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Each week the show features new guests on hot legal topics with a major twist of humor.

Each week the show features new guests on hot legal topics with a major twist of humor.
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Houghton Lake, MI


Each week the show features new guests on hot legal topics with a major twist of humor.






How To Launch A Marijuana Micro Grow Business, Michigan, Attorney Scott F. Roberts, Recreational Cannabis Licensing

Attorney, Scott Roberts joins Todd & Craig in the Mother-Ship. Scott, founded his law firm, Scott F. Roberts Law in 2014 with the goal of providing value based client-centric legal services to companies doing business in The State of Michigan. The firm is a leader in the field of Michigan Marijuana Business.


Marijuana Consumption Lounges, Dispensaries Getting Licensed, Off Road Vehicles, Operating With Marijuana & Alcohol

Huge Show in The Mother Ship with Todd & Craig knocking out the information on Marijuana Consumption Lounges. Additionally, the boys cover a wide range of topics including which states are you allowed to consume marijuana in public. Further on in the podcast, Todd answers some listener emails regarding operating off road vehicles while intoxicated on public vs public property. This show delivers the goods that long time followers of the show are use to and expect week in and week...


Attorney Steve Lehto, Lemon Lawyer, Consumer Protection Lawyer

Attorney, Steve Lehto takes over the drivers seat in place of Todd this week. Steve is the nations leading Lemon Lawyer & Consumer Protection Law. Steve is the host of a popular YouTube Channel "Steve Lehto" Be sure to subscribe to Steve's show and check out his website


How To Grow Industrial Hemp, 2014 Farm Bill, 2018 Farm Bill, Michigan Launches Hemp Pilot Program

2018 Farm Bill created a route to legally grow industrial hemp as an agricultural product. The bill allows state departments of agriculture to get certified by the United States Department of Agriculture in order to regulate industrial hemp growers across the nation. Industrial Hemp: The plant Cannabis Sativa L. with delta-9-THC concentrations below 0.3% includes products made from the industrial hemp plant. Marijuana: The plant Sativa L. with delta-9-THC concentrations above 0.3% includes...


420 Hangover!! Expo Huge Success, Free The Weed, Chalking Tires Unconstitutional

Craig and Todd revisit the 420 Canna Hemp Expo that took place on 4/20 at The Soaring Eagle Casino and resort. The event was a huge success with over 3000 attendees and exhibitors from all parts of the cannabis industry. Next year the event is schedule to take place on 4/18/2020 at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. For information stay tuned to the site Fun episode please subscribe and post.


Roadside Sobriety Tests, New York City Seeks To Protect Employees From THC Drug Testing, Cannabis Use in Public Forums vs Private, Huge Show!

This episode was recorded prior to 420 Canna Expo. Craig & Todd cover a wide range of topics including: roadside sobriety tests, rules on refusing a chemical test, using cannabis in a vehicle , and New York City & their attempt to protect employees from having to take a drug test upon applying for a job in the city.


The Business of Marijuana, Attorney Denise A. Pollicella, Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan,

This episode features Attorney Denise A. Pollicella Ms. Pollicella was involved in the crafting of the legislation that is now PA 281 of 2016, the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act, and has been a strong advocate for patients, caregivers and emerging canna-businesses for nearly a decade. In addition to regularly writing, speaking and educating on the Michigan’s rapidly developing marijuana laws, she continues to be at the forefront of developing cannabis policy and regulation...


Safe Banking Act! States Act, Federal Laws, Rachel Levitt, 420 Expo

The purpose and intent of The Safe Banking Act is to finally remove any gray areas that exist in the law. Banks and credit unions have refrained from participating in the marijuana industry in fear of violating federal laws. With this act, all those fears and the ability to participate will be gone as marijuana is removed eventually as a schedule one drug under the CSA. Additionally, it will allow for credit unions and banks in states where allowed to assist companies with cash flow. Rachel...


Marijuana Bills in Congress, 420 Canna Expo!! "Little John" Huge Show!

The House financial services committee approved The Safe Banking Action 45-15 with both parties supporting measure. This would protect financial institutions from providing banking services to marijuana related businesses. Support for The States Act is growing across both houses that would allow the end of cannabis as a schedule 1 substance ending federal prohibition. "Little John" is back in studio with Todd & Craig providing as always an entertaining look at life and...


Florida Passes Medical Marijuana, Attorney, Steve Lehto, Lemon Law, Driving a Vehicle with Illegal Substance, FINLAND!!!

Consumer Lawyer, YouTube star, Steve Lehto joins Todd & Craig in The Mother-Ship to discuss cannabis, Lemon Law, used cars and more. Florida Governor, in keeping with the will of the people pressures the Florida legislature to pass medical marijuana reform law. Two years earlier voters approved medical marijuana which was blocked by the legislature until 2019 when everything came full circle with passage of the new medical laws. Finland, is once again the happiest country on planet earth....



Gavin Seybert and Vinny Cate, join Todd & Craig in the Mother-Ship. Gavin delivers a story about a Tiger and Marijuana user coming face to face in an abandoned house. Vinny, provides insight into how his generation views marijuana use compared to other substances. Todd & Craig deliver the usual entertaining informative show filled with law, advocacy and spice..


420 Canna Expo!! A Guide to Hybrid Cannabis Strains, CBD, THC Strains, Child Support, Restricted Driver License

This episode discusses for first time users which strain or strains to seek as a consumer with all the choices available. Todd & Craig define the various strains based on indica, sativa, hybrids and more. Todd goes off on the fact that states do not allow restricted driving privileges to drop off and pick up kids from school and sport programs. This episode is filled with tons of information and law with a twist of humor. Enjoy!!!!!


HEMP VEHICLES With Attorney Steve Lehto, Dr. Robert L. Townsend

HEMP vehicles are absolutely going to be the future of automobile manufacturing. Attorney Steve Lehto, has been practicing Lemon Law & Consumer Protection Law for more than 26 years. Lehto, has authored multiple books and novels and produces a popular YouTube Channel. Lehto, joins Todd & Craig in The Mother Ship for a detailed conversion of the history of Hemp cars and where the industry is headed. Dr Robert Townsend is back in the ship providing insight and information regarding Medical...


HEMP in Early America Colonial Times, HEMP Poised For Huge Economic Resurgence, 420 Canna Expo!!

HEMP was grown and used as a resource and was known to colonial America as an agricultural product that had enormous value. Hemp and Marijuana are different strains of the Cannabis sativa L plant. 2018 Farm Bill defines HEMP as any part of the Cannabis sativa L plant. This includes all derivative and extracts such as cannabidiol, provided that the plant contains less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol. This episode covers the above topics and more as Todd & Craig discuss their love for...


Tribal Sovereignty and Native Marijuana, Michigan Marijuana Banking, CBS Rejects Super Bowl AD for Cannabis

Marijuana and Tribal Sovereignty has always been an issue that has captured the attention of the public. Tribal sovereignty refers to tribes and their right to govern themselves. In 2014 the DOJ released a memo in response to the issue of CSA and how it relates to Native American lands. The memo pointed to the Cole memo which guides US Attorneys in their enforcement efforts. Gavin Sibert joins Todd & Craig in the mother-ship discussing the above topics and more. Happy Birthday...


Off Duty Marijuana Use, Which States Ban Employment Discrimination, Can CDL Holders Smoke Off Duty, Biker Bob!!

Biker Bob & Tony, join Todd & Craig in the Mother-Ship. Topics include: Department of Transportation and the rights of CDL holders to use marijuana legally when off duty; With employers facing shortages of qualified employees, which states have protections in place against discriminating against employees who use cannabis legally when off work. In Massachusetts, the states highest court ruled last year a sales and marketing company wrongly fired a worker after her first day on the job after...


70 Dispensaries are forced to shut their doors, Which states have laws protecting employees from termination who use Marijuana, Jacob Barrasso, Sara Barber, Cannabon Theraputics

The state of Michigan forced more than a dozen marijuana dispensaries to close after a state set deadline was put in place. The marijuana businesses had until Feb 15, 2018 to apply for state licensing while they were allowed to stay open under Michigan emergency rules. The dispensaries had until December 31, 2018 to obtain state approval/license or shut their doors. Fourteen states have laws protecting employees against termination for lawful, off-duty use of cannabis. Jacob Barrasso...


What is in your WEED? What is your Weed being tested for? The five most addictive substances in the world

This episode covers the important topic of what is in your Marijuana? State licensed testing facilities primarily screen for potency, contaminants, mold, mildew, levels of THC and CBD. Marijuana goes through a number of processes and procedures during the ever important cultivation process before they end of in front of you the consumer. What are considered the 5 most addictive substances in the world? This question is answered on this show as Craig and Todd discuss each...


Top 5 Weed Stories of 2018, Canna Tourism, SPAIN Weed Laws, Chris Nani, Happy New Year!!

Todd & Craig review the top 5 Weed stories of 2018 with Chris Nani, (CannaRev Solutions). Chris also reviews Weed Laws in Spain. Canna Tourism is a billion dollar industry that is often overlooked by individuals deciding what part of the industry to take part in. In parts of the country where marijuana is legal, many towns and communities are opting out of the laws. Some of the concerns are the smell of farmed cannabis. The boys discuss this topic and more on this New Year edition...


HEMP IS FREE!! Now Free The Weed!! Cannabis Cultivation Solutions, Easy Roots, Quentin Veit

The Farm Bill is law and Industrial Hemp is now legal. The DEA must reclassify and get in line with the new laws. Each state must send the USDA a plan for implementation. Quentin Veit, joins the boys in The Mother Ship representing Easy Roots and adding to the discussion Cannabis Cultivation Solutions. Easy Roots implements the most efficient and affordable climate control systems for Cannabis Cultivation. As a systems integrator and engineering firm, Easy Roots helps cultivation companies...