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A podcast for serious individuals dedicated to their study of self defense, concealed carry, tactics, gear and the use of force

A podcast for serious individuals dedicated to their study of self defense, concealed carry, tactics, gear and the use of force


Arvada, CO


A podcast for serious individuals dedicated to their study of self defense, concealed carry, tactics, gear and the use of force






Episode 461: The Death of the Pistol Brace?

Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen share the latest legislative news updates including stories about a case the SCOTUS has agreed to hear, how one man is in hot water for selling "wall hangers," and what a future America might look like with a certain someone in the White House. Tune in!


Episode 460: Turns and Stuff

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster break down the most recent Shooter Ready Challenge at which features the El Presidente drill this month. This provides a great opportunity to talk about turn-and-draws and draws with movement which will be the focus of our podcast today. These are critical skills, so tune in and don't miss it!


Episode 459: News and Reviews – Backlogs in Ammo…and the Courts

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster share the latest industry news including stories and updates on the NRA, gun ownership numbers in America, and hold ups in the courts and backlogs in ammo sales. Lots to cover today! Plus we'll review a couple of products we've been using lately. Check it out, tune in!


Episode 458: MidwayUSA Foundation – Supporting Youth Shooting Sports

Riley Bowman interviews John Linquist from the MidwayUSA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting and getting youth into the shoot sports. I don't think this comes as a surprise to anyone, especially considering the current political climate, but our youth are literally our future of the 2A in America. Let's learn about how we can support them!


Episode 457: Outsider Looking in at Competitive Shooting

Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen talk about the recent USPSA 2020 Area 2 Championship they both attended--Riley as a competitor and Jacob as an observer. Riley picks Jacob's brain on what he learned about competitive action shooting events and competitive shooters.


Episode 456: JUSTIFIED SAVES – Identify Your Target

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster share recent JUSTIFIED SAVE--or Defensive Gun Use (DGU)--stories. We've got a bunch of great ones with lots of lessons for us ALL to learn and understand. Tune in!


Episode 455: Buying a Gun…Stuff That Doesn’t Matter

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster talk about factors that people THINK matter when buying or choosing a gun...but actually don't. Grip angle, bore axis, sight radius, and other topics will all come up in today's episode.


Episode 454: Support Hand Only Shooting PLUS Big Changes

Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen discuss the most recent Shooter Ready Challenge--Support Hand Only Shooting. Plus we outline some exciting new changes coming to the podcast all in an effort to further enhance the quality of the show and all the other content we provide!


Episode 453: Performance When it Counts with Greybeard Actual, Matt Little

Riley Bowman sits down and talks with Matt Little of Greybeard Actual. Matt has a unique life experience of having worked actively and retired from US Army Special Forces and a major metropolitan SWAT team while also being a Master-class USPSA competitor. Matt's truly one of those that has "been there, done that" and we will be discussing lessons for concealed carriers that we can pull from all of that plus with his current civilian life and work as STI's LE/MIL Business Development Manager....


Episode 452: The Value of Visual Stimulus in Defensive Firearm Training

Matthew and Jacob talk about the differences between visual and auditory stimulus in defensive firearm training. Are you doing your training right?


Episode 451: News And Reviews – The Death of Remington

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster share the latest industry news and a couple of product reviews as well. We'll talk about the death of Remington, its bankruptcy and selling off of assets, what is going where. Meanwhile, another major brand is expanding its business and doing very well. We'll check in on what the ATF is up to these days. And finally, we'll get to a couple of products that excite us.


Episode 450: All About Eye Protection with Brian Conley of Hunters HD Gold

Riley Bowman interviews Brian Conley, founder of Hunters HD Gold, who is taking the shooting sports world by storm with his unique protective eyewear. We're going to take a deep dive into what goes into quality eye protection not only in terms of the physical protection but also what goes into helping us to see BETTER which is vitally important to an activity where the better we can see, the better we can aim, the better we can get hits!


Episode 449: The One Thing That’s Made All the Difference in my Shooting

Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen reunite for a power-packed episode discussing the ONE THING that's helped us level-up in our shooting. If you pretty well have grip and trigger control figured out, and you're looking for that thing that's still eluding you, this just might be the episode for you!


Episode 448: Industry News and Gear Reviews – Holsters and Safes

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster tackle the latest industry news and also share a couple of product reviews of stuff we've been checking out recently. Riley reviews the PHLster Floodlight holster and Matthew reviews the Vara Safety Reach 2 quick access storage solution.


Episode 447: [DEBATE] Gun Modifications and Upgrades

Today we test a "Debate" Style format where we each take opposing sides of an issue. We start with something simple... gun modifications. The good and the bad.


Episode 446: Single-hand Shooting Skills PLUS DGU Stories

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster cover recent JUSTIFIED SAVE stories which include some really interesting ones...situations that you almost can't make up! Plus we share the most recent Shooter Ready Challenge where we discuss single-handed shooting with the primary hand.


Episode 445: Getting More People Involved in the Shooting Sports With Becky Yackley

Riley Bowman spends the hour with Becky Yackley, a pro shooter and mother to the family known as the Yackley 5. Becky, her husband Mark, and their three sons--Tim, Sean, and Andrew--regularly compete in 3-gun, USPSA, and other competitions while ALL notching many match wins, championships, and Top-5 finishes. Today, we will talk about getting more people involved in shooting sports, especially youth.


Episode 444: Natural Progression of Skill with “Super” Dave Harrington

Riley Bowman interviews "Super" Dave Harrington, a retired US Army Special Forces veteran, former military contractor, firearms instructor, and talented guitarist. Dave spent much of his career training our nation's top soldiers how to fight and shoot at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School at Ft. Bragg. He knows a thing or two about how to develop skill for critical performance under pressure.


Episode 443: Our Take on Kenosha

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss and breakdown the events that have transpired in Kenosha, WI.


Episode 442: Draw on the Move PLUS Legislative Updates

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss the latest "Shooter Ready Challenge" which is about drawing your gun while initiating movement. There's some great takeaways from this topic that directly apply to many civilian DGU's. Plus we share the latest legislative updates from around the country.