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We discuss race, class, gender, international and domestic politics and little sports and entertainment.

We discuss race, class, gender, international and domestic politics and little sports and entertainment.
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We discuss race, class, gender, international and domestic politics and little sports and entertainment.






Politics, Prose, and Chappelle: Discussing Comedy and Politics with Comedian Randolph Terrance

Dr. Nichols and Randolph Terrance discuss politics and comedy and whether there should be limits on what comedians say. The conversation covers the use of the words n*gger and F***ot. The two even ponder economic nationalism versus inclusion into media and Hollywood industries.


Mixed Race and Multiracial Identity: A Conversation with Dr. Tanya Hernandez

In this episode we discuss Multiracialism with Dr. Tanya Kateri Hernandez. Dr. Hernandez is author of Multiracials and Civil Rights: Mixed-Race Stories of Discrimination. Her book details how mixed race people experience the law. She explores the notion that society will be less racist if every one is mixed. We delve into topics such as race, ethnicity, privilege, colorism and even a little AOC and Colin Kaepernick.


Talking Terrorism: A Conversation about Extremism with Sebastian Gorka

Dr. Sebastian Gorka sits down with Dr. Nichols to discuss Middle East policy, domestic white nationalism, and his own immigration story. We discuss Islam in detail and even address whether bipartisan dialogue is useful in the current climate.


From Prisoner to Professor: Dr. Jack Monell tells his inspirational story

Winston Salem State University Professor Jack Monell tells his story of how he rose from an adjudicated youth in detention to a college professor devoted to bettering the lives of young men and women. Monell described how he used his unique identity to navigate through many spaces. We discuss Afro-Latinidad, Black Fraternities and Sororities, and his personal relationship with the Exonerated 5.


Making Sense of Senselessness: Discussion on Mass Shootings and Terrorism with Richard French

In this episode, we discuss the violence and terrorism in El Paso and Dayton with the host of the television show "Richard French Live", Richard French. French offers insight into gun control and why nothing seems to get done. We also talk about the President's base, Joe Biden, and the progressive movement.


"July just feels White": The "Amazing" Mind of Jesse Lee Peterson

In this episode, we interview Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. We discuss his humble beginnings in Jim Crow Alabama on the plantation of the infamous Comer family, racism, and his view of manhood. He is forthcoming about his unapologetic and unequivocal reverence for all things white. He delves into the his organization, his entrepreneurial pursuits, and his relationships with powerful media personalities. He is an interesting man with interesting beliefs to say the least.


I AM an American: Conversation with an undocumented immigrant

In this episode we discuss immigration reform, DACA, and open borders with undocumented DACA recipient Nancy Raices. She describes her experiences discovering she was undocumented and how she navigated through life with her secret.


Dr. Darrell Scott- Trump's favorite Pastor

In this episode, we launch into a conversation with Dr. Darrell Scott. He openly discusses criminal justice reform, his own deliverance from the street life, Civil Rights leaders and other pastors, immigration, and the time he met President Obama. He speaks about being called a "coon" and "Uncle Tom" and his work with the Trump administration. Lastly, he discusses the effort to free A$AP Rocky. Be prepared for a lively discussion!


What's Life like for Children of Immigrants?

In this episode of T.O.U.R, Dr. Nichols discusses immigration with Michelle Gomez, whose mother was once undocumented. As the oldest of 3 children to a single mother, Michelle discusses the challenges and obstacles first generation kids face. In the midst of the conversation, Dr. Nichols and Ms. Gomez dive into race, citizenship, immigration raids, class, Trump, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.