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Brand Boost Podcast is here to bring you the latest marketing news, advertising tips, social media updates and candid conversations with businesses, entrepreneurs, brands and more!

Brand Boost Podcast is here to bring you the latest marketing news, advertising tips, social media updates and candid conversations with businesses, entrepreneurs, brands and more!
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Brand Boost Podcast is here to bring you the latest marketing news, advertising tips, social media updates and candid conversations with businesses, entrepreneurs, brands and more!




173: The Myth of Saturday

It’s another day of the week that ends in “day”. It’s the first day of the weekend. But for entrepreneurs, Saturday’s don’t exist. Let me give a little context here. I come from a family of immigrant entrepreneurs. I was raised in this stuff. My parents, uncle’s, grandparents, and cousins all came to this country not speaking a lick of English and many have gone onto be very successful entrepreneurs and small business owners (yea, I believe there’s a difference). Regularly, I...


172: Expectations Will Kill You

Some have said that the secret to happiness is having low expectations. I’m going a step further and saying that expectations will kill you. I suffered from putting high expectations on everyone I met. A new friend. Why didn’t they make plans to hang out? A new business prospect. Why aren’t they responding to the proposal? An employee. Why aren’t they going above and beyond? Why, why, why!? The problem with putting expectations on people, places, things is that you instantly set...


171: What is Net Neutrality and Why Should You Care?

FOR Net Neutrality: Net Neutrality is the internet’s guiding principle: It preserves our right to communicate freely online. Net Neutrality means an internet that enables and protects free speech. It means that ISPs should provide us with open networks — and shouldn’t block or discriminate against any applications or content that ride over those networks. Just as your phone company shouldn’t decide who you call and what you say on that call, your ISP...


170: What do you want?

After 169 episodes (actually, it's more because I deleted some old ones), what will keep you listening? Bring back marketing talk? Interviews with awesome people? News and updates? Let me know, tweet me: @vincenzolandino!


153: The Business of Storytelling with Park Howell

In Park Howell's 30+ years in advertising, he has found that deep down people know the purpose of their organization. The problem is, it’s buried beneath the day-to-day business milieu. Busy executives don’t take the time to bring their core brand story to the surface, share it with their employees and customers, and delight in the dynamic business growth that follows. Park has experienced the transformational power of business storytelling when he took a tiny water conservation...


129: Gary Vaynerchuk on How Perspective Can Make or Break You

30 Minutes with Gary Vaynerchuk: My Thoughts I'€™ve never classified myself as a fan boy. Growing up as a first-generation Italian-American, we were taught that no one is better than anyone else, and that if you want to achieve something,you work hard until you can do justthat. Well, the message from my parents and grandparents has now come full circle when I spoke to Gary Vaynerchuk for the Brand Boost Podcast. There was a time I really didn'€™t like what Gary had to say. Not because...


169: Millennial in an Enterprise Corporation with SAP's Ryan Sonnenberg

On today's show, we talk to Ryan Sonnenberg, Digital Marketer for SAP North America, and also a millennial. We talk to Ryan about how he is making the unconventional happen at such a giant enterprise multi-national corporation. Some of his answers may sound incredibly simple to implement, but the bottom line is that you have to get out there and do it to get the attention of the managers and bosses above you. Mentioned in this episode: William Ury TED Talk: The walk from "no" to...


33: Seven Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand

With social media today, it’s so easy to get lost in the noise. Many people ask me how to build a personal brand. It’s a lot of work, it takes dedication and it requires providing value. However, here are 7 tips for you to get yourself started down the path of a personal brand. 1. GET TO KNOW YOURSELF! This takes reflection and understand of WHO you are and accepting that person fully. 2. KNOW HOW YOU WANT TO PRESENT YOURSELF Decide where you’re going to ‘play’ and how you are going...


168: Amazon's Final Mile Woes, Solved?

More Inc. will acquire Whole Foods Market Inc. for $13.7 billion, a bombshell of a deal that catapults the e-commerce giant into hundreds of physical stores and fulfills a long-held goal of selling more groceries. Amazon agreed to pay $42 a share in cash for the organic-food chain, including debt, a roughly 27 percent premium to the stock price at Thursday’s close. John Mackey, Whole Foods’ outspoken co-founder, will continue to run the business -- a victory after a fight with...


167: Are Brands Allowed an Opinion?

Are brands allowed an opinion in the modern media landscape? In the news recently, Under Armour CEO has been in the crosshairs over his comments that alluded to President Trump being "good for business." However, did the media tell the entire story? And more to the point, are brands allowed to have an opinion, or must they be responsible to their shareholders in a way that creates no waves? Joining hosts Robert Hix and Vincenzo Landino are Savannah Peterson with Savvy Millennial and...


166: Brands and the PewDiePie Dilemma

PewDiePie has been in the news as of late for insensitive videos he created off the backs of a partnership with Disney and as part of the Google Preferred Advertiser Program. With both brands dropping him, many have asked: "how can brands be safe from influencers?" In this riveting discussion Rob Hix and Vincenzo Landino are joined by Roberto Blake and Chris Brogan as they discuss this with a live audience. Articles of reference: Washington Post Forbes Chris Brogan About Chris...


164: LinkedIn, Facebook and the Future of Live Video

Brian Fanzo joins Vincenzo Landino on the Brand Boost Podcast to talk about LinkedIn's new changes, Facebook's LIVE updates and the future of live video. About Brian Fanzo Brian is a leading voice of the millennial generation in digital media. He has 10+ years experience managing, deploying and training enterprises and small businesses on cyber security, community management, collaboration, digital marketing, video conferencing and social business. As a technology and social media...


163: Yes, and?

When Kathy Klotz-Guest approached me about doing a co-created piece of content, I wasn’t sure what to think. A co-written piece of content, like a blog? I know it’s been done before, but wasn’t sure what we’d have in common enough to get two trains of thought down into one post. Of course, you must try everything at least once in life, so I decided to roll with this. Besides, how painful could it be? Kathy is a rockstar, hilarious and super smart. Plus, she just wrote a book, so I knew...


162: Platforms That Drive Consumer Decisions

We all know the players: Even though we may know them, do we realize how much the influence our buying decisions? More so, which platforms are driving the most buying decisions? Join Rob Hix and Vincenzo Landino as they discuss this with a live audience. About Rob Hix Lifetime small business owner with a passion for live video production, commercial audiovisual systems, and broadcasting. I’m an employer, employee, executive and janitor all wrapped into one amazing career. Innovation...


161: The Perishability of Live Video Broadcasts

In the world of ephemeral content, brands must know how to succeed with broadcasts that may not have a long shelf life after its original stream. About Rob Hix Lifetime small business owner with a passion for live video production, commercial audiovisual systems, and broadcasting. I’m an employer, employee, executive and janitor all wrapped into one amazing career. Innovation and outside-of-the-box solutions are my “sweet spot”. I live my life in my own self-interest, to the benefit of...


160: Why Facebook Live Isn't Ready for Prime Time

This is the time of year when everybody creates “prediction posts.” Here’s the number one marketing prediction seen everywhere: “This is the year of Facebook Live. Companies will move their content production to live video.” Mark W. Schaefer doesn’t agree. What’s the reason a company would NOT do live video? Those obstacles don’t go away in a year, or even two years. Will there be an increase in live video? Of course. That seems like a pretty safe prediction. Will there be a...


25: How to Copy Netflix with Barry Enderwick

Social Media crowdsourcing at its finest. Help support the Brand Boost Podcast here --> How to Copy Netflix After working in Marketing at Netflix for eleven years, todays guest, Barry Enderwick, frequently got asked to have conversations about the Netflix he knew, its transition to what it is doing now, and how it is structured. The undercurrent of these questions is always the same: how can the magic of Netflix’s meteoric success be recreated? Netflix seems like...


159: Landing Your First Client in the Freedom Economy

Get a free 30-day trial of the Spera platform and the free Freedom Economy report by heading over to There is a vibrant and growing movement of self-reliant, creative and ambitious women and men of all ages - freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, artists, and contract workers - who've declared independence from the traditional corporate world. They have chosen to pursue their passion, take control of their work lives, and enjoy the freedom that comes with...


[RE-RELEASE]: How IBM Embraces Employee Advocacy Through Live Streaming

“Employee advocacy” is a term used to describe the exposure that employees generate for brands using their own online assets. While social media is often the main medium for employee advocacy, these “online assets” include email, chat, forums, discussion boards and more. IBM is one brand ahead of the curve in the employee advocacy, even going so far as using live streaming and influencers, like today’s guest, Brian Fanzo, to add a new dimension to the brand. Listen in as Brian...