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Traders Nation® S14E49

Guest: John Grace, Founder and President of, Investors Advantage Corp, updates with Kurt Schemers and Don McKelvey on Traders Nation® about a tax bill floating around by top US House tax writer, Representative Kevin Brady. Portions of the bill relate directly to retirement plans and IRS reform. Grace discusses Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) and the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) that the government forces retirees to take since it creates a wealth of cash revenue for the FEDS....


Traders Nation® S14E48

PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT INTERVIEW RIGHT NOW FOR YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE Guest: Jeffrey Small, President of, Arbor Financial, updates with Kurt Schemers and Don McKelvey on Traders Nation® discuss the volatility in the market right now and what is causing it. Small discusses the technical aspect of several markets and Schemers discusses the geopolitical events contributing to the volatility. The market closed down for the 2nd day, after a huge down day yesterday (12/05), but there are...


Traders Nation® S14E47

Guest: Angela Sloan, CEO, and Founder of, Sloan Financial Group, updates with Kurt Schemers and Don McKelvey on Traders Nation® how the “Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017” was beneficial for many Americans, but when it comes to tax filing will taxpayers run into complex filing issues? Sloan, which has been training with the IRS believes so. Watch/listen as we lay out in detail several examples of which deductions are no longer and how to take advantage of the new rules in the next tax filing...


Traders Nation® S14E46

Guest: Anthony Saccaro, President of, Providence Financial, updates with Kurt Schemers and Don McKelvey on Traders Nation® how Social Security will tap the trust fund for the first time in thirty-six years, and what it means to all of us that have put into the system. We discover that media, in general, may be skewing information on what this actually means. Still, the mere fact that the government will need to means the Social Security system is still broke and needs to be fixed....


Traders Nation® S14E45

Stock Talk: Cannabis have been doing very well over the last week after they experienced a tumble with most recovering around their 200ma. Also discussed, with AG Sessions gone, will the industry find a clear path to federal legalization? Additionally, we cover gambling stocks as the market in this area, is soft. We offer updates to our gambling list as interest rates move against some of these companies, one, in particular, is leveraged from borrowing and can’t seem to get a break. McKelvey...


Traders Nation® S14E44

Guest: Eddie Ghabour, Co-Owner of, Key Advisors Group LLC” updates with Kurt Schemers and Don McKelvey on Traders Nation® about the “longest bull market run” which was first discussed in August on where the market is since then, and where Ghabour feels it will close by year-end. Additionally, there’s been a tremendous amount of volatility in the market – get the details on which sector is wreaking the most havoc and what’s the best way to mitigate and protect your portfolio from the...


Traders Nation® S14E43

Guest: Sam McElroy, Co-Founder of, “@financial and @financial Investments” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® that the jobless claims have dropped to a 49 year low – what was it that paved the way for tremendous prosperity in the labor force? Additionally, one side effect we’re seeing with surplus jobs is that there isn’t enough skilled candidates to fill these positions. Discover how employers are coping with finding the right people, and then keeping the ones they have....


Traders Nation® S14E42

Guest: David Scranton, CEO, and Founder of, “Sound Income Strategies” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® that the Fed has indicated it’s staying on course to rate hikes despite growing criticism from some in the market and the current Administration. Additionally, the Fed is sending a message to the bond market, by action, “we’re doing this”. Discover what effect this decision has on bonds. And, will there be more rate hikes by the end of the year? Another concern, is, will the...


Traders Nation® S14E41

Guest: Brad Williams, President of, “Brad Williams Financial Services” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® the DOW’s rapid 830 point tumble due to rising rates and an unsettled trade dispute between the USA and China. Additionally, since the economy is running pretty hot, and fast enough to kick up inflation pressures, is there a need from Fed policy-makers to raise rates? Not to miss, consumer confidence jumps to an 18 year high; the economy is running on all cylinders and...


Traders Nation® S14E40

Guest: Allison Ostrander, Director of Tolerance, and Options Trader Specialist with “Simpler Trading” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how large companies are paving the way of legitimacy by making sizable investments in small cannabis companies. And, as Canada legalizes cannabis across the board for recreational consumption, companies are positioning themselves in the space to meet the huge demand of consumers. Additionally, we discuss with Ostrander, will the U.S. federal...


Traders Nation® S14E39

Stock Talk: We’ve drafted a new list of cannabis stocks in a huge emerging market as cannabis continues to be a player domestically. During the show, we discuss enormous investments piling into cannabis companies, product development, and support by various other industry companies, i.e., trucking – transportation, and packaging, that could profit from tapping into the cannabis space. Additionally, a tremendous amount of wealth is being developed by de-criminalizing cannabis. The next...


Traders Nation® S14E38

Guest: Kathy Fettke, Co-CEO, and Co-Founder, of “Real Wealth Network” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how a large portion, but not all, of the Millennials are opting out of homeownership. It’s discovered how Millennials are putting off to a later age of purchasing a home since coming off the Great Recession because of unemployment and debt concerns. Plus, Fettke, covers the difference between a real asset (house) versus a depreciating one (car) and how this difference is...


Traders Nation® S14E37

Guest: Al Caicedo, President, and Owner, of “CKS Summit Group” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how consumers are cutting the cable cord, and in particular, an estimate of 5 million customers are projected to say goodbye to their cable company in 2018. Losses are expected to range into the billions of US dollars. Tune in to find out who’s letting loose of their cable company, and where they’re taking their entertainment business. And, discover how cable companies are combating...


Traders Nation® S14E36

Guest: Adam Mesh, CEO and Founder, of “Adam Mesh Trading Group” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how Amazon became the second company in US history to reach $1 trillion market capitalization just one month after Apple Inc. was able to achieve the historic event. Additionally, we discuss how Amazon seems to have a very aggressive growth plan and based upon its mammoth size and financial backing, scares companies in the markets it intends to enter. Lastly, Amazon captures .49...


Traders Nation® S14E35

Guest: Jeff Small, President of, Arbor Financial, and author of “Turning Financial Planning, Right Side Up” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® the longest market bull-run in history and what it means for traders and long-term investors. We also go over how the S&P, NASDAQ, and DOW rallied into triple-digit gains over the market bull-run, but not all companies in the market did well. Additionally, after the Great Recession, folks had a hard time getting themselves back into the...


Traders Nation® S14E34

Guest: Sam McElroy, Co-Founder of @financial and @financial Investments, discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® the argument of “when did the current bull market start” and the consensus of among “Wall Street folks”. Additionally, long-term investors and traders have one goal, and that’s to retire and try to get there without harm or limited harm to their portfolio. McElroy gives several ideas on how to reach those goals, what to look out for, and help people reach the end with...


Traders Nation® S14E33

Guest: Brad Williams, President of “Brad Williams Financial” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how American workers saw the largest pay and benefits increase in ten years. We uncover what ushered in prosperity across the nation, and determined if we’ll see more. Additionally, private workers fared better than the public sector – find out what the disparity between the two is, and does this reflect that we’re back to a consumer-driven economy and getting away from a government...


Traders Nation® S14E32

Stock list: Earnings reports are landing in the market and it’s not boding well for some stocks. Find out which ones are benefiting and which ones are taking a hit. On our list, is towers – because someone has to carry the data, cloud storage/data companies – someone has to store once it gets there, and we bring listeners and viewers up-to-date on our gambling plays. Stocks talk about were $AMT $CCI $UNIT $MA $PYPL $SQ $V $WU $WYNN $LVS $PENN $MGM $PAGS $CZR $BYD $PENN $SBAC $COR $DLR...


Traders Nation® S14E31

Guest: David Scranton, CEO and founder of “Sound Investment Strategies" and author of “Return on Principle” discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how inflation numbers are currently at their highest headline rate since 2012 and what brought them on. And, the Federal Reserve Bank maintains a hawkish tone, while many central banks in other parts of the world are dovish - what can we expect out of the FEDS. Additionally, we talk discuss flattening of the yield curve and get Scrantons...


Traders Nation® S14E30

Guest: Dee Carter, founder of The Carter Financial, and book author, “It’s Now or Never”, discusses with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation® how some people are grossly unprepared to find a financial advisor and what is the best way to find one, and ask the right questions. We also discuss when is the best time to move from growth funds into income products once an investor reaches a certain age. Additionally, we talk about classic customer service and how not to judge a book by its cover. All...