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Season Finale, Underwear & What’s Ahead

This week Ben & Alex sit down and talk about how the season turned out and some lessons learned, gear used and some of the highlights of the season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Duck Boats and Motors with Warren Coco of Go-Devil

This week Alex discusses the history, development, and operation of duck boats, specifically mud-boats with none other than the founder of Go-Devil, Warren Coco. We take a deep dive into how they were developed as well as tips and tricks for operating them and why you may want to consider adding one of these capable machines to your arsenal of duck equipment. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Barriers to Entry and Ways Around Them

In this episode we tackle getting started in hunting waterfowl. Ben and Alex talk with certified beginner turned intermediate (after his first serious season) Scott Gibson to address the concerns we all faced if we weren't born into waterfowling. Packed full of tips and tricks regarding: What Gear to start with Mentorship Ben's Senior Year Hurdling Being a good mentor Locations Spousal integration to the addiction (or tolerance of it) Regrettable expenses Facebook resources A brief word on...


On Concealment- Hides, Blinds, Flannel & FacePaint while Waterfowl Hunting

The Gist: This week hosts Ben & Alex discuss their thoughts on concealment and some tips, tricks and tactics they have picked up in the last several years. Topics Discussed: Recording from Bathrooms Bare Shore Hunting Agreeing to Disagree Shooting Ducks out of a Car Does what you wear matter? Duxedo's Turkeys & Tires Flannel Rattle Can Rescue Stickin' IT in the Mud Paint Jobs DIY Blinds You got some paint on your face... Vest Life is the Best Life Bucket Sitters Icky Mud Alex's Recording...


Sam Lungren on Waterfowl, Chili & Being a MeatEater

The Gist: This week host Ben Paige sits down with MeatEater's Fishing Editor Sam Lungren who's not only a big time fish guy but an avid waterfowl hunter and has a couple thoughts on Chili, Goose Hunting, Duck Chasing, MeatEater & The Death(?) of Print Journalism. Topics Discussed: Montana Weather Diver Ducks The death of Print Journalism Reaching out to non hunters Hunters vs Anglers How I thought Ben Obrien lied to me (waterfowl content in season 8 of MeatEater) How Ben Obrien didn't lie...


Apps to Optimize your Waterfowl Hunt

With more and more hunters having "smart devices" the number of resources now easily accessible to even the most "seasoned" hunters out there has sky-rocketed. Everything from weather to water levels and even the most basic of hunting questions such as "where are the ducks going to swing in?" can now be answered at your fingertips. Tune in this week as Ben and Alex cover their favorite hunting applications to make your hunt more efficient and productive as ever! Learn more about your ad...


Waterfowl Migration Report and Hunt Review 20DEC2019

This week Ben and Alex discuss the migration report, J.C. Penny, Utah and Hunting with the other dad's from Daycare . Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Big Honkers in the Flint Hills- Sky Panda Hunt Review

This week, Ben, his Dad "Doc/Coach" and Friends Dave and Bryce head down to to Sky Panda Outdoors with Chad Dawson to hunt big geese over little water. They recap the hunt, and the memories made and what Bryce (a first year waterfowl hunter) gained from the experience. Head on over to if you want to check out the operation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Waterfowl Migration Report and Podcast Review 13DEC2019

This week Ben & Alex discuss the cold front moving across the U.S. from West to East, the Hunting implications of that front and what podcasts they listened to while receiving reports from the listeners and Powderhook users. For your chance to win an entire case of Federal Premium Black Cloud head on over to the Powderhook app and submit your waterfowl report or harvest report today! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Waterfowl Hunting 101 - Your first Hunt

This week Alex and I talk run you through what you need to know for your first waterfowl hunt. You've been invited on a hunt... and someone sent you here or you're trying to get it all figured out before you head out! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Waterfowl Migration Report Thanksgiving 2019

Alex and I sit down and discuss the impending snow storms ripping through the central flyway... the east coast and its promising forecasts and talk about the Powderhook User's Waterfowl Reports submitted this week... they also discuss how the lowest form of duck hunting are those that seek Spoonbills.... and... Venison Pinwheels for Thanksgiving. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Snows Down Low

Talking to Jamison Thies the founder of Snows Down Low on how you can start preparing yourself for the conservation order...and how to extend your season without breaking the bank. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Migration Report 22NOV19

Follow along as we talk, podcasts,s youtube and THE MIGRATION IS ON! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Mitigating Risk- Planning for the Perils of Duck Hunting

When it all [actually] goes wrong. This week, Alex and I sit down and talk about how a small mindset change can set you up to have a safe and disaster free season. Too often we glaze over this topic and it doesn't surface until we've had a near death or have heard of someone else's tragedy. In this episode you'll find helpful techniques, principles and some actual tactics to stay safe out there. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hunt Update, Podcast Review and Migration Report -15NOV2019

Ben, Scott and Bryce talk about their recent hunts and what content they took in from the outdoor world this week. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


I took my wife hunting

This week I sit down and talk with my wife following her first real duck hunting experience and everything that we both learned and how you can benefit from our experience. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Duck Hunters and BHA with Land Tawney

This week I sit down and Talk with Land Tawney, President and CEO of Back Country Hunters and Anglers to talk about why Duck Hunters and BHA go hand in hand. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Duck Hunters and Deer Hunting with Ian Burrow

This week my friend Ian from Powderhook and the Public Pursuit sit down and talk about a moral conundrum in the woods, Butchering and processing all of your own game meat, mentoring new hunters and talk a little bit about deer hunting in the Kansas Flint Hills for a change of pace before Waterfowl Season starts. Don't worry... there's plenty for a waterfowl hunter in this episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Nebraska Duck Hunt Update and Hunting Podcast Review

This week Scott and I recap a hunt where Bryce and him learned a couple things (surprisingly) from hunting with me and we break down this weeks podcasts. Sorry for missing an episode earlier this week... that's why this one is so long. Thanks for tuning in and go ahead and check out our awesome partners. Oak Barn Beef: SRB Field Rests: (use the code FowlFront at checkout for 10% off) Learn more about...


On the other End of the Line - Rocky Leflore “The Original Waterfowl Podcaster”

This week I sit down and talk with Rocky LeFlore from the End of the Line podcast. We discuss the hunting industry, podcasting, hunting all over the country and some of the biggest movers and shakers building responsible narratives for the future of waterfowl hunting. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit