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Hi! We are so excited to share What Else Happened?, a weekly roundup of important news that flies under the radar. Thanks for your consideration!

Hi! We are so excited to share What Else Happened?, a weekly roundup of important news that flies under the radar. Thanks for your consideration!
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Hi! We are so excited to share What Else Happened?, a weekly roundup of important news that flies under the radar. Thanks for your consideration!








A Bold North Carolina Campaign to End Shackling of Pregnant People

Regina and Kat discuss what the Trump administration is–and isn’t–doing to address domestic violence, how rural communities are disproportionately affected by toxic drinking water, and about the Catholic health systems looking to get into the drug business. Also, Kat talks with SisterSong's Omisade Burney-Scott about a campaign to end the practice of shackling pregnant people in North Carolina prisons.


A Look Inside the Abortion Underground

Kat and Regina discuss the comeback of a disease, raids on strip clubs in New Orleans, and a lawsuit against policy preventing transgender residents from having a driver’s license that reflects their gender identity. Also, Regina talks with Nina Liss-Schultz about her recent piece at Mother Jones on an underground network of activists helping people to terminate their pregnancies.


Congress Tries to Prevent Another Larry Nassar

This week, Kat and Regina discuss a troubling report on AirBnB, the fight against sterilization abuse in Washington state, and new legislation to combat sexual abuse of athletes. Also, Kat chats with writer and activist Raquel Willis about a supermarket chain’s refusal to provide insurance coverage for a life-saving drug.


Intentional, Deadly Negligence in Orlando

Regina and Kat discuss the pollution crisis in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Orlando, Florida; a fight over installing elevators in New York subways; and how a Portland-based clothing company is taking abortion funding into its own hands. Also, Regina chats with Rewire editor Ali Stine about how snow days can cause major problems for Appalachian parents.


Chicago Prioritized Religion Over Health Care

Kat and Regina discuss the disproportionately high rates of maternal mortality among women of color in Texas, the Trump administration's latest moves against trans students, and how Chicago is putting religious restrictions above patient access to care. Plus, Kat talks to Sonia Chopra about a Black student in Mason, Ohio, facing racist comments from his white social studies teacher—and what his mother is doing about it.


We'll Be Back in January!

In the meantime, here's some holiday joy from Regina and Kat. And be sure to check out all of our great end-of-year content at Rewire!


Job Market Discrimination and Tiny House Activism

Regina and Kat discuss the news about indigenous activists building tiny houses to stop another pipeline, the discrimination women can face on the job market, and the obstacles Black Boston residents must overcome when accessing health care. Plus, Kat talks to Kathy Bougher about an injustice in El Salvador.


Charter School Segregation and Clinic Defenders on High Alert

Kat and Regina discuss the news that charter schools are more racially segregated than other public schools, Wisconsin is in the running for being the first state to drug test food stamp applicants, and Illinois has launched a new program to combat the opioid crisis. Also, Regina chats with Jasmine Sherman, a clinic defender with Pro-Choice Charlotte, about why she believes Charlotte has become an epicenter for abortion clinic harassment.


Injustices in Social Security and Missing Coverage of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

Kat and Regina are back to discuss how Social Security is leaving behind people with disabilities, a spike in hate-based violence against Asian people in the United States, and new solutions to the domestic violence epidemic.


Prison Injustice, a Rural Water Crisis, and Philando Castile's Legacy

Regina and Kat explore this week’s important underreported stories: jail policies around in-person visitation further dehumanize those behind bars, a new report exposes an alarming source of water contamination in rural communities, and a memorial fund in the name of Philando Castile changes the lives of schoolchildren in need. Plus, Kat interviews Rewire's Sofia Resnick about an anti-choice group purchasing an abortion clinic just to shut it down.


Congress Failed, Parents With Disabilities Sued, and a 'Concentration Camp' Closed

Rewire managing editors Regina Mahone and Kat Jercich explore this week’s important underreported stories: Congress creating a rural health crisis, #NoCopAcademy protests breaking out in Chicago, and the closing of "Tent City" in Arizona. Plus, Regina interviews Vilissa Thompson about parents with intellectual disabilities fighting discrimination in New York City, and Kat's parents are in town.


A North Carolina Mother Learns Whether She Can Leave Sanctuary

Rewire managing editor Regina Mahone talks with immigration reporter Tina Vasquez about a breaking development for Minerva Garcia, a North Carolina woman who had been forced to take sanctuary in a local church to fight her ICE deportation order. Where is Minerva now, and what lies ahead for her and her family?


Hunger, Pregnancy Discrimination, and Progress in Birmingham

Rewire managing editors Regina Mahone and Kat Jercich discuss the hungriest states in the country; a surprising new ordinance in Birmingham, Alabama; and misspent state funds in Texas. Plus, Kat interviews the ACLU's Gillian Thomas and Regina finds her joy at a birthday party.


Buried Stats, Forgotten Kids, and Court Shenanigans

Rewire managing editors Regina Mahone and Kat Jercich explore this week’s important underreported stories: the Department of Veterans Affairs glossing over alarming new data, the opioid crisis leading to kids left behind, and Chicago giving its last Black-owned bank an investment bump. Plus, Kat interviews NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Executive Director Alison Dreith about the Eighth Circuit putting a stop to new abortion services in Missouri, and Regina finds out about a hidden gem right in...


Tons of Wildfires, Child Care Blueprints, and Tom DeLay—Again

In our first episode, Rewire managing editors Regina Mahone and Kat Jercich explore some of this week's most important underreported stories: the major natural disaster that's not a hurricane, alarming trends in racial wealth divides, and Tom DeLay's newest efforts to thwart the Constitution. Also, Regina interviews journalist Bryce Covert on an important new entitlement proposal in Congress, and someone famous gave Kat so much joy it brought her to tears. All of this and more is available...


Coming Friday, 9/15: What Else Happened?

Welcome to Rewire Radio's new podcast: What Else Happened? In this age of information shock and awe, important stories that affect people's lives are getting drowned out by the rest of the news. Hosts Regina Mahone and Kat Jercich will bring you those stories -- and a little bit of joy -- every Friday afternoon.