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If you like the paranormal, you’ve come to the right place

If you like the paranormal, you’ve come to the right place
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If you like the paranormal, you’ve come to the right place






Ep 110 Tool's of the Little People

In this episode we have a look into some flint finds from here in the UK & from places like India, Germany, Spain & Palestine to name a few that seem to be just to small to be made by man, could this be the work of the mythical little people? There's the news & a case of a guy who vanished into thin air while in prison or did he? Come check out the website & our Facebook, link here, [OUR WEBSITE]( Thank you for listening, have a great week &...


Ep 109 30 East Drive

Hello in this episode me & Andy take a look at the classic poltergeist case of 30 east drive or the black monk house, if you'd to see whats been reported recently click the link below, [East drive 288 recent happenings]( We also share some paranormal news & more, if you have any paranormal news for us or a story please visit our website [OUR WEBSITE]( MUSIC BED is Spirit of the Dead by Aakash Gandhi Thank you so...


Ep 108 Talking to the Sasquatch People with Kelly & Kewaunee Lapseritis

Today i speak to Kewaunee & Kelly Lapseritis about the Sasquatch phenomenon & more generally about the telepathic communication that they'veboth had with bigfoot, we also get into is there a possibility that bigfoot is an inter-dimensional being? & more, i think you'll enjoy this one, if you'd like to find out more about the book or the conference just click the link below. [The Sasquatch people website]( [OUR...


Ep 107 Things that fell from the sky

Hi so today we take a look at some strange things that fell sky from cow's to jelly, can they all just be strange weather? All that as well as the usual paranormal news and some hopefully funny jokes, you be the judge of that, this show will now be part of the great Paranormal UK radio network link below. [Paranormal uk radio network]( [OUR WEBSITE]( Thanks for listening.


Ep 106 Pre-birth Memories

Hi all, today me & Andy take a look into the world of pre-birth memories, this came about after my daughter Isabella drew a picture of a cave where she said she was before she was born, so does the soul pick its parents? Can you see whats going on around your mother before you enter the womb? Well am not convinced but see what you make of these tales, Please send us your stories via the website or Facebook, cheers. [OUR WEBSITE]( [OUR...


Ep 105 Selling Dead Peoples Things with Duane Scott Cerny

Hi all, today we welcome on author Duane Scott Cerny who is the co-owner of Chicago's Broadway Antique Market and as a result has come across some strange occurrences and places, including a haunted desk with drawers that would open on there own, a 28 room creepy abodes that were utter time capsules from the 1930s and much more. I had fun chatting with Duane so i hope that comes across in the interview, for more on Duane and his book click this link below [DUANE'S...


Ep 104 UK Bigfoot tales

Hello we're back after a week out of action due to Macca's accident, today is armed forces here, so if you serve in the military we would like to say thank you for all you do, today we look into the world of cryptozoology as we take a look at some Bigfoot accounts from the UK, i couldn't believe just how many there are, hope you enjoy, please come say hello via OUR WEBSITE OUR FACEBOOK...