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TV host, journalist, and author John Daly takes apart the media and politics.

TV host, journalist, and author John Daly takes apart the media and politics.


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TV host, journalist, and author John Daly takes apart the media and politics.






Thinking About Going To Rome. Pour Yourself A Nice Wine and Listen In As We Dish on Rome

We tell you everything you need to know if you are headed to Rome: sites to see; restaurants to hit; how to get around; and how to interact with Romans. Pour yourself lots of wine and prepare some food and lets eat, drink, and talk together here about Roma.


Journey With Dawson's Peak

Imagine climbing the highest peak on each continent. How about circumnavigating the world in 35 days in a single-engine plane. Or rowing across the Atlantic. Or motorcycling through the Mojave Desert? Now imagine doing it in one year. We will tell you about Dawson’s Peak – with the creator – and his Hollywood partner – who are making these transformational journeys a big charity fundraiser. And talk about jet setting the world. I met Matt Dawson and Jay Jablonski at a charity golf...


Ireland Travel: Everything To Know With Trina Vargo

We are taking you to Ireland. Our expert Trina Vargo has an Undercover Jetsetter tour. Trina is the founder and president of the US-Ireland Alliance. She is the author of a new book called Shenanigans The US-Ireland Relationship in Uncertain Times. And she has spent years visiting Ireland. We talked about the tournament she held at the K-Club outside Dublin. Those were Ryder Cup format tournaments where we had 12 Americans playing against 12 Irish. The last one...


Susan Just Back from Hong Kong. Should You Visit? We Have All The Answers and Precautions.

Susan is just back from Hong Kong with some travel intel and insights about whether you should head to this bucket list destination. The demonstrations, some turning violent, give people a lot of concern. In our podcast here, we don't tell you to go or not to go. But we give you a lot of information to digest. Here are some sites we mentioned: If you go, check in with this site first: here is the site for Hong Kong subway:...


MLB great Doug Flynn Joins Us for Hope for the Warriors

He’ll be playing in the Hope for the Warriors Invitational coming up in Wallace North Carolina at River Landing. He holds two World Series rings. And he is known as “the glue”. Plus he has been a guide for us on Undercover Jetsetter. We talk to baseball great Doug Flynn. The Hope for the Warriors Invitational is August 25 and 26, 2019 at River Landing country club -- in Wallace North Carolina which is just north of Wilmington. go to


Great Golf Event: We Talk to Robin Kelleher of Hope For Warriors

We have a great charity golf event for you. It is coming up August 25 and 26th at River Landing in North Carolina. And we will be there. Come join us. You will be helping our veterans who served our country. It is a great time -- while also very inspiring. You will hear from Robin Kelleher. She is the President and CEO of Hope for the Warriors. the


Join Coach Rex Ryan at this year's Hope For The Warriors Golf Invitational

We have a great charity and celebrity-golf event for you. It is the Hope For The Warriors Invitational. It is August 25-26, 2019. We are going to tell you about it. And we’re going to talk to one of the celebrities, one of the great NFL coaches, Rex Ryan. It is at the River Landing Country Club in Wallace, North Carolina -- which is just north of Wilmington, North Carolina. John will be there Rex Ryan. He is the former head football coach for the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills. He...


Bopping Into Beantown Lakin Style

So you want to hit Boston. Say it right first. It is Boston. Next, listen to our expert. He can tell you what to do. And he can get you out of trouble too – because he is a local attorney. Ken Lakin, a local attorney who has lived in Boston all of his life, went Boston College including law school, and you saw him on our bucket list segment we did on Boston – and going to a Red Sox Yankees game. He has restaurants, things to do, hotels...


Racing To The Carolina Beaches with Dave Hutnik

Do you like to run? Well we have some races for you coming up in the area from Myrtle Beach South Carolina to Wilmington North Carolina. The man who makes them happen is our guest. We will talk to him about these races, why you should come down, and why they are so successful in the Carolinas. This is just another reason this area is booming. Dave Hutnik runs Coastal Race Productions and Awesome Website guys Dave is also...


Why Normandy, France is a Great Place To Visit. General Dick Vercauteren Tells Us

We all saw the moving ceremonies for the 75 Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion that ended World War-2 in Europe. You want to go. We have the expert to help you. Plus, we may be putting together an excursion, so stay tuned. In the meantime, heare John's interview with Retired Marine Corp General Dick Vercauteren. He is a recipient of the Navy Distinguished Service Medal who served in Vietnam. He is also a world traveler. He tells us the museums, hotels, restaurants, and even the golf...


Foodie and Cultural Gem: Providence RI with Pat Paolino Cruz

It is one of the great food towns that most people don’t know about. We’re going to entice you with Providence Rhode Island. Check out Pat Cruz's site: And this site for all events in Providence: Here is the Providence Performing Arts Center: And Trinity Rep: I was fortunate to graduate from Providence College in Providence Rhode Island. I also was a reporter and anchor at WPRI in...


Meet Dr Michael Cahn Who Made John A Leg Model

I am no longer just a TV host. I am a hot leg model. Well, not really. But my legs look and feel much better. You will meet the doctor in the Carolinas who took care of me. We are going to talk some medical and health stuff in the Carolina boom area – from south of Myrtle Beach all the way north of Wilmington North Carolina. My guest is Dr. Michael Cahn. He is a surgeon practicing in a lot of areas around here. You can reach him and at He...


Actor Stephen Root Talks to Us In Wilmington NC

Stephen Root is one of the most prolific character actors of our time. Check out his credits here. John has been friends with Stephen for more than 20 years. They got together in Wilmington, NC where Stephen is shooting an indie film. He talks about that, his career, the changing film industry thanks to Netflix and Amazon. This was recorded at True Blue Butcher and Table in Wilmington, NC.


Exploring Your Family Past: An Author Delves Into Dad's Exploits in WWII

Going all out -- to know your family history. Hear from the author who uncovered the story of his father and uncle during World War Two – fighting the Nazis and the Soviets. And the story comes full circle in his European homeland -- in a few days from now. It is a fascinating and inspiring story – that could help your family history research. The book is called Captured in Liberation. It chronicles the story of a family caught between the Nazis and Soviets in World War-2 when Hitler...


Join Us! Charity Golf Event For You in Columbia SC.

We have a great celebrity and charity golf tournament coming up in the Columbia South Carolina area – that you need to know about so you can join us. The tournament is called the Children’s Chance Celebrity golf tournament. Go to this website: We speak to longtime professional golfer, and 4-Time World one club champion and Guinness book of world records holder Thad Daber. Here is our TV segment on Thad on Youtube:


Talking Shagging with Legend Big John Thompson

If you come to the south – for either vacation or to move down here -- you will need to learn about beach music and shagging. And it is not the shagging of Austin Powers. No this is the dance of the south. And we will talk to a legend about it. His name is Big John Thompson. I am sipping on the Jetsetter Mule with bourbon, spiced rum, and Bai Gingerale. You can see it on our mixology page on There is beach music here which has Southern roots in...


Las Vegan Alecia Fife One of the last to see Notre Dame Cathedral Before the fire

She was one of the last in Notre Dame Cathedral before the fire. Hi everyone. John Daly here. Welcome to Undercover Jetsetter Radio. We are joined by Alecia Fife. She is from Las Vegas. She is a teacher and a personal trainer. She is talking to us from Amsterdam.


Moderates are "Meh"? Really, Moderates are the country's solution

Most polls will say that the majority of Americans are moderate. You can’t tell by our politics. Donald Trump has a strong man ideology. Some people would say it borders on fascist. He seems to side with dictators like Putin, MBS, and Duterte. On the other side the so-called progressive wing of the Democratic Party leans towards socialism. The other day congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that being moderate is just an attitude of life like -- meh. Here’s where she takes on Trump’s...


How To Become Uber Informed Without Losing Your Job or Family

How do you read many books – and become so informed – and you don’t lose your family or your job? It’s easy. I will share a secret – that also includes how I knew Donald Trump would be the nominee and eventual president 14 months before the election. Hi, everyone. John Daly here with some informed not inflamed. So people ask me about how I am able to read so many books. Here’s how. First, one of my rules is to be really informed you need to be reading non-fiction all the time. Keep a good...


Condemning Mark Meadows As A Racist Should Also Require Self-Examination. I Did

It’s easy to jump all over Mark Meadows, the senator from North Carolina. He tried his best to defend Donald Trump as a non-racist. But before you condemn Senator Meadows, look at yourself. I did. Hi, everyone. John Daly here with a little informed not inflamed. Thanks for tuning in. I actually think he was genuine -- while also being very partisan. Here’s the rule he didn’t understand. If you’re trying to explain away racism, then you most likely are a racist. Here’s the reality in the...