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The Truth In The Afternoon with Dr. Ken Harris, airing weekdays from 4p-6p on 101.7 The Truth.

The Truth In The Afternoon with Dr. Ken Harris, airing weekdays from 4p-6p on 101.7 The Truth.


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The Truth In The Afternoon with Dr. Ken Harris, airing weekdays from 4p-6p on 101.7 The Truth.






5/16/22 4PM: Still Waiting to Apologize

The Deer District is a perfect example of the government catering to the businesses of downtown and not the people. Dr. Ken is waiting for the elected officials to do something which will force him to apologize for being wrong .but he is still waiting.


5/16/22 5PM: Black Retired Officers Speak Their Truth

Dr. Ken is joined by retired MPD Officers Andra Williams and Ray Banks. They want what is best for the community but also think accountability for actions is important but being mindful of who this may harm is just as important. Ticketing and towing unregistered vehicles helps enforce reckless driving but may have a negative impact on many law abiding citizens. Which matters more?


5/12/22 4PM: Stop Complaining and Put in Work

Stop complaining because It’s not the poverty. It’s not the single parent households. It’s not red lining because we adapt as a people. It comes down to people not wanting to put in the work. Nothing has been given to us in this world without a fight.


5/13/22 5PM: Milwaukee League of Martin for Police Week

In honor of Police Week Dr. Ken Harris is joined by Milwaukee League of Martin President Troy Johnson. Troy and Dr. Ken Harris talk about the state of law enforcement and the importance of the job and being a role model in the community and on the police force.


5/12/22 1PM: Reclaiming my Time?

Dr.Ken Harris finds himself waiting way too many time for his friend who always shows up late. He ask Truth fans how many more chances should he give his friend to be late?


5/12/22 5PM: Open Question Thursday

Dr.Ken opens the lines up for Truth Nation to chime in and ask Dr.Ken a few questions.


5/11/22 4PM: Back to Old Time Way

Dr. Ken paid 4.99/gallon for gas today and it took him back to 1977 during the Carter administration. This level of inflation is not a good sign for America but even worse sign for Milwaukee. No access to housing, gas or food. When America gets the cold, Black Folks in Milwaukee get the Flu.


5/11/22 5PM: The Healthcare and Insurance Scheme

An EpiPen cost $30 to make but cost consumers up to $600 for a 2 pack! After seeing Advocate Aurora Health has merged with Atrium Health becoming the fifth largest health system in the nation, Dr. Ken wants to know why health care cost are so high and who is to blame?


5/10/22 4PM: When it’s just not your day

Dr.Ken Harris’ day isn’t going well. from losing track of time, not getting his usual pre-show ritual and nothing in the studio being to his liking, to the stupid lava lamp left turn on in the studio, things are just off. Which inspired Dr.Ken Harris to ask Milwaukee for advice on what they do when it’s just not your day? How do you handle the feeling of repeated failures? Who doesn’t like a relaxing lava lamp?! He must be having a really bad day


5/10/22 5PM: So, you’ve had a bad day

Dr.Ken Harris’ bad day continues but it could be worse. As bad as his day may be, it could always be worse. His day isn’t as bad as the day of the family who recently lost their family member due to vehicular manslaughter, yet the suspect is out on a $10K signature bond. There were drugs and a firearm found in the car, when did we stop holding people accountable for their actions?


5/9/22 4PM: What's the move, moving forward?

While Dr.Ken Harris is on assignment his dear friend Jason Fields comes in to join Truth in the Afternoon once again to talk to Milwaukee about the new laws about reckless driving in the city, will this actually work for us long term? How does a 12-year-old end up getting arrested for car theft? We need a plan to make sure it doesn't become the norm for our city, what the move moving forward?


5/9/22 5PM: Moving Forward Pt.2

Milwaukee continues to be inspired by the conversation about the new reckless driving policy. They either think it's great, or detrimental to the future. What effect will this actually have on our community, how would other communities accept something like this? As a black community we need to pull each other up and be better without excuses.


5/6/22 4PM: Fate or Free Will Pt.1

Fate or Free Will Pt.1...... Dr.Ken questions the question that burdens all men or women. Are you choices and decisions preordained by God in the vein of fate or do you decide and make your own choices based off your own free will?


5/6/22 5PM: Fate or Free Will Pt.2

Fate or Free Will Pt.2...... Dr.Ken questions the question that burdens all men or women. Are you choices and decisions preordained by God in the vein of fate or do you decide and make your own choices based off your own free will?


5/5/22 4PM: Heroes

What is a hero? What qualities add up to one? Dr.Ken Harris asks Milwaukee what they see in heroism, and why black men don't flourish until later in life. Is it the fear of failure, instability, what is it? Growing up, he didn't have a hero growing up because his father passed away and didn't get the chance to be his hero, after all Dr.Ken Harris believes heroes need to be the same sex.


5/5/22 5PM: DC vs Marvel

After asking DZ some questions, one sticks out. Which is better Marvel or DC? It’s an important question that Milwaukee also wants to answer, in fact check Dr. Ken Harris is comic book knowledge at the same time. Someone’s got to give him a hard time!


5/4/22 4PM: A Message to Havenwoods

Dr.Ken Harris shouts out Havenwoods, a business improvement district that will be implementing cameras that are going to be used to help retrieve stolen cars and curb reckless driving in conjunction with ongoing investigations in MPD/FBI data bases. But then again why is a private entity doing the police's job? How much privacy are you willing to give up for safety?


5/4/22 5PM: The Great Resignation

What is Milwaukee doing during 'The Great Resignation'? 4.5 million people have quit their jobs in the month of march alone, adding to the millions that have already left their professions. How do you see this impacting our society, jobs, our future?


5/3/22 4PM: Give a sister a break

Dr.Ken Harris gets personal; the Doctor went to his doctor. But it’s a new physician because he had been unhappy with his previous care doctor. So today was his first appointment with them but the problem is that they were late that’s not a good first impression, even then Dr.Ken ended up being proud and impressed with this new physician. What he’s not impressed about is the Supreme Court documents that leaked about overturning Roe v. Wade.


5/3/22 5PM: Blues from the News

Truth in the Afternoon is taking a small break from Trust but Verify. Instead, Dr.Ken Harris takes the time to ask a few questions. Like about mystery, success, and the news. Why don’t people watch the news anymore? Milwaukee has their own thoughts. The news and the portrayal of black families in commercials have some of the community unsettled. Is the news just too sad for some people to handle?