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The election of AMLO in Mexico and the future of cooperation with the US with Eric Olson

So, after a very long break from the podcast because i had way to much work the last few months, we are back with a brand new episode on the election of AMLO and in Mexico and the future of security cooperation with the USA with Senior Fellow Eric Olson from the Wilson Center in DC. We spoke alot about why Mexico is in so much trouble and what AMLO needs to do and what he is likely to do. Oh yeah, all of this in the context of a Trump presidency in the US. hope you enjoy and please check...


Col. Jamie Cade, Deputy Commander, Canadian Task Force in Afghanistan talks about the war in Afghanistan

So this is a truly awesome incredible podcast. I cant believe that Jaime gave me an interview on this. Jaime was the deputy commander of all canadian forces in Aghanistan in the late 2000s. In Kandajar of all freaking places. Jaime speaks about his experiences. The good times, and of course some of the bad times. This is a truly fascinating discussion with someone who was actually on the ground in Afghanistan during the worst part of war commanding (well deputy commanding) the entire...


Episode 29: Dan Libby on Internal Affairs and law enforcement

So Dan Libby, a 30 year veteran of law enforcement in the United States and consultant for law enforcement agencies on internal affairs reform, and I - discuss how and why internal affairs can help clean up law enforcement agencies. PARTICULARLY RELEVANT TO MEXICANS, RIGHT? This is the first episode of 2018. Officially, the 3rd year of the podcast! Dan Libby and I met when he was here discussing internal affairs with local law enforcement and we kind of became friends. In fact he seriously...


The Vladimir Putin, Russian Propaganda, Security Perimeter Podcast XMAS special

here it is!! the episode the entire planet has been waiting for!!!! the Putin XMAS special!!! Inis, Valentina, Sarah, Facundo and I go through some of the most awesome Russian fake news and make some seriously awesome and extremely funny commentary (if i may say). Among the many things that we discovered (such as "secret" NATO documents that I guess are not so secret after all, we all come to the conclusion that Vladimir is a transvestite homosexual (not that there is anything wrong with...


Episode 28: What life is REALLY like at the Mexico-US border with Tony Payan

so in this episode, i interview dr. tony payan from Rice University in Houston on what the border really looks like. Tony is originally from the border region and has studied it intensively over the last two decades or so... this guy KNOWS the border better than anyone, including mexican and american authorities. Of course the focus of discussion is on what impact the "WALL" will have (and whether it will solve any problems) but we also deal with other related issues. Please dont forget to...


Episode 27: Alan Bersin, former Undersecretary of Homeland Security on North America

Alan Bersin is BACK! This time to discuss the election of Donald Trump, the future of North America, undocumented (or illegal) migration and the future of the "DREAMERS" in the United States. One word on this podcast... AWESOME. its been a while since I put up an episode, but I have a good reason. The last few weeks we have been putting together a website dedicated to security issues. Click on to take a look. You can find all the podcasts episodes for...


FIXED !!! Episode 24: Dr. Craig Deare on US-Mexico Defense cooperation, A Tail Of Two Eagles

Description: Dr. Craig Deare (retired US Army Colonel, Senior Advisor on Hemispheric Security at the National Security Council and Professor at the National Defense University in Washington) recently published a book titled "A Tail Of Two Eagles", which looks at Mexico-US defense cooperation. On this episode, I interview him on how he sees that evolving relationship. He is optimistic, even in these interesting times. Listen to the podcast to find out why! Craig has seen the relationship...


Episode 23: Reforming Law Enforcement in Mexico: Challenges and challenges and challenges

So episode 23 which is in ENGLISH is an interview with DR. Juan Salgado from Center for teaching and research in economics (CIDE) on what kinds of law enforcement reforms are necessary in order to increase effectiveness. He draws on comparative research, having looked at the cases of central america, south america and south Africa. This guy is AWESOME. He is really world renowned on this subject. We are Facebook friends, and every time I see him there, he is travelling to speak in south...


Ep 22: DR. Andrea Charron on new Canadian defense policy: one word... "WOW".

OK, SO THIS TIME ITS IN ENGLISH!!! Andrea Charron, Canadian defense specialist and Director of the Canadian Center for Defense and Intelligence updates (and corrects) some of the claims I made in episode 21 on Canadian Defense strategy. Canada has Just recently announced a new defense policy and its awesome news for the military. As a quick summary, Canada will increase its military spending by 40% over the next few years, acquire 6 Arctic offshore patrol vessels, 15 new frigates, etc,...


Eposide 16: Kim Nossal answers the questions "Does Canada hate Mexico? What will happen to NAFTA?"

Dr. Kim Nossal from Queens University in Ontario Canada and I discuss the future of North America. Kim tells us whether or not Canada hates Mexico. He also looks at the future of NAFTA, Syrian vs. Mexican refugees and why JUSTIN TRUDEAU seems to get along so well with Ivanka Trump. This one is especially interesting for Canadian and Mexican listeners of the podcast. And also Justin groupies. Audiophiles will note that I finally figured out how to use the mixing software!


Episode 15: What is POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC RISK ANALYSIS, plus my take on the PUTIN/TRUMP love affair

So in this episode, Oscar Becerra, a leading global expert on Country Risk Analysis in charge of Latin America and Mexico for "the banking sector" (he wont let me say more, otherwise he will have to shot me) explains what is risk analysis and how it complements threat analysis by looking specifically at the case of Mexico. Its a fascinating discussion on how POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC RISK affects our daily lives... to the prices we pay for products, to the stores we shop at, to the airlines...


Episode 14: Ex Homeland Security Undersecretary and Border CZAR Alan Bersin

ONLY ON THE PERIMETER PODCAST! I chat with Alan Bersin, former undersecretary for Homeland Security and the "Border Czar" under Obama and Clinton. Guess what, we discuss borders. But not only the US-Mexico border (which we spend alot of time on by the way) but also Canada-US border and in general, what "borders" mean today in a globalized world and what is the best way to keep them safe. If there is one person who knows what the heck they are talking about on the subject of borders, its...


Episode 13: Stephan Sberro on upcoming elections in France and the rest of Europe. Very Sad... really, very sad, a complete disaster!

So in episode 13, Dr. Stephan Sberro - a frenchman and expert on french and European politics - talk about the upcoming election in France and the prospects for the far right to win there. We also talk about elections and politics in other European states (poland, austria, denmark, etc) and how politics in those countries is getting a little (ok, actually, alot) strange as well. Stephan also puts forth a very interesting argument about the end of the "post cold war order" and I get very...


Episode 12: Dr. Tom Legler on why life really sucks in Venezuela: Would you like Yuka fries with that??

In this episode, Tom Legler describes what life in Venezuela is like under Maduro. Hint: its NOT so good right now (listen for the Yuka french fries example at McDonalds, sad and funny at the same time). He also explains how Venezuela got the way it is. This is a fascinating discussion of what happens to a country when a populist is in charge. A warning for the US and Europe?


Episode 11 FIXED VERSION: How to manage Organized Crime in Mexico, hint... not the way its being done now!!!

HERE IS THE FIXED VERSION OF EP. 11. DR CECILIA FARFAN (University of California in Santa Barbara) takes on both the Calderon and Peña Nieto administrations on their management of organized crime in Mexico (ok, Im exaggerating for effect). She presents her research where she outlines that you need to know the structure of the organization before you can target responses. Each DTOs has its differences, therefore dealing with them requires "tailored" responses. She also explains why the best...


My SCANDALOUS conference at the Mexican army on how Mexico should deal with trump

Ok, this week the security perimeter podcast presents a conference I gave at the Mexican army. Its about Mexican coalitions and alliances. I start off talking about what Mexico did in this regard after WWII. Then I talk about what Mexico should do with Trump. Forget about alliances with Argentina and Brazil like Peña Nieto mentioned. Instead, try to fix the relationship with the US. The issue is the border. If Mexico finally decides to fix its border, trump will not have a reason to mess...


Kidnap and ransom negotiator, Carlos Seoane... a repost!!!!

For some reason, this episode "disappeared" from the episode list, so I am now reposting for those interested... Do you want to know about the different types of KIDNAPPINGS that take place and how to protect yourself? Do you want to know how a kidnapping negotiator works to free a victim? Well listen to this podcast then. Carlos Seoane of Grupo Seoane Consulting has negotiated 106 kidnappings over the last decade or so... This is the man to listen to if you want to know more about this...


Episode 8: Cybersecurity and cybersecurity threats

In the first episode of the new year, I interview Ruben Olague, the guy in charge of cybersecurity for Citibank in Mexico. Its a fascinating discussion on what kind of cyber threats exist for nation-states, companies and individuals. Of course, I had to bring up Putin as usual. This time on Russian hacking during the US election.


Mexican Public and National Security: A look ahead.

In episode 7 of the security perimeter podcast, I look at the future of National and Public security with my extra special guests, Raul Benitez from the National University (UNAM) and Jorge Chabat from the Institute of Economic Research (CIDE). In this three way discussion we examine how the Trump presidency will affect bilateral security relations, the future of the Mexican Federal Police, border issues and of course violence in the country among other things. This podcast was originally...


Canada, Trump, NATO and the Baltic states (and the kitchen sink)

DR. Stephane Roussel from the Ecole Nacional de Administracion Publique (National School for Public Policy, Montreal) and I discuss how Canada is preparing for a Trump administration. SPOILER ALERT: ITS NOT ALL BAD NEWS. Then we get into Canadian defense policy and somehow end up discussing the future of NATO and the possibility of Russian aggression in the Baltic States. The discussion end up on a BEER BET on whether the world is going to end. This one was REALLY fun for me. And Stephane...