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Mueller Indictments Explained, Plus Trump's Response to the NYC Terror Attack

This week, we're joined by legal advisor (and My Liberal Pals member) Tabitha Chapman for a discussion about what special counsel Robert Mueller's indictments may mean. Then we discuss the alleged terrorist attack in New York, as well as Trump's somewhat predictable reaction to it.


Flake Is Woke, the GOP Is Taxing, and Trump and Kelly Blow the Dog Whistle on a Gold Star Widow

Stephan, Chad, and David talk about Jeff Flake's oratorial moment and what it amounts to, and they opine on the future of the modern GOP in the era of Trump. Then a discussion on tax reform, and a related prediction about Trump's political expiration date. And finally, a discussion about Trump's ongoing feud with a gold star widow, and how chief of staff Kelly's attempt to paper it over only made it worse.


McCain Slays Graham-Cassidy, Plus Trump at the UN

Stephan, Chad, and David deal with the breaking news that Senator John McCain may quite possibly have killed Graham-Cassidy, the latest (and please for the love of god final) attempt by the Republicans to repeal the ACA. Then they talk about the dotard-in-Chief's appearance at the UN General Assembly, and how David really likes the word "bellicosity." Oh, and they talk about Ken Burns' Vietnam documentary, and Stephan breaks out his Peter Coyote impression.


Trump, Chuck, and Nancy Make a Deal (Part II), and Hillary's Book Tour

Stephan, David and Chad talk about the upsides and downsides of Trump's continuing dealmaking with Schumer and Pelosi, both for the Democrats and for the Republicans. And they discuss the MAGA meltdown. In the second half, it's all about Hillary Clinton's book tour, and how the 2016 election looks from the vantage of 2017.


Trump, Nancy, and Chuck Make a Deal, Plus Trump and DACA, pt. 2

Stephan, Chad, and David talk all about the debt ceiling deal Trump made with the Democrats, why the debt ceiling matters, and how the politics of all of this plays out. Then they talk about the cruelty of Trump's DACA move, the ridiculousness of walking it all back (maybe), and how the only good thing to come out of all of this might be Jeff Sessions getting thrown under the bus.


Hurricane Harvey, Trump and Arpaio, and MLP'er Tayyaba Ali Reports from Houston

This week, the guys talk about the recovery efforts in Houston and the often ugly politics involved. Then they discuss Trump's pardon of America's (Racist) Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, and how that feeds into the Mueller investigation. And in the second section, a discussion with My Liberal Pals member Tayyaba Ali on her experiences with Hurricane Harvey.


The Aftermath of Charlottesville, the Nazi-Sympathies of Trump, and the Exit of Steve Bannon

Stephan, Chad, and David discuss the horrific events of Charlottesville, Trump's revealing series of responses, the GOP's racist wing, and what can be done to push back against the now emboldened and energized neo-Nazi movement in America. And they discuss the ouster of Steve Bannon (and David winning the TOTB office pool).


Mueller Brings Grand Jury Heat, Plus Trump's Appeal to His White, Right-Wing Base

This week, Stephan, Chad, and David dissect special investigator Robert Mueller's move to impanel a DC grand jury. They actually get pretty granular, even breaking down what a grand jury is and what it does. Then they muse on Trump's multi-pronged approach to appeal to his white, angry white right-wing base, talking about Stephen Miller's presser on the RAISE Act limiting legal immigration, the White House's new attack on affirmative action, and, of course, Trump's rally in West Virginia,...


Trumpcare's Dramatic Last Stand, Plus Trump's Sessions Obsession

This week, Stephan, Chad, and David discuss Trumpcare's dramatic final moments, how Collins and Murkowski deserve way more credit, and how McConnell's street cred got winged. Then, the second half is all about Trump's obsession with Jeff Sessions and his potentially crumbling support among the GOP. And they find out--mid-show--about the firing of Reince Preibus.


Donald Trump Jr's Excellent Russian Adventure, Plus Trump in Paris, and Our G20 Postgame

This week, Stephan, Chad, and David provide deep and extensive coverage of Donald Trump Jr's email scandal, with a brief history of opposition research, along with legal and political ramifications, and just how Jared Kushner might figure into all of this, and what the Mueller investigation might do with this newfound treasure trove of information. Then, they look at Trump in Paris, and do a G20 post-game analysis, talking about how much damage Trump may have done, and how it might...


Dose of Good News for July 7, 2017

Stephan's weekly Dose of Good News for the week of July 7th, 2017.


Kim Jong-Un Joins the Nuclear Club, Plus Trump Jumps in the Gulf of Mexico

Stephan, Chad, and David briefly discuss Trump, Putin, and the G20 (with a promise more to come next week), and then do a deep dive into North Korea's successful ICBM launch. In the second half of the show, they talk about Trump's commission aimed at gathering state voter data, and how even red states are pushing back. All that, plus this week's Dose of Good News.


McConnell's Healthcare Death Spiral (Maybe), Plus SCOTUS Punts on the Muslim Ban

Stephan, Chad, and David talk the finer points of McConnell's failure to wrangle enough votes in the Senate for his healthcare bill. And then they discuss precisely what the Supreme Court's decision on Trump's travel ban means (and why it decidedly does NOT equal a victory for Trump). All this, plus Stephan's weekly dose of good news!


The Ossoff Loss Blame-Off, Plus McConnell's Diabolical Plan to Screw Millions of Americans

Stephan, David, and Chad catalog the many fingers of blame in the special election loss in Georgia's 6th district. And then they unpack Mitch McConnell's predictably cruel healthcare bill, and how he plans to ram it down America's throat.


Stephan's Dose of Good News & Call to Action for June 16, 2017

The many roadblocks to Trump's agenda, plus how to block the GOP Senate on Trumpcare.


Trump Under Investigation (for Real This Time, No Take-backs); Sessions Is Appalled

Stephan, Chad, and David discuss what the criminal investigation of a president ultimately means, they break down the various ongoing Senate and House investigations, and then they discuss how Kamala Harris made Jeff Sessions "nervous." All of this, plus this week's dose of good news, and a call to action.


Turns Out Comey DOES Play That; Plus the NSA Leaks, and the UK Election

This week, Stephan, David, and Chad discuss, what else, the Comey testimony, plus they discuss the NSA leak, and they touch on the election happening in the UK, and how what’s going on on our side of the pond may have impacted it.


Exploring Trump's Linguistic Decline with's Sharon Begley

This week, Stephan speaks with Sharon Begley, the senior science writer for the Boston Globe’s new health and medical publication, Stat News. She’s also been a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and Newsweek, and is the author of “Can’t Just Stop: An Investigation of Compulsions.” Begley recently published an article in Stat about Donald Trump’s apparent linguistic decline as observed in public recordings over the last 30 years, and what that might mean....


Weekly Dose of Good News & Call to Action

Weekly Dose of Good News & Call to Action by Stephan Cox, Chad Levinson, David Gershwin


Trump Pulls Out (of Paris), Assessing Trump’s World Tour, and the Latest on Russia

Stephan, David, and Chad talk all about the ramifications of Trump pulling out of the Paris Accords, we assess his world tour now that it’s officially over, and we give you the latest on the many, many, MANY investigations currently going on into Team Trump and Russia. Covfefe!