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Episode 63 - Bowhunting Public Land in Florida - Featuring a Bear Attack

This week I was joined by my dear friend, Derek Varnum as we recap an awesome three days of bowhunting whitetails in the Sunshine State! Derek and I set out on some primo public land and chose the run n gun lifestyle while the wives were gone for the New Years! We had a blast and laughed until we were sore, learned a lot, and at the end of the weekend one of us was attacked by a Black Bear!! If you'd like to contribute to the show, we now have a Patreon account set up and you donate...


Episode 62 - Saddle Hunting Whitetails with Ted Bright

This week I am joined by a fellow Saddle Hunter and die hard whitetail hunter, Ted Bright. Ted has a unique way of looking at outcomes in the deer woods that many of us could learn from. Hailing from the land of milk and honey, Missouri, Ted employs Beast style tactics to get deep into areas others may not wish to go in order to chase mature whitetails. He shares his highest high and lowest low while saddle hunting, and we laugh a lot along the way. I hope you enjoy, and if you do, tell a...


Episode 61 - Sportsmen's Alliance w/ Sean Curran

This week we get to share some exciting news with an old friend of the podcast. This week, Sean Curran returns and I have the privilege to announce that Chasing Tales Outdoors will be partnering with the Sportsmen's Alliance! If you are new to the show, you may not have heard the previous episode that I recorded with Sean, but I encourage you to go back and give it a listen (Episode 44 - Sean Curran & the $700 Bird). Sean and I explore how the Sportsmen's Alliance is an absolutely...


Episode 60 - Bowhunting Bear with Sean Clarkson

On this week's episode we are talking BEAR HUNTING. That's right, we are talking bowhunting Bear in Virginia. This week's guest is a very dear friend of mine who has helped me grow as an outdoorsman, aided and guided my path back into traditional archery, and has been an invaluable supporter of the podcast. We will be sharing the story of his recent bear kill, the complex recovery, and discuss what he learned from this hunt. Thanks for coming on the show Sean! If you'd like to contribute...


Episode 59 - Elk Hunt Preparation with Jeff Moran of Build2Hunt

This week's guest is both a seasoned veteran of the elk woods, and the fitness world. We are joined by Jeff Moran of Built2Hunt, and Chase and I peppered him with questions on how to prepare for the Western hunting lifestyle, and we discuss his new platform that can help you in your quest to be mountain fit! If you'd like to contribute to the show, we now have a Patreon account set up and you donate directly there. Just follow the link below! We will feature...


Episode 58 - Talkin' Waterfowl with Passion of Pursuit

Waterfowl! That's the topic of this week's episode, and I am lucky beyond measure to have one of the best waterfowl hunting shows as this week's guest. Joey, from the webseries Passion of Pursuit, joins the show this week and boy did we have a blast sharing stories, tips, and discussing what the future holds for his platform. If you are wanting some of the best waterfowl hunting tv you can find, go watch Joey and his crew as they travel the states in search of the next flock of...


Episode 57 - Kansas Whitetail with Chase Prince

This week we discuss part two of the hunt in Kansas with Chase Prince. We recorded the first episode many episodes ago (Episode 17) in August of 2017 and we outlined how Chase picked Kansas for his out of state whitetail hunt. We covered the public land decision, the expectations going into the hunt, and some of the gear that he took on that episode. On this episode, Chase recounts his days in the Kansas woods chasing his dream buck. After all, Kansas is the land of giants. I traveled to...


Episode 56 - Semi-Live Elk Hunting with the DIY Hunter

This week we bring to you a semi-live elk hunt off of Idaho public lands. Preston and Jack, from the DIY hunter join us on their way to Idaho to chase bulls in some of the most beautiful land in the West. Every so often, when they are back at camp, they are going to call and we are going to record an update for y'all so you can follow along with them every step of the way. On this episode we outline why they picked Idaho, three of the most underappreciated gear items they packed, and they...


Episode 55 - New Breed Archery with Kyle Null

September is here! That means that you are likely either chasing elk in the backcountry, or counting down the days until you can climb into a treestand to chase a whitetail. If you prefer the latter, this week's episode may interest you. Kyle Null was kind enough to join me on the show and discuss whitetail hunting in his home state of Alabama, tips and advice for those who are just getting into archery before the upcoming season, and we also talk about his company New Breed Archery. You...


Episode 54 - The Modern Assassin - Garrett Benner

If you think the Fall is just for hunting, you are dead wrong. If your hunting season hasn't began, or if you're just a glutton for punishment and want another outdoor passion to consume what precious time you have remaining, I have the solution. Take up bowfishing! This week we sat down and talked with Garrett Benner and we discuss all things bowfishing in Maryland. Garrett is a die hard outdoorsman, and he lives and breathes bowfishing. In fact, he said all it takes for him to be...


Episode 53 - Talking with the Trad Geeks

Do you like surprises? Good, because this week we are full of them. This week, we did an ol' swith-a-roo and Preston Mullens of the DIY Hunter is the Host, and I am just his lacky. This week's guest is the Founder and Host of TradGeeks, Kevin Murrow. We discuss his podcast and media platforms, how he got into the hunting industry, and I shamelessly peppered him with my own questions. A big thank you to Kevin and Preston for coming on the show! Be sure to give Kevin a follow! Links...


Episode 52 - Fall Fly Fishing for Trout with Duncan Lee

This week I am joined by my little brother and the topic is Fly Fishing for Trout in North Georgia. Recently, my family came to visit and I was able to coax him into discussing his biggest passion on the podcast. Duncan was kind enough to share some of his best tips for an entry level fly fisherman, and we disussed his plans to be a fly fishing guide out west, and in North Georgia. Soon, we will be working on a cool project together so stay tuned! Be sure to follow him on...


Episode 51 - BS'ing with the Working Class Bowhunter

This week we took a break, cracked a cold beer, and cut up with the boys. This week, Curt and Steve from the Working Class Bowhunter Podcast back on the show and we had a blast talking about all kinds of hunting topics, set up goals for the upcoming hunting season, and shared the news of the WCB show on Carbon TV. Be sure to watch WCB's newest epiosde on Carbon TV! The link is...


Episode 50 - Iowa Deer Hunting with Dan Johnson

We are back! This week I am glad to be talking DEER HUNTING again. We are only a few weeks away from September and I am ready to be in the deer stand. In the meantime, I am scouting and listening to as much hunting content as I possibly can while doing so. In case you're in need of a good deer hunting story, this week we have Dan Johnson on to talk about his terrific buck from last year. Dan Johnson ... yep, that's Dan from the Nine Fingers Chronicles podcast and it was a blast to record...


Episode 49 - Bowhunting Africa with Derik Still

We are back again with another episode and this time we are taking you to another continent! That's right, we are headed to South Africa on this week's episode. Before I tell you what we discussed on this episode, let me tell you that this week's guest has been absolutely intrumental to my bowhunting and archery skills. Without him knowing I had followed him on various forums and learned as he shared his information selflessly and I am so glad he took over an hour of his evening to chat...


Episode 48 - Traditional Bowhunting the West with Cole Ponce

We have all met them. I am talking about the guys who out hustle everyone else and get it done season after season. This week's guest is a prime example. In 2017, Cole shot a gorgeous Pronghorn and Rocky Mountain Elk, and get this, he did it with a traditional bow! Cole tagged me in the harvest photos and I am so glad he did. It just goes to show that if you tag us in your posts, you may just get featured. Be sure to follow Cole on his Instagram @the.stick.stalker If you'd like to...


Episode 47 - Saddle Hunting with Taylor Chamberlin

Some folks have all the luck. This week's guest may be the very embodiment of that statment. Taylor Chamberlin hails from Virginia and is a stone cold, year-round, deer hunter. You may have missed it there so I'll say it again; Taylor hunts year-round. Because of a severe overpopulated urban area, Taylor is among a select group of hunters who literally hunt all year around. Annually, Taylor shoots over a hundred deer himself and spends over 200 days a year in the outdoors. Anyone who...


Episode 46 - Naked and Afraid with Sam Ubl

Everyone has been there once or twice, whether they want to admit it or not. You're in the woods, its dark, something makes a noise behind you and your mind immediately turns to the worst! Only, its just your imagination. Well that wasn't the case for this week's guest Sam Ubl, who had an incredible experience while bowhunting for Black Bear in the Northern Wilderness. Sam is the real deal and the man lives and breathes the outdoors. Sam is the founder of Chase Nation, which is a sponsor...


Episode 45 - Tagged out with Jordan Hotchkiss

The final episode of the spring 2018 turkey season is here! Jordan Hotchkiss joins us again and discusses the successes of this past spring. Jordan tagged out himself, and took a youth hunter and put him on a bird. Jordan is a die hard hunter and shares tips that made his hunts successful, and tells a great story! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as our closed listener group Chasing Tall...


Episode 44 - Sean Curran & the $700 Bird

There are folks who enjoy the outdoors, and there are others who live for the outdoors. I know many folks believe they belong in that second category, but in my opinion its reserved for a select few. If I am being honest with myself I am probably more likely to fall in the first category than the first. However, I was able to speak with one of the few men that I believe belong in that second category exclusively. I was able to catch up with Sean Curran and discuss his public land turkey...