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Traders Nation® S14E34

Guest: Sam McElroy, Co-Founder of @financial and @financial Investments, discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® the argument of “when did the current bull market start” and the consensus of among “Wall Street folks”. Additionally, long-term investors and traders have one goal, and that’s to retire and try to get there without harm or limited harm to their portfolio. McElroy gives several ideas on how to reach those goals, what to look out for, and help people reach the end with...


Traders Nation® S14E33

Guest: Brad Williams, President of “Brad Williams Financial” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how American workers saw the largest pay and benefits increase in ten years. We uncover what ushered in prosperity across the nation, and determined if we’ll see more. Additionally, private workers fared better than the public sector – find out what the disparity between the two is, and does this reflect that we’re back to a consumer-driven economy and getting away from a government...


Traders Nation® S14E32

Stock list: Earnings reports are landing in the market and it’s not boding well for some stocks. Find out which ones are benefiting and which ones are taking a hit. On our list, is towers – because someone has to carry the data, cloud storage/data companies – someone has to store once it gets there, and we bring listeners and viewers up-to-date on our gambling plays. Stocks talk about were $AMT $CCI $UNIT $MA $PYPL $SQ $V $WU $WYNN $LVS $PENN $MGM $PAGS $CZR $BYD $PENN $SBAC $COR $DLR...


Traders Nation® S14E31

Guest: David Scranton, CEO and founder of “Sound Investment Strategies and author of “Return on Principle” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how inflation numbers are currently at their highest headline rate since 2012 and what brought them on. And, the Federal Reserve Bank maintains a hawkish tone, while many central banks in other parts of the world are dovish - what can we expect out of the FEDS. Additionally, we talk discuss flattening of the yield curve and get Scrantons...


Traders Nation® S14E30

Guest: Dee Carter, founder of The Carter Financial, and book author, “It’s Now or Never”, discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how some people are grossly unprepared to find a financial advisor and what is the best way to find one, and ask the right questions. We also discuss when is the best time to move from growth funds into income products once an investor reaches a certain age. Additionally, we talk about classic customer service and how not to judge a book by its cover....


Traders Nation® S14E29

Guest: Danielle Shay, Director of Options and Trader Specialist at Simpler Trading discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® mid-year review of stocks, strategies, and we look at a specific index because of its strongest relative strength. Watch to see which stocks stand out on her list, and with all the tariff news, how it creates profit opportunities for her. We talk about a potential index pullback here at mid-year but try and view the horizon on how 2018 may turn out overall....


Traders Nation® S14E28

Guest: William H. Janeway, best-selling author of “Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® the mission-driven accomplishment of the United States Government to initiate and invest in early internet technology that commercial enterprises couldn’t have been able to pull off. And, once the government got the technology to the staging area, commercial enterprise was able to take over and transform the technology into the market economy....


Traders Nation® S14E27

Guest: Taylor Letterman, Cryptocurrency Analyst, and Trader at Simpler Trading, discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® what Ethereum is, how it came about, and what to expect for its future in the Cryptocurrency world. Also, as a trader, get examples of how the market facilitates trading bitcoin at various exchanges and will those markets make trading more fluid for traditional investors. Additionally, we discuss governmental oversight of how cryptocurrency should be handled by...


Traders Nation® S14E26

Guest: Raghee Horner, futures and trading expert at Simpler Trading, discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how OPEC has agreed to hike oil output, but, the price per barrel of oil continues to rise. And, since the United States started producing greater numbers of output, will this help lessen the mounting pressure of worldwide market demand? Additionally, is getting the oil from ground to market more difficult? The process seems to be stretching the infrastructure, like trucking...


Traders Nation® S14E25

Guest: Brad Williams, President of Brad Williams Financial Services discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how student loan debt has skyrocketed to nearly a trillion dollars and that women hold the majority of that debt. Get the numbers of this phenomenon broken down and the reasons why. Additionally, students and parents need to have a hard conversation to properly map out their education that can carry the student into a career future. Often, thousands of dollars are spent on...


Traders Nation® S14E24

Guest: Anthony Saccaro, President of Providence Financial discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how consumer confidence rebounds near an 18 year high. While many think the optimism and growth are euphoric; Saccaro’s says not so fast, and his reasoning should be an eye-opener for you. Additionally, get solid ideas on how to recover from the last 10 years, and plan for a financial future as Americans may need to navigate choppy financial water ahead. Stock list: Payment processors,...


Traders Nation® S14E23

Traders Nation Broadcast - Stocks, Market News, and Guests Guest: John Grace, President, and Founder of Investors Advantage Corp discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® that many Americans have no retirement savings and even a certain percentage of Baby Boomers are also falling short. Hear the exact numbers and how it’s never too late to get started, at any age! Additionally, some are working later in age and holding off on Social Security; does this make sense to do, and if so,...


Traders Nation® S14E22

Guest: Angela Sloan, CEO, and Founder of Sloan Financial Group discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® the low employment rates in the market; what it means to employers, and the unemployed looking for work. Additionally, get detailed information on the ratio of jobs available versus people looking for work. Further, get a perspective of what employers look for in a candidate and learn the pitfalls of what NOT to do if you’re looking for employment. Hint: clean up your social media...


Traders Nation® S14E21

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