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So we're a Paranormal Podcast hosted by Jo and Karen, each week we cover stories about hauntings; famous and not so famous, poltergeists, unexplained missing persons, UFO's, Cryptids and just about anything that just can't be explained.

So we're a Paranormal Podcast hosted by Jo and Karen, each week we cover stories about hauntings; famous and not so famous, poltergeists, unexplained missing persons, UFO's, Cryptids and just about anything that just can't be explained.
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So we're a Paranormal Podcast hosted by Jo and Karen, each week we cover stories about hauntings; famous and not so famous, poltergeists, unexplained missing persons, UFO's, Cryptids and just about anything that just can't be explained.






Part 2 - Murder at The Bay Tree Cafe

This is part two of our Ghosts and Monsters of Wantage story. Today we tell the story of Ann Pullen who had her head cut off in 1833 at The White Hart in Wantage and chat to the ladies who now run The Bay Tree Cafe which now stands in The White Harts place. We also discuss phantom Big Cats, Monkey's hitch-hiking spirits!


Part 1 - The Wantage Monster and other ghostly tales episode Eighteen

Tonight we cover the ghosts of the small market Town of Wantage, visiting the old coaching house of The King Alfred where Niki tells us of the ghostly goings on that occur when everyone goes home. We then tell the strange story of a sasquatch in Wantage, which are words I never thought I would utter. We actually uncovered so many stories that we've had to split this into two parts. Part two to follow shortly


Creepy Pasties

Tonight's episode covers creepy pasties, a spin on Creepypasta ie, two of these stories are true and two are fiction, you just need to decide which is which. We also discuss how the old adage of 'The truth is stranger than fiction' really is the case. Link to Adam Davis image Ted the Caver Missing boy John Doe


The Haunting of Littlecote House - Ep Sixteen

Today we bring you the stories of the historic Littlecote House in Chilton Foliat, England. The house has a long history with a tragic story that the spirits are still trying to tell today. We also read Mother Barnes deposition on what really happened on that fatefull night. We also go off on a tangent talking about The Demon House and poltergeists. Visit our website to view the original depostion at Come and join us on our Facebook page...


The Night Watchman Episode SIXTEEN

This week we hear from Anita following her stay at an old coach house in Wales, where a ghostly Night Watchman saw her to bed. Terry also tells us of his paranormal experience with a similar character. Contact us with your stories or give us some feedback at or check out our website


Missing 411 and a half Episode FIFTEEN

Today we cover the phenomena of Missing 411, David Paulides has researched thousands of missing person reports and collated the ones that he just can't explain. We discuss a couple of these stories and try to decide what happened to the person. We also share a couple of our own personal stories.


Part 2 of the Zigmund Adamski Story - PC Godfrey's Account

Not content with attending one of the most bizarre possibly paranormal cases for years, Alan Godfrey then gets accosted by a UFO in the middle of the road. This fascinating story is taken from his book Who or What Were They.


FOURTEEN The Strange Death of Zigmund Adamski

This story has intrigued me since a little girl and to this day makes me want to put my detective hat on and get to the bottom of it. Zigmund Adamski went missing from his home only to turn up on top of a 15ft coal heap. His death was deemed to be natural circumstances but the evidence pointed towards this being the dump site. Were aliens to blame or the coal board (Georgia suggested this!!) as they didn't want to give him any money. You decide


Ep Thirteen - Ghost Stories

This week I am joined by my niece and her boyfriend, we listen to some ghost stories as told by my friends. Rob also tells us of an encounter his nan had with a caped man!


Ep 12 Spooky Animal Tales

This week I terrify Karen with tales of spooky pets. From dogs playing fetch with ghosts to cat's protecting their owners from demonic spirits. I also delight in telling Karen a story about a phantom Doberman, I'm a good neighbour! If you have any comments or stories for us you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at


Ep 11 Hi,I've got Death on the line, will you accept his call?

In this weeks episode, we discuss the strange stories of calls from the other side. A spooky email sent from beyond the grave, we listen to a spooky message left on an answer phone and an eery story of nighttime recordings Contact us on our Facebook group Or check out our blog on our website or follow us on Twitter


Ep 10 Back to the future or was it the past?

When we opened the can of worms that is time, we had no idea how many strange stories of we would come across. Today we tell of a haunting in the noughties that was seen in the 30's, eating at a restaurant that closed ten years previously, an aeroplane that managed to fly through a wormhole and disappearing cake mix, well what more could you ask for?


Ep 9 The Rougham Mystery - Time Slip

Time Slips, what are they? In Rougham Suffolk they appear to have many episodes of this event, maybe more so than the famous location of Bold St in Liverpool. Today we tell the story of the disappearing house in this small village and other spooky stories from this location. Is there a vortex causing these strange phenomena? Join us and find out


Ep 8 Reincarnation

Reincarnation. A boy who was previously a snake and a woman possessed by a murder victim is just a couple of the stories we cover today. Stories were sourced from Jim Tucker's book Life before life. If you enjoy the show please tell a friend it really help us Join in the conversation on our Facebook Page And if you wouldn't mind subscribing here Or whatever podcast platform you listen from and tell a friend Tell us your stories here or by email


Episode 7 The Defectives Podcast

You’re walking in the woods, and suddenly you hear a child crying. A little hitching sob that causes you to look about you. No child should be out in the woods alone. Your instincts tell you to try and find it, to help. Well, don’t, or you may never be seen again, a victim of the Stick Indians. We bring you two stories of Stick Indians today, and I am joined by my friend Georgia who kindly stepped in for Karen. Join in the conversation of Facebook Or the website


Ep 6 The Defectives Paranormal Podcast

Tonight we bring you four spooky stories, are they Paranormal? or are they something else? The first is from Australia a strange Violin player who haunts a newly built housing estate. The second is a cross-country journey across America and ends at a Mobil gas station from Hell. Next, we meet a djinn from Namibia and this is NOT the type you drink. Lastly, we end our journey around the world with a chilling story of the Smiling man, quite possibly the most frightening story we've told...


The Defectives Paranormal Podcast

Tonight we discuss two incidents of Demons, one which occurred on the M62 in England in the early 90's and the other in North West Ohio. Both very different events but both possible demonic encounters.


Te Defectives Paranormal Podcast

Today's story is about Doris Bithers. Doris's story was the basis of the 1982 film The Entity. Not only was Doris besieged by ghostly activity but she claims she was also subjected to rape by the entities in her home. We tell the story from Dr Barry Taff and an account from her son Brian Harris


The Defectives Podcast Episode 3

For this episode, we enter cryptid corner and discuss Dogman. We cover the story of JT (Not his real name) who encountered a Dogman when he was just seventeen. Visit our Facebook page We have all the links to the subjects and stories covered in this episode on our page


The Defectives Podcast

Poltergeists. The Defectives brings you two stories in this their first episode. The stories cover a haunting from 1872 in Surrency USA and the other from 1929 St Neots in England, both have amazing similarities yet are from different times and countries. Join us as we discuss these two intriguing stories