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Interviewing Spearfishing Experts, Authorities And Characters From All Over The World

Interviewing Spearfishing Experts, Authorities And Characters From All Over The World
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Brisbane, Australia


Interviewing Spearfishing Experts, Authorities And Characters From All Over The World






NSP:094 Justin Baker Fort Pierce Spearfishing

Interview with Justin Baker Fort Pierce Fireman Justin Baker joins me for one heck of a chat. There is a full-on conversation about hunting specific reef species and there are plenty of tips and ideas for you to try out and improve your own spearfishing skills.We also focus in on Fort Pierce as a spearfishing desitination and I ask him all about conditions, species, and how spearos roll in his part of Florida. Listen in and let us know what your biggest takeaway is! Justin is the fourth...


NSP:093 Tom Blandford GWS stories and respecting your prey

Interview with Tom Blandford Great White Shark tales, White Sea Bass chasing and an epic Guadalupe day surrounded by huge fish. Sound like a fun listen? These are just a few of the highlights of this interview with veteran spearo Tom Blandford. As mentioned in the intro, I purchased (and read) Tom's first book 'A Dented Badge' which has stories about his life serving in the LAPD during the 70's and 80's. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think its a nice compliment to this interview which...


NSP:092 Captain Dan Walsh Halibut insights and vintage gear

Interview with Captain Dan Walsh Full shownotes here Interview with Dan Walsh Vintage spearfishing equipment, advice and stories about spearfishing pioneers, and insights into hunting Halibut aka barn door. Dan Walsh has spent 50+ years on the water spearfishing, scuba diving, captaining boats, chasing abalone and making TV shows about the ocean, Dan has no shortage of awesome stories. To compliment the chat I have included a...


NSP:091 Rob Harrison how to grow a spearfishing club

Interview with Rob Harrison | Spearfishing FUNdamentals The Veterans Vault section in this interview will serve as a blueprint for you if you are interested in starting and growing a spearfishing club. Rob Harrison was one of the core members responsible for driving extreme growth in the Auckland Freediving Club membership. Since then he has started a spearfishing training group called Spearfishing FUNdamentals. In this interview he discusses some of the core things clubs need to do to lay a...


NSP:090 Josh Pederson how to take a kid spearfishing

Interview with Josh Pederson from ThisOceanLifeTV Josh joins me (Shrek) to give the lowdown about how to take a kid spearfishing but that’s not all. He recounts a recent adventure bluewater hunting for the first time and shares some of the key takeaways from his trip. If you are into water sports along with your spearfishing then you need to meet Josh. He interviews watermen and women from multiple pursuits like SUP riding long distance, surfers, and more on his show called ThisOceanLifeTV...


NSP:089 Sam Blount Spearfishing First Aid | Frontline Freediving

Interview with Sam Blount from Frontline Freediving Sam Blount from Frontline freediving in Wilmington, North Carolina joins us to share some very practical information for all spearos. Specifically we take a look at the 4 most serious types of injuries and accidents that can happen to spearos and then we scenario plan exactly how Sam would deal with each of these events. Sam's a former marine and has designed a trauma kit specifically for spearfishing so this episode covers a tonne of first...


NSP:088 101 Dry Training + Cris Dillon Spearjunkies Update

This epiode is a bit different. The first 30 minutes are all about improving your breath-hold using dry training. The second half of the show is a Cris Dillon Spearjunkies Update. These guys are travelling the world seeking 12 species that many of us can only dream about encountering. If you have trouble getting in the water at least a few times a week, then you will take some practical information out of the dry training section to improve your breath-hold. We can all do with more stoke...


NSP:087 Wayne Judge Spearfishing Training

Interview with Wayne Judge Wayne is an absolute gun at coaching spearos to improve their spearfishing. This episode has some excellent takeaways for guys wanting to improve their breath-hold, finning technique and become more effective in the water. He achieves these results by getting people into regular pool training using targeted exercises in a 12 week program. This episode we also dig into hunting Dogtooth Tuna. Despite Wayne being self-deprecating with regards to his hunting ability,...


NSP:086 Nikki Watt Strayan Spearfisherwoman

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie....this interview is terrible. Turbo and Nikki gang up on me and talk Strayan non-stop....nah jokes. This is a very good interview with a super knowledgeable and a really good communicator. Nikki Watt is the womans spearfishing world record and Australian record holder for Black Marlin and in this interview she shares the story of their epic one hour batttle. Nikki's observational skills come through loud and clear in this chat and I learned several things about...


NSP:085 Josh Humbert Visualization for spearfishing

Interview with Josh Humbert Kamoka Pearls, hyperventilation, visualization for spearfishing and even a severe code brown story! This interview with Josh Humbert has a hell of a lot of nuggets in it and not just brown ones. We discuss his early beginnings in the ocean and encountering a complete lack of information which resulted in a near miss that helped him to take his approach to freediving and spearfishing a little differently. I seriously encourage you to listen into an experienced...


NSP:084 12 Tips to Improve Your Spearfishing

12 Tips to Improve Your Spearfishing Extracts from the full audiobook 99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing Concise actionable information to improve your spearfishing in an audio format. This episode has a 12 tip selection from the audio book 99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing. If you would like to get hold of the full free version check it out here (and support the Noob Spearo Podcast;) Learn spearfishing at Noob Spearo Partners +...


NSP:083 101 Sustainable Spearfishing with Andrew Lewin

Sustainable Spearfishing Interview with Andrew Lewin from Speak Up For The Blue Podcast This episode is a chat about the concept of sustainability and how we can each get involved in looking after the marine environment. Speak Up For The Blue Podcast Host and self proclaimed Oceanpreneur Andrew Lewin joins me in a wide ranging conversation about spearfishing, sustainability and being more aware of ocean conservation efforts in general. If you spend time in the ocean, there are a few...


NSP:082 Alex Davis Spearfishing Barbados

Interview with Alex Davis from Spearfishing Barbados Full Shownotes and Pictures here at the home of the best spearfishing blog and podcast! British spearfishing and freediving instructor Alex Davis joins me from Barbados to share his spearfishing story. I learn about how he started his business, Spearfishing Barbados, his freediving experience and we dial right in on targeting Lionfish. Topics covered include Lionfish range, size, breeding, predators, food source, how to find...


NSP:081 Eckhart 'the Crayfish Bane' Berkenstein Catching Crayfish

Interview with Eckhart Berkenstein Full shownotes available at Episode 81 is all things Crayfish aka Lobster. We learn about finding them, approaching them, grabbing them and even killing and cooking them. If you haven't started catching crayfish yet then this is a great place to start. This interview is also our longest one and its for good reason as Eckhart takes us all over the place. We discuss good...


NSP:080 Spearjunkies Spearfishing Video Series

Spearjunkies Spearfishing Video Series Full Shownotes and Photos at the Noob Spearo Spearfishing HQ here 4 Spearos, 12 Destinations & an Ambitious Target Species List Chris Dillon joins us to chat all about a spearfishing TV show he is in the process of creating alongside 3 other very well known spearos. MJK, Chris Coates and Barret Harvey are collaborating with Cris to explore some of the world's greatest spearfishing locations to target a list of species that no single spearo has taken...


NSP:079 Sven Franklin Melbourne Spearfishing

Interview with Sven Franklin This interview we head down to the hipster capitol of Australia Melbourne to chat with Sven Franklin. We chat all about Club Spearfish, a local spearo club where they have a great culture and some pretty cool meetups. Sven also gives us a good overview of Melbourne spearfishing species and areas to go as well as some idea about weather and conditions which is always helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed this chat and Sven reinforced several huge factors for improving...


NSP:078 Andre Rerekura Terra Australis

Interview with Andre Rerekura Check out the full shownotes at If you would like to learn more about spearfishing setups for chasing big Dogtooth Tuna, underwater photography or even the mindset of an experienced watermen, then this episode with Andre Rerekura is for you. Andre is one of the co-founders of Terra Australis, a collaborative between some very talented guys who make films in and on the ocean. In this chat we learn a tonne of hunting insights while meeting a...


NSP:077 HECS technology with Warren Bird

Interview with HECs Aquatic's Warren Bird A fast paced Q&A about the HECs Stealth System Wetsuit Technology The HECS technology came on our radar about 12 months ago and we've watched as its progressed. After 6 or more of our former guests all started wearing and benefiting from the HECS technology, we thought it was high time we reached out and got Warren on the show. We also reached out to the Noob Spearo Community on Facebook and got a hefty number of questions and so we ask them all in...


NSP:076 John Pengelly Dogtooth & Wahoo Spearfishing World Records

Interview with John Pengelly Find a comprehensive blog on all the facets of spearfishing here Dual spearfishing world record holder John Pengelly joins us and shares the tales of these two special fish taken from the waters of French Polysnesia. On his second day in the Austral Islands John took the opportunity to shoot a 137 lb or 62.6 kg Wahoo that beat out the former record by more than 12lbs. As if the Wahoo wasn't enough John went out again and shot a 240 lb or 109 kg Dogtooth Tuna...


NSP:075 Noob Spearo on Kickstarter + a Snapper Stalk

Noob Spearo on Kickstarter Noob Spearo + Kickstarter = 99 Tips To Get Better at Spearfishing in your hands This episode is all about getting Noob Spearo on Kickstarter. We chat about how we can supply you guys with cool rewards for helping us to launch our illustrated 99 Tips To Get Better at Spearfishing to the world via kickstarter. We are also joined by Lucas Handley (@insta here) via Tales from the Tinny's, Michael Kermode who is doing some roving stories for us that will hopefully...