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Cindi and I will be back this Fall for a second season of Smoke And Mirrors. Also, My new show with Chris The Mole Man, Midnight In America, can be found at these links. Subscribe Today! website: castbox: Stitcher: Podomatic: blubrry: acast: /midnightinamerica...


Episode 14...A Fire In The Sky?

In this episode, Darrell is joined by Chris from the Mole Man Files to discuss the alien abduction case of Travis Walton. Travis's story is considered one of the most credible abduction cases in history, and was made into the movie Fire In The Sky, but is it all it seems to be? Then the guys discuss one of the most controversial characters in the U.F.O. community, Dan Burisch.Have a listen, and decide for yourself if aliens are among us, or if it's all just Smoke And Mirrors. Music for...


Episode 13...Dark Waters

In this episode, Darrell and Cindi interview one of the most prolific paranormal story collectors and story tellers in recent years, Mr. Dark Waters. We discuss what inspired him to get started, the art of story telling, a horrific incident he had as a child, and his grandmother's practicing of voodoo, and hoodoo. Then he shares a never before heard story of his encounter with a young prophet. Also, Cindi and Darrell share a paranormal experience had by their 7 year old son, and brag a bit...


Episode 12...Premonitions

In this episode, Darrell and Cindi discuss the story sent in last time by Kris, and then move into their discussion on premonitions. They talk about where they believe they come from and the different types. Then the discussion turns to the incredible case of David Booth and American Airlines Flight 191! Afterwards they share tales of their own premonitions, and a load of stories sent in by listeners. Sit back, and enjoy the show, and decide for yourself what you think is real, and what is...


Episode 11...Unexplained Phenomenon

Cindi goes off the rails this episode, so we have to add an explicit tag as we discuss unexplained phenomenon. We dive into the case of a real life "Sleepy Hollow" and "The Taos Hum". Then we discuss the phenomena of Star Jelly and Angel Hair falling from the sky. Sit back and enjoy as we tackle the world of the unexplained and have a few laughs along the way. Music by Myuuji


Episode 10...Haunted

In this episode, Darrell And Cindi tackle the haunting case of Cheryl. Cheryl discusses the paranormal activity that occurs not only in her current house, but in previous homes in which she has lived. Then, Darrell And Cindi read an email from Jill from the At The Fire Podcast about her ghostly encounters in college. Have a listen and decide for yourself if the the stories are true, or if they're all just Smoke And Mirrors! Music By CO.AG Music & myuuji


Episode 9...A Curse Upon You!

In this episode, Cindi and Darrell discuss the power of curses, where they come from, and what gives them strength. Then they discuss 3 cases where curses have been blamed for the misfortune in people's lives, The Habsburg Dynasty Curse, The Curse of the Basano Vase, and a cursed phone number in Bulgaria. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show. Music by Myuuji


Episode 8...Ghost Hunting w/ Jason Prater

In this episode, Darrell and Cindi talk to paranormal investigator and R.A.P.P. team member, Jason Prater. They discuss why there are no real experts in the field, validity of claims, ghost hunting equipment, and why a healthy dose of skepticism should be applied to every case. Then the discussion moves to the creepy world of quantum mechanics, and why the real world may be creepier than the paranormal. They also announce the winner of The Smoke And Mirrors T-shirt Give Away!


Episode 7...Demonic Possession or Tragic Tales?

In this episode, Cindi and Darrell dive deep into the demonic possession cases of Anneliese Michel and "Julia". They break down the facts of the case in order to determine if these two ladies were truly possessed or if there was more to the story. Then Cindi tells a story of a possessed man encountered by her grandfather. Sit back, listen, and decide for yourself if the stories are true, or if its all just Smoke and Mirrors.


Episode 6...Government Disclosure of U.F.O.'s?

In this episode, Cindi and Darrell announce a give away, and then discuss their plans for the podcast in 2018. Then Chris from The Couch Potato Files joins Darrell to discuss the government's disclosure that ufo's may exist and if there may be a more sinister side to the disclosure. Later they discuss a new discovery that may turn ancient alien theories on their heads. Music for this episode by Myuuji &CoAG Music Send us your encounters with the paranormal to


Episode 5...The Dark Side of the Holidays w/ Sylvia Shults

In this episode, we talk to author, paranormal investigator, and historian, Sylvia Shults. Sylvia is one of the foremost authorities on the history of The Peoria State Hospital. We discuss the hospitals history and haunting as well as its most famous residents, Rhoda Derry and A. Manual Bookbinder. Then we move on to our discussion about the darker side of Christmas in her new book, The Spirits Of Christmas: The Dark Side Of The Holidays. These include strange games, unusual customs, and...


Episode 4...Seeing Spirits w/ Stephanie Bingham

In this episode, we talk to psychic, medium, historian, and focus of The SyFy Channel's highest rated episode of School Spirits (Campus Warning Signs), Ms. Stephanie Bingham. We discuss her ability to see and speak to spirits, encounters with non-human entities, demons, attachments, and frauds within the psychic community. Then Cindi, and Darrell discuss their thoughts on Stephanie's fascinating story. Send us your encounters with the paranormal to Like and...


Episode 3...The Curious Case Of Stan Romanek

With 195 claims of sightings, abductions, alien children, and government cover-ups, Stan Romanek may be the most controversial figure in the U.F.O Community. Stan has the most well documented alien encounters case and was the subject of the Netflix documentary, Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story. Cindi and Darrell work their way through the claims made by Stan in this mind bending, out of this world episode.


Episode 2...Bigfoot Hunting W/ Stacy Brown

In this episode, We talk to 2016 Bigfoot Hunter of the year and winner of Spike Tv's 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, Stacy Brown Jr. We discuss his Bigfoot Thermal Footage, his methods, collecting evidence, skepticism, working with Les Stroud, and Todd Disotell and his experiences filming Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot. We also talk about Justin Smeja's claims of killing two of the elusive creatures. Before the interview, Cindi and Darrell discuss the ghostly encounter sent in by...


Episode 1...Conjuring A Story

In this premier episode of Smoke And Mirrors Paranormal, Darrell And Cindi go in depth into the story behind the movie, The Conjuring. They discuss the history of the Arnold Estate, including the murders and suicides associated with the property. They also discuss the Perron Family, the Warrens, and their ever evolving accounts of the occurrences in the home. So dive deep with us and decide for yourself what is real, and what is just Smoke And Mirrors! Let us know what you think by sending...


Season 1 Episode .5...The Introduction

In this mini episode, Darrell and Cindi introduce themselves and discuss their views, and talk about how they became interested in the paranormal world. We also talk about the season premier and what's to come on future episodes.