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#211 Her Odyssey | Peak Design

Bethany Hughes (Fidgit) and Lauren Reed (Neon) are in the midst of a daunting project: hiking (and occasionally paddling and cycling) from the southern tip of Argentina to the northern tip of Alaska. The 20,000 mile journey is expected to take 5 or 6 years, and in this interview, they join from Medellín, Colombia, about 2.5 years into their journey. Fidgit and Neon talk about their motivation, strategies to get along with adventure partners, and Her Odyssey: a mission to connect stories of...


#210 Modern Huntsman, Brad Neathery & Tyler Sharp

Modern Huntsman is bi-annual magazine that works to restore the perception of hunting in our modern society by curating stories, pictures, recipes, and more. On today’s episode, I talk with the CEO and Co-founder Brad Neathery and Editor in Chief Tyler Sharp about why hunting has gained a certain reputation - from the influences of hunting companies and media to the individual-level behavior. We’ll also hear an essay from Volume 1 called “And So I Hunt", written by Jillian Lukiwski and...


#209 Dr. Robb Gaffney | Coalatree

Dr. Robb Gaffney is a psychiatrist, former extreme skier, and author of Squallywood: a guide to Squaw Valley’s most extreme lines. In this episode, we’ll talk about the brain and risk taking, social contagion, and ways to encourage the next generation to take more responsible risks. Robb is also part of a movement to Keep Squaw True, as unwanted real estate development is threatens the North Lake Tahoe area. In today’s Company Spotlight, we feature Coalatree, an eco-friendly outdoor apparel...


#208 Chris Warner | Dannyshane

Chris Warner is a well established mountaineer who has been climbing and guiding for several decades, a leadership educator, and the founder of Earth Treks climbing gyms. Last year, Chris attempted to climb the third highest mountain in the world, Kangchenjunga, but the summit escaped him. This season, he decided to give it another go. This episode is slightly different from our others. In hosting conversations with adventure athletes on MtnMeister, I’ve noticed that we are almost always...


#207 Pete Ripmaster

Pete Ripmaster is the winner of the 2018 Iditarod Trail Invitational. You’ve probably heard of the Iditarod before, and you might think it’s bizarre to be pulled by a bunch of dogs in sub-zero temperatures in the Alaskan wilderness. But that’s not the Iditarod that Pete won. He did the same course - 1,000 miles and 50 degrees below zero - in the form of an ultramarathon. With no dogs to help him along the way, Pete's feet carried him an average of 38 miles a day over 26 days. Go to...


#206 Chris McNamara | Sufferfest Beer Co.

Chris McNamera is the founder of Outdoor Gear Lab, Tech Gear Lab, and Supertopo. If you are a climber or gear head, there’s a chance you’ve heard of these. He’s also well respected climber, holds some serious big wall speed records and has climbed El Cap 80 plus times. In the early 2000s, Chris was one of the pioneers of wingsuit base jumping, but he eventually quit the sport because of it's risk. Today, he's reinventing South Lake Tahoe one of the best mountain towns in the US. In today’s...


#205 Dr. Jared Vagy "The Climbing Doctor" | Thunderbolt Sportswear

Dr. Jared Vagy is a doctor of physical therapy and known as “The Climbing Doctor”. He’s a professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at USC, works with Olympic athletes on teams in both the US and China, and has treated and taught more than 1,000 climbers. He’s the author of Climb Injury Free, which includes injury advice from professional climbers and step by step rehabilitation instructions for climbing injuries. In this interview, we talk about common injuries among climbers, how to...


#204 Steve House | Ridge Merino

Of all of the guest requests that I receive from listeners, Steve House is the name that comes up most. Steve is one of the most respected alpine climbers of this generation. In a time when establishing a quantity of summits has a certain superficial appeal, Steve stays committed to quality. He moves through the mountains in light and fast style, and through his programs like Alpine Mentors and Uphill Athlete, he teaches other climbers to do the same. In this interview, we’ll profile his...


#203 Gear Giveaway at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2018

This is MtnMeister's semi-annual gear giveaway episode! If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve probably heard of it. If this is your first time listening, here’s how it works. A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Denver where over 1,000 different outdoor brands exhibited their newest products. In exchange for being featured on today’s episode, each company agrees to give you gear. These are all real products that are either currently on the market or will be later...


#202 Gear Giveaway at ORWM18 Preview

HOW IT WORKS In our Outdoor Retailer episodes of MtnMeister, we record short interviews with innovative and exciting outdoor brands. In exchange for being featured, they give you free gear! When you hear a product that you want, email to request it. The first person who requests it wins! Last year we gave away over $5,000 in prizes. THE CATCH Easy, right? The only issue is that there’s a lot of competition from others who want the free gear. Last year, everything was...


#201 Chris Davenport | OROS Apparel

Chris Davenport, at age 46, is one of the most accomplished big mountain skiers today. He was a pioneer in figuring out a way to make a career out of skiing and has inspired the generation of freeskiers that you see today. Recently he was inducted into the Colorado Snowsports Hall of Fame. Chris talks about the early days, his upcoming projects, gear, and MountainHub, an app that uses Crowdsourced information to assist you with your outdoors adventures. After...


#200 Trip Report: Summit for Someone on Grand Teton

This is MtnMeister's annual episode about Big City Mountaineers’ Summit for Someone program, where passionate climbers can ascend their dream peak and raise money for charity in the process. On these trips, I bring a portable recording device with me while I try to climb a mountain that’s outside of my comfort zone. Summit for Someone is the fundraising arm of Big City Mountaineers. Similar to how marathon or cycling fundraisers work, hiking and climbing enthusiasts can take on a big...


#199 Global Rescue with Dan Richards

Today's guest is Dan Richards, the CEO of Global Rescue. Global Rescue provides travel and health risk management services, ranging from specialty care to evacuation. In this episode, we talk to Dan about Global Rescue's business model, how having a "backup" impacts decision-making, and whether Dan has ever had to use the services of his own company. Gear up and support Big City Mountaineers’ Summit For Someone Grand Teton Climb sponsored by Osprey and MtnMeister. Save some cash – 20% - and...


#198 Why We Climb with Chris Noble

Today's guest is Chris Noble, author/photographer/climber. He’s the author of Women Who Dare: North America’s Most Inspiring Female Climbers, and his newest book, Why We Climb, which explores the various answers to that question - "Why do we climb?". The book includes interviews and stunning pictures of some the world’s elite climbers including Conrad Anker, Angie Payne, Alex Honnold, Raphael Slawinski, and many more. Buy the book here -


#197 Connecting all 417 national parks with Mikah Meyer

April 15-23 is National Park Week, and this coming weekend, April 22-23, you get free admission to every National Park in America. In this episode, I interview Mikah Meyer, who is on a mission to become the youngest person to experience all 417 units in America’s National Park System. He started around this time last year, and as of the release of this episode, he’s a little over a third of the way. In today’s episode you’ll hear about his motivation for the project, how he makes it work,...


#196 Come climb with MtnMeister!

Over the past two summers, I’ve had the amazing the opportunity to climb two iconic peaks in the continental US: Mt Langley in 2015 and Mt. Hood in 2016. These are some of my fondest memories over the past few years. I have met incredible people and been forced outside of my comfort zone. These experiences have been part of the Summit for Someone program - charity climbs that raise money for Big City Mountaineers (BCM), a non-profit that takes underserved, inner-city youth on immersive,...


#195 GEAR GIVEAWAY at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017

It's our semi-annual GEAR GIVEAWAY episode! Twice a year, we attend the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City to cover new products, technologies, and companies in the outdoors industry. If this is your first time listening to our gear giveaway episode, here’s how it works. In exchange for being featured on today’s episode, each company has agreed to give away free gear to our listeners. These are all real products that are either currently on the market or will be - they aren’t...


#194 More Effective New Year's Resolutions and 2017 Goals

In our annual New Year episode, we look back at what we accomplished in the previous year and set goals for the next one. Unfortunately, over the past two years my success rate hasn't been good - 33% to be exact. I’m not the only one with this problem. Goals are inherently hard and life can take us in different directions that move the finish line. Still, it’s obvious that we need help, so in today’s episode, we bring on a guest who knows a whole lot about goals and motivation. Hengchen Dai,...


#193 Gear Giveaway at ORWM17 Preview

For the fourth consecutive season, MtnMeister will be hosting its OR Giveaway episode. In this extra-popular episode, we record segments with companies about their latest and greatest gear, technologies, footwear, and apparel. All participating companies give away free prizes to our loyal listeners. Here's how to win: After you listen to the episode, email and say which specific prize you want. The first person who requests a prize, gets it! You can only win once and you...


#192 Advancing Nature as a Public Health Solution

If you’re a fan of this show, you probably understand that time outside makes you feel better. In fact, you’ve probably built it into your schedule - a little time outside every day keeps the doctor away, right? Buy why does this work? Are there bigger implications than your own personal use? On today’s episode, we bring you three distinguished guests who are working on advancing nature as a public health solution. Episode Guests: Stacy Bare, Director of Sierra Club Outdoors and veteran of...