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Project Serpro

Over decades people have reported that the government sent a small group with a race of aliens from the planet Serpo. It is believed that the aliens were of the same species that crashed in Roswell in 1947. Take a journey with Paul and Matt to discuss the possibilities.


The Christmas Special - Episode 23

Twas a couple of nights before Christmas and the idiots are in front of the microphones.


John Kennedy and MJ-12 - Episode 22

JFK was, perhaps, the most beloved president in U.S. history. The American people and our allies seemed mesmerized by our President. The world was so enamored with the Kennedy family that his time in the White House was nicknamed "Camelot." He lead the U.S. to the moon and back. His views on Cuba nearly lead to a nuclear war. He visualized a society run by the people. His position to end secrecy may have cost him his life.


Anything Goes - Episode 21

Solving the mysteries one curse word at a time. This is an anything goes


Oumuamua - Are we being visit by an alien probe? Call-In live (573) 4-AREA51

1 year ago an interstellar traveler made its way into our solar system. It has captured the imagination of scientists and visionaries ever since. Now, new research suggests that it may, in fact, be of extraterrestrial origin.


Abduction Series - Stupid F*cking TV Shows - Episode 19

In the first of their, "Abduction Series" Paul and Matt talk, candidly, about their opinions of modern TV. The Abduction Series focuses on the "behind the scenes" thoughts and rantings of both hosts. "It's quite different from what we normally do on the podcast," Paul explained. "It's called the 'Abduction Series' because we are removed from our usual environment, to take a more personal look into who and what we are as hosts," Matt added. "It's light-hearted compared to the normal podcast....


Exorcisms and Demonic Possession - Episode 18

Perhaps the most famous demonic possession was the case involving a young man that some believe may have even been possessed by the devil himself. Throughout hundreds, possibly thousands, of years people have claimed to be possessed by these maleficent creatures, known as "Demons." But, for many years the news of such cases has fallen away from the mainstream and made them mere back page news articles. Are they real? Do they still occur? Is there anyone left who can help get rid of them?...


Atlantis - Episode 17

Matt and Paul talk about the various details of "The Eye of the Sahara," the Richat structure in Africa. Fitting the pieces of a puzzle that is 12,000 years in the making they talk about many of the possible locations of the mythical island. From Solon and Plato to the modern world of Egypt. But, could this really be the fabled continent?


Angela Shelton Interview - Episode 16

What would you do if aliens, ghosts and UFO sightings followed you most of your life? Angela Shelton has had numerous encounters and talks with Paul and Matt about many of her experiences. To this day Angela and her children are visited by spirits, haunting the family's home.


Time Travel with Special Guest John Titor - Episode 15

Is time travel possible? What really happened to JFK? Who really runs this planet? Our guest answers all of these questions and more as he and Paul dive into some of the biggest mysteries of our planet. John Titor, Commander of the 177th Time Travel Division of the United States Air Force talks, candidly, about his service to our country and the many things that he has seen. He has traveled from 230 B.C. to 2050 A.D. with many adventures, all while using technology so advanced that it has...


The Bermuda Triangle and The Dragon Triangle - Episode 14

One sits in the Eastern Hemisphere and the other in the Western Hemisphere. They have been responsible for seemingly countless disappearances. For years scientific explanation has eluded their explanations, but, is it because we don't understand the forces or is it because those forces are something from the paranormal world? Since 1200 AD reports have surfaced about swelling seas, with tales of ghostly ships, with nothing more than haunting memories of their glory days being spotted. Entire...


Paranormal North Coast British Columbia - Episode 13

Veteran Paranormal Investigators Joel Walling and Michael Smith of Paranormal North Coast British Columbia join Matt for an in-depth look at everything fortean. From their investigative origins in North Carolina to the North Coast of British Columbia they bring a combined total of over 30 years experience to the podcast. Currently, they each reside in the epicenter of Bigfoot sightings and surrounded by legends of many cryptids. In this episode, you can also find out how you can help Michael...


D & M Paranormal - Episode 12

Dane and Jen from D&M Paranormal, in St. Louis, Missouri talk with Matt about the world of ghost hunting. Jen and Dane have had many experiences with the supernatural, including what they affectionately refer to as, "Spirit Jumping." With a degree from the school of hard knocks, they guide you through common mistakes made by those entering into the field of paranormal research. From haunted mansions to the restless spirits of Civil War soldiers, you will be taken on a journey of adventure...


Nazis in Antarctica - Episode 11

Various details have emerged, in the latter half of the 20th century, that the Nazis may have built a secret base in Antarctica. Was the United States military mission, Operation: High Jump, really to determine if the Nazis were there? After WWII many people believe that high ranking Nazi officials, including Hitler himself, may have fled to either South America or Antarctica.


The Science of Bigfoot - Episode 10

For years scientists have maintained that due to the encroachment of mankind, a large, bipedal creature, like Bigfoot, could not remain undetected in the United States. But, what does the total forestation have to say? What about the number of animals required to sustain an entire species? Matt and Paul dive into these topics and give their perspective on the Patterson-Gimlin film that has been seen the world over. "I don't know about you but my first my first memory goes back to about 1974...


The UFO Crash In Aurora, Texas with special guest Daniel Alan Jones - Episode 9

April 17, 1897, at approximately 6:00AM residents, were startled from their beds by an "airship" crashing into Judge Proctor's windmill. From the crash, townspeople pulled the reamins of a small creature. The "creature" was discribed by an Army Signal Corps officer as, "not from this world." The townspeople felt compelled to bury the pilot in the local cemetery with, "Christian Rights." During the 1970s interest in the crash was renewed and the surviving townspeople, of that fateful day,...


The U.S. Government Cover-up of UFOs -Episode 7 -Part 2 plus Bonus

For decades the United States government has actively covered up events and technology from outside of this planet. But, do they really have a need to keep that information from the citizens? Have they colluded with species from outside of our solar system to wage war on its enemies? Journey down the rabbit hole to discover how they have kept the secrets for so long.


The U.S. Government Cover-up of UFOs -Episode 7 -Part 1

For decades the United States government has actively covered up events and technology from outside of this planet. But, do they really have a need to keep that information from the citizens? Have they colluded with species from outside of our solar system to wage war on its enemies? Journey down the rabbit hole to discover how they have kept the secrets for so long.


The Barney and Betty Hill Abduction - Episode 6

In 1961, while returning from vacation, Barney and Betty Hill encountered a UFO. Years later they recalled their terrifying experiences and the world was introduced to the reality of alien abductions. Join Paul and Matt as they discuss their thoughts on what makes Barney and Betty's case so unique and why the world should hear the Hill's interrupted journey.


The Men in Black - Episode 5

You've seen Hollywood's version of the fabled Men in Black, but could their real purpose be sinister? People have reported terrifying encounters with someone, or something simply known as, "The Men in Black." Join Matt and Paul as they talk about their own encounters with the mysterious agents.