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The 2019 New Years Security Perimeter Podcast: I blame Neoliberalism

Last year in was Putin, this year its neoliberalism. Valentina, Sarah, Diego, "anonymous", Ines, Carla and I get together to discuss some very serious issues ranging from Neoliberalism, the new Mexican President (AMLO), the Unholy Trinity (neoliberalism, corruption, and organized crime), Wood soup in Venezuela, alternative facts, and exorcisms. Our task is to help the new mexican president figure out how to rid the country of Neoliberalism (I wonder if he knows why its called "neo"). We also...


Alan Bersin on the migration crisis at the US-Mex border

Alan is back for his 3rd podcast! This time of the migration crisis at the US-Mexico border. If you dont remember who Alan Bersin is, he was the former undersecretary responsible for borders and CBP at Homeland Security during the Obama administration and served as the "Border Czar" under Bill Clinton. If someone knows the border and migration, its Alan. He continues to consult in these issues in private/post-goverment life. This "special" episode of the podcast was a discussion between Alan...


An interview with someone who interviewed Vladimir Putin (does that make sense?)

So in this episode, I interview veteran Mexican newsbroadcaster Jorge Berry who flew to Moscow and interviewed Vladimir Putin in 2002 in the Kremlin. Our discussion is less about the issues, and more about the "vibe" he got from Putin. SPOILER ALERT: he doesnt like Putin. In fact Putin did something so nasty, so typically "Putin" to him... I wont tell you what it is. You gotta hear the podcast to find out, but Putin is a nasty, NASTY dude. I also got to ask Jorge his opinion on a certain...


DUNCAN WOOD on the USMCA or the SMAC as I prefer to call it.

Dr. Duncan Wood, director of the Mexico Institute of the Wilson Center and a great friend of ITAM talks about the new "SMAC" "FREE TRADE" agreement of North America. What can I say, the discussion was awesome. Duncan REALLY knows his stuff, and I know that alot of you ex alumnos who remember Duncan will want to hear this... In a way, Duncan is BACK! sort of. click the link below to find out more about the Mexico Institute in DC. TONS of AWESOME research on anything Mexico-USA....


The election of AMLO in Mexico and the future of cooperation with the US with Eric Olson

So, after a very long break from the podcast because i had way to much work the last few months, we are back with a brand new episode on the election of AMLO and in Mexico and the future of security cooperation with the USA with Senior Fellow Eric Olson from the Wilson Center in DC. We spoke alot about why Mexico is in so much trouble and what AMLO needs to do and what he is likely to do. Oh yeah, all of this in the context of a Trump presidency in the US. hope you enjoy and please check out...


Col. Jamie Cade, Deputy Commander, Canadian Task Force in Afghanistan talks about the war in Afghanistan

So this is a truly awesome incredible podcast. I cant believe that Jaime gave me an interview on this. Jaime was the deputy commander of all canadian forces in Aghanistan in the late 2000s. In Kandajar of all freaking places. Jaime speaks about his experiences. The good times, and of course some of the bad times. This is a truly fascinating discussion with someone who was actually on the ground in Afghanistan during the worst part of war commanding (well deputy commanding) the entire...


Episode 29: Dan Libby on Internal Affairs and law enforcement

So Dan Libby, a 30 year veteran of law enforcement in the United States and consultant for law enforcement agencies on internal affairs reform, and I - discuss how and why internal affairs can help clean up law enforcement agencies. PARTICULARLY RELEVANT TO MEXICANS, RIGHT? This is the first episode of 2018. Officially, the 3rd year of the podcast! Dan Libby and I met when he was here discussing internal affairs with local law enforcement and we kind of became friends. In fact he seriously...


The Vladimir Putin, Russian Propaganda, Security Perimeter Podcast XMAS special

here it is!! the episode the entire planet has been waiting for!!!! the Putin XMAS special!!! Inis, Valentina, Sarah, Facundo and I go through some of the most awesome Russian fake news and make some seriously awesome and extremely funny commentary (if i may say). Among the many things that we discovered (such as "secret" NATO documents that I guess are not so secret after all, we all come to the conclusion that Vladimir is a transvestite homosexual (not that there is anything wrong with...


Episode 28: What life is REALLY like at the Mexico-US border with Tony Payan

so in this episode, i interview dr. tony payan from Rice University in Houston on what the border really looks like. Tony is originally from the border region and has studied it intensively over the last two decades or so... this guy KNOWS the border better than anyone, including mexican and american authorities. Of course the focus of discussion is on what impact the "WALL" will have (and whether it will solve any problems) but we also deal with other related issues. Please dont forget to...


Episode 27: Alan Bersin, former Undersecretary of Homeland Security on North America

Alan Bersin is BACK! This time to discuss the election of Donald Trump, the future of North America, undocumented (or illegal) migration and the future of the "DREAMERS" in the United States. One word on this podcast... AWESOME. its been a while since I put up an episode, but I have a good reason. The last few weeks we have been putting together a website dedicated to security issues. Click on to take a look. You can find all the podcasts episodes for...


Episode 26: North Korean nuclear crisis and Donald Trump: Bad, very bad.

In this episode, Ulises Granados returns to the podcast (see episode 1 on China) to discuss the ongoing nuclear crisis with North Korea. Ulises is usually quite calm about these kinds of things (unlike me), but this time he is really worried - which worries me even more. Spoiler alert: it's a game of chicken and someone has to back down to de-escalate the crisis otherwise it will get worse. You won't believe who Ulises thinks needs to back down. Listen to find out and comment at...


Episode 25: Trump, Mueller and Impeachment with Dr. Wayne Steger

In this episode, we take a look at what Donald Trumps political future looks like. Will he be impeached? alot of you out there might think that the answer to that questions is a resounding YES! Well, Wayne Steger from DePaule University, an expert in Presidential politics, explains why that might actually be more difficult than people might think. Listen to find out why! We also talk about populism in the US political system, which is the topic of a book his that will be out shortly. Wayne...


Episode 24: Dr. Craig Deare on US-Mexico Defense cooperation, A Tail Of Two Eagles

Description: Dr. Craig Deare (retired US Army Colonel, former Senior Advisor on Hemispheric Security at the National Security Council and presently Professor at the National Defense University in Washington) recently published a book titled "A Tail Of Two Eagles", which looks at Mexico-US defense cooperation. On this episode, I interview him on how he sees that evolving relationship. He is optimistic, even in these interesting times. Listen to the podcast to find out why! Craig has seen the...


Episode 23: Reforming Law Enforcement in Mexico: Challenges and challenges and challenges

So episode 23 which is in ENGLISH is an interview with DR. Juan Salgado from Center for teaching and research in economics (CIDE) on what kinds of law enforcement reforms are necessary in order to increase effectiveness. He draws on comparative research, having looked at the cases of central america, south america and south Africa. This guy is AWESOME. He is really world renowned on this subject. We are Facebook friends, and every time I see him there, he is travelling to speak in south...


Ep 22: DR. Andrea Charron on new Canadian defense policy: one word... WOW!!!

OK, SO THIS TIME ITS IN ENGLISH!!! Andrea Charron, Canadian defense specialist and Director of the Canadian Center for Defense and Intelligence updates (and corrects) some of the claims I made in episode 21 on Canadian Defense strategy. Canada has Just recently announced a new defense policy and its awesome news for the military. As a quick summary, Canada will increase its military spending by 40% over the next few years, acquire 6 Arctic offshore patrol vessels, 15 new frigates, etc, etc,...


Ep 21: Canada`s national security: lessons for mexico?

So in honour (canadian spelling) of Canadas 150 yrs, this podcast looks at how Canada defines its National Security. Trust me, its pretty weird, Canada needs the US to defend its territoriality and sovereignty so Canadian National Security is intertwined with that of the USA. During WW2 canada recognized that it couldn't do it on its own. It needed the US. The close security relationship has subsequently developed to a point where it is absolutely unique in the world. Putting aside Mexican...


Episode 20: US Defense policy, ALL WRONG!, ALL WRONG!!! WRONG!!!!!! in spanglish

So in this episode, I give you my take on US defense policy under Obama and Trump. Whats happened to the armed forces? well, they have been gutted, barely able to sustain major combat operations over an extended period of time. This makes Russia and China very happy, especially given that these two countries are actually building up their military as we speak. I argue that this is a problem. Whether we like it or not, the world needs US defense leadership. This podcast is in spanglish so I...


Episode 19: New Cold War with Steve Saideman. Putin plays global politics like he plays Judo, and Trump is his enabler

So Steve Saideman from the Norman Paterson School of International affairs and I take a look at the new Cold War. He has an interesting take on this. Two actors: Putin and Trump, but guess who Steve thinks is more dangerous? Listen to find out. We look at all the places that Putin is pulling a "Judo", including Ukraine, Baltics, Middle East and yes, even in the Canadian Artic. Steve argues that some have been victories for Putin but others have been resounding mistakes, like in Syria. We...


Episode 18: Brandon Valeriano says war is imminent in North Korea - MAJOR, MAJOR CONFLICT - maybe

So Brandon Valeriano - a buddy of mine who now works for the US Marine College - and I talk about the prospects of war in North Korea. The news is bad, or good, depending on how you interpret what Brandon argues. He is also an expert on cybersecurity and US Cyber-command. He will soon be testifying at the US senate on Intelligence on the subject. So we also discuss cyberthreats. Im pretty sure the NSA was listening in on this one, especially because he was using his laptop at the Marine...


Episode 17: the new Internal Security law in Mexico: Good or Bad (BAD, VERY BAD, A COMPLETE DISASTER)

Ok, so this episode is on the new Internal Security law in Mexico.. My good buddy, Arturo Santa cruz from the University of Guadalajara invited Jorge, Alejandro and me to talk about the new "ley de seguridad interior" that the senate is debating right now. Its gives special policing powers to the military when needed to deal with organized crime. Well, I have some serious problems with this as you will find out by listening to the podcast. The podcast is actually a conference that took place...