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Among Disheartening Numbers, A Few Bright Spots Emerge in Appalachia Health Statistics

On this West Virginia Morning, seven of the nation’s leading causes of death are found at higher rates here in Appalachia compared to the rest of the country. But there is some diversity in these statistics. When researchers analyzed all 420 counties in Appalachia, they found 42 outperformed the statistical odds. A team of researchers has been studying why these communities are outliers. As Roxy Todd reports, in all of the communities that researchers studied, they found a culture of sharing...


Vote Counting Continues in Kanawha after Issues Come To Light

On this West Virginia Morning, a vote tabulation issue in Kanawha County is nearing resolution and it appears it will not affect the outcome of two statehouse races in question. As Dave Mistich reports, election officials there had to reconcile more than 1,700 unaccounted for ballots across 20 voting precincts.


2 Views of the Mid-Term Election Results

On this West Virginia Morning, here are two messages you can read from the midterm elections: candidates in California were rewarded for opposing President Trump -- critics like California’s new Gov. Gavin Newsom won big. But in a red state like West Virginia, Sen. Joe Manchin was returned to office for, some say, embracing the president and siding with him on key issues. So how did we get here? Cherry Glazer of KCRW in California speaks with West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s Trey Kay in...


Q&A: Mid-Term Election Results

On this West Virginia Morning, senior reporter Dave Mistich joins host Teresa Wills to discuss Tuesday's election results.


High School Seniors Buck Party Politics, Survey Shows

On this West Virginia Morning, a new poll of West Virginia high school seniors shows that young people may not be as tied to party politics as you might think. The poll was conducted by Inspire West Virginia -- a nonpartisan organization that encourages high school students to be civically engaged -- and 100 Days in Appalachia, a media partner of West Virginia Public Broadcasting. Glynis Board recently sat down with Ashton Marra to discuss the results. Formerly a member of our team, Ashton...


Teachers' Strike Big Factor in Race for 3rd U.S. House District

On this West Virginia Morning, the state’s 3rd Congressional District is one of the country's most closely watched U.S. House races in the 2018 general election. Richard Ojeda, of Logan, is an Army veteran and Democratic state senator who became an advocate for striking teachers. He is running against Carol Miller, a Republican state delegate, bison farmer and small business owner from Huntington, who’s backed by Donald Trump. Molly Born reports.


Q&A: Breaking Down 2 Constitutional Amendments on Mid-Term Ballot

On this West Virginia Morning, there are two constitutional amendments on the ballot in this year’s mid-term election. If passed, one would change language about how abortions are handled in the state constitution. The other would give the state Legislature some oversight of the Supreme Court’s budget. Senior reporter Dave Mistich sat down with news director Jesse Wright to break down what each amendment means.


Breaking Down U.S. Senate, 1st, 2nd House District Races

On this West Virginia Morning, midterm elections have historically served as a referendum of those in power. With Republicans controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress, that could be the case this November, especially in one of West Virginia’s biggest races -- the race for U.S. Senate.


Charleston Rabbi Finds Solac e in Acts of Kindness Following Pittsburgh Tree of Life Shooting

On this West Virginia Morning, the shooting at a Pittsburgh Synagogue last weekend sent shockwaves across the country, and in West Virginia. Roxy Todd sat down with Victor Urecki, the rabbi at B’Nai Jacob Synagogue in Charleston, for his thoughts on moving ahead in the wake of the tragedy.


WVU Hosts Vigil for Vicitms of Pittsburgh Tree of Life Shooting

On this West Virginia Morning, hundreds of people gathered last night at a vigil held at West Virginia University to honor the victims of the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. As Brittany Patterson reports, speakers at the event offered a message of both vigilance and healing to the Jewish community, both in Morgantown and around the world.


Immigration Dominates Political Messaging In Run-Up To Mid-Terms

On this West Virginia Morning, the midterm elections are just around the corner. Republicans from Texas to Appalachia are campaigning on a common theme this week: closing the border, building the wall and stopping that migrant caravan from Honduras. Fear of illegal immigration is a key message. And it’s the topic for this installment of Red State Blue State, our weekly chat between Trump Country and the Blue Bubble of southern California.


Black Lung Fund Faces Threat

On this West Virginia Morning, amid a surge in cases of black lung disease, concerns are rising about the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund, which provides federal benefits to some coal miners with the disease. A tax that funds those benefits is scheduled to fall by over 50 percent at the end of the year unless Congress acts. Now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says there’s a plan to keep the trust fund from sliding further into debt. The Ohio Valley ReSource's Sydney Boles has more.


Mountain Biking Program Aims To Boost Kids' Mental, Physical Health

On this West Virginia Morning, more than 35 percent of children ages 10-17 in West Virginia are overweight or obese, according to an annual Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report released today. The report outlines policy ideas for how to blunt the upward trend of obesity -- one of them is helping kids to be more physically active. Kara Lofton reports on a new grassroots program that helps kids get more active through mountain biking.


Gazette-Mail's Ken Ward Talks About McArthur Fellowship Award

On this West Virginia Morning, a West Virginia journalist recently received a MacArthur Fellowship, a prestigious award that comes with a stipend of 625-thousand dollars. Investigative reporter Ken Ward Jr. was one of only 25 people named for the awards that’s often called the “genius” award. The website said Ward was recognized for his work that reveals, “…the human and environmental toll of natural resource extraction in West Virginia…” Inside Appalachia host Jessica Lilly, spoke with Ward...


Hampshire County Family Continue Broom-Making Legacy

On this West Virginia Morning, last year, West Virginia Public Broadcasting featured one of West Virginia’s last remaining broom makers – Kanawha County resident Jim Shaffer. The story ended with a question – would this dwindling art continue once Shaffer retired? Well, turns out, a whole family in Hampshire County makes brooms together, and they were inspired by Shaffer himself. Liz McCormick brings us the story. West Virginia Morning is a production of West Virginia Public Broadcasting...


Red State, Blue State Tackles Climate Change Conversation

On this West Virginia Morning, in the past, President Trump has written off science and called climate change a “total and expensive hoax.” This week, Trump said in an interview with 60 Minutes that the climate is changing, but it’s not “man-made”, it might reverse itself, and it’s not worth losing millions of jobs over. After all, Trump has promised to jumpstart the struggling coal industry.


Miners, Officials Assess Aftermath of Wyoming County Mine Layoffs

On this West Virginia Morning, hundreds of miners have been laid off, effective Thursday, Oct. 18, following a mine closure in Wyoming County. As Molly Born reports, the news is a blow to the region -- and some miners are now considering getting out of the industry altogether.


A Story of Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

On this West Virginia Morning, we hear another story from our ongoing project focused on confronting the addiction crisis in our region. Assistant News Director Glynis Board spoke with Bill Hogan who shares his recovery story.


Small-Scale Agriculture Could Have a Major Impact on W.Va.’s Economy

On this West Virginia Morning, agriculture -- even on a small scale -- could have a big impact in West Virginia’s economy. We’ll hear about one program trying to spur that growth.


Top State Health Official Discusses Opioid Crisis As He Prepares To Leave Post

On this West Virginia Monring, the nation’s opioid crisis hit first and hardest in the Ohio Valley. West Virginia, in particular, has suffered some of the highest rates of addiction and overdose deaths in the country. As the state’s public health commissioner, Dr. Rahul Gupta has been the point person in the state’s fight against the epidemic. After three years in that position, Gupta is leaving next month. The Ohio Valley ReSource's Aaron Payne spoke with Gupta about his time at the center...