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#210 Modern Huntsman, Brad Neathery & Tyler Sharp

Modern Huntsman is bi-annual magazine that works to restore the perception of hunting in our modern society by curating stories, pictures, recipes, and more. On today’s episode, I talk with the CEO and Co-founder Brad Neathery and Editor in Chief Tyler Sharp about why hunting has gained a certain reputation - from the influences of hunting companies and media to the individual-level behavior. We’ll also hear an essay from Volume 1 called “And So I Hunt", written by Jillian Lukiwski and...


#209 Dr. Robb Gaffney | Coalatree

Dr. Robb Gaffney is a psychiatrist, former extreme skier, and author of Squallywood: a guide to Squaw Valley’s most extreme lines. In this episode, we’ll talk about the brain and risk taking, social contagion, and ways to encourage the next generation to take more responsible risks. Robb is also part of a movement to Keep Squaw True, as unwanted real estate development is threatens the North Lake Tahoe area. In today’s Company Spotlight, we feature Coalatree, an eco-friendly outdoor...


(R) #164 The Real Hiking Viking with Tom "Jabba" Gathman

Tom Gathman aka Jabba is @TheRealHikingViking. At the time of this recording, he was attempting a southbound winter thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. In 2013 he thru-hiked the AT with fellow combat veterans in the Warrior Hike and in 2014 the 3,100 mile Continental Divide trail. In this interview, we talk with Tom about his progress thus far, faulty headlines, and whether his beard has contributed to his success as The Real Hiking Viking.


#181 Latino Outdoors con José González

In a little more than a month, America’s National Parks System will celebrate its 100th birthday. Outdoors enthusiasts have a lot to celebrate on the centennial: 376 protected areas covering over 83 million acres. But there's still room for improvement. When you look at the people who recreate in America’s national parks, the demographics don't match the diversity that is so prominent in the United States. José González is out to change that. He leads an organization called Latino Outdoors,...


(R) #156 Five star camping cuisine with Expedition Chef Mary Brent Galyean

Mary Brent Galyean is an expedition chef. She cooks some of the tastiest dishes you'll ever eat in places that very few people have ever been. Chef MB does it all without electricity and running water, and I had the wonderful opportunity to taste this five star cuisine on the Gauley River in West Virginia. Courses included but were not limited to lamb sliders, salmon and acorn squash poached in spiced honey, and the crowd favorite sweet potato and red apple au gratin. To purchase a...


#180 Taking flight with JT Holmes

JT Holmes is an extreme athlete who has undertaken a variety of pursuits, some of which include skiing, BASE jumping, and speedriding (a hybrid of paragliding and skiing). In today's discussion, we’ll cover topics like risk, skill vs. luck, and how we tend to judge others for decisions that may not have any impact on us. For pictures, videos, and other resources, go to JT's Meister Profile page here - To purchase a MtnMeister t-shirt, go here -...


2016 goals update and (R) #149 The deepest man on Earth with Herbert Nitsch

The first few minutes of this episode includes an update on my BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) in 2016 which was to qualify for the 2017 Boston Marathon. For 20% off from our sponsor, Big Agnes, use the code "meister" at To buy a MtnMeister t-shirt, go here - What is the furthest you have gone under the water with a single breath? 15 feet? 20 feet? 30 feet? For our guest today, Herbert Nitsch, the answer is 830 feet. Herbert Nitsch is the current...


#179 Connecting the dots with Arlette Laan

Arlette Laan (trail name Apple Pie) took on an audacious project in the summer of 2014. The word diratissima in Italian means "most direct route", and in hiking it refers to the shortest route to connect multiple peaks. Apple Pie coordinated a White Mountain Diratissima where she linked all 48 of the 4,000-foot mountains. It took 258 miles to connect them all and she did it unsupported over the course of 11 days.


#178 Finding the forgotten with Derek Abbey

Exploration and adventure allow us to discover certain things: we discover new places, what we’re capable of, and what we love. Derek Abbey discovers something else. He’s a member of the BentProp project, a team of volunteers, trained specialists, and professionals who are dedicated to locating and assisting with identifying American POWs and MIA soldiers from World War II. The effort is done through extensive research, recoveries, and exploration all while coordinating with appropriate...


#177 Peru Trip Report: Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

In mid-August of 2015, I received a text from some old high school friends. These are the kind of friends that you see a couple of times each year, maybe at a wedding or when you return home for the holidays. We already have the foundation of a solid friendship, so it's never awkward, but life takes you in different directions. Besides, with social media and technology you already know what's going on in their lives. Anyway, the text said that they wanted to go on a hike in Peru in the...


#176 Back at it Agwin with Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin is a professional downhill mountain biker who has quickly ascended the ranks to become the best in the world. He competed in his first race at age 20, and today at age 28, he’s a 3-time World Cup Overall Champion. Gwin has put the USA back on top in sport that in recent years has been dominated by Europeans. In this interview, we’ll talk about what it means to have supportive parents, the difficulty of staying competitive and passionate at the same time, and what goes on behind...


#175 A changed identity with Eric McElvenny

Eric McElvenny is an endurance athlete and a retired Marine Corps infantry officer. He deployed three times, and on his third and final tour in Afghanistan, an IED took away his right leg below the knee. Less than two years after stepping on the IED, he stepped up to the starting line at the Kona Ironman and completed the race in 11 hours and 54 minutes.


#174 Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon with Andrew Drummond

The Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon is a race that covers many miles through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Participants can compete in individual legs as part of a larger team or show off prowess in various disciplines and compete as an individual. A few friends and I competed in the race as a team: I did the 8.3 mile running leg before my teammates took over for the kayak, bike, hike and ski legs. When I looked at the results, I saw that the winning individual did the running leg 4...


#173 Third time's a (c)harm with Alex Staniforth

Alex Staniforth is 20 years old, and he has already accomplished what some would consider a lifetime of adventures. In 2014, his first Everest attempt was cut short by the avalanche in the Khumbu Icefall. He tried again in 2015 but was stuck at Camp 1 during the Nepal earthquake. Alex is the author of Icefall: The True Story of a Teenager on a Mission to the Top of the World. Alex's Meister Profile page -


(R) #150 Climbing by the numbers with Billi Bierling

Billi Bierling is a mountaineer, journalist, and assistant for Miss Elizabeth Hawley, the legendary chronicler of Himalayan expeditions. Billi is the first German woman to reach the tops of Lohtse and Manaslu, the latter of which she summited without oxygen in 2011. Check out Billi's Meister profile page here -


#172 Putting the “out” in outdoors with Elyse Rylander

The outdoors has a diversity problem, not with the landscapes or the weather, but with the people who participate. Today's guest is changing that changing that by getting people out, outside. Elyse Rylander is the executive director of OUT There Adventures, an organization that takes queer young people on outdoors adventures to help them develop positive identities and individual empowerment. In this episode, we chat about how the outdoors can serve as a safe space for queer youth and why...


#171 All about adapting with Jason Romero

Jason Romero is a legally blind ultra-runner who is attempting to run across the country. He will leave on March 24th, and he plans to run 50 miles a day from LA to Boston. Jason's previous accomplishments in ultra endurance include Leadville Trail 100, Badwater 135, and many more. In this interview, Jason talks about his upcoming project (Vision Run USA) and the challenges of adapting to a field of vision that is consistently narrowing. Thanks to this episode's sponsor, Mountain House. For...


#170 Adventure: Nature or Nurture? with Rickey Gates

In addition to food, water, and shelter, it seems that Rickey Gates has two additional basic needs: running and traveling. At age 34, Rickey has been living a vagabond-ish lifestyle for nearly half of his life by running, writing, and taking pictures. In this episode, we discuss the "how and why" of Rickey's adventurous lifestyle. Check out Rickey's Meister Profile - Thanks to our sponsor for today's episode, Mountain House. For 20% off, visit...


#169 The first ascent of Mt. Vinson with the 1966 American Antarctic Mountaineering Expedition

This time fifty years ago, each of the highest peaks on every continent had been summited. Except one. At 16,050 feet, Mt. Vinson is Antarctica’s tallest mountain, and in 1966, the American Antarctic Mountaineering Expedition was organized to make a first ascent. This year, the 50th anniversary of this iconic accomplishment, some of the members of the team reunited at the American Alpine Club's Annual Benefit Dinner in Washington DC. In this episode, you'll hear them reflect on the historic...


#168 Alex Honnold on the 100-year anniversary of America's National Parks

On August 25th America will be celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the National Parks. In good spirit, the American Alpine Club hosted its Annual Benefit Dinner in Washington DC and invited world-renowned rock climber Alex Honnold to be the keynote speaker. In this episode, I sit down with Alex to talk about his experiences in the National Parks and his opinions on protected lands. Following the interview is Alex's keynote. This was recorded at the American Alpine Club's 2016 Annual...