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#083 Matt Wragg

Matt Wragg is a professional photographer, writer and editor-at-large for Pinkbike. Matt has been in the industry for many years, he's travelled the world for numerous projects and was one of the first photographers to actively shoot enduro. Matt recently posted a blog article on Pinkbike called 'The Day I Lost Control Of My Brain' where he openly talked about his struggles with mental health and the resulting anxiety/depression. On this episode we discuss everything from how he first got...


Behind The Bike: Calibre's Bossnut

The original Calibre Bossnut first hit the market in 2015. Described by the press as "a hugely important mountain bike" with it's quality spec and very competitive price point, the Bossnut proved that a new bike doesn't have to cost multiple thousands of pounds. Since then the Calibre brand has grown, they have increased the team, won multiple awards and have some big name athletes riding their products. Although Calibre falls under the Go Outdoors banner it may come as a surprise to most...


#082 Iago Garay

Iago Garay is a professional enduro mountain bike racer from Spain. Iago turned professional in a very unconventional way and now rides for the Santa Cruz SRAM enduro team. On this episodes we discuss what it took to become one of the best riders in the World, his riding style and what inspires it and what it takes to stay at the top of the sport plus much more... Follow Iago Garay:- Instagram - @iagogaray Facebook - Iago Garay DONATE TO THE RNLI MARATHON...


#081 Tai Woffinden

Tai Woffinden is a three time World Speedway Champion and, somebody who I've watched grow as a person/athlete over the last 15 years. We sat down at his new house for a long over due catch up to chat about life on and off the bike, whats its like to compete in one of the most dangerous sports on earth for a living and everything in-between. Enjoy... PRE ORDER TAI'S NEW AUTOBIOGRAPHY Tai's links:- Instagram @twoffinden Facebook Tai Woffinden Twitter @twoffinden DONATE TO THE RNLI...


#080 Veronique Sandler

Veronique Sandler is a professional mountain bike rider originally from New Zealand. She made the move to Europe whilst racing the World Cup Circuit and has now paved her own way in the mountain bike industry away from competition. On this episode we discuss her local riding scene, her influencers and what the future holds for Vero plus, much more! DOWNLOAD VISION ON iTunes Vero's links:- Instagram - @veroniquesandler DONATE TO THE RNLI MARATHON CHALLENGE Thanks to our sponsors SAXX...


#079 Josh Perry

Josh Perry is one of the good guys. He first appeared on the podcast for episode #067 to talk about living with four brain tumours and, how the ketogenic lifestyle has helped keep them dormant. Josh returns to the podcast to discuss why he has taken 3 months off riding his BMX, motivational speaking, the latest ketogenic studies and the business of action sports. Get your ticket to Anthill's Return To Earth Sheffield premiere Josh's links:- Instagram -...


EWSorBUST Season 3 Episode 4 / SHUT UP!

It's been a while since we caught up with our favourite privateer Rich Payne. On this episode we discuss the theft of his custom Deviate Cycles bikes, the reasons he missed a couple of events, epic travel schedules and shouting at family members! Keep up to date with all things racing and EWS or Bust related by checking out our social media pages below. Why not give them a cheeky follow? You can also watch the accompanying video here:- This...


Behind The Bike: Marin Mount Vision

What better way to kick off the first episode of this new series than with the super polarising Marin Mount Vision! Wether you like the look of the bike or not it's hard to ignore the forward thinking NAILD suspension system and the hundreds of hours that went in to product development. This episode features Marin's head of full suspension product Matthew Cipes to chat through the timeline/road map of bringing this unique bike to market along with John Oldale, Marin's International...


#078 Wyn Masters

Wyn Masters is one of the most likeable characters on the planet, a true gentleman who's doing life the right way. What most people might not realise is that Wyn bust his ass to get to the position he is in now, he worked some crazy jobs and made huge commitments to become a professional rider/personality in the mountain bike world. On this episode we take a deep dive into what he went through as a privateer and the many reasons that led him to start the privateer GoFundMe plus, plenty...


#077 Duncan Shaw

Duncan Shaw is a professional street trials rider from Inverness, Scotland. On this episode Duncan describes how he first got into riding trials, growing up in Inverness and how he came to start the Drop And Roll Tour with friend/house mate Danny Macaskill plus much more... Enjoy! Follow Duncan Shaw:- Instagram @duncshaw Youtube - Duncan Shaw DONATE TO THE RNLI MARATHON CHALLENGE The podcast is made possible by our sponsors SAXX Underwear and, we are...


EWSorBUST Season 3 Episode 3 / Bon dia Madeira

Rich just returned from racing the Enduro World Series round 3 in Madeira with fellow Remap owner Mark. On this episode we discuss the differences between the EWS series and EWS Continental rounds, bike set up, the Gamble line and plenty more... Keep up to date with all things racing and EWS or Bust related by checking out our social media pages below. Why not give them a cheeky follow? You can also watch the accompanying video here:- This...


#076 Jase Macalpine

Jase Macalpine is the host of one of my all time favourite podcasts, Gypsy Tales. Jase has been involved with action sports as a film maker and content creator for many years and it's always a pleasure to have him on the podcast for a chat about anything and everything... Enjoy! Follow Gypsy Tales:- Instagram @gypsytalespodcast Youtube - Gypsy Tales The podcast is made possible by our sponsors SAXX Underwear & HKT Products, click below to take a closer look and...


#075 Always Prepare For The Worst

Welcome to the second instalment of the secret sessions series and, with it something totally different for this episode. James and Alex are two of my closest friends, together last weekend we embarked on a trip to canoe the 97km long Caledonian Canal which runs from Fort William to Inverness in Scotland. Unfortunately, on the third day the trip took a turn for the worse and thanks to a few incredible people we made it out of a dangerous situation alive. This is a podcast to say thank...


EWSorBUST Season 3 Episode 2 / The Siesta

Rich is back from the first round of the EWS European Enduro Series that was held in Macanet de Cabrenys, Spain. On this episode we find out how Rich found his first taste of the Continental series, how the new bike is performing, get an update on any off season changes and also find out just how relaxed Spanish people are! Keep up to date with all things racing and EWS or Bust related by checking out our social media pages below. Why not give them a cheeky follow? You can also watch the...


#074 Joe Bowman

Joe Bowman is the brainchild behind Steel City Media, a Sheffield based MTB media company and, one of my closest friends. On this episode we sat down at his new office for a long overdue catch up about how he entered the film making world, life after Gamble, his 2019 plans, the up-coming race season and discuss the future of MTB media plus, lots more... Follow Steel City Media & The Santa Cruz Syndicate:- Instagram - @Steelcitymedia Youtube - Steel City Media Instagram -...


#073 Dirt Factory Indoor Bike Park

Welcome to The Secret Sessions series. On today's episode I am joined by Daniel Makin, Ian Wheeler and Dirt Factory's first employee Matt Greenwood to check out their new pop-up indoor mountain bike park in Manchester, UK. The Dirt Factory guys were first on the podcast way back in June 2016 so it's awesome to see them finally realise the first part of the project as they gear up to fully open the doors to the public. You can find out more about Dirt Factory on their website...


#072 Todd Meyn

Todd Meyn is an Australian professional BMX athlete and a regular on the Nitro Circus World Tour. Todd is no doubt one of the hardest working people in action sports, he turned pro at a very early age and has a very unique story which involves life threatening injuries, World first tricks, a crazy tour schedule and has also recently started his own airbag company called DD Airbags. Todd's book recommendations:- Man's Search For Meaning - Viktor Frankl One Simple Idea - Stephen...


EWSorBUST Season 3 Episode 1 / Preseason Prep

EWS or BUST is back with series three episode one! On this episode we catch up with everybody's favourite privateer and team rider Rich Payne to discuss his approach to the 2019 race season, a change in sponsors, a fresh bike and a complete overhaul of goals/targets. Keep up to date with all things racing and EWS or Bust related by checking out our social media pages below. Why not give them a cheeky follow? You can also watch the accompanying video...


#071 Ajay Jones

Ajay Jones is a semi professional mountain bike rider from the Welsh Valleys. On this episode we discuss how he first got involved with riding all things two wheeled, being in a hardcore punk band and the real story behind his clothing table #lewsavew plus lots more randomness... Follow Ajay Jones:- Instagram - @ajayxjones / @letsavew The podcast is made possible by our sponsors SAXX Underwear & HKT Products, click below to take a closer look and take advantage of some...


#070 Ben Cathro

Ben Cathro returns for this episode of The HKT Podcast! Ben's videos attracted a lot of attention last year with his detailed track walks and course break downs. We decided to sit down and preview the upcoming 2019 downhill mountain bike race season and discuss some of the recent team moves, track changes, make some wild predictions and have a good ol' gossip. Ben also reveals his 2019 plans. Are the videos coming back? Listen to find out and, get pumped for the season opener on 28th...