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Episode 13 - Star Wars Then and Now

On this episode of the show I take a minute to talk about the Star Wars films, in particular how the years of official canon affect how our perceptions of the movies and characters change over time. There are spoilers for Episodes 7 & 8, so proceed with caution.


Episode 12 - Walter Kellog Cereal Detective

On the latest episode of the Branded in the 80s podcast I’m going to attempt to solve a mystery, a cold case 30 years in the making. It’s a twisted tale of deception, a famous advertising slogan, mistaken identities, and murder. Welcome to Cereal, presented by Branded in the 80s. This story is an obscure, mostly forgotten and dark period in cereal history. Breakfast cereal history. It begins with a beloved 80s commercial jingle and it will eventually uncover the death of a third tier...


Epsiode 11 - Refining the Quest to Collect

In this episode of the show I switch gears from looking backwards to what it's like to be a collector in the modern age. How does getting older change the way I look at collecting, and how can I refine and focus my efforts to best accomplish my goal to reconnect with my childhood.


Episode 10 - Passing Down the Matrix of Nostalgia

The second season of the All New Branded in the 80s podcast continues with episode 10 where I talk a bit about passing the torch of nostalgia to the next generation. Having had the opportunity to babysit my nephew, a 10 year-old Transformers superfan, I got a chance to see how he reacted to the original generation of toys and cartoons. Does the old stuff still hold up for this new generation? And how weird is it that Transformers is now a generational fandom?


Episode 9 - Cartoon Liner Notes

The All New Branded in the 80s Podcast returns for season 2 with an episode that takes a look at creator attribution behind the scenes of our favorite 80s cartoons. From voice actors to the musicians behind the theme songs, why is it so difficult to pin down exactly who helped create our favorite animation. In this episode I focus on why it's so hard to pin down attribution, in particular when it comes to the music we have burned into our heads for our favorite theme songs. I also give a...


Episode 8 - Unsung Heroes of the 80s

On this episode of the All New Branded in the 80s podcast I take a look at a couple of documentaries that highlight some unsung heroes of the decade that had a vast influence on the pop culture of the day, Candyman, the David Klein Story, and The Rock Afire Explosion. This episode was brought to you by the fine folks at


Episode 7 - Nostalgia, the Weirder, the Better

On this episode of the All New Branded in the 80s podcast I spend some time talking about what it's like to be a nostalgia addicted guy in the world of pop culture collecting. Though I adore most all 80s nostalgic kid's stuff, these days it takes more than a tub full of Masters of the Universe figures or a wall of Nintendo NES cartridges to get me excited about collecting. No, to really make my head spin the stuff that I love to find has to be the kind of things that simply just should...


Episode 6 - The Marty McFly Theorem

In this week's episode of the All New Branded in the 80s podcast I talk a little bit about the Marty McFly Theorem, or how there are really two completely different Marty McFlys in the first Back to the Future film. If you want to chat about the show, send me an e-mail at


Episode 5 - Thrashin' and Trashin'

On this week's episode of the new Branded in the 80s podcast I take a moment to make a confession. I was an 80s skateboarding poser. I talk a bit about my obsession with the skating culture, the boards I had as a kid, and how being a frightened poser affected my life as a preteen.


Episode 4 - Thunder in Your Heart

In this episode of the All New Branded in the 80s podcast I dig a little deeper into one of my favorite 80s era anthems, the badass Thunder in Your Heart by John Farnham from the soundtrack to the 1986 cult BMX film Rad. I recently discovered that two of my other favorite 80s era anthem musicians, Stan Bush (who wrote and performs The Touch for the 1986 Transformers movie) & Joe Esposito (who performed You're the Best from the Karate Kid soundtrack) have also covered this song. I dig into...


Episode 3 - The Ghostbusters Novelization

On this episode of the all new Branded in the 80s podcast I spend little time talking about one of my favorite 80s era collectibles, movie tie-in novelizations! I cover a bit of the reason why I love them as a concept before diving into some discussion talking all about the 1985 Ghostbusters: A Supernatural Spectacular novel. I cover some extended and deleted scenes as well as some all new material that wasn't either in the script or the finished film. If you have any comments or...


Episode 2 - Reconsidering Billy Francis Kopeke

In this week's episode of the Branded in the 80s podcast I take a minute to talk about finding new perspectives on the pop culture that we know and love so much that it's started to lose some of its luster. To this effect I reconsider the character of Billy Francis Kopeke from the 1988 Penny Marshall film Big. After viewing the alternate director's cut of the film Kopeke becomes a much more nuanced character that not only has an expanded story, but it's one that changes the tone and...


Episode 1 - Ecto Cooler

On this first episode of the new Branded in the 80s Podcast I talk a little bit about the 10th anniversary of the website, get excited about the return of Hi-C Ecto Cooler to store shelves, and discuss the power of positivity on the internet. I also give a shout out to and talk a bit about the new enamel pins I just dropped. If you'd like to chat, hit me up @smurfwreck on twitter & instagram, or send me an e-mail to