to take me up on my challenge.


Learn Something New Every Day

"Learn Something New Every Day" is a phrase that I tell people quite frequently. When I say that, I don't mean it has to be something monumental or something profound as it could be an extremely small fact or concept that you did not know. We all ought to strive to learn something new every day regardless of how big or small the idea may be. We ought not ever stop learning. We never become too old to learn and none of us know it all or are experts at everything.


Let's Treat Each Other Like It's December All Year 'Round

Have you ever noticed how in December during the holiday season, the disposition of most folks change? People are nicer to each other. They smile more. They greet each other and do small gestures like holding the door for each other more than throughout the rest of the year. Why can't we do that all year 'round? I'm convinced the world would be a nicer place if we did.