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Mysterious Matters brings on experts and experiencers from the world of Science, Culture to the Paranormal

Mysterious Matters brings on experts and experiencers from the world of Science, Culture to the Paranormal


Nashville, TN


Mysterious Matters brings on experts and experiencers from the world of Science, Culture to the Paranormal








Duncan Lunan: Green Children of Woolpit, The Black Knight Satellite, and The Big Grey Man of Scotland

Duncan Lunan joins Bob to discuss the Green Children of Woolpit. This is the edited version of a near 2 hour show. Support Mysterious Matters to get the high quality full show download @


Quantum Physics Explains Everything: Theoretical Quantum Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami

Theoretical Physicist Amit Goswami believes that the science of Quantum Mechanics is not only the future of science, but it is also the key to understanding consciousness, life, death, God, psychology, and the overall meaning of life. Today we sit down with Dr. Goswami to ask him questions regarding the world of quantum physics, and the theories that other theoretical physicists have been discussing over the years such as the multiverse theory, the holographic universe model, and...


Moral Combat: Do Violent video Games Create Murders?

In family rooms across America, millions of children and teenagers are playing video games, such as Call of Duty, Halo, and Grand Theft Auto, roaming violent virtual worlds—with virtual guns in their hands. In what sometimes seems like an increasingly violent world, it’s only natural to worry about the effects of all this pixelated gore. But is that concern misplaced? Authors and psychologists Patrick M. Markey and Christopher J. Ferguson say it...


Raymond Moody: Life After Death, Near Death Experience & Shared Death Experiences

Our guests today are Dr Raymond Moody and Lisa Smartt. Ramond Moody pioneered modern research into life after death, Near-Death Experiences and Shared Death Experiences.


John Hogue deconstructing Cults and Papal Prophetic Frauds on History Channel Special

John Hogue returns to deconstruct some constructive criticism, and misunderstandings, of his involvement with the Rajneesh Oregon community. In this edition of Mysterious Matters, John Hogue takes an in-depth look back at his time in a community that some may call a cult; but John considers a spiritual movement, not unlike other religions such as Christianity. Plus we look into what happened with the History Channel’s improper handling of their “The Last Pope” special that was aired a few...


Spontaneous Moment with Bob Bain and John Hogue

A brief Spontaneous Moment between Bob and John Hogue.


Info on Next Tuesday's Show: Star Myths of the World

Bob is back to using the RE320 mic as he grew tired of holding a mic for a two-hour show. This small informational podcast is to give you an update of what to expect next week.


John Hogue: Spiritual Journey of Reincarnation - Plus Alex Jones - Infowars Predictions 2018

World-renowned forecaster of future events, and Nostradamus expert, John Hogue joined Bob on the second ever video edition of the Mysterious Matters program. Broadcasting from the house of mystery somewhere in Nashville, TN and a mysterious Island in Seattle, Bob Bain, and John Hogue embark upon the best conversation of their time together. This audio is from the video edition which can be found on our YouTube channel @ No locally recorded audio was...


Reminder: Mysterious Matters - The Paranormal Podcast - is Returning in August

Bob has been busy adjusting his microphone and the Apollo Twin MKII DUO to get the best sound possible. When we return our guests will include names like; John Hogue, Von Braschler, Dr. Raymond Moody, Matt Swayne...among others. If you aren't subscribed now, now is the time to do so! Find out why Bob Bain was called the best new voice in the Paranormal Podcast/Radio field back in 2016 on Coast to Coast AM.


Returning in August: Mobile Studio

The Mysterious Matters Podcast is returning after an extended downtime, and Bob has new equipment to allow him to be more mobile in the future.


Art Bell: The Art of Talk

Intensely private radio personality Art Bell, who lives in the middle of the desert 65 miles west of Las Vegas--where he broadcasts his radio shows--finally comes forward with his fascinating autobiography.


Kristy Robinett: Tails from the Afterlife: Stories of Signs, Messages & Inspiration from your Animal Companions

Even when their physical bodies are gone, your beloved pets live on in spirit and in their undying devotion to you. Tails from the Afterlife shares amazing and inspiring stories of the signs, symbols, and messages that your pets send, proving that they're waiting for you and even helping you from the Other Side. From near-death experiences to witness accounts to life-saving tails―pun intended―Kristy Robinett will have you both crying and laughing as she presents an array of animals and...


Michio Kaku: The Future of Humanity & Michio Kaku's Theory on Alien Abductions

Joining Bob for the first episode of the fourth season of the Mysterious Matters program was theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku. Dr. Kaku made his first stop on his tour of media appearances on Mysterious Matters to discuss his latest book, The Future of Humanity. More info will be arriving soon.


Parasomnias: The Mysteries and Science of Parasomnia

How would you react if, after taking nighttime cold medicine, you woke up the following morning and you had committed atrocious acts of violence? Such was the case for 20 individuals over the past 100 years. These are the tales of Parasomnias and those who fall victim to subconscious theater...being acted out in reality.


Preston Dennett: A Conversation on Aliens, Ghosts and The Afterlife

On this edition of Mysterious Matters we welcomed on Preston Dennett for a candid conversation surrounding his work in the UFO and Paranormal fields. The audio isn't the greatest on behalf of both Bob and Preston due to several technical issues that popped up and were later resolved but not until after this interview happened. But it was a great show nonetheless!


Total Solar Eclipse & The Curious History of Invisible Light — Nashville's Coast to Coast AM Alternative

On Monday, August 21st residents of just 10 states —and the millions of travelers making the trip for the chance to see a rare phenomenon—will be able to witness the full totality of a solar eclipse. The totality window spans a mere 70 miles wide. Astronomer Bob Bermantouches on the spectacular beauty of a total eclipse compared to a partial eclipse. Then we turn our attention to his latest book: “Zapped“. Even during the darkest night sky, all around us we’re surrounded by light. Science...


Mysterious Beasts of Cryptozoology: Ken Gerhard — Nashville's Coast to Coast AM Alternative

Are there truly mysterious beasts of a cryptozoological nature creeping around in forests, waterways, or otherwise unexplored areas of the earth? Ken Gerhard believes that is the case and why he has dedicated his life to investigating claims of humanoid creatures, gargantuan water creatures, and other mysterious beasts. Unlike other cryptozoologists, Ken Gerhard has worked in a zoo as a volunteer and feels the experience has given him a better understanding of animal behaviors.


Paranormal America: How the Paranormal Has Gone from Taboo to Socially Accepted — Nashville's Coast to Coast AM Alternative

Has the Paranormal taken a strong lead to become part of American Culture? That’s what we find out today as Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Joseph Baker shares his insight on Paranormal America, and the Parallels between Religion and the Paranormal. Joseph and his co-authors/co-researchers participated in psychic readings, palm readings, they had their auras photographed, joined a Bigfoot hunt, followed a group of ghost hunters in an investigation of a haunted classroom,...


Morbid Curiosities: Collectors of the Macabre

Paul Gambino takes us on a fascinating—some might even say gut-wrenching—journey into the world of Macabre collections and those collectors who desire to possess them. From shrunken heads, freshly decapitated heads, death masks, pickled fetuses, and other squeamish collections… this edition of Mysterious Matters dwells into the darker side of collectibles and is not for the weak of stomach…or faint of heart.


Dr. Scott Kolbaba: Near Death Experience Witnessed By Medical Professionals

Bob commemorates the 2nd anniversary of his father's death (May 12th, 2015 @ 3:00 PM) by having a candid conversation with Dr. Scott Kolbaba (a real, practicing physician). Their conversation focuses on stories of Bob's own afterlife experiences with his Dad, as well as those shared by Dr. Scott Kolbaba as either experienced first hand or relayed to him by other practicing doctors. This first edition of the Bob Bain Show, sees Bob unprepared, and...